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I always look forward to doing these annual recaps to see what connected with you guys the most over the past year. After writing this blog for over a decade now, I often feel like a dinosaur and it can be easy to lose sight of why I started in the first place. 

Making reel videos gave me a creative spark this year as I’ve always loved creating fun, short how-to’s. I’m so happy to see those as the most-saved and pinned posts!

I also can’t end the year without mentioning Edited Pieces (Instagram). Working on this brand and seeing your response to it has reignited a passion that had been waning. I was a bundle of nerves on launch day, and never in my wildest dreams did I imagine your tremendous support. It shows me that we’re heading in the right direction addressing fit needs that mainstream retailers overlook (shorter shaft boots, bracelets for narrow wrists, belts that actually fit – just to name a few!).

This year more than ever—thank you to each one of you who has supported this blog over the years in your own ways, so that I could continue to chase my dreams and grow this community in new ways. 

Wishing each of you and your families the best in this new year! Here’s to achieving whatever goals you may have, however big or small.

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Reader Favorite Purchases

Comfort was key in last year’s list, from practical wardrobe staples (ahem, #2) to flat shoes, leggings, and knits. I was also happy to see several favorites from prior years prove themselves as tried & true winners.

1. Straight Leg Jeans

I never thought I could love a cut of jeans more than skinnies, but these two pairs have proven me wrong and tied as EP top sellers. I’ve had both on heavy rotation and always get questions on what the difference is between them. In a nutshell, Levi’s Wedgie has a tapered leg and button fly, while the Topshop Straight has a true straight leg and zipper fly. I cut the length on my Levi’s but the Topshop fit well with no adjustments.

Honorable mention: Levi’s denim shorts, my summertime go-to.

Outfit is from this post.

2. Comfiest Bras + No Show Underwear

Neiwai’s Barely Zero bra (both wide strap + spaghetti strap) is BY FAR the most-loved recommendation I’ve ever shared on here. For months, my inbox flowed with happy messages from those now free from uncomfortable, restrictive traditional bras. These have also made my breastfeeding journey so much more pleasant with how easy they are to lift up, pull down, and sleep in comfortably. Use Jean for 15% off.

For the bottom half, I reviewed your top recommendations for comfortable no-show underwear brands, and the winner (Chantelle) has also been a top reader buy!

neiwai petite bra and underwear review
3. Ilia Eyeshadow Palette

Also at Follain, where you can use JEANWANG for 10% off

This was a fun surprise to discover as a top reader purchase! I started using this palette over a year ago as part of my 10-min makeup routine and it’s still a daily go-to. The brand is focused on clean ingredients, the formula applies & blends smoothly, and the neutral colors work beautifully for both everyday and evening looks.

natural asian eye shadow makeup tutorial
4. Everlane Court Sneakers

These are an older item that got lots of love over the past year! The retro-inspired look has grown on me even more, and I extra appreciate that they are even flattering styled with dresses (very rare for me, for sneakers) in addition to jeans and leggings.

Note: They recently updated the sneakers, so the current colors differ a bit from mine (color name “fog”).

Honorable mention: Oversized alpaca sweater, another older Everlane favorite that has gotten more wear than ever this past year.

Outfit is from this post.

everlane court sneakers review on petites
5. Charles by Charles David OTK Boots

Another old purchase that resurfaced and surged near the top of this reader favorite list! These are a great value for very practical, leg-elongating boots that I have walked about a hundred miles total in around Boston and during travels.

Outfit is from this post.

petite turtleneck sweater dress
6. Ann Taylor Side Zip Pants

Pants are one of the trickiest pieces in terms of fit, but this extra flattering pair required no alterations for me. It runs a tad smaller at the waist compared to other AT pants, with a length that hits me just right with heels. In several colors + fabrics.

Runner Up: Stretchy pull on ankle pants (fully elastic waist) paired with this mixed jersey shell, one of my most worn layering pieces!

Outfit is from this post.

faux suede trouser pants
7. Petite-Friendly Leggings

My daily daycare pickup & drop off uniform. The petite-friendly 7/8 length Zella leggings are always a reader favorite (updated this year with better-placed pockets!), but for a more chic legging that looks great with sneakers to heels alike, the Commando “leather” leggings have amazing hold and shaping power.

Leggings comparison review is from this post.

nordstrom anniversary sale best black leggings comparison
8. DV Braided Sandals

My most comfortable and most worn heels, over a year when the majority of my heels sat around and gathered dust. This neutral shade goes with everything, but they also come in 10+ more color options!

Outfit is from this post.

puff sleeve summer dress
9. Express Turtleneck Sweater Dress

This simple but versatile, sleek and chic turtleneck dress has been perfect for returning to “life outside WFH.” Outfit is from this post.

petite express fall workwear
10. Sam Edelman Combat Boots

Also available at Belk, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, SE. My most favorite boots for a second year in a row. Comfortable enough to wear even while babycarrying or pushing a stroller of rambunctious children around the city. These instantly bring an outfit from basic to chic mom status, or so that’s what I tell myself!

Outfit is from this post.

11. J.Crew Juliette Sweater Blazer

As many of us embraced longer, draping lengths, this surpassed my beloved Sophie cardigan in number of wears. I do wish J.Crew would make one size smaller like they did with the Sophie, though!

Outfit is from this post.

petite try on juliette collarless sweater-blazer

Amazon Favorites

You can always find my Amazon favorite finds saved here on this Amazon page, but below are your most purchased items this year!

  1. Sturdy, adjustable cell phone stand. Almost every houseguest asks me for a link after they borrow this!
  2. The best $30 oversized sweater. I need to roll up the sleeves, but love this nonetheless.
  3. Helper tower from my post on some toddler favorites. Finally back in stock after a year of being sold out! Ours gets daily use by both kids and still looks great.
  4. $14 square cat eye sunglasses
  5. Baby spinner suction toys
  6. Flyaway tamer hair wand. Clear mascara for those pesky postpartum wispies.
  7. Toddler lunch box items – see my toddler feeding list for our most used items like thermoses, bento boxes and ice packs. And for meal ideas I’ve saved a highlight on IG with what I’ve been packing for Nori!
how to tuck a sweater video guide

Most Saved Tips & Tricks

Top 5 Reels, in the order of most bookmarked & pinned:

  1. Sweater Tucking Tips Part One (video) // Part Two (video) with 5+ million total views!
  2. How to Tie a Coat Belt (see video)
  3. Hack for Putting on a Duvet (see video)
  4. How to Cut Jeans + Avoid Fraying (see video)
  5. Styling Sweaters over Dresses (see video)

Other popular reels, in order of most viewed:

  1. Elastic Band Style Hacks (see video)
  2. How to Style Straight Leg Jeans (see video)
  3. Tips for Concealing a Belly (see video)
  4. Most Used Kitchen Gadgets (see video)
  5. Work Outfits for Different Dress Codes: Summer (video) // Fall (video)

Just for fun:

  1. How my Mom Turns 1 Sweet Potato into 12
petite sweater knit joggers gucci mud mules
$30 Amazon sweater. Outfit from this blog post
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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