Rothy’s styles comparison + kids vs womens review

Rothy's slip on sneaker outfit

Blank NYC jacket xs, Everlane jeans 24 (hems cut), Rothys sneaker 5, Uniqlo top (similar)

Update 7/1 – First time I’ve seen a 40% off sale for their styles. Shop the sale and filter by size!

I jumped on the Rothy’s bandwagon a bit late, but wanted to give them a good, thorough wear test before doing a more detailed post. After owning my leopard Points for several months (during which they’ve accompanied me on a handful of trips with miles of walking each day) I can honestly say they’ve become one of my most reached-for shoes. The Point style is not for every foot, though, so if you’ve been on the fence about their different styles, or if you’re debating between their women’s vs kids shoes, I hope today’s post will be helpful!

Rothy’s Features

You can read more about the brand’s sustainability efforts here.

  • Eco-friendly materials: Uppers are made of recycled plastic bottles which are spun into thread, then knit into seamless, no-waste pieces. Or, the Merino collection is made of a blend of the recycled plastic and sustainably sourced merino wool (see the Sneaker below in camel merino wool blend). Outsoles are made from either carbon-free rubber or vegan leather, and removable insoles are made of recycled foam.
  • Washability: Shoes and insoles can be machine washed in cold water and air dried (no machine dryer).
  • Packaging: Shoes ship in a single box (the shoebox itself, which is pretty durable) to minimize waste, and the cardboard shoe inserts are biodegradable. Several of you shared the tip to keep the inserts for helping reshape the shoes after you wash them.

My shoes were indeed very comfortable for me off the bat and needed no breaking-in time at all. I especially love the knit fabric for air travel (expands with my feet, quick to slip on and off) yet it does not get stretched out over time. The outsoles are very light and flexible on my feet. Also, since the shoes are so slim profile and light, it’s easy to toss them into small dustbag and into my purse as backup walking shoes without feeling weighed down.

On the downside, if you need good cushioning and arch support, I’ve mentioned before that Rothy’s insoles only have very light levels of cushioning. That being said, I didn’t feel any discomfort though after long periods of walking (which my feet wouldn’t be able to tolerate in truly flat insole shoes). Also, something to keep in mind is that I’ve witnessed several white or light colored pairs of Rothy’s that have seen better days (especially in the muddy Boston winter), so although they are washable, I’m guessing certain stains are hard to remove from light fabric. For this reason, I’d probably stick to more pigmented colors or printed patterns to help mask any stains.

Rothy's styles reviews and comparison

a comparison of Styles

If you tend to dress more casually, the slip on sneaker offers more coverage on the foot (so feels a little warmer than lower cut flats) and is comfortably chic with jeans and leggings. The platform soles add a little bit of height without being clunky. These are a little heavier than Rothy’s other flats due to the platform, but still reasonably light for a pair of sneakers. I felt this was true to size and I could do either a 5 or a 5.5.

Note: The Sneaker also comes in kids sizing (I’m a kids size 4) for $70 less than womens, but only in a few “mature” colors and those are always sold out in bigger kid sizes. I have not tried on the kids Sneaker, but similar to the Loafer comparison (see pics in #4) I would guess the kids toe shape is a little more wide/rounded than the women’s.


My favorite amongst their styles. Very sleek and elongating, in a shape that’s great for office wear but also for casual and travel outfits. The pointed toe is pretty tapered, so if you have wide feet or usually find discomfort in pointed toe shoes, then I would size up or try one of the more rounded styles below that have more room for your toes. I’m usually between a 5 and 5.5, and definitely needed the 5.5 in this particular style.

Color-wise, it’s a tough decision. I love the look of both the smaller leopard I own as well as the bolder “big cat,” especially if you wear a lot of neutrals. I’m also drawn to the brights for a little pop of color, but I think the top most versatile pair has to be good ole solid black. I’ve run out the door in several outfits lately that would work perfectly with a dainty black pointed flat.

Rothy's leopard point flat outfits

The point in leopard 5.5 (also worn here with leather leggings)
Left: J.Crew coat xxs petite (very similar), Express jeans 00 short, Gucci bag
Right: Everlane mock neck xs (similar), J.Crew Factory pants 00 petite (no waist gap)


Personally I’m not a round-toe fan, since I don’t find this shape to be as flattering on me as pointed or almond. I also don’t know how I feel about the V-shape inner line paired with the rounded outer. However, the wider base of the round toe shape leaves more room for your toes, comfort wise. If you’re partial to a completely round toe flat, I’d also suggest checking out these flats by fellow eco-conscious brand Allbirds. Those are known to have a little more cushioning (but are a little less stylish, in my opinion).

