A Year in Review: Fashion Favorites & Thank You

This year, my fashion focus was on curating a wardrobe of versatile, flattering, and often-worn pieces, through shopping more selectively and learning alterations skills. Here are some of my favorite DIY projects, tips & tricks, and seasonal outfits over 2012:

Favorites of 2012: DIY & Tutorials

Favorites of 2012: Tips & Tricks


Clockwise from top left: belting a shapeless shift, styling a dress as a skirt, length & proportions, converting a bra for low-backs, protecting clothes from underarm stains, packing light
Favorites of 2012: Wear to Work


Favorites of 2012: Weekend Wear
Favorites of 2012: Dressed Up


a+o ombre shift, florals + jewel belt, Tibi lace, faux fur + wine gloves, holiday sequins

Thank you all so much for following along on my style journey, and for sharing your own good finds, tips, and feedback. I am incredibly appreciative of your support and friendships over the years, and look forward to what 2013 may bring. Wishing each of you a happy new year!

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