Compact Stroller Reviews: Colugo + Babyzen Yoyo

Being a petite mom who travels often and lives in a city condo with 4 flights of stairs, I get lots of questions on lightweight compact strollers!

We have been using and loving the Babyzen Yoyo+ (also at PB Kids) since our daughter was born, but we also received the Colugo Stroller recently as a press sample and tested it out! It’s a direct-to-consumer company that several of you asked about, so I wanted to do a review answering some of those questions.

Also check out our IGTV video featuring a friendly competition featuring these two strollers! (Disclaimer: winner of the race does not indicate our favorite stroller…)


babyzen yoyo vs colugo best compact travel stroller review

This is not an apples to apples comparison as these strollers are at very different price points. It really depends on your needs, where you live, and how you plan to use it! Both are compact strollers with interchangeable/removable seats and canopies for easier washing. To us, the Yoyo looks and feels like it’s better quality and more well-made, and is more easily maneuverable in tight spaces. It’s the most compact high-quality travel stroller we’ve tried in terms of size and weight, and it’s priced accordingly. However, the Colugo has a few features and included accessories going for it (as well as a much lower price point).

THE BOTTOM LINE: Overall, we feel the Yoyo is our preferred option if you live in a busy urban area, fly or travel a lot, want a stylish stroller compatible with select infant carseats, and don’t mind the small under basket. The Colugo is a good option if you want a versatile compact stroller that works for occasional travel and don’t want to pay $$$.

Another popular lower budget option that my good friend has is the Mountain Buggy Nano. It folds up very similarly to these two and can strap in an infant car seat. My friend’s honest review is the Nano does not look or feel high end, but it is compact and functional. And for even more stroller info, you can read my previous post on our UPPAbaby Cruz (our everyday stroller) vs the Babyzen Yoyo.

COST, PortabilitY & size

Here’ are the raw numbers for comparison sake:

Colugo Stroller
Base Price: $295
Folded Size: 17” x 24” x 10”
Weight: 16 lbs

Babyzen Yoyo+ (sold at Pottery Barn Kids, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales)
Base Price: around $449 for the frame + seat
Folded Size: 17″ x 20” x 7″
Weight: 13.6 lbs

On paper and in photos, the Colugo only seems a little bigger and heavier than the Yoyo. But after having used both, the Yoyo feels much more small and compact. It fits more easily into our small car trunk loaded with other stuff, and it’s less cumbersome for me when carrying it on your shoulder going up flights of stairs.

If you’re very petite or live somewhere that space is at a premium, every extra inch and pound makes a difference. The Yoyo handlebar can also fold down while baby is seated, so at restaurants you can pull the stroller up to the table taking up no more space than a high chair would.

compact travel stroller review babyzen vs colugo


Both strollers can be opened with one hand, but Colugo can also fold up one-handed, which is a great feature. The Yoyo folds up via a two-hand, two-step move that takes a little practice to get the hang of, but it’s easy enough once you do. In either case, we’ve always found it best to handle a stroller while wearing a baby carrier (this petite-friendly mini carrier has been our favorite!), especially when doing trips solo in and out of house with a newborn.

NEWBORN USE & Car Seat Compatibility

The seat on both strollers are designed for use with babies 6 months and older. However, both strollers also have a newborn bassinet attachment that’s sold separately, for use from 0 to 6 months. We got the Yoyo bassinet as a gift but only used it a handful of times, because it was easier and more practical to just pop our Nuna Pipa car seat on to the stroller (adapter needed; make sure to check which car seats are compatible). From the day we took Nori home from the hospital to 6 months, we mostly just used the Yoyo frame with no seat fabric + the Nuna car seat. If you’re doing a lot of travel the first year, that infant car seat compatibility is huge and the Colugo doesn’t have that.

babyzen yoyo nuna pipa car seat attachment

SUSPENSION, Smoothness, Maneuverability

We love how maneuverable the Yoyo is in tight spaces like city restaurants and shops. It’s also much easier to steer with just one hand. The Colugo is still good, just not quite as nimble in our experience. The foot brake on the Colugo is better positioned and a little easier to flip on and off.

