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Hello friends ~ in these very uncertain times I hope this blog can still be a lighthearted space for some of you! For those who can’t stay home due to your job or other circumstances, I am truly hoping for your continued health and safety. For the rest of us who are, below are a few free activities including DIY ideas to keep our little ones busy. Please feel free to share any favorite apps, subscriptions, books, accounts to follow or other resources with me in the comments!

Before diving in I did want to mention two notable retailer emails I saw this morning:

  • Nordstrom is having an unprecedented 25% off tons of items online that normally do not get discounted. This includes major skincare brands and baby gear (including our Yoyo stroller (our review) – I’ve never seen some of these items discounted like this.
  • Everlane is offering weekly discounts on certain full priced basics (they typically only have sales on items or colors being discontinued). This week’s deal is $50 denim and you guys know HOW much I wear my authentic stretch high rise jeans (or try the mid rise) and I loved my kick crop jeans until they became too small for me. I did cut the hems 1″ shorter on both pairs using scissors, and popped them into the machine washer and dryer for a slightly frayed hem. See all my Everlane reviews here.
at-home Wellness

I tapped into my fitness-loving friends for some of their favorite apps and subscriptions!

  • CorePower Yoga started offering free online classes and mentioned they’d be adding more weekly.
  • Headspace is offering a collection of free meditations through their app (Nick loves using it!). They’re also offering US healthcare workers free access to Headspace Plus through the end of 2020 – you simply need your NPI and email to claim the offer on their site.
  • Melissa Wood Health only has a 7 day free trial, but my friends have been raving about her workouts (ranging from 10 to 45 minutes) including for pre and postnatal.
  • Peloton App has extended their first 30 days free promo to be 90 days. My friends enjoy their app and say it includes yoga, meditation, stretching and bodyweight classes that don’t require you to have the Peloton bike, and you can filter by class type, length, music genre, degree of difficulty, and instructor.
  • Studio Tone It Up app is offering 1st month free (as opposed to their typical 1st week free offer). Also, the Tone It Up Youtube page always has hundreds of free, short workout videos including both toning and HIIT workouts. The videos and trainers are very upbeat and positive and feel like you’re working out with a peppy best friend. At the start of each workout they’ll let you know what (if any) weights or bands might be needed, and most require just a mat.
  • Blogilates created a 14 day workout calendar that can be done from a small apartment

*Just be sure to set a reminder to cancel paid apps before the trial date is over to avoid being charged!

DIY ideas For Little Ones

I shared some accounts on Instagram and wanted to round them up here! Such great DIY ideas.

workouts and toddler activities to do at home during quarantine

Uniqlo airism leggings xs, hems folded (so light & comfy), on Nori: H&M bodysuit 12-18m

at-home Entertainment
  • Check out some of the recent shows I’ve loved watching and ones that came highly recommended by readers. (P.S. If you have a Verizon plan with unlimited data you can get a free 1 year subscription of Disney+). I also just started watching Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu after reading through both of Celeste Ng’s books years ago per reader recommendations! Both books touch on the complexities of motherhood and intertwining relationships (not “feel good” storylines per se) but I did enjoy them and the show so far, especially now as a mom.
  • Get an e-library card as many have digital books and subscriptions available (i.e. Boston Library, New York Library)
  • Follow lighthearted, uplifting social media like @upworthy
Hair, Beauty, closet
  • Give your makeup brushes a thorough washing.
  • Clean out hoard of old/expired beauty products (I’m guilty of this since a lot of my products last a LONG time)
  • Give your skin a break from makeup
  • Give your hair a break from damaging blow drying and heat tools and train it to go longer between washes.
  • If you had already planned on doing so, this is a good time to convert from conventional to a cleaner deodorant (can take weeks for your armpits to “detox“)
  • Closet clean out and handwash any delicate garments you’ve been meaning to clean (i.e. wool or cashmere sweaters, silk items). See my post on washing silk at home.
Supporting neighbors + Local Community

I complied a few of these from suggestions you guys shared with me on IG!

  • Purchase a gift card to your favorite local small business and restaurants to use later so they have the cash inflow now. I talked to some local small business owners and they are definitely strapped, having to still pay rent and trying to take care of their staff while not operating per usual.
  • Please do not hoard more necessities than your household needs so others aren’t left in a complete bind – i.e. with baby formula, soaps, sanitizers. Be mindful of WIC products and try to choose alternative items.
  • Slip notecards to elderly neighbors offering to place any online orders on their behalf or pick up supplies / food while you’re out.
  • If you’re able to, consider pre-paying/tipping for services you’ve had to postpone (dog walkers, hair stylists, house cleaners, ect.)
  • Consider making monetary donations to local food banks.
  • Contribute extra masks or gloves you may have at home to local hospitals where there may be a shortage (call your local police station to see if they are collecting on the hospital’s behalf)

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  1. Betty wrote:

    Hi Jean! Grateful for another helpful post! I discovered @blogilates from your list here and love her account! Now she reminds me to take a much-needed self-care break from scrolling IG!