Chicwish trench and Rothy's outfit

The flat in charcoal 5.5, Chicwish trench xs (sleeves shortened, my review), BP sweater (similar), BP faux leather leggings xxs, Prada bag


My second favorite style amongst Rothy’s lineup, actually a closer second to The Point than I would’ve expected! The adult loafers surprised me by how feminine and flattering they felt on my feet for a more rounded style. These are also a great work to weekend design and a little more universally comfortable than the Point, which might be too tapered in the toes for some ladies.

white jeans and leopard loafer outfit

The loafer in spotted womens 5.5, Lulus sweater S, Sam Edelman jeans (similar)

Women vs. Kids – Back Stripes
If you wear a size 5 or 5.5 in women’s or below, you’ll also have the option of shopping their kids loafer for a fraction of the price! The most obvious difference on the leopard pair is the colorful back stripes on the kids loafer, which make the shoe feel more juvenile and less versatile in my opinion (however, note not every kids pair has stripes, and conversely, some of their womens pairs have stripes).

Women vs. Kids – Toe Shape
The second difference is that the toe shape on the kids is more round, versus more almond on the womens. This was very obvious to me as I’m particular about toe shapes (and this in itself would hinder me from choosing the kids), but someone else might not notice the difference or might even prefer the rounder toe.

Aside from these two elements, the materials and construction felt very similar on both, so it may be a tough choice to some on whether or not the toe shape and stripes are worth the $100 price difference!

Rothy's kids vs womens

Left: Kids loafer (size 4) has a more rounded toe // Right: Womens loafer (size 5.5) has a more almond toe

Rothy's loafer women's vs kids comparison

Left: Kids loafer with bright back stripes // Right: Womens loafer (note some womens loafers do have stripes) 


I didn’t try the Chelsea style because it’s less versatile for year round wear compared to the other styles, but I can guess that it has a pretty similar fit and look as the Sneaker just with a higher shaft.

Soles & Insoles

The Point, Loafer, and Flat have a lightweight non-slip rubber sole while the Sneaker and Chelsea have a thicker platform sole with a tad more support. As mentioned, insoles are removable so you can wash them separately from the shoes if desired. Extra or replacement insoles are sold separately here (Nori has made it her daily mission to remove and hide my insoles somewhere!).


As part of their sustainability efforts, Rothy’s ship directly in the shoe box (instead of a shoe box within a shipping box), and if you need to make a return you can use this same box. As mentioned above, a tip from you guys is to save these cardboard shoe inserts to help reshape your shoes after washing!

Rothy's style review

Rothy's style comparisons

Which style or look in this post is your favorite? I’d love to hear more likes and dislikes or thoughts on the different styles from longtime Rothy’s customers!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Melissa wrote:

    Hello! I’m so glad I came upon your post. I have a Rothy’s kids size 3 loafer that I love. At first my toes were tight but eventually loosened up and now they fit me like a glove. I’m debating weather to try a womens 5 or not. I do not have long toes. Would you think the womens would have more room in the toe area? Do you think they would be too big for me? Thanks!!

    Posted 6.30.22 Reply
  2. Viv wrote:

    I love my Rothy’s, but in hot weather, they stink, even with frequent washing. Any tips on how to prevent this? I don’t want people to smell my stinky feet 😂

    Posted 7.1.21 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Viv, if you scroll down through the comments someone else had asked the same thing and other readers shared their tips!

      Posted 7.2.21 Reply
  3. Alex wrote:

    Hi Jean!
    Thanks for this helpful review.

    Posted 5.24.21 Reply
  4. Jenny B wrote:

    Can’t wait to get outdoor shoes! Dips on these!

    Posted 8.11.20 Reply
  5. Christina wrote:

    Thank you for this thorough comparison and review. It was so helpful. I was wondering if you have heard of the Tieks ballet flats and if you have tried those?

    Posted 5.13.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Christina, I have tried Tieks but prefer the variety of toe shapes that Rothy’s have. I like a more pointed or almond toe style and the Tieks are rounded.

      Posted 5.15.20 Reply
  6. Kristy wrote:

    My foot measured at about 8.75 which is a 5.5 according to some size charts. Could you provide your foot measurement for reference??

    Posted 5.1.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Kristy, my foot measures 8.5 inches and I mention within the post which size I wear in each style.

