A Favorite Affordable Find: $24 Sweater Restyled

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$24 DOLMAN SWEATER (see fit photos below),  SE Combat BOOTS 5, Topshop jacket (similar options below), EVERLANE JEANS 24 ankle, $15 SUNGLASSES

I often get requests to share more affordable Amazon finds, but clothing on there can be a gamble in terms of quality & fit. While I’ve had many “misses,” this soft dolman sweater and $15 sunglasses stand out as tried & true pieces in my regular rotation. I last showed this sweater for lounging at home with joggers, and have also worn it here with other wardrobe staples:

Garret Combat Boots

These boots continue to be a reader favorite (see them styled here & here) and makes any of my casual outfits feel more on-trend! Below a few stores that still have them stocked in size 5 & up:

  • Dillards – Brown starting in 5.5, Black starting in 6
  • Sam Edelman – Brown starting in 5
  • Zappos – Brown starting in 5
  • Belk – Most stock left in Black, starting in 6
  • Nordstrom – Black starting in 6

Plaid Overcoat

I’ve always loved a plaid topcoat for layering over simple solid basics. The one I’m wearing is old from TopShop, but below are similar options available in smaller sizes:

Amazon Sweater Fit Review

As mentioned before, the fit of this ribbed sweater is definitely oversized, but the cut with the narrower, stretchy banded bottom makes it easy to adjust for a variety of body types. The sleeves will be long for someone petite but can be folded or scrunched up, and any extra torso length folds over the bottom easily – see below for how it looks full length vs pulled up a bit!

Combat boot outfits for petites

DOLMAN SWEATER ($24 & tons of colors), Express super high rise coated jeans 0 short (my review)

Amazon tunic sweater petite try on

Here’s how the same sweater looks worn full length as a tunic (above) and in a different color (below)!

affordable amazon fashion sweater petites

petite plaid coat chanel medium flap bag

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  1. Joanne Jimenez wrote:

    I ordered the sweater and I love it! I would have not ordered an “one size” sweater, as those things tend to be too big for me, but this one is very flattering, soft & warm. Great purchase. Thank you!

    Posted 2.1.21 Reply
  2. Diane wrote:

    Thanks for sharing this sweater find! I bought it when I saw it on your IG posts and now I’ve been wearing it nonstop. It’s so soft and the draping is elegant.

    Posted 2.1.21 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      So glad to hear you’ve been loving it!

      Posted 1.27.21 Reply
  3. Anna wrote:

    Just wanted to say that I bought the Dolman sweater and could not be more disappointed – the torso length is fine, but the sleeves are far too long (go to my fingertips) and won’t stay up near my wrists unless they’re pushed to my upper arms, which entirely changes the look of the sweater. Cuffing them under or rolling them doesn’t work, either, due to the material. I’m 5’3” and 110 pounds for fit reference. Perhaps there are inconsistencies in the products shipped from Amazon?

    Posted 2.1.21 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Anna, I’m sorry to hear that! I did mention the sleeves are pretty long in my review since its one size fit all, but I didn’t have any issue cuffing them personally as seen in the second photo in this post. Did you also get the khaki color?

      Posted 2.1.21 Reply
  4. Tracey Hopkins wrote:

    My sweater just arrived yesterday and I am wearing it today for casual Friday. I appreciate what you do so much! I’ve been looking at these sweaters for a long time and shied away because of a petite frame. I LOVE this sweater and it will certainly be a go to for a long time!

    Posted 2.1.21 Reply
  5. WS wrote:

    Have you tried the “pattern 2” version (with center seam and no ribbing)? I’m eyeing the beige option and curious if the fit is similar to what you posted. I so enjoy your blog. Thanks!

    Posted 1.29.21 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      I haven’t tried pattern 2, but it does look very similar just with the changes you mentioned. If someone else here has tried the “-2” option please let us know how the fit is!

      Posted 2.1.21 Reply
  6. Neeltje wrote:

    I love simple looks like this one!

    Posted 1.29.21 Reply
  7. Sarah wrote:

    I discovered your site this year and love it — I’m also a small petite and have learned a lot from you and appreciate your great taste! The best is seeing you in the outfits and getting your honest assessments about the fit.
    I’m wondering if you will model from additional stores – maybe Anthropologie, with a lot of petites, and also Hobbs coats in petite, etc.? Some things are worth a splurge and last longer.

    Posted 1.28.21 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Sarah, thank you so much for your kind note! I love anthropologie petites but unfortunately they don’t stock deeply in their petite sizing and usually only carry a handful of each item in petites, so by the time I receive something in the mail and can review it it’s usually no longer available! I have been loving looking at Hobbs’ selection but haven’t taken the plunge yet to order from overseas!

      Posted 2.1.21 Reply
  8. Zebrina wrote:

    As a fellow five-foot-one-hundred-pound Petite I LOVE your posts. I’m really grateful for your more casual Covid Stylings. Want to share a recent recent FABULOUS find—great quality, moderately priced cashmere jogging suit that fits perfectly because of its slim cut & perfect leg length. Plus the sweatshirt is slim, cropped , and hits high hip. FromQuince, each piece is less than $100 with stellar quality! I found this site by accident—was searching for a cashmere beanie sized for a smaller head, which i also bought

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      I also just discovered Quince last year and have done a few posts with their beanie! I’ve been pleased with the quality and fit and am so glad you’ve also found it to be a winner.

      Posted 1.27.21 Reply
  9. Nicci wrote:

    I bought these sunglasses after seeing them on your blog and I LOVE them!

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  10. Mommy wrote:

    I’ve been looking for a good oversized plaid coat! Thank you! Please show us More plaid coat!

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  11. Samantha Lai wrote:

    Hi Jean, just ordered that cute sweater. Thanks for sharing. As for size, it’s one size only. Hopefully that won’t be a problem. Stay warm and thanks for always sharing your finds!

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      I was a bit nervous about there only being one size, but it can definitely work for a range of body types if you don’t mind cuffing or pushing up the long sleeve length!

      Posted 1.27.21 Reply
  12. Roons wrote:

    Thank you for sharing the actual fit, particularly the sleeves. Many petite bloggers gloss over the super long arms for the sake of a sale. So frustrating … thank you for the full transparency and providing tips on how to handle fit issues!

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Thank you for the kind note! I can definitely sympathize with the struggle of fit issues for a petite frame and am so glad to be a resource.

      Posted 1.27.21 Reply
  13. Judy N wrote:

    Love the dolman sweater and jacket look on you! Been wanting to get a new Winter jacket and still be stylish! Thank you

    Posted 1.25.21 Reply

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