Rainy Day Patterns + Tip for getting more wear out of dresses

rainy day spring outfit floral dress petite

True Decadence petites dress, Ann Taylor sweater (similar), Tri-Coastal umbrella (similar), Madewell bag, Talbots sandals (similar)

Here we have a dress I bought over a year ago (see on me), back when either my weight was distributed differently or perhaps I liked my clothes much tighter. Either way, I can’t zip it up all the way anymore and my bust looks a bit indecent stuffed in the V-neck. It’s also a little dressy worn by itself for everyday occasions. I couldn’t bear to part with it yet, so re-styled it simply in a way that addressed all of these issues!

how to style a dress as a skirt casual outfits

I’ve shown styling a “dress as a skirt” several times now – it doesn’t work with all dresses like bulkier ones, but I do love it in general as a way to stretch more wears out of some pieces. There are several ways to create this faux look:

1. Wear a cropped-length top or cardigan over the dress that ends right at your natural waistline, as shown here in the last photo.

2. Wear a button-up blouse over the dress, with the ends of the blouse knotted at your waistline (belt and additional tucking-in optional) as shown here.

3. Tie a pullover top or sweater by your waistline and tuck the excess end in underneath as shown above and here. This last way works best with looser, lightweight tops or knits that don’t button down. As demonstrated above, gently loop a hair tie or elastic around the excess fabric at your waistline, then loosely tuck the knotted part in. This will result in a little bulge at the waist which is why it works best with looser, airy tops that would billow a bit anyways. This brought me back to high school days when I used to do this with my oversized tops (since Mom was always buying me 2 sizes up, anticipating growth that never happened ; )

Note: I don’t recommend the twist and tuck on delicate sweaters since it might stretch out the material.

spring fashion_extra petite floral dress outfit

navy striped umbrella rainy day spring outfit

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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