under basket storage

The Colugo basket is bigger and more useful than the Yoyo’s, mostly because the Yoyo frame has two metal rods that block larger items from going into the basket. There is an additional roller bag you can buy, but that kind of defeats the compactness of it. So you really need a stroller hook if you plan on using it for toting a bag, even a small diaper backpack. It does have a convenient zippered pocket on the seat back, though, which I use for my phone.

recline & footrest

Both have a similar recline, with the Colugo going back just a touch more. The Colugo has a built-in footrest that’s longer, and the seat overall is a little wider. Babyzen’s new footrest attachment is an extra $40, however it folds in nicely while the Colugo footrest actually sticks out and flaps around a bit when the stroller is folded up. We found that the added comfort with this attachment is worth it!

colugo travel stroller review babyzen yoyo infant travel stroller

Babyzen Yoyo with footrest add-on attachment


Adding to the “nap-ability” of the Colugo, its sunshade provides a little more coverage than the Yoyo. It also has a mesh peephole, and big ventilated back panel once reclined, making it more breathable, while the Yoyo’s peep hole is a plastic window. The Colugo safety belt feels a little cheaper and is hard to buckle at times, and the straps were difficult to adjust.

babyzen yoyo colugo stroller comparison


The Yoyo comes with a rain cover and flimsy nylon drawstring travel bag (they have a more durable travel backpack with luggage sleeve that’s sold separately). The Colugo also comes with a rain cover and includes a nicer travel bag with backpack straps. For us, the must-have Yoyo accessories are the Nuna car seat adapters (we used this a ton throughout Nori’s first year) and the foldable footrest which makes naps more comfy. Both brands offer cozy sleeping bags for winter, as well as additional interchangeable colors of seat padding/canopy all sold separately.


We knew we’d be traveling quite a bit in Nori’s first year, so it was important to us to have an infant car seat + travel stroller that worked together. Having used the Yoyo for the past 11 months as our travel/secondary stroller, we absolutely love it and the only real complaint is the under basket functionality. To be transparent, we unexpectedly got the Yoyo as a shower gift from a generous friend but were about to purchase it ourselves. With the Colugo, there’s also a lot to like and they even offer a 100-day trial period w/ free returns if you don’t like it, so that’s something to think about if you’re considering it.

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Cassandra wrote:

    Thank you so much for this review comparison–it was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I’ve had my eye on the Yoyo, but when you see something that could potentially do the same thing, but almost half the price, you question yourself.

    Posted 1.3.21 Reply
  2. Nicole wrote:

    Hi! Do you find the handlebar height at an ok level on the Yoyo stroller? I’m worried that it will be too high for me. Thanks!

    Posted 7.7.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Nicole, I don’t have a problem with the height but I do suggest testing out a floor model at a store if possible!

      Posted 7.7.20 Reply
  3. Judy wrote:

    This is the best reference and review! I just bought everything you recommended. Thank you!!

    Posted 3.18.20 Reply
  4. Andrea wrote:

    Jean, thank you so much for this review. I’ve been searching far and wide for an extra lightweight stroller but was hesitant to spend more money after already splurging on the Nuna Pipa Mixx. It’s just too heavy for me to lift into my car’s trunk while juggling a baby and other stuff. My husband can’t believe the Nuna Pipa is too heavy but he’s 6’3 and never believes me that stuff is too heavy or bulky for me to lift (I’m 4’11 and 108 lbs). Your review has persuaded me to try the Yoyo. I always trust your recommendations! Thanks 🙂

    Posted 11.30.19 Reply
    • Caroline wrote:

      Hello Andrea,

      Did you end up buying the stroller? I am the same height as you are and I am wondering if the handlebar will be too high for me. Thank you!

      Posted 12.7.20 Reply
  5. Ada wrote:

    Do you know if there’s a way to lock the yoyo footrest in the horizontal position ? My daughter always kicks it back down.

    Posted 7.19.19 Reply
  6. Soapie wrote:

    Hi Jean! I’m also from Boston, have a toddler, and my hubby’s family is from HK. Really enjoy your blog and IG even though I’m no fashionista. I love how you keep it real, esp about motherhood and all things Boston! Really enjoyed your video of the stroller racing! so creative. you almost made it except you dropped your baby… ahhahaha =) Also i totally bought the Pipa Lite LX based on your last post – really thankful for your insight. We own the Yoyo and it made a lot of sense to buy this carseat to go with our beloved stroller. All your tips were super helpful so thank you!!

