Third trimester pregnancy update

Asos maternity petite dress (old), Shop Moss rose earrings (custom sized)
pregnant bump photo 13 weeks
extra petite pregnancy bump photo 20 weeks second trimester

extra petite pregnancy photo third trimester
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And just like that, the third trimester crept up on us! I shared here that we’ll be welcoming a baby girl, and she already has dad wrapped around her little finger. Nick talks to my belly first thing each morning and reads us a bedtime story every night. Things are starting to feel quite real, and I’d be lying if I said we weren’t a little nervous and scared of what’s to come!

I’m realizing in hindsight that the second trimester was the honeymoon phase. It’s when first trimester symptoms tend to subside (for me, at least), your energy is back, and you generally feel pretty cute sporting a growing bump! Fellow moms-to-be, be sure to soak in this middle period and take lots of photos ; )

weight gain

Since several of you have asked, I started at around 94 lbs and gained 20 so far. I “popped” around months 5 to 6 and the bump’s been growing quickly since. Baby is only about 3.5 pounds, so the other weight is her “house,” fluids, and a lot of blood flow and padding all around! I’ve heard from many other expecting mamas, concerned about too little or too much weight gain (or about their bump sizes). Every pregnancy is unique, and we all carry differently and gain weight at different paces. Try to embrace the changes as they come (despite unwarranted commentary from others – more on that below), and I wouldn’t be concerned unless your doctor is!

Current Maternity Favorites
  • Below the bump underwear. I tried a few different brands, and these were my favorite with a nice and low front dip! So much more comfortable than just sizing up on regular underwear. Size S has worked for me from the second trimester onwards.
  • Generously cushioned sandals (read my review; runs wide). I don’t care that these look a little orthopedic … they’ve been a godsend for tired and sometimes swollen feet. Have heard SO much great feedback from you guys on ’em as well!
  • Bra band extender. These are hanging on their last hook now, but have been a bra-saver since my first trimester.
  • Striped 3/4 sleeve dress (see on me). Professional enough for work, but also cute and quite comfy for casual wear! This dress would be a perfect fit on someone a little taller, since the bump ruching hits a few inches too low on me (I’m 5′ feet). I forgot to return this, but it worked out as I keep reaching for it now despite the loose hip area!
  • Cropped active pants (see on me). These still fit and have held up nicely after 6 months of rigorous wear (gym, travel, hiking, errands), so are well worth the price IMO. Black is most versatile for me, but FYI Amazon has grey on major sale!
  • Floral flared dress (see on me). My go-to when I need to dress up or just want to feel pretty! ASOS tends to run small compared to US brands. The size 2 maternity fit me well around 25-28 weeks and is now very snug in the torso.
  • Lounging leggings (see on me). Super comfy and an absolute steal for $8. Note these are a thin cotton legging, compared to the thicker active pant mentioned above.
Sciatica pain

I had shooting pains in my hip that grew increasingly worse (likely from my expanding uterus pressing on a nerve), until one day I woke up and could barely move. Nick stayed home to carry me to & from the bathroom, and I thought I was done for for! I called my OB and she simply recommended looking up stretches for sciatica on YouTube, and easing in some workouts to strengthen my hip and pelvic area.

Working Out

After doing sciatica stretches at least twice a day (simple child’s pose can feel amazing!), occasional prenatal yoga, and working out 2 to 3 times a week, the difference has been incredible. I did not work out throughout IVF and my first trimester, enjoyed getting back into it during my second trimester, but now it’s dreadfully hard motivating myself to continue into the third trimester! However I know staying fit can only help, with overall health as well as labor and recovery. Since I’ve been getting a lot of questions on workouts, my personal trainer helped me record a few simple strengthening moves which I’ve saved to my Instagram profile (under the dumbbell icon, viewable only on mobile phones).

Sleep & Baby Movements

I’m thankful for no pregnancy complications, but rolling over feels like an Olympic sport these days! And I love how despite the loud grunts, groans and thuds coming from my side of the bed all night, Nick snoozes soundly and obliviously through it all.

I was so giddy after feeling the first baby flutters. I was completely unaware how strong the movements would get! Her tumbles and kicks wake me up a few times each night, and I find my belly poking out in the oddest angles. Although I complain about the lack of sleep, feeling these movements are my most favorite thing in the world right now.

Body image & Things people say

If you haven’t seen this IG post yet, give the top comments a read as they had me cracking up! I must’ve crossed over some threshold recently, because the daily commentary I get now range from “OMG I thought *so & so* was huge until I saw you!” (accompanied by wide eyes and a gaping mouth) to “are you carrying multiples?” to social media messages about “getting thick.” Sure, some of these may sting initially, but remembering the little growing life inside makes all of these bodily changes worth it and more.

Pregnant Wife Observations

pregnant wife symptoms third trimester
dads mens view on pregnancy

Leaving you guys with the latest notes from Nick’s pregnancy diary, per popular request. As our journey continues, you can follow along on his Instagram or Facebook for more “observations,” new dad perspectives, and less-than-flattering photos of me!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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