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Outdoor Voices Kit: 3/4 leggings XS + crop top XS, Treasure & Bond hat, Nike Free sneakers sz 6

I wish I were one of those people who love exercising. I envy my friends who get out of bed early, energized for spin class or yoga. But as far back as I can remember, my preferred morning activity has always been heading back under the covers and hitting the snooze button a dozen times. I’m always needing small motivators to get me going, like a new YouTube video to try or a new running route. And as silly as it may sound, having cute workout clothes definitely helps!

I kept seeing pieces by Outdoor Voices (the brand’s name represents the opposite of a hush-hush “indoor voice”) on my more active friends, so I finally placed an order to try on a few styles. It was no surprise that one of those aforementioned friends showed up to pickleball in the same workout set! Our camera was in the car, so she was a good sport and let Nick snap some twinning photos for laughs : )

outdoor voices workout gym clothing pickleball outfits

3/4 length leggings for petites

Fabric & Style: I chose this style for the compression fabric, since I like my leggings to have a good amount of “hold.” These feel well-made with the multi-pieced construction, and are sturdy yet stretchy and comfortable for my level of exercise (jogging, toning, YouTube workouts, light sports). There’s a pocket inside the front waistband big enough to fit a credit card and keys, and the fabric has a faint melange print on it.

Fit: We’re both wearing the two-tone warmup leggings (also comes in 13 solid colors) in the 3/4 length – my friend is 5’4″ and I’m a touch under 5 feet, and these were perfect on me as full-length leggings. The waistline comes right up to my belly button.

Sizing: I thought these were true to size for compression leggings, although a little small relative to my usual Zella. Compared to my Zella paneled crop leggings in size XXS (see them on me), these Outdoor Voices leggings in size XS measured almost the same when lying flat. The Zella crop leggings in XXS are shorter in length, and are a tiny bit smaller at the waist (measuring 1/2 inch narrower across the very top) so do stay up a little better at my high waist.

Measurements of OV 3/4 leggings in XS: 23.5″ inseam, 11.75″ across the waist when lying flat.

outdoor voices kit workout clothes sets

Athena Crop Top

There’s something about crop tops paired with high-waisted leggings that’s so shapely and flattering! Part of it is because the only sliver of skin being shown is the area right above your tummy. This Athena crop top has rave reviews from customers who say they even wear it as an impromptu swim top, or a fashion top for going out. I probably wouldn’t buy it on its own without coordinating leggings because it wasn’t anything special. If you have a larger chest, this will not provide enough support to wear in lieu of a true sports bra.

I also tried their popular slashback crop top which looks so cute on from the back, but I had struggles getting it on and off (always got stuck going over my shoulders)! I don’t see anyone else having this issue per the reviews, so I might just be less flexible in that area.

outdoor voices petite leggings athena crop top review

Two tone kit: two tone Athena crop in navy & charcoal, 3/4 two tone leggings in navy & charcoal

Kit Savings

Kits are basically mix-and-match sets, where you can choose the style and color of a top + bottom for a fixed price. Depending on the styles, you can save up to $50 for two pieces this way. I’m bummed this two-toned Athena crop (pictured above) wasn’t available when I bought my kit – love the flattering look of the full navy & charcoal set!

outdoor voices green crop leggings set review

Hunter Kit: Athena crop in hunter, kneecap leggings in hunter xs

I also tried on this kit with the kneecap leggings, which not surprisingly hit below the knees on me. Personally I find longer leggings to be more flattering on my short legs, so preferred the 3/4 length.

tennis clothes workout outfit matching set
This hat is my first and only baseball cap. I love it so much I ordered it in a second color! For something so seemingly basic, I had a tough time finding one that fit right. So many womens caps I tried on were too shallow for my head, and mens were too deep. One reviewer complained about no slot to stick the excess end of the adjustable strap, but there definitely is one (which you can see in the back stock photo).

Sidenote, pickleball might be my latest obsession! It’s a mix of tennis, badminton, and ping pong – I’m not good at any of the above, but somehow the combination was a blast. It’s more popular amongst the senior citizen crowd (easier on the joints than tennis), but don’t be fooled! We worked up quite the sweat and were sore for days after a few rigorous doubles matches. Now, on a mission to find some pickle courts in Boston …

matching tennis exercise outfits

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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