    Posted 7.19.19 Reply
  7. Theresa L Verstreater wrote:

    Saw your insta story last night, it was hilarious!! 🙂

    Posted 7.18.19 Reply
  8. TracyB wrote:

    I have GB’s Pockit stroller. Folds up small, but can’t lean the stroller back for naps. I almost use it more than our UppaBaby Cruz. But then my kids are older (4 and 18 months).

    Posted 7.18.19 Reply
  9. EM wrote:

    We use the Skip Hop diaper caddy for our YoYo and its convenient place to store cell phones, water bottles, sippy cups, etc. We’re still able to fold up our YoYo too.

    Posted 7.17.19 Reply
  10. Lesley wrote:

    I am a huge fan of the Mountain Buggy Nano! The yoyo is nice if you plan to buy and use all the different accessories but for practical travel, ease of use and durability I think the Nano wins out. We’ve had the original version for 3 years and it’s been to 20+ countries. We’re finally thinking of replacing it and thus have been testing other strollers, but we’ll probably just buy the newer version of the Nano because we love it so much

    Posted 7.17.19 Reply
    • Erin wrote:

      The Mountain Buggy Nano is such a great travel stroller!! What really sets it apart for me is that you can use any infant car seat without an adapter (using the the strap to attach the seat). Several convertible seats (like the Cosco Scenera) can also easily strap in which makes the MB a great travel stroller for many years and helps with managing a car seat while traveling after you graduate from an infant car seat!

      Posted 7.17.19 Reply
  11. Rena wrote:

    Thanks for the helpful review!

    Posted 7.17.19 Reply
    • Hallie wrote:

      Love the review. Appreciate how much detail you’ve included.

      Posted 7.26.19 Reply
  12. Grace wrote:

    Did you ever take a look at the Silver Cross Jet? We wound up going with that over the Yoyo and would also highly recommend!

    Posted 7.17.19 Reply
  13. Jess wrote:

    Been a lurker for awhile, love your site. Love the practical informative content, particularly when it comes to baby stuff! Two questions.. Have you tried out the uppababy minu (and if so, what are your thoughts)? This is the one that I’ve been looking at.

    Second, I know you’ve posted quite a bit about the breast pumps you use. Wondering if you have more insight into your feeding and pumping schedule, especially before Nori was eating solids (if you remember!) thanks!

    Posted 7.16.19 Reply
    • Julieanne wrote:

      Greetings from a fellow petite mum all the way in Australia 🙂 we have the Yoyo+ and loooooove it, in fact I lovingly refer to it as my car since I don’t drive (yes I got headlights for it from Third Kind and a sweet leather handlebar cover :-D)

      Just a question regarding your thoughts on jetlag. We are taking baby to Rome when she is 10 months old and I recently did the time conversions to see what time I would need to put baby down for her naps here in Sydney if I want to get her on Rome time in the leadup to the trip. Is this something you would recommend doing or should I just factor some downtime in when we get to Rome so everyone can adjust? Thanks 🙂

      Posted 7.17.19 Reply
      • Soapie wrote:

        hi julieann! i would just factor in that your baby will have to adjust to the timezone and take naps when you don’t expect it. we traveled to HK from the US when my daughter was 7 mths (12 hr time diff) and we also went to Europe when she was 18 mths. In HK, she would just cry and nap at random times and places (usually at restaurants when we are waiting for food to arrive.. argh!) So I basically structured our day so that we had one “outing” that we were definitely going to attempt to do, but then leave the day open knowing that naps were a struggle yet needed to be fit in. (Like i tried to put my baby to nap in her stroller outside a palace in Vienna, but she never fell asleep and was just cranky until she finally passed out at a restaurant.) you could do the whole time adjustment thing prior to going, but honestly i don’t think its necessary. Traveling with a baby is exhausting for the parents too so when i arrive at the destination, i found myself needing a nap too. don’t stress too much beforehand and enjoy your trip! =D

        Posted 7.19.19 Reply
        • Anonymous wrote:

          Thanks for the reply soapie, good to know! Here in Oz baby is very good at napping in her stroller so hopefully that will continue then, but either way, I’m sure we’ll have a great time 🙂 thanks again!

          Posted 7.28.19 Reply
    • L wrote:

      I love the video of you and Nick doing the stroller race! Too cute!

      Posted 7.17.19 Reply

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