Rothy’s & Allbirds Quick Take (+ our SD/LA food diary)

allbird mizzles rothys the point review

Rothy’s flats 5.5, BP leggings xxs hems folded (similar in petite), Caslon tunic (old; shop petite tunics) On Nick: Allbirds mizzles (water resistant), Lulu ABC pants (review)

When we visit Southern California, we’re there to see family and so of course food is usually the main attraction/activity. We spend most of our free time binging on various Asian eats that the Boston food scene is a little lacking in. We did find time to take Nori to the San Diego Zoo this trip, however as you can see in the pic above, she was much more interested in her snacks than the animals!

Sustainable shoes: Allbirds + Rothy’s Quick TAke

As I try out new brands, I wanted to include a few that are making big effort towards sustainability like these two innovative companies. Nick can’t get enough of his water resistant Allbirds Mizzles (see women’s version). We’re currently traveling in the cold, damp Pacific Northwest and he keeps buzzing in my ear how toasty warm, dry and comfy his feet are in these (although we would not suggest submerging them in a puddle or anything). Since the wool Mizzles are pretty warm, one of Allbirds’ lighter weight fabrics will better suit those in a mild climate.

On Rothy’s, I know I’m quite late to the brand, but since a lot of you still have questions I’m working on a more detailed review comparing their core styles. In the meantime, here’s some quick thoughts on their The Point after a few months of wear (I haven’t machine washed mine yet):

UPDATE: Click here for my full post comparing Rothy’s styles and their kids vs womens!

  • Comfort: very comfortable (if you get sizing right), stretchy, and breathable with no breaking in needed. The stretch is especially nice for air travel if your feet swell up like mine do.
  • Style: I prefer The Point to their other rounded toe styles as it’s very sleek and elongating on the foot. I love both of their animal prints, but the smaller one is a little more versatile in my opinion!
  • Sizing: size up if you’re in between half sizes, or if pointy shoes usually rub against your toes. The soles of The Point also run a little on the narrow side. Reading through the lower ratings, I noticed most of them are from customers who wish they sized up.
  • What they’re not great for: flats in general are not great in damp, winter weather, but due to the breathable knit material on these my feet felt colder than usual in winter climates. Also, Rothy’s flats tend to be more flat on the inside, so if you want good cushioning or arch support, I’d recommend these Caslon water resistant flats with a hidden wedge instead (note they’re made of leather, not recycled materials like Rothy’s).

faux leather leggings petite casual outfit

Los Angeles Eats

onigiri rice rolls los angeles little tokyo best food
hangari kalguksu korean hand cut noodles los angeles

Rice & Nori (top left)
I swear the restaurant name only played a small role in enticing us to visit, haha. This is a yummy, quick & casual place that satisfied my craving for fresh hand rolls (and onigiri, especially because we didn’t want to wait at one of the fancier hand roll bars downtown like Kazu Nori (very simple and delicious spot though if you like hand rolls!).

We loved their hand roll sets that come with a side of edamame and sashimi, or their onigiri sets that come with a side of salad and pickles (Nori loved her cooked salmon yuzu onigiri). It’s located in a Little Tokyo plaza on the ground level, which of course means there’s plenty of options for sweet treats afterwards. We walked to an old Instagram-favorite Bae but also passed by SomiSomi and Honeymee. A little sample cup of Bae’s vegan pineapple flavor was perfect for Nori!

Hangari Bajirak Kalguksu (top right)
A regular stop for us as it pleases young and old. This is in one of those Koreatown strip malls that is ALWAYS packed and the valet parking lot looks like someone playing a game of Tetris. We always go at an off hour to avoid waiting. It’s good comfort food if you like homemade knife-cut noodle soups. The soups are fairly simple but have good depth of flavor – Nori and my grandparents like the chicken, and I like the spicy clam or seafood broth!

alices kitchen hong kong restaurant los angeles
nori great grandparents los angeles LA best dim sum

Alice’s Kitchen (top left)
Fairly authentic Cantonese/HK breakfast in a setting that almost feels like an American breakfast joint. Their house special is a clever pineapple bun breakfast sandwich with a perfectly cooked egg, tomato, special sauce and your choice of meat (no real pineapples in this, the name just stems from the sugary flaky crust on top of the bun). Nick got a fried pork chop in his sandwich and loved it, and you can add a hot milk tea for ~ $1. Grandparents were happy with the noodle soups and I liked the congee, which comes with an included side of either fried noodles, you tiao, or these steamed rice noodles with sauce.

