Gucci Belt Guide // Choosing width, size + leather

For today’s post, I wanted to answer some common questions I get on the ever popular Gucci double G belt and their mules (scroll to bottom of the post!). In addition to their soho bag that I wear way too much, this is another versatile small luxury. I love how it can elevate a simple outfit with jeans, especially now that I wear more black than ever! It also comes in very small waisted sizes that can be hard to find elsewhere. The numerous options can be confusing, though, so I’ve broken down width, sizing, and leather types below. The same measuring tips can apply to Hermes belts which are also sized in centimeters, except note those have 3 pre-punched holes while Gucci belts have 5.

gucci logo belt review sizing width

Gucci belt in Narrow (I have on the pearl), Medium, and Wide – I’m a size 70cm
Express jeans 00 short (my review), similar sweater, Sam Edelman rubber boots 5

Choosing a Belt Width

Narrow (0.75″) , medium (1″) , or wide (1.5″)
This completely depends on personal preference and how you plan on styling this belt. I have one in 0.75″ which I wear as a slim accent belt over dresses, and one in 1.5″ which is a statement piece. I’m about 5′ tall and assumed the wide wouldn’t be petite-friendly, but loved it when I tried it on! Please excuse how my sweater looks above – I just wanted to show the belt clearly for comparison.

gucci belt review size width comparisons

Leather Type & Buckle Color

I’ve seen these belts in 2 types of leather: smooth vs textured. The textured is heat stamped, and looks + feels similar to some saffiano leathers. It’s only available in 1.5″ and is listed under Mens, however these belts are unisex. There’s also 2 buckle colors: brass (gold) vs palladium-toned (silvery), with the palladium also being listed under Mens.

gucci belt textured or smooth leather

Smooth vs textured leather in 1.5″ wide

To recap some current options:

Wide: 1.5″ width
Smooth leather (also at Nordstrom) in Black, White, or Dusty Pink (so pretty!) w/ brass buckle
Smooth leather in Navy with palladium buckle
Textured stamped leather in Black, Dark Brown, Cuir (cognac) with brass or palladium buckle

gucci belt colors and buckles

Medium: 1″ width
Smooth leather in Black, Dark Brown, or Cuir with either brass or palladium buckle

gucci belt colors and hardware options

Narrow: 0.75″ width
Smooth leather in Black, Faded Brown, White, Dusty Pink with brass buckle

narrow gucci logo belts

choosing a Size

Waist belt or hip belt?
Your size will differ depending on if you want to wear the belt at your waist, or around your hips (i.e. with low rise jeans). I suggest choosing just one! You can attempt to suit both by buying a bigger size to fit your hips, then get extra holes punched so it also fits your waist, but it’s not ideal. Unlike the Hermes belt, the tail end of the Gucci belt is not hidden / tucked in underneath, and there’s only one loop on the belt. So if you wear a long belt higher at your waist, the tail end with all the holes may hang loosely.

For me, I definitely favor waist belts for wearing with dresses and higher-rise bottoms!

Sizing system

  • Sizing starts in a tiny 65 (like an xxxs)
  • Numbers = centimeters, measured from the edge of the buckle to the middle hole (A to B)
  • Each belt has 5 holes total, spaced 1 inch apart
    gucci belt sizingI actually found the belt size guide on Gucci’s website to be pretty accurate! But to calculate the range that the smallest to biggest holes will fit, you can add and subtract 2 inches to each belt size. For example, size 65cm = 25.5 inches from the buckle edge to the middle hole. Factoring in +/- 2 inches, this means a size 65 belt has holes that should fit approx 23.5″ to 27.5.” A size 70 belt should fit approx 25.5 to 29.5.” 

Double check your size
In addition to checking out the size chart, I’d put on some jeans and a dress that you’d wear the belt with and measure around the outside, where the belt would hit. Compare these measurements to the range calculated above. I also recommend at least an inch of wiggle room in case of weight gain, since these belts can be shortened by a cobbler from the buckle end, but not extended!

For reference, my denim size is currently 24 in most brands / Express 00 / Topshop 25. The measurement around my jeans waistband is 28,” and a size 70 fits me best with some room to grow into. 

how to measure your waist for designer belts

Loafers & Mules

Gucci loafer review

Princetown leather horsebit mules (runs narrow, go up a half size), 1.5″ GG belt

Gucci Princeton mule versus leather horsebit loafer comparison review

Horsebit loafers (left side) versus Princetown mules (right side)

gucci horsebit leather loafer petite review

Horsebit loafers that fold down in the back, 1.5″ GG belt

Gucci Princeton mule versus leather horsebit loafer comparison

Princetown mules (top) compared to the Horsebit loafers that fold down in the back

Where to Buy

I’d be extra cautious buying these secondhand since there’s a lot of fakes. I usually make Gucci purchases directly through their website which offers free US shipping and a free return label, and they package up the order nicely. There are also so many more colors and sizes stocked on their site compared to in store or at other retailers. Whenever I’ve gone into the Gucci store looking for shoes or a belt, I’m told my size has to be ordered online. Net-a-porter is another option with some smaller sizes in stock now and free shipping.

gucci belt online orders gift bag packaging

Packaging of a belt ordered from (ships in a discreet cardboard box)

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Jennie wrote:

    Hi Jean. Thanks for doing a very thorough comparisons. Quick question, do you know what size fit you for low rise jeans? I wear the same size jeans as you.

