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Last year I shared a few shows I enjoyed, and it was so fun to hear your thoughts and suggestions on what to watch next! While nothing has quite filled the hole in my heart left by Crash Landing On You, I wanted to do an updated post with several binge-worthy watches that have been released since. Several of these streaming services have free trials or might come included with your internet service (HBO was for us).

Quick note about my very affordable pullover sweater – I got it several months ago and have been meaning to share! The stretchy ribbed material is soft and smooth and has shown no signs of pilling yet. I’m usually wary of “one size fits all” pieces, but really like the relaxed cut of this one. Note it’s a slouchy, oversized fit and the sleeves will be pretty long on someone petite, so I either cuff or push them up a bit on my arms.

Shows I’ve Been Enjoying

1. Lupin (mystery)


Nick and I just started this French (with subtitles) show and are enjoying it so far! For those who liked BBC’s Sherlock, this reminds me of that but in reverse as the main character/protagonist is a thief, albeit a charming one out to find justice for his father.

2. Bridgerton (drama; romance)


This hit by Shonda Rhimes is Downton Abbey meets Gossip Girl but better, in my opinion. Absolutely love the cast and the chemistry between the two main characters … *swoon*. It took me about 2 episodes to get into and next I know, I had finished the series in 2 days. Heads up that this is NOT a show you want to be watching together with your in-laws or kids because there are some very steamy scenes. Like a few of the other shows here, Bridgerton is based on a 9-book series by Julia Quinn about each of the Bridgerton siblings finding love.

3. Ted Lasso (comedy)

Apple TV

This resounding recommendation by you guys was just the feel good show I needed. Don’t be dissuaded by the description or photos – you don’t need any interest in sports to enjoy this. Give it an episode or two to get into, as the characters really develop and the show has a lot of heart. Plus, it’s set in a charming English town that reminds me of the little corners of London that I love. FYI there is an abundance of profanity but in a lighthearted British way.

4. The Undoing (mystery; psychological thriller)

My old school favorites Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant are husband and wife in this thriller… while there are many mixed reactions on the ending, this was a captivating show through the very end for me. Based on the novel You Should Have Known by Jean Hanff Korelitz.

5. The Queen’s Gambit (historical drama)

I initially held off on this because I didn’t think I’d be into a show about chess, but chess is merely the background character for a gripping show about a woman balancing her genius and her addiction (based on a novel by Walter Tevis). The mid-century details, beautiful wardrobe, hair and styling reminded me of aspects I enjoyed in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

6. House of Ho (reality TV with Asian cast)

Kind of like an Asian American version of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Based in Houston, TX, this follows the very wealthy Ho family and their family dynamics. While I didn’t love parts of the show, I wanted to include this as I do appreciate the Asian American representation. There were definitely some themes that felt close to home for me.

7. Dream Home Makeover (reality TV)


A light and easy watch to have on in the background. Two seasons of 30-minute episodes following Shea and Syd McGee of McGee & Co, doing beautiful home renovations around Utah for their clients.

8. The Flight Attendant (thriller; murder mystery)

I haven’t watched past the first episode, but wanted to mention this as it came highly recommended by you guys in my Instagram poll. It’s based on a novel by Chris Bohjalian, and friends mentioned it’s a little faster paced and more intense than The Undoing.

If you’ve already watched, I’d love to hear what you thought of these shows and always love to hear new recommendations! 

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Mindy wrote:

    Highly recommend “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” & “Bling Empire” on Netflix! It’s Okay to Not Be Okay is a k-drama but definitely has a different feel than traditional k-drama feels. I’m not really a k-drama watcher but this one had me hooked!

    Bling Empire is similar to House of Ho as they both are a reality show with an all Asian cast but Bling Empire is definitely more captivating to watch because “DRAMA” haha.