Golden Dragon (top right)
None of the LA Chinatown dim sum places are anything to write home about. We wanted a spot nearby and this one was better than some of the others we’d been to downtown. We were satisfied with everything we got, including Nori’s dim sum favorite, steamed rice noodles with shrimp inside. They also had another filling I hadn’t seen before – chicken with bitter melon (pleasing for the elders).

San Diego eats

cafe 86 filipino desserts san diego
san diego best seafood tacos tj oyster bar

Cafe 86 (top left)
I met three readers in this small cafe while popping in to pick up cupcakes, so great dessert minds think alike ; ) This place does a modern twist on Filipino desserts with a HEAVY focus on ube (a purple yam). They’re known for their ube flan cupcakes and ube cheesecakes, and I also tried the upside down halo halo which is more decadent than their traditional one (still got Nick’s mom seal of approval though!).

Pho Duyen Mai
There’s an abundance of Vietnamese food in southern California, but our friends highly recommended this as a notch above other local Viet restaurants and it was indeed delicious! Just as tasty if not better as the popular Brodard’s in the OC, imho. Highlights: crispy pork sausage spring rolls (nem nuong), fish sauce wings, flavorful pho, and a side of their beef bone for the table which was fall off the bone tender. We enjoyed our meal so much we got bun rieu (crab balls and tomato noodle soup) and bun bo hue (spicy beef noodle soup) to go, which were also both very good if you like those flavors.

TJ Oyster Bar
I’ve mentioned them a few times before but they still hit the spot for me. Nick usually gets his SD taco fix here or at Tacos El Gordo, but as a seafood fan, I prefer TJ oyster for their octopus or garlic shrimp tacos plus a shrimp ceviche. The locations on Bonita Road are usually a little better quality.

If you’re planning a visit to the LA / SD areas, here’s some past posts on our foodventures when visiting family!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Nasim wrote:

    Those are really good points Jean. I actually work for a brand myself, and appreciate your point that those of us working for brands need to make a living! As I’ve been researching more about the environmental impacts of the industry, I’ve been trying to think about how the industry must evolve to be a part of a more sustainable future. I was thinking that maybe rental/resale is the way to go, but appreciate your point that even that industry isn’t without its flaws… Thanks for highlighting some of the efforts of the industry to become more sustainable.

    Posted 1.31.20 Reply
  2. Nasim Mullen wrote:

    Thanks for the focus on “sustainable” brands Jean. However, it’s becoming more and more clear to me that the only way for the fashion industry to become more sustainable is by producing less, or by us consuming less… I’m starting to look at clothing rental options which I find to truly be more sustainable in the long run. I know Ann Taylor & Express have started rental programs which is great, but I’m attracted to Rent the Runway, which allows you to enjoy multiple brands. Only problem is they don’t cater to petites, and it’s unclear which options are petite friendly. Any chance you could do a review of some of these rental programs & assess the pros and cons from a petite’s perspective? Perhaps even review some items available for rent for their petite-friendliness? I would love that!!!!

    Posted 1.24.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Nasim, thank you for your suggestion. I have given RTR many tries and unfortunately it’s very hard to find petite friendly clothing that’s in good condition (as the company grows, a lot of the better pieces are booked all the time). Rental has it’s environmental downsides too like the output from dry cleaning and the emissions from expedited shipping (both of which I hadn’t thought much about in the past but am learning increasingly more about these days), so I agree that buying less and wearing the same things over and over again is the ideal long term solution. Realistically it’s not going to happen overnight and brands and the people working for these brands need to make a living, so I appreciate it when a company is making ANY steps, small or big, towards the right direction.

      Posted 1.24.20 Reply
  3. Kate wrote:

    The focus on more sustainable options is appreciated! More like this for 2020 please!

    Posted 1.19.20 Reply
  4. Annie wrote:

    Question for Nick: for the allbirda, runner mizzles or runner up nozzles? I’m considering a pair for my husband for his birthday (we live in Seattle Eastside) but can’t decide which! Also, does he find them to run TTS? I’ve read that the mizzles run a bit smaller/narrower than the regular wool runners.

    Posted 1.15.20 Reply
    • Annie wrote:

      Oops sorry for all the typos/autocorrect! *Allbirds, mizzles

      Posted 1.15.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Annie! He definitely preferred the runner up for the hightop look (and I agree they looked a little more stylish when he tried both runner and runner up on). He’s usually a 10.5 but fits 11 in most Allbirds and didn’t notice an obvious difference between the regular wool runners and the mizzles. However since the mizzles are thicker, that might attribute to them feeling a little more snug than the regular ones.

      Posted 1.15.20 Reply
  5. Thank you for including more brands that focus on sustainability! I haven’t worn either of these brands yet and was wondering about them. I’d love to see affordable, eco-friendly options become more mainstream!

