MNG by MANGO Challenge #3 – Parisian Chic


Dress: c/o MNG by MANGO sz XS  Belt: from F21 shorts  Jacket: BR
Clutch: H&M; (similarNecklace: Nordies Rack (similarWatch: Michael Kors Jet Set

Scarf: Gucci  Boots: eBay  11-12mm studs: bought here for $5

I was so excited to see a stripes-themed challenge for this week. My mind was racing…what lucky striped item will it be? My comfy AT tee? The DIY ruffle dress? Or my classic AT sheath? Then I realized I only got tops and dresses from jcpenney (as a petite woman shopping in a regular-sized line, I steered clear of the hardest-to-fit garment: pants), and nothing coordinated with my striped things.

After much debate, I ended up choosing a draped navy sheath (comes with a tie belt) that fits me decently with some room to give. As for the stripes component…I’m making the belt count : )
These boots were an eBay find from several years ago. We know older or vintage clothing runs small, but did you know the same goes for shoes? I know many women aren’t ok with pre-owned shoes, but there are some online that are unworn, or barely worn in pristine condition. These $30 boots are leather, size 6, made in Italy, with a 13″ calf circumference and a 14″ shaft height. Almost perfect. They hit smack at my knee bend, which is my pet peeve, so I wear them cuffed.
I’m still on the hunt for classic boots with the perfect fit. Readers and fellow bloggers – please help make your short-legged friend’s boot dreams come true by sharing any relevant finds this season. Wanted: 13″ tall, 13″ or less calf circumference boots with an almond toe, either flat riding style or with a simple ~3.5″ heel. Brown or black. I have heard tales of boot alterations both in shaft height as well as width, but I’m hesitant. I know they run very steep (maybe $80+) with no guarantee of success.

Sleeeepy! Snapped these early in the morning, in the cold and rain (typical, Boston!).

If my makeup looks different here, it’s because I spent the weekend with Khatu who trimmed my brows, liberally bronzed my face, introduced new mascara, and shared her secret for glowing skin: drinking bottles and bottles of water per day.

Disclosure: This campaign is produced by Style Coalition and sponsored by jcpenney.

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  1. Stensevol wrote:

    Aah! I have a pair in black, now looking for any other colors, like brown..cognac. Excellent suggestion, these are the only ones that I have found within price range that are what we are all looking for! Found some currently on Poshmark app brand new, for under $100. Too small for me, but someone needs these!

    Posted 3.29.15 Reply
  2. sa wrote:

    Look into aldo elzinga boots run really small (1 size than stated) and have a concealed wedge

    Posted 11.12.11 Reply
  3. so cute!!! love this outfit! u look gorgeous!!!

    Posted 10.27.11 Reply
  4. Jen wrote:

    I have a pair of Jessica Simpson Capry boots in black that fit me really well. I'm the same size as you are (5' tall, 0P or XS from all the same stores), and these are a tad bigger than you're going for at the top (I haven't measured, but it says they're 15"), but I think they're meant to be worn with pants tucked in (I hate that look). I wear leggings or thick tights & they're fine. No slouching & they hit about 2" below my knee crease.

    Posted 10.20.11 Reply
  5. Very mod chic! If I may suggest, perhaps a slimmer watch and Roger Vivier flats like those worn by Catherine Deneuve in "Umbrellas of Cherbourg?" Can't get more Parisian chic than that 🙂

    Posted 10.11.11 Reply
  6. Alexandra wrote:

    Hmmm you look nice, and older =) but I don't think is Parisian enough.. I think the is SOOO Parisian, off course she is French 😉 but she has one inspiring blog.

    Posted 10.6.11 Reply
  7. Jackie wrote:

    LOVE THIS!!! *___*

    Posted 10.6.11 Reply
  8. Olyvia wrote:

    ooh, I would love to see a video tutorial on Khatu's bronzing techniques. You look so tanned!

    Posted 10.6.11 Reply
  9. Anonymous wrote:

    Cute outfit, esp. the scarf and pearls with the dress, but I agree with some of the other posters that your previous, natural-looking makeup was more flattering.

    Posted 10.5.11 Reply
  10. lin wrote:

    knee length, dark color dress √
    flats or boots √
    jacket or sweater √
    simple jewelry-pearls √

    jean, you are totally parisian chic. 😉

    Posted 10.5.11 Reply
  11. Very classy, Jean! I'm on the hunt for properly fitting boots too so I'll be checking this post periodically for tips.

    Posted 10.5.11 Reply
  12. you are the definition of Parisian chic!

    Posted 10.5.11 Reply
  13. Rebecca wrote:

    Heel Height: 2 1⁄2 in
    Shaft: 13 1⁄2 in
    Circumference: 12 in

    Posted 10.5.11 Reply
  14. Anonymous wrote:

    what foundation do you wear?? it looks flawless.

    Posted 10.5.11 Reply
  15. r wrote:

    It's a very good outfit. However, I see it as more of country meets city look especially with the boots. It is definitely not Parisian Chic.

    1.5/ 5


    Posted 10.4.11 Reply
  16. jessie wrote:

    your eyebrows looked so much more youthful and nicer before and your skin glowed before. now it looks dull and tired. you are so naturally gorgeous and its a shame to hide it under all that bronzer. i hate to say this but this was a terrible makeover!

    Posted 10.4.11 Reply
  17. Anonymous wrote:

    i like your usual, natural make up better. the bronzer looks so unnatural and fake on you! 🙁 bring old jean back!

    Posted 10.4.11 Reply
  18. very sophisticated and very chic! Great look! one of my favorite outfits you have worn!

    Posted 10.4.11 Reply
  19. Justine wrote:

    Yes, please share the boot details after you find some too! 🙂

    Posted 10.4.11 Reply
  20. Callandra wrote:

    Khatu did a great job on your brows and I noticed the bronzed face right away, it looks great! Beautiful outfit too, very chic and classic 😉

    Posted 10.4.11 Reply
  21. Samantha wrote:

    You look absolutely gorgeous!! Yes, the striped belt definitely counts – you are so Parisian chic!!

    And your new brows look great!! Khatu did a wonderful job!

    xo, sam

    Posted 10.4.11 Reply

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