Winter Work Wear: Wool Lady Jacket + Simple Slacks

I hope each of you are having a good weekend with your loved ones. Earlier today, I went to have afternoon tea with some friends at Taj Boston. It’s part of our tradition for the holidays, but all we could think about this time were those affected by the tragic events in Newtown, CT and Henan, China. Reading an interview with one of the Newtown teachers had us in tears – it showed how much our educators care about the kids, and how fragile life can be.

On a much more trivial note, thank you for all the input on this last post. I read each one and noted down some favorite suggestions to try. To answer questions on why bother keeping the jacket – I personally love the vintage-inspired look (when paired right), and appreciate that it challenges me to experiment beyond my typical safe pencil skirts/dresses. It was also final sale, but I would’ve kept it either way.

J.Crew wool jacket & lady day coat, unknown brand pants
Calvin Klein pumps (this year’s version), pearls gifted from a friend

As some readers noted, more visual volume on the bottom helps balance out the boxy structure of the jacket. One easy way to do this is with long, lean, boot-cut or slightly wide-legged trousers that just skim the top of your heels. I stuck with a light color, but also liked reader suggestions of denim or navy pants in a similar cut. Looking at these photos, I realize that the torso looks a little short now compared to the leg line (making a mental note to un-tuck my blouse next time).

Trying with: Banana Republic Martin trousers, waist pinned back in the left pic:

I tried these BR Martin flannel trousers (love the wintery look with the wool jacket) in 00P, but unfortunately did not keep & alter due to the higher rise and visible pocket lining.
The one alteration I made to this jacket was on the sleeves. This is very minor, but the openings looked a little wide against my wrists. I had free time to kill while at home for Thanksgiving, and slimmed the sleeves marginally while digesting my mom’s never-ending cooking:
Lastly, I’ve mentioned before how I’m often amazed and inspired by many readers of this blog. I wanted to share a photo of a reader all the way from Prague that made me smile.
Bara is a small business owner and mother of two boys, who was invited to a talk show to teach other entrepreneurs about sushi. She said she was very nervous but wanted to come across like a confident business woman, and chose an outfit inspired by me and my blog. I was so honored to hear this, and think she looked fabulous!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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