    Also so cute to see sweet Nori visiting her grandpa! 🙂

    Posted 1.15.20 Reply
  6. shianne wrote:

    love this post and your outfit looks so chic and comfy. the food looks YUM

    Posted 1.13.20 Reply
  7. So pleasing to see brands getting to grips with sustainability. These look like great flats, but extra points for their flexibility if they are comfortable for flying in (my feet swell like crazy too).

    The food looks divine!

    Posted 1.13.20 Reply
  8. I’ve checked out a few of the sustainable woven flats brands. Rothy’s definitely wins for style (especially the pointy toed ones you’re wearing), but they’re not great if your feet tend to sweat. I ended up with the Allbirds Breezers, which are made out of Eucalyptus fiber. Not as chic (it has a rounded toe), but it’s more breathable and the insole is very comfy.

    Posted 1.12.20 Reply
  9. Prithika wrote:

    Hi Jean,
    Great post! Thanks, as always, for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

    I’ve had my Allbirds for about 2 years now and am sad to say that they have disappointed me. The exterior wool has held up well and the shoes overall are incredibly comfortable; however, the soles of the shoes have worn rather quickly and have left little traction on the shoe. Now, I can really only wear my Allbirds in very specific conditions— I have found myself sliding around in the grocery store in my Allbirds after stepping in some water, so I don’t wear them for everyday errands unless I know that there’s no chance of me slipping. I love that Allbirds are sustainable but was so disappointed to find that I can’t really wear them for everyday errands because they don’t have good grip.

    Just wanted to mention my experience in case people are considering buying a pair.


    Posted 1.12.20 Reply
  10. Megan wrote:

    Loved this post! I’m debating on buying Rothy’s and find your review very trusted. I’m sure you would have gotten targeted by now but check out Vessi. They are a start up and sell waterproof shoes. They’re unisex and the style is sleep. I stepped in a pile of wet mud while I was in a rice field and went back to the hotel and rinsed them in the sink (and used a new toothbrush to lightly brush away the dirt). It came off so easily and the shoes were truly waterproof.

    Posted 1.12.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Megan, thanks for sharing! I’m super interested, especially living in a puddle prone city like Boston. I just checked out their page and hope they’ll add my size down the road.

      Posted 1.15.20 Reply
  11. Jenn wrote:

    I love that you’re exploring sustainable and ethical fashion, especially because you’re closer to my size and a lot of bloggers out there cater their sizing comments to a taller crowd. I would love to know what you think about Their stuff looks amazing but there’s a lack of fashion blogger reviews out there.

    Posted 1.12.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Jenn, I have actually never heard of that site before now. The designs are a little more modern and relaxed than what I typically wear, but I’ll keep them on my radar! Thank you for sharing.

      Posted 1.15.20 Reply
  12. Suanne wrote:

    I was always on the hunt for the best travel shoes. Eventually, I tried Allbirds and have never looked back. Instead of the wool runners, I went with the eucalyptus ones. I have a light colored pair of tree skimmers for warmer climates that work with dresses or pants, and a more sneaker like style that’s darker and works well for winter travel. If I am traveling in winter and it might be rainy, I wear waterproof boots on the plane and tuck the Allbirds in my luggage. I only travel with a cabin bag and the Allbirds are so light, they are perfect to tuck in somewhere. I don’t wear socks with them and they feel like slippers on my feet. I have washed them many times and they come out like new. I have also bought an extra insole for $15 as a replacement when the existing one loses its support from so much walking after many months of wear. I found that the tree skimmers fit almost like slip ons— they are looser than the sneaker style. The wool ones are the original style, but I like the textural look of the others. The mizzles are a newer innovation and its good to know they work well.

    Posted 1.12.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Thank you for sharing all your fit feedback!

      Posted 1.15.20 Reply
  13. Rose wrote:

    Hi Jean, I am so, so happy that your goal is to focus on sustainability and feature sustainable brands! It is incredibly frustrating to be passionate about sustainability when petite brands and sustainable brands are basically two separate niches in the clothing market, and i can’t wear regular size clothes (I’m 4’10.5″). I think the attention from you and your readers could make a meaningful impact in encouraging these brands and companies to change their production practices (or sizing options). Can’t wait to see your next post!

