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Chicwish dress (old; last styled here), topknot hair tutorial

I don’t change up my everyday makeup too often, but after swapping in a new foundation and bronzer for summer, I’ve gotten so many compliments on the resulting look! I used to gravitate towards matte everything, as I thought it looked more age-appropriate. Lately, though, I’ve been loving a little luminosity to add dimension to my makeup. And based on your comments, the effect apparently passes as “pregnancy glow!”

I’m partnering with Sephora today to share my summer makeup regimen, which includes both very old and new favorite products. Some of these are on the splurge side, but they literally last me months if not years (especially the bronzer and brow powder)!


After washing my face, I apply facial moisturizer then sunscreen, and will get dressed or do my hair while the sunscreen sets. I’ve found a few great sunscreens over the years and will do a separate post on that! I also apply Bite Beauty agave lip mask (in lavender) before bed, so my lips are hydrated in the morning and serve as a smooth base for lipcolor.


NARS Sheer Glow Foundation (I use “Fiji” regularly and “Punjab” when I’m tan)
Foundations get very mixed reviews, because it can be so personal based on your skin type. My former holy grail was sadly discontinued, so I picked up half a dozen samples at Sephora hoping to find a long-lasting, lightweight foundation with buildable coverage.

This NARS foundation worked best for my skin type – it looks natural and stays put all day (with setting powder), even in super humid conditions like in Bermuda! Warm a little up in your hand, then apply using either your fingers, a brush, or a beauty blender sponge for increasing levels of coverage. Despite the words “sheer” and “glow” in the product name, it actually provides decent coverage, and the finish is just very slightly luminous. I got a little foundation on my lips in these photos, and you can see how the coverage level makes them look nearly nude.

asian makeup tutorial nars foundation
laura mercier powder asian makeup tutorial


NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (I use “custard” – also comes in a mini size)
This is still the best concealer in my arsenal, creamy enough for the delicate under-eye area and with enough coverage for redness around my nose and chin. I dot this on and pat it in with my fingers after foundation.

Setting Powder

Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder (also comes in a mini size)
I don’t need to say much about this iconic favorite! In the summer, this has been critical for keeping my foundation in place all day. It’s also key for providing a smooth, set base before applying powder products like bronzer and eyeshadow. I gently press this powder on with a large, fluffy brush.


Here I used shadows from my Kevyn Aucoin contour book, concentrating the color toward the outer corners of my lids. For a very similar look for less, I LOVE Tarte palettes – the neutral shadows in this Tarte Tease mini palette are beautiful!

kevyn aucoin contour palette eyeshadows asian eye makeup tutorial

Brow powder:

Anastasia Brow Powder Duo (I use “ebony”)
I’ve bought every format of Anastasia brow products (pomade, gel, pencil) and find the powder duo to be the best value. It lasts forever without risk of drying out, and looks natural when applied with a light hand. To save time, I use a slightly fuller brush to quickly sweep some color along the center of my brows, then use this more refined brow brush to outline my arches and complete filling them in. Finish by brushing the powder through with the spooley end of the brush, to make brows look less stark.

anastasia brow duo powder asian eye makeup tutorial

Liquid eyeliner:

Stila Stay-all-day liner and Kat Von D Tattoo liner
I alternate between these and find them to be very similar – easy to apply and equally long-lasting!


Too Faced Better than Sex mascara
Despite some very mixed reviews online, this is still one of the best mascaras I’ve tried. It makes my nearly nonexistent lashes look fuller and longer. I don’t use a lot of mascara, so I always buy the mini size to keep it as fresh as possible.

too faced better than sex mascara asian eye makeup


NARS velvet matte pencil in “red square” (a vibrant, flattering red-orange)
My favorite, bold summer color never fails to garner compliments! For longer-lasting color that survives hours of eating and drinking, I’m still obsessed with Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick for everyday wear. I’ve tried a few lower-priced liquid lipsticks and the staying power is just not the same (and looked more caked on the lips)!

nars lip pencil red square asian makeup

Amongst Kat Von D’s colors, “Lovecraft” (see this blog post for swatches) has been my everyday go-to, and they also have a shade, “Malice,” that’s almost a perfect dupe for NARS’ Red Square! These liquid lipsticks are very pigmented – you only need to use a tiny bit so one tube lasts a looong time. TIP: A Sephora Beauty Advisor showed me how to “sheer it out,” which has been my new favorite way to use these! Simply paint a little dab of the liquid lipstick along the center of your lips, rub your lips together to blend, and then use your fingertip to finish spreading the color out. This looks very natural for everyday wear, and is quicker to apply as it requires less precision!


