Brunch Favorite: DIY Striped Ruffle Dress Revisited


Dress: DIY using two H&M; t-shirts (DIY instructions here)
Clutch / Crossbody Bag: H&M; Style# 568146  Watch: Michael Kors Jet Set
11-12mm pearl studs: bought here for $5 (make sure to ask for white)
One of my simple joys in life is a yummy al-fresco brunch, followed by lazy strolling along the streets of Boston. Now that I’m not studying anymore, I try to indulge in this every weekend. Yesterday I donned this slouchy little tee shirt dress for brunch with friends, but in these Talbots Metallic T-Strap Sandals. Heels do not fare well in Boston. We walked about three miles yesterday, from restaurant, to shops, to numerous places to get frozen treats. I can attest that the T-strap sandals are comfortable!

Longtime readers may remember this dress. I spent $8 on two striped tees from H&M;, then slaved over my sewing machine to recreate this little number as seen on Tiffany (which at $267, was out of my price range for a casual shift). Over one year later, this is still hands-down my favorite casual dress!

Nick was inspired by my watch shopping and brought out his “vintage” Timex. JCrew is bringing vintage-styled Timex back into style, but why pay $200 when you can just dig out your old watch from high school? Fruits of my bargain-hunting labor = J.Crew tee ($7) + Chambray shorts ($7) + Keds sneakers ($24).

A few weeks ago we tried this Portuguese restaurant called The Neighborhood. Great brunch value, good ethnic variety, and bottomless tea for me and coffee for Nick. Even early in the morning, the wait was long so we snapped photos to kill time. And the slouchy dress makes an appearance yet again…
neighborhood4 copy

 Cardigan: Martin & Osa (similar in “warm mustard”) Heels: Aldo Bag: LV Speedy 25 Ring: YSL

neighborhood1 copy

Left: Assorted Portuguese fishcake and meat cakes  Right: Eggs & hash with fried bananas


Tortoiseshell accessory love: Chanel Wayfarers Style # 5182 and Michael Kors Jet Set Watch

The more I wear this dress, the more inspired I am to try new DIYs. When someone excitedly asks you where something is from, it feels wonderful to chirp in response, “I made it!”

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. jen wrote:

    i love this dress jean! do you think you'll be pulling it out again this coming season? :]


    Posted 4.22.12 Reply
  2. haha, i'd feel chirp in responding that too! loooove the dress! and the last shot with your shades and watch, TDF, love love love. you and your man are so adorable taking shots with each other 🙂

    Posted 7.29.11 Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    i usually use a leave-on conditioner from garnier to help w/ flyaways+frizziness. i use the 'sleek n shine'

    Posted 7.28.11 Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    please do a makeup/hair/skincare tutorial =))

    Posted 7.27.11 Reply
  5. m wrote:

    great choice on the tortoise watch! i saw a smaller one at bloomies the other day, but it was AFTER i already purchased the two-toned one online from the nordstrom anniv sale. d'oh! i'll have to get my hands on one next time. for now, i need to get used to wearing a watch =P. would love to see more of your diy projects!

    Posted 7.27.11 Reply
  6. @Ella Pretty Blog
    Look in Divided section. It also comes in dark green.

    Posted 7.27.11 Reply
  7. lica wrote:

    this is the cutest post ever. love the girl+boy outfit post. and i totally dig the watch. ive been rockin the tortoise ray bans for two seasons now. and i cant find anything to replace them!

    Posted 7.27.11 Reply
  8. R.L. wrote:

    Loved this DIY dress last year and I think you've made it look even better with a belt and your accessorizing. And kudos to Nick for bringing back his old Timex! …That actually leads me to a request for a possible future post. I'm a huge clothing pack rat, mainly because I've been the same size since early junior high. (I know most petites can relate!) But I've actually been able to successfully shop in my own closet because of it. I'm always saying to myself, "but this may come back in style!" Maybe you can share tips on how you decide whether or not to let an item go?

    Posted 7.26.11 Reply
  9. Totally remember this dress from the original post. Glad to see that it's still getting a lot of love!

    I agree with DSK Steph about the purse. I get so much satisfaction from buying things that look expensive but are actually just great dupes. 🙂

    Quick question: what's your opinion on Zara? I haven't seen you blog that much on it so I was just curious. 🙂 I usually find their stuff a bit pricy for the quality, but every now and then I score something great on sale.


    Posted 7.26.11 Reply
  10. Stacieee wrote:

    I actually like your DIY version of the dress better than the original! That H&M; purse I was about to purchase but was hesitant because I didn't know if I would be able to match it up, but after seeing how you did it, i'm a bit inspired now.

    Posted 7.26.11 Reply
  11. Lydia wrote:

    All I can say is WOW!!! You are soooo talented and imaginative. Soooo fabulous! Fantastic DIY!

    Posted 7.26.11 Reply
  12. great diy!! so talented. and i love that MK watch

    Posted 7.26.11 Reply
  13. ACC wrote:

    Fantastic DIY. You're so right – it is incredibly satisfying to don a project that you're proud of and be able to say (or simply know) that you made it. I'm hoping that blogging and continuing to see others' posts like this will keep me motivated to continue DIYing! Btw, brunch is totally the best.

