Small Wardrobe Hacks using an Elastic Band (video)

Chloe bag, Ann Taylor blouse (old; similar), Express trousers 00 Short (similar styles)
Vedern necklace (my review), Gucci belt 70 cm (my size guide), Ann Taylor pumps 5, ON coat xs petite

I’ve been having so much fun creating Instagram reels to share fashion and home tips am glad you guys loved the duvet trick!)! My favorite style hacks are ones that utilize items you already have laying around the house, like an elastic band or hair tie! I use these regularly in my everyday outfits, from tees to blouses, belts and bag straps. Over the years I’ve shared a few uses already, but wanted to demonstrate how I use them on too long or oversized sleeves!
1. Keep the sleeves up on a button-cuff blouse
Loop a small clear elastic through the button hole and around the button, then push the sleeves up above the elbow if desired. This works especially well on slinkier, drapey fabrics that don’t usually stay put. Also, for when the sleeve cuff become too tight to push up if you button it the normal way – the elastic band keeps it together but offers stretch right at that junction!
2. Achieve an effortless “pushed up” sleeve look
This is a great trick if you have a blazer, sweater or coat with sleeves that are too oversized or long. It also works well for achieving a laid back, effortless look. Simply put a hair elastic around your wrists over the sleeves, tug your sleeve upward from the elbow area and fold / tuck the fabric over the elastic band to conceal it.
Chloe bag (earn a $250 gift card), Ann Taylor blouse (similar), Express trousers 00 Short
Gucci belt 70 cm (my size guide), Etsy necklace (my review), Ann Taylor pumps 5, ON belted coat xs petite
3. Secure down a long belt or purse strap tail
An oldie but goodie – if the tail of your purse strap or belt is long, I like to use a small rubber band to secure it and prevent it from flapping around. For lighter colored items like beige or taupe I use clear rubber bands, while black works better for darker colored pieces. 
what to do with a too long purse strap shorten
Outfit originally from this post.
4. Twist up a shirt
This trick can either be used on a tee or sweater that’s too long, or simply to get more wear out of a piece by styling it over a dress. Note that I don’t recommend this for delicate knits or cashmere.
Outfit originally from this post.
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When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Lisa wrote:

    I have super long dress sleeves for a coming wedding, a Rick Owens Long Sleeve Wrap Dress. The sleeves are super long; please help!! Should I use the trick with the rubber bands? Or

    Posted 8.26.23 Reply
  2. Jane wrote:

    Love the looks of this clothing

    Posted 8.27.22 Reply
  3. PuiYee wrote:

    Hi Jean.

    Edit: I found the reel about all these hacks on your Instagram!

    Posted 5.3.21 Reply
  4. PuiYee wrote:

    Hi Jean! These are amazing tips. I have one question though; I can’t for the life of me figure out the first one where the elastic band goes through the button hole. When I try it, it doesn’t quite work cos the elastic ends up just around the button only. I must be missing something here! Is there a knot somewhere which holds it altogether? Thank you.

    Posted 5.3.21 Reply
  5. Hannah wrote:

    Great tips, Jean! I used the pushed up sleeve truck on a light sweater today and it worked perfectly.

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  6. Mary wrote:

    Dear sis,
    Thank you for this post. It seems my sleeves are always a bit long and this fix is simple.

    Posted 4.12.21 Reply
  7. elle wrote:

    Can you share where you got that mirror?

    Posted 4.12.21 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      It was a Homegoods find several years ago!

      Posted 4.13.21 Reply
  8. Kate wrote:

    Love your tips! I need to try the one for pushed up sleeves (so simple!) and I’ve used your trick for sweaters over dresses many many times. Thank you!

    XO, Kate

    Posted 4.10.21 Reply
  9. Felice wrote:

    I love the twist up a shirt trick but the back of my sweater keeps getting unruly and falling out instead of staying tucked under. Any advice? Love your blog!

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Thank you Felice! Another way to try it is to use a waist belt and then tuck the sweater into the belt as shown in this post.

      Posted 4.13.21 Reply
  10. Marita wrote:

    I really love your style tips! I use mini rubber bands to secure my belts too because they are too long!

    I look forward to more content from you!

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  11. jennifer77 wrote:

    Bundle of thanks for sharing

    Posted 4.9.21 Reply
  12. May wrote:

    I seriously love your hack posts! They are so useful. I want to try to push-up sleeve look on coats now.


    Posted 4.9.21 Reply

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