      Posted 5.4.20 Reply
  7. Maureen wrote:

    I have heard of Rothy’s but have not jumped on the bandwagon. I love that the soles can be washed. That’s a feature that is not easily found in other pair of shoes. My favorite are the sneakers! They are the type of shoes I go for and love.


    Posted 2.9.20 Reply
  8. Elizabeth wrote:

    Ohh all of these shoes look so comfy and chic <3 🙂 They're super cute! Love how you styled them too!

    XO, Elizabeth T.

    Posted 2.9.20 Reply
  9. Anabelle wrote:

    I have the Point (Cloud Grey Birdseye, size 6) and the Loafer (Black, size 6.5).

    I really wanted to love the Point but the sizing just doesn’t work for my feet, which are narrow and also low volume. Like another poster mentioned above, I think having long toes also affects how comfortable the pointy toe is. I tried both size 6 and 6.5. While the 6.5 was very comfortable length-wise and I had no discomfort in my toes, my feet could not fill out the shoe so they slip out. The 6 was comfortable width-wise (no slipping out, feet filled them out perfectly), but it is very tight in the toe area and would hurt my toes within an hour of wearing them. I tend to have this same kind of issue (choose between length comfort or width comfort) when it comes to heels.

    The loafer on the other hand, is very comfortable for me. I also tried both size 6 and 6.5. While I was able to put my feet into the 6, it was very tight overall. On the other hand, the 6.5 felt very comfortable and my foot does not slip out unlike the Point in the same size (maybe because the loafer has more coverage so it keeps my foot in the shoe).

    People seem to worry that this shoe is better for narrow feet but it doesn’t seem to work for all kinds of narrow feet, not the ones that are narrow/low volume/small heels. At this point, I think the only way for the Point to fit me is to have them customized for my foot, haha! I have used inserts before on other shoes (heel grips etc.) but I really appreciate a shoe that doesn’t need that. Besides, those inserts never stick well and slowly peel off when you’re always slipping your foot in and out of the shoe.

    Posted 2.7.20 Reply
  10. Natalia wrote:

    I love J.Crew coat. Its amazing !!!

    Posted 2.7.20 Reply
  11. Keilexandra wrote:

    I bought the kids loafer in size 4 (usually wear women’s 5/5.5) because the sparkle metallic didn’t come in women’s sizes. After wearing a few times though, I found that my toes felt squashed — and I have narrowish feet, I actually take size 5 in the Point flats, but I do have long toes I guess. The size 5 women’s loafer also felt a bit short, but the size 5.5 loafer was a tad too wide.

    Posted 2.7.20 Reply
  12. Jenny J wrote:

    The women’s loafer is definitely my favorite. I tend enjoy mixing casual and more professional styles so that one would be perfect.

    Posted 2.7.20 Reply
  13. Kat wrote:

    Thanks for this Jean! Have you gone to the new Rothy’s store on Newbury in Boston? The SF shop is tiny, but good for trying on styles and finding the right size. I’ve heard that the kids’ Rothy’s don’t have as much support as the adult version. Wonder if that’s true?

    Posted 2.7.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Kat, I haven’t gone yet. So I examined the kids loafer compared to the adults loafer pretty thoroughly and didn’t see any noticeable difference in the thickness of the sole or insole in terms of support levels!

      Posted 2.7.20 Reply
  14. Elizabeth wrote:

    Do the point or round toe give any toe cleavage?

    Posted 2.7.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Elizabeth, as you can see above in the first photo the point just gives a TINY bit of toe cleavage (I like my shoes to dip low though for toe cleavage, and I think they feel like they dip lower than it looks in the photo). The round has just a tad more coverage.

      Posted 2.7.20 Reply
  15. Evie wrote:

    I don’t own Rothys but have been thinking about purchasing a pair for a long time now!

    Posted 2.7.20 Reply
  16. Zaya wrote:

    Cute!! I think I will try Rothys and go for the leopard loafers!

    Posted 2.7.20 Reply
  17. Vanessa wrote:

    Hi Jean, how are these in terms of width? I have skinny feet and struggle to find shoes. I’m always having to use all kinds of inserts. Which of these is more narrow friendly?

    Posted 2.7.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      I think the Point work great on narrower feet!

      Posted 2.7.20 Reply
  18. Deborah wrote:

    I love rothy’s! Everyone here (in DC) wears them! I wish I could do the points but my toes are too long and they sqoosh them so I have to do the round toe flats for work to wear with dresses. (Ok I now own like five pairs :)). Do you think the loafers would work with a work-appropriate skirt or dress?

