Snow Day Neutrals + Winter Layering Favorites

quince cashmere dress sweater reviews petite fashion

J.Crew coat 0 Petite c/o (slim fit), Quince cashmere dress xs & beanie (code below), Hunter quilted boots 5 (also at Dillard’s), BP $15 aviator sunglasses

Idyllic snow days like today have me really appreciating the beauty of Boston, though Nick (currently splayed on the couch recovering from a day of shoveling and de-icing) might beg to differ! For stylish yet warm winter outfits, I wanted to highlight a few layering pieces I’ve been loving, including basics that I’ve had for many years now:

Lightweight cashmere

I pored over customer reviews and photos before trying this new-to-me brand and have been pretty happy with the pieces! As mentioned in a prior post, I asked the brand about sales and they said they don’t have promos due to their already slim margins, but did give me code EXTRAPETITE5 for 5% off orders of $100+. This cashmere dress in xs fits TTS and this knit pom beanie is now one of my favorites. It’s so lightweight yet warm, the faux fur on the pom looks more expensive than it is, plus the neutral taupe is easy to pair with outfits. FYI, it is a looser straighter cut along both sides with no defined waistline, so I usually wear it belted.

Refined Wet-Weather Boots

A favorite Hunter boot find (also at Dillard’s) from this summer that’s a little more refined (true to its name) and less New England preppy. I’m wearing the “Short” but as you can see, they are actually a medium height, measuring in-between Hunter’s other Short and Tall styles, making these a very flattering option for petite ladies. The back has an adjustable strap, and after tightening they’re a pretty good fit at my calves. The quilting adds thickness, making them warmer than all my other Hunter boots. Not that I have an office to trek to these days, but these look sleek and stylish for those who commute in dressier or professional outfits.

Thermal under layer

I don’t have one specific favorite Uniqlo Heattech thermal, but I like to get the deeper scoop neck tops in colors closer to my skin tone so that the shirts are easy to conceal under my regular clothing!

Fleece lined tights

Winter must-have. I’m wearing Aphro brand in size S, but I also came across this option with a “petite” size!

Half slip skirt

I have this one and this one from Vassarette, both years old. Aside from serving as an extra layer, slips keep sweater skirts and dresses from clinging to or riding up against tights! Though sometimes a dryer sheet rubbed in between the two layers works too.

boston winter snow outfit hunter refined quilted rain boots

hunter refined rain boots gloss petite women narrow calf

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  1. Bel wrote:

    Love this outfit Jean! I’ve been debating whether to purchase this coat or not due to the mixed reviews. Is this coat warm enough and is the quality worth it?

    Posted 1.14.21 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Thank you! If I’m going out in really chilly weather (like the day I took these photos) I’ll wear thermal base layers, like the ones I’ve linked within the post, plus a sweater to keep warm. It’s been nearly a decade since I got my first Lady Day coat and I still love the timeless style of it. Just this fall I shared an updated review on the coat which you can read here with some notes on sizing (it seems to run small which could be a cause of the mixed reviews). It’s not going to be as warm as a down puffer so if you’re looking for the warmest type of coat this would not be it. Hope this helps!

      Posted 1.20.21 Reply
  2. Maureen wrote:

    Neutrals are my jam and I love how you make it look so chic! Love your black boots too. I need a pair! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas!

    Posted 12.23.20 Reply
  3. Kari wrote:

    You really make the cold and snow look enjoyable!! How does the Uniqlo shirt run? What size do you wear in them? Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with the beautiful one little ones!

    Posted 12.21.20 Reply
  4. lia wrote:

    Love the winter look! I’m always on the hunt for affordable cashmere so my ears perked up when you mentioned Quince in your other post, but the dress looks so shapeless on the model and it’s hard to tell how it fits in your pictures. Is it a straight cut, or is there a bit of definition around the waist? Thanks!

    Posted 12.19.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Lia – no it is not defined around the waist. It’s more straight cut, which I’ve been preferring these days with my changing figure! I think the customer review photos do a pretty good job of depicting how it looks and falls on a variety of non model figures!

      Posted 12.20.20 Reply
  5. Shelby wrote:

    Former Boston gal here and I don’t ever remember snow looking that beautiful – it’s definitely the addition of you. Thanks for the promo code – I just ordered the pom beanie and a turtleneck in oatmeal. First purchase from this brand and I was looking for some new cashmere so great timing.

    Posted 12.18.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Shelby- you’re the sweetest! I hope you love the sweater and beanie!

      Posted 12.18.20 Reply
  6. VioletT wrote:

    Did you have to alter the dress for your height? I see on the stock photos from the website, the models are 5’8” and it’s hitting them just above the knee. Advise please

    Posted 12.18.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Violett – no, I would mention it in the post if I had a piece altered! Sweaters are also very very difficult to get shortened. I’m guessing their item lengths increase based on size! I tried the shrunken sweatshirt sweater in xs and it was pretty short on me.

      Posted 12.18.20 Reply
  7. Jewel wrote:

    I discovered this brand a few months ago and have quickly ordered several more pieces for gifts. The quality is great, the price point is fabulous, and their customer service is dreamy. I promise I am not paid to say this, I have just really loved my experience with them.

    Posted 12.18.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      So great to hear that!! I actually haven’t needed to deal with customer service on anything yet but I feel reassured hearing about your experiences!

      Posted 12.18.20 Reply
  8. Maura Matzko wrote:

    Always looking for petites!

    Posted 12.18.20 Reply
  9. Beth H wrote:

    Gorgeous scenery and the outfit is perfection! Makes me wish I live in a snowy climate!

    Posted 12.18.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Thank you, Beth! It’s lovely to look at on Day 1 or 2 but I could do without the aftermath 😄

      Posted 12.18.20 Reply
  10. Lori L wrote:

    Beautiful outfit, but as a Canadian the idea that anyone would wear Hunter rubber boots even with fleece lining in the snow is very strange. Your feet will be sooo cold. These are in-between season boots for us for the rainy days of November and April.

    Posted 12.18.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Haha I’ve done it for about 10 years and its very common on the streets of Boston (just passed another lady today in these exact quilted ones)! They’re definitely not active boots for anyone planning on sledding or other snow activities, etc, but since snow here quickly turns to slush, I love the height of Hunters for keeping my entire calf dry – esp after a mis-step into a murky deep puddle.

      Posted 12.18.20 Reply
  11. Mireia wrote:

    Such a lovely coat!

    Posted 12.18.20 Reply
    • Amy wrote:

      Just browsing the sweater dress on the website, some reviewer said it’s a little thin and see through. Is that your experience as well? Can’t tell from your photos to see if the legging will show through.

      Posted 12.19.20 Reply
      • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

        Definitely not see through such that leggings would show through, but it’s a lightweight cashmere, not a thick one. You do have to keep in mind the price point with expectations.

        Posted 12.20.20 Reply

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