Guide to the best Leggings & Barefoot Dreams Cardigans

nordstrom anniversary sale petite try on 2021

BFD long cardigan xs vs circle cardigan xs/s, dress xs, SM boots (similar), Rag & Bone hat (similar on sale)

I wanted to do a post comparing pieces from some of the most loved categories of the Nordstrom sale (BFD, joggers + leggings!) and how the styles fit a petite frame. I also wanted to include some simple outfits with pieces I got in previous years that are back for this year’s sale!

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan Guide

Around this time of year I always get questions on the cuddly Barefoot Dreams cardigans, and which style is best for a petite frame. I have a small collection from over the years and pretty much lived in them during pregnancy, postpartum and for travel back in the day. They also make a cozy gift for mom, MIL, aunts, sisters, even grandma!

For fit reference, I’m about 5 feet tall, size xxs / 24 in jeans 

1. Barefoot Dreams Long Cardigan size xs
Weight: CozyChic Lite

In recent years, this has become the favorite of my BFD trio! A while back I didn’t even consider it, thinking it was too long for a petite frame. But tastes change, and as I’ve gotten older I find this length more flattering and versatile with the casual outfits that I usually wear. This one is cut a little slimmer throughout the body and the sleeves, helping it look sleek and drape well. Like with the other styles, I do cuff the sleeves up on this one.

barefoot dreams long cardigan petite nordstrom sale 2021

Left – everyday errands: similar sneakers on sale, Zella 7/8 pocket leggings xxs, BR cami xxsp, 47 hat
Right – fall outing: Spanx Kids leggings L, SM boots (very similar), similar Rag & Bone hat on sale

2. Barefoot Dreams Drape Rib Cardigan size xs (Updated version)
Weight: CozyChic Ultra Lite

This made a cameo last year as a limited edition style. It’s the lightest weight out of the bunch but only by a little. UPDATE: they updated this cardigan to be a few inches longer and the sash belt is now removable, versus stitched on like it was beefore.

barefoot dreams drape rib cardigan petite nordstrom sale

3. Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan size XS/S
Weight: CozyChic Lite

The most popular style of the BFD family! And my first step into this cozy, snuggly world many many years ago. I think this cocoon shape is the most universally flattering cut out of the bunch, and the sizing is a little more flexible, so would be my pick if you’re shopping for one to gift a friend or loved one.

If you’re debating between the long and the circle cardigan ~ same outfit, slightly different looks:

Barefoot dreams cardigan petite review nordstrom sale 2021

Everlane jeans 24 ankle (similar), M.Gemi woven sneakers 35 (JEAN60 for $60 off a first order)

Leggings Guide (Zella, Comando, Spanx)

I rotate my Zellas for running, light workouts, lounging and travel while I love a good faux leather legging for everyday fall-winter outfits. Here’s a rundown of some popular styles and how they compare:

nordstrom anniversary sale best black leggings comparison

1. Zella Studio Lite Pocket 7/8 leggings size xxs

My favorite Zellas for everyday wear thanks to the shorter length and convenient, generously sized pocket for holding my phone! Mine in the photo are a prior year version, and they’ve since moved the pocket up to make it more flattering and flush against the leg (I do own this year’s but they were in the wash when I snapped these photos!). The 7/8 length in a regular size XXS hits nicely right below my ankles. Update 2022: I tried the 2022 version in store and find them to be the same quality as mine from a few years ago. I suggest sorting the reviews by most recent, as I think they may have changed these back to the original after some complaints!

2. Zella Live In leggings size Petite xs

The original Zellas with nice and smooth compression fabric (a tad thicker than Studio Lite) and a little slot pocket hidden in the waistband. I personally wear the Studio Lite Zellas more due to the pockets and shorter ankle length!

3. Commando 7/8 faux leather leggings xs

Just added these to my staple leggings collection! After two babies, I’ve been wanting a slightly higher rise and more compression, and these delivered with a subtle pebbled faux leather finish. The Commando have the look of lightweight leather pants with a higher rise, while the Spanx below are more like stretchy activewear leggings with a slinkier feel. Heads up, the Commando leggings fit small with a lot of “shaping” power and took me a little time to wiggle on at first. The length is a little long on me but have a raw cut bottom hem that is very easy to fold under.

4. Spanx faux leather leggings

These are thin and light, liquid style leggings with a wide banded waist and side seams. A Petite XS was a little too much like a tight second skin on me and showed my knee grooves, etc (and was ~ 2 inches too long), so I had to return. Compared to Commando, though, they are a lot stretchier and more like athletic leggings, so I can see how comfy they are for all day wear and sitting!