    Posted 2.24.19
  2. Wendy wrote:

    Thanks for the thorough and helpful review. I loved your Hermès belts and considered buying one, but now I definitely considering the Gucci one. Which width and size did you choose for her Hermès Constance? For the Gucci wide, which do you recommend: smooth or textured?

    Posted 2.8.19
  3. Roma DC wrote:

    Hi Jean
    Just wondering, for the 1” do you suggest the plain one or the textured one ?
    Thanks !

    Posted 2.8.19
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Roma ~ the 1″ medium size does not come in textured. But even if it did, it’s totally personal preference! I have heard from friends the non textured holds up well even though its smooth.

      Posted 2.8.19
  4. Gigi wrote:

    Do you happen to know if Gucci is less expensive in Italy than in France or are the prices the same in both countries?

    Posted 1.20.19
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Gigi – sorry, I haven’t checked prices for Gucci while abroad but if your purchase qualifies for a VAT refund, then that would likely make it less after the refund.

      Posted 2.8.19
  5. Ronnie C wrote:

    i have been eyeing the pearl narrow belt but heard from SAKS the other day that consumers have been returning them as the pearls were falling out of the buckle after a few wear. it’s disappointing to hear.

    Posted 1.15.19
  6. May wrote:

    Wow! This was so helpful. I wish you wrote this before Christmas lol. I recently got one and debated over a month if I should purchase the 75 or 80.

    May ||

    Posted 1.15.19
  7. Shalinee wrote:

    Hi Jean,

    I love your posts and your outfit ideas are very inspirational. I really appreciate how you give advise for outfits. I was wondering if you could post a little tutorial of how to tie and tuck different types of shirts/t-shirts. That would be great. You and your family look amazing! xoxo

    Posted 1.14.19
  8. Maureen wrote:

    This is a really nice review of the Gucci belt. That pearl one is pretty much perfection. I didn’t know that there’s so many options!

    Maureen |

    Posted 1.13.19
  9. Olivia Schueller wrote:

    obsessed with this post. How cute are all the different types and colors.

    Posted 1.12.19
  10. Dinah wrote:

    This question is not about the belts but about the Edelman boots…I actually bought the same rubber boots last year due to your previous posts, but I can tell on your pics if you tuck in the loop in the back of the boots into your jeans or not.

    Thank you! I’m not a blogger just a longtime follower.

    Posted 1.12.19
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Dinah! I usually do not tuck the loop, and wear very cropped jeans that end above the top of the boot, or I’ll cuff my jeans to hit right at the boot opening. This time my jeans were longer and pretty skinny at the ankles, so I just pulled them over the entire boot opening including the loop.

      Posted 1.12.19
  11. K wrote:

    Thanks for the great review. Do you have a similar post about the sizing and different options for the Hermes belt?

    Posted 1.12.19
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi there ~ Your waist size at Hermes and Gucci will be the same since they’re both on the cm system, but with H you’ll likely want additional holes punched since there’s only 3 instead of 5. And their medium size belt 38mm wide belt is the same width as the Gucci 1.5″ so that can help as a visual reference.

      Unfortunately whenever I go to either an H store or on their website, I never see small sizes anymore. This wasn’t an issue before when the stores cut and resize any belt for customers free of charge, but they don’t do that anymore unfortunately!

      Posted 1.12.19
  12. x wrote:

    I’ve been wanting to know about Gucci belts for so long without having to buy one so this is perfect, thank you! ❤

    Posted 1.12.19
  13. Young wrote:

    This was very helpful! Thank you for sharing, Jean. I’m going to use a portion of my bonus this year to invest in a Gucci belt, and this guide will come in handy.

    The Style Intermission

    Posted 1.11.19
  14. Your posts are always so helpful, Jean <3 Thank you so much for sharing all of your insights and tips! And awww I hope both you and Nori feel better soon!

    XO, Elizabeth T.