    Posted 7.26.11 Reply
  14. @Claud Lovely! I bet those are better quality, but for the price I am super happy with these from ebay.

    @Anonymous Thank you Patti! Of course I don't mind. I'm flattered!

    @Anonymous I don't, but I'm having a lot of frizzies and flyaways after blowing my hair dry. Have any good recommendations?

    @Jennifer Hi Jennifer – I have quite a few years on you, but I wrote a post here about how to look older:

    Posted 7.25.11 Reply
  15. Thats such a gorgeus color and dress!

    Posted 7.25.11 Reply
  16. Ooh I've heard such great things about this restaurant. Can't wait to try it!

    Posted 7.25.11 Reply
  17. Denysia wrote:

    Wow, love the look! 🙂

    Posted 7.25.11 Reply
  18. Claud wrote:

    I love the entire look. Great find on the ebay pearl earrings 🙂 I have same style stud Earrings from qvc:

    Posted 7.25.11 Reply
  19. Kristin wrote:

    I'm totally impressed with your DIY skills! Wonderful job! Also, I just tried on all of those Michael Kors tortoise shell watches and practically fell in love with each and every one of them. You made a great choice!

    Posted 7.25.11 Reply
  20. I am Khatu wrote:

    I remember when I first saw this, I wanted to make my own but was too lazy… lol

    Posted 7.25.11 Reply
  21. Sunshine wrote:

    hey, i love the little dimple in your first pix! 🙂 i have a little "dent" when i smile a certain way too haha. it only makes an appearance once in a blue moon though…weird! 😀

    i absolutely adore this diy. super cute for summer! oh bf & i love eating too (mostly me lol) so big YES on the food pix 😉

    Posted 7.25.11 Reply
  22. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean, I love this! Hope that you don't mind but I posted this pic of you on Pinterest. I can't wait to try this DIY myself. Cute, cute, cute! Patti

    Posted 7.25.11 Reply
  23. jeweliette wrote:

    I think I have a mini crush on Nick, even though I have my own bf, hehe. 🙂 Love the outfit as always, please include food pix next time!

    Posted 7.25.11 Reply
  24. Hi

    I've been reading ur blog for a little while now, really like your style. It's so relatable and practical, yet so stylish.

    I fell in love with leopard print after seeing ur youtube video on pairing with that leopard cardigan, lol.

    Posted 7.25.11 Reply
  25. Wooow, what a beautiful dress! I really, really like it! With the yellow shoes and with the nude shoes! Both looks great! (:

    Posted 7.25.11 Reply
  26. the dress is great ! good job !!

    Posted 7.25.11 Reply
  27. Anonymous wrote:

    did u use any foam/hairspray on your hair?

    Posted 7.25.11 Reply
  28. Sharon wrote:

    I can't believe you created this dress with two shirts!! Impressive!

    Posted 7.25.11 Reply
  29. Food looks delicious! Great DIY dress (I, too, remember when you first posted about it!); you and Nick are a lovely couple, and yay to walking around Boston! That is definitely one of my favorite activities in Boston as well.

    Posted 7.25.11 Reply
  30. Liz wrote:

    You two both look so cute. I remember from some post that you went to college together in Boston or Cambridge or something? That is so sweet.

    Posted 7.25.11 Reply
  31. Michelle wrote:

    Aww! I remember that dress from last summer! I think I was just stumbling upon your blog, so too shy to comment at that time! :p

    Loving the sunglasses!! Your whole look is so cute and summery!

    Posted 7.24.11 Reply
  32. kileen wrote:

    this DIY dress is gorgeous!! i need to try my hand at some DIYs too. and i love the tortoise accessories!

    Posted 7.24.11 Reply
  33. Jennifer wrote:

    How old are you Jean? I really have an issue of looking like I'm 13 when I'm already 18 🙁

    Posted 7.24.11 Reply
  34. Ahh lucky you're talented enough to even attempt DIY's. I don't even know how to sew a button back on – my husband does it for me hahahaha! I was thinking about taking some sewing lessons, if anything I'll save $ on hemming!

    The photos you took of Nick turned out great Jean, I see he's not the only one with a great eye for photos 😉

    Posted 7.24.11 Reply
  35. Gosh not sure if my comment came thru- I'm really starting to dislike blogger comments…

    I do remember this DIY dress from last year- i love how you revived it with ur new clutch and shoes! You and Nick are so adorable:)

    Posted 7.24.11 Reply
  36. Tara wrote:

    This is great! I love the yellow paired with blue!

    Posted 7.24.11 Reply
  37. Cute outfit! Love how the belt and bag complement your new MK watch. I tried looking for that H&M; bag this weekend – but no luck (although I did find their j crew bubble necklace dupe in red!).

    That bag is lovely – it's so simply constructed and looks like it costs a lot more 🙂

    Posted 7.24.11 Reply
  38. DSK Steph wrote:

    It looks like you two are enjoying summer. 🙂 Great blog post!

    Posted 7.24.11 Reply

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