I know Becca highlighters are a cult favorite, but as a highlight novice, I couldn’t bring myself to splurge on a standalone one. So when I saw their gorgeous new gradient Sunlit bronzer (I use “Sunrise Waves”), I may have gotten just a little excited! This has been my secret lately for that soft, sun-kissed glow. The gradient compact contains 3 of their regular Sunlit bronzer shades, enveloped by one of their pressed highlighters. It applies silkily on the skin and is quite versatile, since you can angle your brush at different shades of bronzer depending on how dark you want it, or pick up some highlight on the sides for extra glow. If you don’t care for the highlighter part, their regular Sunlit bronzer in Capri Coast looks beautiful and natural on!

becca sunlit bronzer highlighter review

Another longtime favorite bronzer that has just a hint of radiance to it is this Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Bronzer in “Tropical Days.” I’ve raved about this before and wear it in most blog posts. It was a splurge, but I used it nearly daily for two years and there’s still lots of product left! Compared to the Becca bronzer in Sunrise Waves, this has less of a highlighter sheen (which may be preferred for professional / work settings) and the bronzer end applies a little darker in color, so is great for contouring under the cheekbones as well.

summer makeup best bronzer highlighter asian makeup

Bronzer Brush

Aside from the bronzer itself, a good application brush makes ALL the difference for me between murky brown splotches vs a luminous glow. A few Sephora Beauty Advisors used this soft, fluffy #50 flawless powder brush on me to test bronzers in-store. I picked it up and have been so happy with the natural-looking touch of color that the brush deposits! (In this post I’m using #50.5, the mini travel version that may have been discontinued). TIP: another benefit to #50 is it’s angled on both sides, so you can use each half of the brush for a different product (ie one bronzer, one blush). I also love using the tip on this brush for contouring cheekbones.

Makeup RemovERs

Lancome Bi-Facil eye makeup remover Farmacy makeup meltaway balm (both are holy grails!!)
I love makeup with great staying power, but also want the quickest nighttime removal process possible. I start with Lancome’s Bi-Facil to wipe off my eye and brow makeup. It’s so gentle on the eyes, yet effective taking off even waterproof makeup. Nothing else compares! I then apply the Farmacy cleansing balm and wash everything off with a warm cloth. I raved about this balm in this blog post and showed how it easily takes off even tough liquid lipcolor!

Thank you to Sephora for partnering on this post.

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Elaine wrote:

    Loving your eyebrows in this post! Would love to see an eyebrows tutorial /tips post in the future!

    Posted 7.19.20 Reply
  2. Victoria wrote:

    Love the make up tips! Do you have an updated make up video that could help beginners learn?

    Posted 12.6.18 Reply
  3. Cam wrote:

    Hi Jean! I am loving the dress that you are wearing in this make up post. Would like to know where I can purchase the same dress and size.

    Posted 7.23.18 Reply
  4. Winnie wrote:

    Hi Jean,

    You look amazing! Just wondering, you must have already done your research, are all of these products pregnancy safe? I heard there are a bunch of ingredients to avoid in makeup, and I am currently trying so I want my make up list to be prepared.

    Posted 7.17.18 Reply
  5. Che wrote:

    Jean, you look beautiful! I was wondering if you have a salon in the financial district you would recommend for a blow out. Thank you!

    Posted 7.12.18 Reply
  6. Jenny Liu wrote:

    I’m still experimenting when it comes to makeup so thank you for the excellent tips 🙂 I am currently loving Laura Mercier, I use their tinted moisturizer which also happens to be 20 spf. I am looking forward to your sunscreen blog post, I am always out and about and need to be better about protecting my skin!

    Posted 7.1.18 Reply
  7. Constance wrote:

    You are such a natural beauty! The bronzer looks great though, I’ll have to try that soon!

