Le Sirenuse + Franco’s Bar in floral maternity dress

le sirenuse positano hotel amalfi coast italy reviews

ASOS floral dress sz 2 maternity (straps shortened), Ann Taylor sandals 5.5, TDE circle bag c/o
On Nick – JCF blazer sz 36 on sale!, similar striped teeUniqlo pants sz S, Sperry boat shoes

So far in this pregnancy, I’ve purchased very few maternity pieces (maybe a pair each of jeans, active pants, leggings) and have been getting by with stretchy or flowy regular clothes. ASOS maternity, however, has been tempting me with some of the cutest styles that I can actually see myself wearing well beyond pregnancy! They have dresses from casual (see their beach dress on me) to special occasion, so definitely take a look if you’re expecting and need a wedding guest or shower outfit. I’ve also been guilty of borrowing my friend’s ASOS maternity shorts when I wasn’t even pregnant, and finally picked myself up a pair (available in white, blue, or black denim)!

asos maternity dress petite pregnancy outfits

ASOS Maternity Dress

I’m a sucker for a romantic floral dress, and this one did not disappoint in person. The only aspect that’s really making it “maternity” is the higher empire-style waist. So unlike maternity clothes with gathering or extra fabric around the belly area, this dress should look pretty normal worn post-pregnancy. The material is a medium to thicker weight scuba fabric, and I also love the partially-open back detailing (I’m wearing my usual Bristols 6 nippies covers). Fit-wise, ASOS usually runs 1 to 2 sizes smaller than U.S. brands.

petite maternity fashion blog tde circle bag

Accessories –BP cat eye sunglasses in “nude” (only $14!), Baublebar earrings (also sold here)

T.D.E Circle Bag

I also want to highlight this darling little circle bag (comes in primrose or black as well) from TDE. I first purchased a box bag from this brand and have reached for it SO much (see it styled on me here, herehere, here). It’s a great Mark Cross-style dupe for a fraction of the price, and I’ve found the durable, scratch-resistant saffiano leather to hold up nicely. Their box bag is a retro-inspired classic while the circle is more fresh and fun – both are a great smaller size for petite ladies and come with an adjustable shoulder strap!

what to do in positano amalfi coast italy travel guide
la sponda le sirenuse dinner positano italy
Yummy ravioli, seafood risotto, & clam linguini // indoor dining area at La Sponda

Dining at La Sponda

During our recent trip, a few of you asked whether I thought dining at La Sponda (the $$$$ Michelin star restaurant at Le Sirenuse that’s booked up several months in advance) was overrated or worth it. We went in with low expectations, but it was pretty good food and service in a beautiful setting, so I’d say worth a visit! Here’s some additional info:

– If you want to dine there, book online as soon as you start planning your trip (you can always cancel later). When I looked in March, there was only a slot or two left for lunch in May with nothing available for dinner!

– The lunch and dinner ambiance can be very different. We had lunch outdoors which was nice, but dinner indoors looks very romantic with 400 lit candles framing these picture-perfect windows shown above!

– If you can’t get reservations and still want to stop by, we noticed people wandering in after 2:30PM (when the kitchen closes between lunch and dinner) and were served drinks on the dining patio.

– While visiting, be sure to pop into the lemon tree-lined terrance next to their front desk for a few scenic photos! (It’s where we snapped the his & hers photo at the top of this blog post)

stylish maternity dress for baby shower second trimester pregnancy outfits

Drinks at Franco’s Bar

For drinks, the champagne bar (opens at 6PM) inside hotel Le Sirenuse is popular, but instead of that I’d recommend going 2 minutes down the street to their Franco’s Bar (opens at 5PM) for a more vibrant setting and equally nice views. It apparently gets pretty busy in nice weather, with people lining up ahead of time outside in order to snag tables with the best views! Drinks were priced about average for the area (14 Euro cocktails) and were served with a side of almonds and olives.

le sirenuse francos best bar in positano italy

vibrant yellow (that incredible ceramic fountain!!) + blue decor at Franco’s Bar

positano amalfi coast outfits what to pack
asos maternity floral dress mansur gavriel circle bag dupeThis post is part of my main Amalfi Coast itinerary & travel guide.

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. You look pretty and love all these beautiful outfits. I’m so happy to see you in your pregnancy as beautiful . I hope your pregnancy continues to be uneventful and as comfortable as it can be.

    Posted 7.1.18 Reply
  2. Greta wrote:

    These outfits are incredible! I love your blog!