    Posted 1.11.19
  15. Kackie Cohen wrote:

    I have a trick for belts that have a long “tail” that isn’t hidden when it is buckled, and there aren’t enough loops on the belt or the garment I am wearing it with. Take a covered elastic band in a matching color, and slide it onto the belt, just like a pony tail, and slide it up toward the buckle. Then put on the belt and after buckling it, slip the long end into this new loop, and adjust placement of the loop as needed. Voila! The end of the belt stays flat and out of the way, and the new loop is very discrete. I use very thin covered elastic bands in a matching color, and don’t put them on the belt too tightly, to avoid leaving marks. It doesn’t work as well on a soft belt, like those on a coat, but for a stiffer material like leather or fabric with a solid back it is great!

    Posted 1.11.19
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Kackie, thank you for sharing! I do that sometimes with very thin clear elastics and will have to try it sometimes with your suggestion. My issue is I have a hard time finding elastics in the right width so it doesn’t either pinch or slide around on my bag or belt strap.

      Posted 1.12.19
  16. Arcadia wrote:

    This was very helpful and thorough. Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 1.11.19
  17. Felicia wrote:

    Thank so you much for your post! I got the Soho disco bag for Christmas bc I love seeing it on you! I’m asking for a belt for Valentine’s Day and this post was exactly what I needed to decide on size and style.

    Posted 1.11.19
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Ahh lucky you! So glad this was helpful xx

      Posted 1.12.19
  18. Mireia wrote:

    I would definitely go for the wider one!

    Posted 1.11.19
  19. This is so useful, Jean – thank you! I’ve wanted a Gucci belt for so long. It seems like a more affordable way to wear the brand. So chic! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Posted 1.11.19
  20. Roses for Fridays | by mia wrote:

    Wonderful post! Merci for the essential information on purchasing this belt.


    Posted 1.11.19
  21. Jill wrote:

    I hope this doesn’t sound like too basic a question, but would you mind saying a few words about how you feel about these belts in terms of the investment/cost? Like you, I have a wide mixture of labels in my drawers and closets representing many price points along the spectrum! I’ve never purchased a belt at this end of that spectrum but you’ve really got me looking. What convinced you to make your first GG belt purchase, and then more? Thanks!

    Posted 1.11.19
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Jill, I have a few Hermes constance belts which are more of a splurge (2-3x the Gucci price point) and I wear them a ton with jeans, dresses, tunics, ect so that prompted me to get the GG one for more variety. Relatively, I think the Gucci belt is a fair value for a statement designer accessory that’s super versatile. The quality is also very nice – leather and buckle are both weighty and I love how the wide 1.5″ one feels. I also love how the wider designer belts look buckled over a winter coat or trench!

      Posted 1.12.19
      • Jill Zimon wrote:

        This is super helpful, Jean! I love how your posts do such a great job showing off items from across the price spectrum. Your descriptions about quality, fit, use etc. are really helpful. I’m embarrassed to say how many of your recommendations I’ve taken, but also, I learn so much from what you share here. So glad I found your blog and thanks for taking such good care with it! It’s a lot of work, I’m sure!

        Posted 2.15.19
  22. Rena wrote:

    Thanks, this is helpful as I find it always challenging to decide for the right length of a belt.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    Posted 1.11.19
  23. Janine wrote:

    This is a really thorough and well-explained guide, really apreciate the work and effort you put into this post! I adore the Gucci belts, especially the dusty pink (a dreeeaaam!).
    Xx Janine

    Posted 1.11.19
  24. Elizabeth wrote:

    Jean, thank you so much for doing a post on this! I am one of the people that messaged you recently asking about the belt. I am thinking about getting one, but haven’t bit the bullet on it yet. Do you find that you wear yours often? I am hoping it would be worth it! I would likely wear it with jeans versus dresses.

    Posted 1.11.19
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Elizabeth! I don’t wear my 0.75″ narrow one too much as I realized I love wider belts. I wear my wider Hermes ones all the time and needed more variety so finally bit the bullet on the 1.5″ wide Gucci one (had been holding off thinking it was too similar). It just arrived and I think it’s going to get a ton of wear!

      Posted 1.12.19
      • Elizabeth wrote:

        That is good to know! I’m thinking the 0.75” won’t get as much wear like you said, so I might go bigger. I can’t wait to hear which shoes you got. I am thinking of also order the mules at the same time as the belt so I hope you write that post very soon! Lol

        Thanks so much!

        Posted 1.12.19
        • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

          I’m actually still debating between their Princetown mule and the Brixton convertible loafer! But if you know you want a mule, the Princetown is the way to go and is definitely more youthful and chic than their loafers (also fit was also true to size, in my opinion). I just wish mules were more practical where I live right now (brrrr)…

          Posted 1.13.19
  25. Sophia wrote:

    This was very helpful,thanks!I’m thinking of purchasing it on line since it’s not available in my country but always the chance of getting the wrong size was holding me back…

    Posted 1.11.19

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