    Posted 7.1.18 Reply
  8. Jenny Yang wrote:

    I saw a photo from this post on Instagram post and fell in love with the lip color–it’s so stunning and perfect for the summer!
    xx jen

    Posted 7.1.18 Reply
  9. Shivenagi wrote:

    Hi Jean, what a beautiful natural glowing look! Sorry that I have a question about an early blog that you had post. Your Goyard St. Louis tote is absolutely stunning in so many pictures and also saw you did the comparison between the Artois and Anjou tote. In your opinion which tote would you recommend the most? Thanks

    Posted 7.1.18 Reply
  10. Really want to try the NARs foundation! It looks amazing! I love sheer foundations that are buildable for pretty good coverage! <3 🙂

    XO, Elizabeth

    Posted 7.1.18 Reply
  11. Jennifer wrote:

    I love this post! I’m always curious (aka nosy) as to what other ladies use in their daily beauty routine. NARS sheer glow, Kevin Aucoin counter powder, and Kat Von D liquid liner are my everyday go-tos as well. If you like the Farmacy cleansing balm, you will LOVE the Clinique one! It emulsifies into an oil and melts off all your makeup before even adding water!

    Posted 6.29.18 Reply
  12. May wrote:

    I have always been a big fan of your make-up! Love that you did a tutorial!!!

    May ||

    Posted 6.29.18 Reply
  13. Nina wrote:

    Nice post! So you mentioned you like a more luminous look. So do I – I use the Laneige BB Cushion Hydra Radiance. I cut out the setting powder on top because I don’t want it to take away from the dewiness of the BB cushion. On a day where I wear a lot of makeup, I’ll use Urban Decay setting spray instead to avoid using powder. Have you found that powder dulls the dewiness of BB cream/foundation at all?

    Posted 6.29.18 Reply
  14. Jane wrote:

    Love most of the products on here! However, will you be repurchasing Kat Von D products in the future? She has come out as an anti-vax on social media, which is a dangerous and uninformed stance.

    Posted 6.29.18 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Jane – I personally don’t agree with her opinions, but I’ve also worked for companies that have come under fire for the views of higher ups that don’t represent what most employees believe at all (yet they are often the ones affected the most by boycotts). I think boycotting a company can influence change in some situations but not always in every situation. Kat Von D has said in an update that she is not anti vaccines, so I think it’s up to every consumer to make purchasing decisions for themselves based on how they interpret the full situation.

      Posted 6.29.18 Reply
  15. Teresa Beltran wrote:

    Great tips Jean, thank you! I have been using Lancome’s teint idole but, find it a bit heavy in the summer. I will definitely try the Nars one 🙂 I love the red lip!

    Posted 6.29.18 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Teresa – I love teint idole as well! I agree it’s a little thicker and I like that one best when applied with a damp beauty blender, which I don’t akways have on hand. Let me know what you think of the Nars option if you try it!

      Posted 6.29.18 Reply
  16. Karen M wrote:

    Thank you for these recommendations. I have tried several products you have recommended in previous posts and to this day quite a few of them have become my daily staples.

    I do have one main concern with using foundation is that it gets on my clothes and my stick to my hands leaving brown stains on things I touch! Do you have any recommendations on foundation that do not get on clothes or advice on how to deal with this issue

    Thanks in advance!

    Posted 6.29.18 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Karen -I love hearing that feedback! What are some of the products that are amongst your daily staples?

      Regarding your foundation question, are you setting your liquid foundation with powder? I used to be very minimalist with makeup, so setting powder was a step that I’d skip if short on time (or I would only use a tiny bit of it), but it makes a big difference keeping the makeup actually on your face. Of course if you rub clothing against your face, foundation will likely still transfer a bit, but not as much with powder as a barrier.

      Posted 6.29.18 Reply
  17. Gorgeous! I love the Anastasia brow products and Stila or Kat Von Dee liners. They stay put forever. I haven’t tried the Nars Sheer glow but I am going to have to get a sample and see how it works. Thanks for the tips!

    Posted 6.29.18 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Kate – let me know what you think! It’s always interesting hearing such mixed reviews on beauty products!

      Posted 6.29.18 Reply
  18. Mireia wrote:

    beautiful makeup!

    Posted 6.29.18 Reply
  19. Rena wrote:

    In love with your super cute summer dress!
    xx Rena

    Posted 6.29.18 Reply
  20. Your makeup really enhances your natural beauty, Jean. Thank you for sharing your routine! ❤️✨

    Posted 6.29.18 Reply
  21. Roses for Fridays | by mia wrote:

    Love the Naturally beautiful makeup look!

    Posted 6.29.18 Reply

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