    Posted 1.27.21 Reply
  2. Meg wrote:

    I recommend “It’s Okay not to be Okay” on Netflix! (I don’t regularly watch TV shows but loved both “Crash Landing on You” and “It’s Okay not to be Okay”.) The visuals were beautiful and at times so creative in this show. Also, Oh Jung-Se, brother of the main character, gave an outstanding performance. I do think the story is slower paced and more thought provoking than CLOY. Plus the main focus of the story is romance with darker mystery/psychological elements but I think it was well balanced by “gently” humorous and lighter moments. The show was educational on mental health conditions too. Lastly (but not least!), actress Seo Yea-Ji was absolutely gorgeous with her make-up, hair, and whimsical/fairytale-inspired outfits!

    Posted 1.26.21 Reply
  3. Angelique wrote:

    Meteor Garden on Netflix 😉

    Posted 1.18.21 Reply
  4. K wrote:

    Omg. Dead to Me on Netflix rapidly consumed my life and everyone I know. Two real adult women played by actual women, going through grief, navigating relationships and family — and the dialogue is so funny and natural. But it speaks to really heavy topics and does it a kind of justice only women in charge can do, which I felt made it different from every other Mystery/Crime drama! Plus you see the women grow as besties. I sobbed through every episode lol.

    The Good Place was my quarantine binge! Super lighthearted but quirky!

    Posted 1.16.21 Reply
    • K wrote:

      oops!! *played by actual women in their 40s, not actual women, LOL

      Posted 1.16.21 Reply
      • Laura wrote:

        I wanted to love the Amazon pullover sweater you recommended, but it’s fitted at the waist band and shows my belly when i wear them with leggings so not flattering at all. =( Makes me look preggo almost! Lol. I’m also much taller than you at 5’5.5″ and 150lbs >.<

        Posted 2.1.21 Reply
  5. Becca wrote:

    Great sales list and can’t agree more about the hole left by the end of Crash Landing on You.

    Posted 1.16.21 Reply
  6. Demi wrote:

    Your pullover sweater looks so cute!! I might get myself one!! Thank you!


    Posted 1.16.21 Reply
  7. Charlotte wrote:

    I enjoyed the Inheritors, Cobra Kai is on my next list. Bridgerton was good but I think they overdid the steamy scenes. Love Dream Home Makeover. Such a feel good show and great to play in the background with the family.

    Posted 1.16.21 Reply
  8. AJ Jones wrote:

    I love Ted Lasso. A grown-up comedy with heart that leaves the 4th grade potty humor that is so prevalent these days behind. How refreshing!

    Posted 1.16.21 Reply
  9. Kristy V(sweetlove618) wrote:

    Bridgerton is soooo good! I think I too watched it in two days time. I love the chemistry between the two main character. You can’t not not feel in love when you watch them dance and their passionate love scenes. I can’t wait for next season.
    Currently watching House of Ho…quite interesting so far…

    Posted 1.16.21 Reply
  10. Menglan wrote:

    Just want to update you the main characters in crash landing on you are actually together in real life! I was so thrilled when they announced it cause I was so invested in the show lol

    Posted 1.16.21 Reply
    • myhanh wrote:

      It’s confirmed! Thanks for the update Menglan! Long live RiRi! <3

      I'd have to agree, Jean. CLOY has a special place in my heart. The last K-drama that did this for me was Boys Over Flowers, from ten years ago! Can't wait for the next one in a decade! My heart can't handle it! 🙂

      I hope you and your family are doing well. Curious to know if you will be sharing anything for Lunar New Year with your two little ones. I can only imagine Nori's sweet face receiving a red envelope, or maybe not, unless you find one big enough to fit a banana! 🙂

      Posted 1.16.21 Reply
  11. Annie wrote:

    Just binged the Queen’s Gambit last weekend and started the Flight Attendant today and I’m hooked! I’ll definitely have to check out the Undoing too (after I finish the Flight Attendant). Thanks for the rec!

    Posted 1.16.21 Reply
  12. Nikki wrote:

    Thank you for the recommended shows. My husband and I just started Lupin as well and we love it. If you enjoy Crash Landing, I also recommend Itaewon Class.

    Posted 1.16.21 Reply
  13. Erika O wrote:

    I highly suggest that you check out (kdrama) start up, and familiar wife on Netflix if you haven’t seen it! It’s good like crash landing on you for me.

    Posted 1.16.21 Reply

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