    Also, thank you so much for mentioning my @chalkacademy Instagram! Really appreciate it and hope the resources can help Nori someday! xo

    Posted 4.24.20 Reply
  2. Jenn wrote:

    Thank you for your blog! Stumbled upon your blog recently. I am a physician/pediatric oncologist, and amidst the craziness in the hospital and clinic, coming home or even taking a break to be able to read your positive and fun blog has been so helpful! Purchased the Quay sunglasses a few days ago from Nordstrom, and it’s so fun to read through your beauty, fashion, and lifestyle posts! Thank you!

    Posted 3.19.20 Reply
    • Jean wrote:

      Hi Jenn,
      Thank you so much for your work – always, but particularly during this crazy time. I’m so glad that I can bring a little bit of positivity to your day! I hope you love the Quay sunnies!
      x Jean

      Posted 3.20.20 Reply
  3. Emily S. wrote:

    Here’s another one for staying safe and supporting local community: connect with a mutual aid group in your area. Neighborhoods and cities are organizing to help people share supplies, run errands for vulnerable people, and share info about resources like free meals for children who depend on school lunches. The sense of community is such a silver lining in this scary time. If you search for your town plus “mutual aid” on Facebook you may find one, or check out the first link on my list below.
    – Google doc of mutual aid groups and resources across the U.S.:
    – Guide to starting your own neighborhood mutual aid network:
    – Greater Boston:
    ——Facebook group for mutual aid
    ——Google Doc with Boston area resources including links to neighborhood mutual aid groups (Jamaica Plain, Cambridge, Dorchester, etc):
    – New York City mutual aid:

    Thanks for the terrific post, Jean. I hope you and your family are safe and am thinking of your sweet grandparents especially. I’m hunkered down in New York with my grandma for the duration.

    Posted 3.19.20 Reply
    • Amy wrote:

      Hi Jean, can you please share how you got your pre-baby body back after having Nori? Your diet, exercises and etc.

      Posted 3.20.20 Reply
      • Jean wrote:

        Hi Amy!
        I’m definitely not back to pre pregnancy weight and size and honestly don’t anticipate getting there – and that’s okay. Please be easy on yourself as you’re a busy mama now. Dedicating some time daily or every other day to working out at home (even if it’s a 15-20 minute youtube video after the kiddo goes to sleep) can help, and trying to eat nutritiously is most important. Trying to sub out processed and frozen foods with greens, vegetables, and using leaner proteins like fish and ground turkey etc.
        x Jean

        Posted 3.20.20 Reply
    • Jean wrote:

      Hi Emily,
      So good to hear from you again, I hope you and your family have been well throughout all of this! Thank you so much for sharing these resources, it’s so true that communities coming together is a glimpse of positivity and hope during times like this.
      x Jean

      Posted 3.20.20 Reply
  4. Mireia wrote:

    It’s so important to stay active!

    Mireia from TGL

    Posted 3.19.20 Reply
  5. Tasha wrote:

    What a great post – so creative and thoughtful. Thank you!

    Posted 3.18.20 Reply
  6. Doris wrote:

    Just brought two pair of jeans from Everlane. 🤤 I can’t wait! I hope to see more post from you since we now have tons of time to check insta!

    Posted 3.18.20 Reply
  7. What a wonderful compilation of ideas! Also, going for walks and/or runs outside in local parks is a great way to get in some much needed fresh air and exercise. If anyone is looking to get in shape, train for a 5k/half marathon/marathon, I offer fully online, personalized one-on-one coaching services. Could be a great way to tackle fitness goals in a safe way through this time!

    Posted 3.18.20 Reply
    • Jean wrote:

      What a great idea to train for something specific, having a goal definitely helps keep me motivated!
      x Jean

      Posted 3.20.20 Reply
  8. This post is really great. Love the Blogilates calendar and didn’t even think about getting small biz gift cards. I wanted to share the Bustle post below because it has info on organizations supporting the response effort in various ways that are accepting donations. Doctors Without Borders may be another one to look into. Wish everyone well during this difficult time.

    Posted 3.18.20 Reply
  9. Kim wrote:

    Thanks for this wealth of ideas, Jean. I would have never thought of your pre-tipping idea. The professional who does my neck massages said she’d really appreciate that. It made my week. Hugs to your family.

    Posted 3.18.20 Reply
    • Jean wrote:

      Hi Kim,
      I’m so glad, thank you for sharing that with me! Wishing you and your family well during this time.
      x Jean

      Posted 3.20.20 Reply
  10. Anna wrote:

    Thank you for sharing the information about Headspace. I’m a social worker in a hospital setting and with all the anxiety going on in the world, taking time for the here and now is a small luxury that should be afforded to everyone.

    Posted 3.18.20 Reply
    • Jean wrote:

      Hi Anna,
      I was so glad to see them offering it to everyone and especially the special offer this year for healthcare workers. Thank you for the work that you do and be well during this hectic time!
      x Jean

      Posted 3.20.20 Reply

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