    Posted 6.18.18 Reply
  3. Greta wrote:

    I love all these beautiful outfits and gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 6.18.18 Reply
  4. That yellow fountain is absolutely stunning Jean and so is your maternity dress. Thanks for sharing a bit of Italy with us. Love, Lieske

    Posted 6.7.18 Reply
  5. Sylvia P wrote:

    Hi, love your blog! I’ve been following for years! Anyway, random question, maybe you will see this maybe not. I’m going on a interview, wondering if a blue denim skirt is okay to wear if I dress it up with a nicer top and nice flats? It’s a button up a line skirt that comes at the knee. Medium indigo color. It’s just summer here and I’m pretty much a new grad going for an entry level position, so I’m not sure how formal I have to be. It is for a consulting firm though, not a huge established one, a smaller boutique one? Thanks!!!!!!!! If you get a chance to answer. If not, I love your blog anyway, super helpful tips.

    Posted 6.6.18 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Sylvia! I would not recommend wearing denim to an interview unless you know for sure that it’s a super casual dress environment (ie some tech companies where everyone wears jeans or even more casual attire). It’s always better safe than sorry with interviews, so maybe see if you have a solid navy pencil skirt to swap in instead of the denim skirt. For consulting firms I would usually recommend a full suit. Good luck !!

      Posted 6.6.18 Reply
  6. Laurie wrote:

    Gorgeous dress! Hey since you specialize in petites, I had an unfortunate experience with Loft today. A current summer top is on special for $22 – in regular and plus sizes. The petite size of the exact same item is $49.50! When I asked for the special pricing, they said it’s not on petites – crazy! This is discrimination. Have you run into this before?

    Posted 6.6.18 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Laurie – yes that unfortunately does happen, and it can be upsetting when you’re shopping and need a certain size that’s excluded from sale! At the end of the day though, retailers price individual SKUs based on how they are selling, and the ones with the most inventory are the ones that get marked down. So although this time the petite was still regular price, there are times where the regular is full price, or just a certain color of one size will be marked down, etc. Sometimes you can find a nice SA who doesn’t really care tho and they will match the price ; )

      Posted 6.6.18 Reply
  7. Jenny wrote:

    your maternity style is so amazing!! I am loving these shots as they are making me wish I was traveling through Italy again!
    xx Jen

    Posted 6.6.18 Reply
  8. May wrote:

    Such an amazing look on you! Also, beautiful pictures as always!

    May || https://themoderness.com/

    Posted 6.5.18 Reply
  9. Maureen wrote:

    This dress looks amazing! Love the style and the print. Of course, you also make it look beautiful and effortless. That color on the fountain is so beautiful. Love the contrasting blue chairs. Just very vibrant and eye catching.

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

    Posted 6.5.18 Reply
  10. Marjorie wrote:

    You look amazing and all looks like a dream!


    Posted 6.5.18 Reply
  11. I’m loving all of your posts so far about the Amalfi Coast! <3 🙂 All of the scenery looks stunning! And the dress you're wearing also so pretty!

    XO, Elizabeth

    Posted 6.4.18 Reply
  12. Marti wrote:

    YOU ARE ADORABLE! That dress is so chic! Love how you accessorize. Fabulous! Looking forward to meeting you on the 9th at Bloomies!

    Posted 6.4.18 Reply
  13. Nicki Lossing wrote:

    I can honestly say that that is the most beautiful maternity dress I have ever seen. It would only be 1/2 as lovely on someone other than you. I had infertility/miscarriage issues years ago. I am 53 years old and that time frame sure holds bad memories.. BUT my husband, my 27 year old miracle baby daughter Hope, my 22 year old miracle baby Sally, and I were right there in Positano this time last year. ALL babies are indeed miracles but boy…some are certainly a lot harder to come by. Enjoy this special time in your life and hold onto each precious moment with your little soon to be angel. At the risk of sounding REALLY old…time flies. <3

    Posted 6.4.18 Reply
  14. Kelcy wrote:

    I love the cutout of the back of the dress. And the view of the mountains is so pretty.

    Posted 6.4.18 Reply
  15. I usually think floral doesn’t work on adults but you make it look fresh and appealing every time – so glad you’re enjoying yourselves as a couple before the baby arrives! I hope your pregnancy continues to be uneventful and as comfortable as it can be.

