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edited pieces sweater dress slim calf boots

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While I consider myself a bit of a shopping expert after all this time, knee-high boots are still, without a doubt, one of the hardest items to come by for someone with my body type. Over my decade of blogging, it’s been a unicorn style that’s frequently requested and rarely found off the rack. I always knew it was a style I wanted to refine for Edited Pieces, but that didn’t make the process any less daunting.

A while back, a few thousand of you kindly dug out your measuring tapes and helped me fill out a survey all about boots. The fit requests varied greatly: narrow calf, wide calf, narrow ankles, wide footbed, extended foot sizes, slim and tall shaft, short and wide shaft, and every combo in between.

For our first boot, I ultimately decided to focus in on the most requested fit from our survey results. After countless rounds of samples and fit tests, I’m so excited to share a timeless knee-high boot with a shorter shaft + slimmer calf. These will be launching this Thursday on Edited Pieces in US sizes 4 through 9. Please sign up for emails on the website in order to get an alert when they drop!

I know one style does not suit all, and am always listening to your fit frustrations, and hope to expand our offering down the road to suit more of our customers’ diverse body types and needs!

edited pieces slim calf vegan suede boots

Everlane jeans 24 ankle. Or you can get regular length & cut with my tutorial. Also in tall & curvy.
Top from EP sweater set xxs, belt xxs, 6″ bracelet, and slim calf boots

When foraying into the world of boots, I started with a pair that I already owned – one with many positive customer reviews and a record of quality. I worked backwards to research where they were made, which turned out to be a small factory that’s specialized in boots for over a decade. Together, we pored over the details and worked on developing a new style with everything I’ve wanted in a boot but couldn’t find:

  • Generously-cushioned insoles
  • Flexible, non slip sole
  • Stable block heel at the perfect 2.5 inch height
  • Zipper along the inner ankle area for easier on & off
  • Silicone band along the inner top opening to help keep the shaft from sliding down
  • Made using high quality vegan suede with a little stretch
  • Timeless almond-shaped toe

Whole sizes 4 – 9. If you typically find yourself in between two different sizes, I’d take the size up.

Slim calf with a petite-friendly shaft height.

Below are the measurements in inches, and note the material has stretch. It stretches comfortably up to about one inch wider than the listed calf measurement.

Size Calf Circumference (stretches to fit approximately 1 inch wider) Shaft Height
4 11.8 13.8
5 11.9 14.0
6 12.0 14.3
7 12.5 14.5
8 13.0 14.8
9 13.3 15.0

petite boots slim narrow calf

cream coat petite slim calf boots

EP boots size 5, top from sweater set xxs, Duo coat xxs, Everlane jeans 24 ankle

petite boots narrow slim calf suede boots

Edited Pieces petite clothing line narrow calf boots

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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