I was curious about their very affordable kids sizing so gave these leggings another try, unfortunately the Kids XL pictured here is too loose throughout and pretty long (hems are folded under a few inches in the pic), though might suit someone who is a Womens XS and taller. Someone my size should fare better with their girls size Large.

nordstrom anniversary sale best black leggings comparison

allsaints dalby cognac brown leather jacket petite fit

Allsaints Dalby jacket 00 – great savings on their 2 petite friendly styles. Gucci mules 35.5 (my review)

zella petite joggers nordstrom sale

Zella restore joggers xxs regular (love!) vs. live in joggers xxs Petite, BR top (similar), Everlane Sneakers 5

Zella Joggers Guide (Restore vs Live In)

Next, a quick look at Zella’s two most popular jogger pants and how they fit a petite frame!

1. Zella Restore soft joggers (regular inseams only)
There are my old favorites (read my review) and one of the top items I’d recommend from the sale! Even though they are regular sizing, the xxs length is petite-friendly on me. The fabric is incredibly soft and comfortable, but still has a smooth finish which is nice (not “fleecy” which can get pilly or nubbly on pants).

I’ve also heard that some of you got the kids version of these! I haven’t tried the kids in this particular style but I usually take a kids size L in Zella bottoms.

2. Zella Live in joggers (regular + petite inseams)

In comparison to the Restore, the fabric of the Live In joggers is less cozy against the skin and more of a lightweight woven material, making these better for athleisure outfits and running errands, compared to the Restore which I wear to at home to curl up at my desk or on the couch in! They also have a small zippered pocket convenient for things you don’t want to lose while working out, like keys.

petite narrow calf over the knee OTK boots nordstrom sale 2021

SM OTK boots 5.5 (2 colors) – slim calf friendly, stretches to fit. Mine are last year’s but I tried this year’s here

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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      Love the style ideas and style hacks you have for petites. I am 5’1. I recently used your tip for when the shoulders are too big and also the sleeve length one. I also love the pictures you share with you and your Mom.
      Fun fact: I have 3 petite sisters and we all share petite ideas with each other as well. They also view your site.

      Posted 7.18.21 Reply
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    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I followed you for your petite style and continued following with all your mama / parenting hacks. Fun fact about me: I drowned in Puerto Rico but made it out alive, had numerous panic attacks in the ocean since but somehow went caged shark diving in South Africa without a oanic attack. Oh yeah, another fun fact, I walked around the pediatrician’s office today with my blouse open after breastfeeding and no one said anything until I noticed 20 mins later. 🤦🏻‍♀️ #momlife

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    Always love your helpful reviews of items! Fun fact: my mom named me after Dolly Parton’s song! Although, when I grew older and listened to the lyrics I always wondered why she did bc I am Asian and don’t match that description at all lolll gotta hand it to my immigrant mom 🙂

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    Fun fact- we have 6 cats, 2 dogs. All rescues. TBH, Don’t know how it happened, they chose us. ❤️

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    I’m the Chinese voice of Waze!

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      Fun fact: My daughter convinced me to get matching Disney outfits and headbands so we can wear it at Disney World.

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      Fun Fact: I’m 8 months pregnant (1st time mama) and the only thing I’m craving is a potbelly’s sub that I can’t have lol!

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  45. Kim J D wrote:

    Hi Jean! Fun fact about me is I’m just about the same size as your mom so I love it when she makes an appearance 🥰. I usually have to guesstimate and go one size larger from your stated size for a good fit.

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  46. Gina L wrote:

    love reading your blog as our kids are very similar in age and though I’m 8” taller, find the styling tips very helpful!

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  47. Prathima Shreenath wrote:

    My physical built is exactly like you and I am so glad I found your blog. Thank you

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    Fun fact about me: my hubby & I have the same birth date! 🙂

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      Thank you for the valuable content as always <3

      Posted 7.16.21 Reply
      • Jenesse K wrote:

        I’m a clinical psychologist and I love helping people sleep better!

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        • Kerry Feichtel wrote:

          Jean, I’ve been reading your blog for years! Love your petite classic style and especially have loved watching your family grow. Fun fact, recently moved from SC to PA and finding the summer to be equally as hot! I also have a boy and girl similarity a aged to yours so I feel like you saved my maternity fashion for work. I got a lot of ideas from you!

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