    Posted 6.4.18 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Always great hearing from you, Revanche. Thank you! xx

      Posted 6.6.18 Reply
  16. Vivian wrote:

    Loving these vacation posts and maternity wear suggestions. Please don’t be afraid to post more pregnancy related posts such as husband musings continued, registry wish lists, nursery decor, and how you and Nick are prepping for baby in general. Very excited to continue riding this pregnancy journey with you both!

    Posted 6.4.18 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Aw thank you Vivian for the kind words! Time has flown by … we haven’t started looking at registry items yet and won’t have a nursery due to our very limited space, but it’ll be interesting and exciting trying to figure that all out!

      Posted 6.6.18 Reply
  17. Ah, the dress is so cute! Xx

    Posted 6.4.18 Reply
  18. You look incredible Jean! Your dress looks amazing and I’ve loved your snaps from your trip so much!

    I hope you have a great Monday,

    Posted 6.4.18 Reply
  19. Beatriz wrote:

    Love this dress on you!!! And I’m so happy to see you in your pregnancy as beautiful (and happy) as always!😊


    Posted 6.4.18 Reply
  20. May wrote:

    You’re beautiful, this dress fits you great!

    Posted 6.4.18 Reply
  21. Roses for Fridays | by mia wrote:

    Ohhh just the cutest Mama to be look! Love ♥️the floral dress! 🌷👍🏼🌷


    Posted 6.4.18 Reply
  22. Hi there Jean! The dress looks lovely on you! (0=

    I’ve been following you for a couple of years, and I really appreciate your post on how to look older, as well as your experience with IVF. I’ve just recently graduated from college, and I do love fashion, clothes and makeup, but as a young woman, I used to sometimes get swept away into thinking that people have perfect lives, and you openly sharing your experiences and thoughts about life really helps me remember that life isn’t perfect.

    As I enter the career world, being a petite woman (only 149cm tall!) and who’s skinny, and fine-boned, I often find myself being intimidated by other adults, who are either bigger or taller than I am. Do you ever find yourself feeling that way? I find I can’t wear heels, because I have certain leg issue. How does one cope with looking small in a big world (especially for jobs that require people engagement such as teaching -when your students may tower over you)?

    While the tips to look older are definitely super helpful, sometimes I feel as if I have to dedicate so much of my time to build this image of me, that at many times, isn’t who really I am – yet because I am petite, I have to carefully build myself up so much more than others. It is frustrating and demoralizing at times, because it’s like I am trying to be someone I am not. I’m not sure if that makes sense. A penny for your thoughts?

    Posted 6.4.18 Reply
    • Birdie wrote:

      I’m 5 feet 0 inches and for the first couple of years of my working life I was a part-time teacher (I switched careers later). “Umm I’m sorry but how old are you?” was what students, parents, school administrators, and janitorial staff all felt compelled to ask once they realized I wasn’t a student. After graduate school I became a civil servant and I thought things would be different. I was wrong. People assumed I was an intern. After I got married and had two babies I expected things would finally change. I was again wrong. The other day a bubbly new junior staff asked me why I am dressed like a thirty-year-old and I replied “Sweetheart, I’m in my mid thirties but you made me feel five years younger so thanks!”. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the signals you can send to those around you with clothes and makeup have their limitations. Some people just can’t see beyond appearances and snap judgements. But you’ll eventually learn to enjoy the situation with good humor. So don’t loose yourself trying to present yourself in a way that isn’t really you. Focus on building your professional skills and dress however the hell you want to, not what they expect of you. Good luck!

      Posted 6.6.18 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Lakshmi – yes what you explained makes sense and I can understand where you’re coming from. The best advice I have is to focus on how you can excel at your job and be a valued contributor in your team or department, despite the nagging fears and doubts you may have due to your physical stature. I promise that people will come to see and value you for what you bring to the table, even if your stature or how you look might be something they notice at first. Not sure if you’ve seen this (super old) post of mine, but I dug it up today and feel that it still rings true, from even the smallest things like projecting your voice and encouraging myself to speak up when in a group environment (two things that I worked on for a long time and still do!). http://www.extrapetite.com/2011/02/reader-request-building-confidence.html

      Posted 6.6.18 Reply
  23. Looking good, Jean! Love the maternity dress on you, it looks stunning! Sounds like you had a wonderful time as well!


    Posted 6.3.18 Reply
  24. briana wrote:

    You look gorgeous babe! I love the dreamy pictures and everything!


    Posted 6.3.18 Reply

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