    Posted 1.12.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Rose, thank you for your feedback! To avoid disappointing you, I definitely want to be transparent in that I’ll still be featuring my favorite petite brands and content that does not focus on sustainability. What I meant in this post is that I hope to continue trying on and introduce more brands making an effort toward sustainability, whether it’s small steps like in packaging or materials, or one other component at a time. I don’t think a complete overhaul is realistic for many brands and many consumers like myself, but I hope by starting small it will result in bigger collective changes down the road. The options available today are already a lot better than 3 years ago when I searched around. Also in the meetings I’ve had with brands since the start of this year, I’ve been very vocal to my brand partners about the importance of more responsible production and introducing more sustainable brands into the retailer mix – whether or not that falls on deaf ears, only time will tell!

      Posted 1.15.20 Reply
  14. Have you tried Porto’s ? Cuban bakery and cafe for delicious pastries/cakes and sandwiches. Multiple locations around LA.

    Posted 1.12.20 Reply
    • Jennifer Park wrote:

      I second Porto’s! I frequent the Buena Park (Orange County) or Downey location since I’m not a fan of LA traffic. All of their locations are highly rated on Yelp.

      Posted 1.14.20 Reply
  15. Linda wrote:

    I’m excited you and Nick are trying Rothy’s and Allbirds! How does Nick wear his Mizzles? My husband and I have found that our feet get kind of sweaty – socks helps my husband but not me. I tend to avoid socks because even without them the shoes are already a little tight around the highest points on the tops of my feet. They feel so fuzzy wearing them bare foot anyways! Hopefully you’ll get to try them as well!
    Looking forward to reading more about your thoughts on Rothy’s.

    Posted 1.12.20 Reply
  16. Lynn wrote:

    Hi Jean! Thanks for your post on the Allbirds Mizzle shoes. I couldn’t resist checking them out online and it turns out that they were exactly what I was looking for. I have an upcoming trip to Ireland this year and they should fit the bill perfectly. I just ordered a pair and can’t wait to receive them. This might be the beginning of a long love affair with Allbirds shoes!

    Posted 1.11.20 Reply
    • Tina wrote:

      Hi Jean, welcome to Vancouver! Hope you are enjoying yourself! You’ve come when we are expecting snow lol
      How are you finding the bp leggings? Do they stretch out and look all worn out? I’m on the hunt for a pair like the ones your wearing and the only ones I can find in Vancouver are from Aritzia and they’re a pricy (over $100)

      Posted 1.12.20 Reply
      • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

        Hi Tina! I’ve worn the BP leggings a handful of times now and they haven’t stretched out at all yet. Unfortunately there are very few sizes left. Many ppl did suggest the Aritzia ones though so perhaps they’re worth it.

        Posted 1.15.20 Reply
  17. Boston wrote:

    I’ve bought three pairs of Rothy’s over the years. LOVED them at the beginning and they were my go-to work flat. However, overtime the lack of breathability became a huge issue. Frankly, they reek. Maybe it’s just my feet, but I became self conscious about it. I tried little socks, powders and sprays and still it was gag-worthy. Washing the flats didn’t help the smell unless you used hot water. Hot water made them shrink (they recommend only cold water) which was ok for me. Overtime I’ve gone back to leather flats because I’m more confident I’m not grossing out others.

    Posted 1.11.20 Reply
    • Mantha wrote:

      I’d love a post with more details/photos of that Caslon Laurel flat you have mentioned a few times! I can’t find real life pictures of them being worn.

      Posted 1.14.20 Reply
      • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

        Hi Mantha, I don’t own them as I already have similar flats from many years ago, but I shared them as a strong recommendation after trying them on. I could tell they would be comfortable on me off the bat and appreciated the different features. I tried them on in Instagram stories only where I showed the fit and look on me, but don’t have a still photo, sorry!

        Posted 1.15.20 Reply
  18. Alex C. wrote:

    Hey Jean! I really appreciate your efforts to focus on more sustainable brands. Just wanted to let you know that I tried Kotn’s essential tee’s recently and I really love them! The length is perfect on my 5’0 frame and the XS fits more like an XXS. The brand themselves are sustainable/ethical and I think they have a shop in VC! Highly recommend checking them out if you haven’t already 🙂

    Posted 1.11.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Thanks for the tip, Alex!

      Posted 1.15.20 Reply
  19. Alison wrote:

    I have purchase the Rothy’s loafer just recently . I am loving them, as I have some arch and heel issues . The removable insole and flatness actually gives me the opportunity to insert the particular foot insert that I use.The stretch is just the right amount and yes, you need to go up a size if you do not have a narrow foot. The most driving factor to invest in Rothy’s and pray for success was that my feet are styling, feeling good and no one has to see me in ugly/ orthotic style shoes! They are a winner! Now to decide what my next pair purchase will be….. 🙂

    Posted 1.11.20 Reply

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