    Posted 2.7.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      I definitely think the loafers would work with a work skirt or dress! It has a bit more of a “scholarly” look than regular flats, but I’ve seen several example looks on pinterest that show it works : )

      Posted 2.7.20 Reply
  19. Britt wrote:

    I have the point and the loafer in the smaller leopard print and love them. The Nordstrom Flagship store carried them for a hot second here in NYC and it was great to try them on there. Hopefully they will bring them back! I wear them all over the city and they are so comfortable and hold up well.

    Posted 2.6.20 Reply
  20. AJ wrote:

    I’ve worn my Points frequently for a year and a half, and they look barely worn! Just bought the loafers, too. My only complaint is that the shoes do smell after awhile (as do most shoes you wear without socks) and washing them doesn’t completely get rid of it. Any tips?

    Posted 2.6.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      I’ve seen their customer service suggest sprinkling baking soda or a vinegar rinse. You could also potentially replace the insoles (they’re sold for about $10) as a last resort but I know that’s not the best option! Hope others will have some better tips to share.

      Posted 2.6.20 Reply
    • Lynne wrote:

      I spray all my shoes and boots occasionally with Lysol and air them out.

      Posted 2.7.20 Reply
    • Anonymous wrote:

      I haven’t tried Rothy’s yet so can’t comment on them specifically, but in my experience it’s only shoes made of synthetic materials that develop an unpleasant odor. Maybe I’m lucky but every shoe I’ve had with a leather or suede interior has been fine to wear sock-less. 🤔

      Posted 2.11.20 Reply
    • Mary wrote:

      I usually spray my insoles with a little bit of Dreft Laundry Stain Remover and it does the charm! Otherwise, a tiny bit of Borax and a toothbrush.

      Posted 3.26.20 Reply
    • Anonymous wrote:

      One tip is to use normal deodorant solid on toes. I have sweaty feet and this tip has saved my shoes

      Posted 9.23.21 Reply
  21. Stella wrote:

    Long time Rothy’s fan here. Would love to see a review of their new merino wool line too!

    Posted 2.6.20 Reply
    • Ayaka wrote:

      I second the request about a review on the merino material!! Thank you!

      Posted 2.6.20 Reply
      • DoAnn wrote:

        Super helpful!!!! Love this much-needed review!

        Posted 2.7.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Stella, I forgot to mention the camel Sneaker I tried on above is part of their merino wool line. I also tried on a regular collection sneaker to compare, and honestly I couldn’t tell much of a difference from an at-home try on standpoint except the wool material looked a little more elevated (but it could also be the color). It was soft and not itchy at all though for a wool blend. Thickness wise, it also did not look notably thicker than their regular sneaker but I would have to guess the merino material must be comparably warmer if being worn out in the cold!

      Posted 2.6.20 Reply
  22. Jillian wrote:

    Hey Jean! I’m a longtime Rothys customer and found this super helpful, I own a couple pairs of The Point. Previously I had tried the kids loafers and found myself sadly between sizes (no half sizes!) but recently tried an adult women’s size 5 loafer which fit well but left me wondering… I am now thinking it has to do with the toe shape. Would never have caught that on my own!

    Posted 2.6.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Jillian – interesting! That must have some factor in the fit. Can I ask what kids size you tried vs the womens size 5?

      Posted 2.6.20 Reply
      • Jillian wrote:

        I tried a kids 2 (too small) and a kids 3 (too big). So I didn’t even bother trying the women’s, assuming they too would be too big. But when Nordstrom has a Rothys pop up recently I got to try the women’s size 5 loafers, and was super surprised at how well they fit. For reference my true shoe size is probably a 4.5, though my closet is filled with kids 2, 2.5 and 3, and women’s 4, 4.5 and 5. So I definitely recommend trying both if you’re in that size range.

        Posted 2.6.20 Reply
        • Kim Steinbronn wrote:

          this is very helpful info -I am this size as well

          Posted 2.7.20 Reply
        • Lindsay wrote:

          Thank you so much for sharing! I have avoided Rothys assuming the women’s 5 is too large and I don’t care for the kids rounded toe style. My closet is also full of those sizes (kids 2-3, women’s 4-4.5), so maybe I will give the women’s size 5 a try.

          Posted 2.8.20 Reply
    • Lien wrote:

      Thanks, Jean! I just put my order in. Can’t wait to try the shoes.

      Posted 2.14.20 Reply
      • Mandy wrote:

        Hi Jean, thank you for this amazing review! I’d really like to purchase the printed loafer now. Do you have a new code?

        Posted 2.28.20 Reply

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