Soft winter shades // Stuart Weitzman Highland vs Lowland boots review (good for narrow calves)

pink gray boston winter outfit saint laurent YSL crossbody bag

Stuart Weitzman boots, Ann Taylor sweater (similar in blush pink)
J.Crew coat + skirt (similar), Saint Laurent wallet on chain, Old Navy hat (similar)

Some of you guys may remember this older linen sweater…the material is a loose weave more suited for warm weather, but I love the color and wanted to winterize it for now. A simple long-sleeved tee layered underneath filled in the little holes and added warmth. I think I have almost all the texture bases covered here with wool, cable knit, suede, leather, chain…and can’t forget the faux fur pouf!

winter outfit cream pink gray_stuart weitzman highland boots

After I did a review of my Stuart Weitzman Lowland flat boots earlier this season, several of you had questions in this post on the heeled Highland version. A few readers requested a comparison of the two popular styles, so here goes!
stuart weitzman highland lowland boots review comparison

Shaft fit: The shaft construction of both boots appear to be exactly the same, made of Stuart Weitzman’s signature lycra-backed stretchy suede which is lined in a satiny material. Both boots have laces at the back opening, which I secure by tying in a bow twice then tucking the ends into the shaft. I’ve also found the shaft measurements and fit of both styles in the same style to be exactly the same. The fit is wonderful for narrow calves and thighs, and I’ve heard the suede stretches nicely to accommodate curvier legs as well.

Measurements of sz 5 (please note these will vary for different shoe sizes) for both Highland and Lowlands: 4″ across the ankles, 5.75″ across the calves, 6.75″ across the thigh opening, and 21″ shaft height excluding heel. Please account for some thickness for the lined suede material. Highland has a 3.5″ heel, and Lowland has a 1″ heel.

stuart weitzman highland lowland over the knee boot review

Foot fit: At the foot, the Highlands feel narrower throughout than the Lowlands, which you can kinda see in the sole comparison above. The front toe area of the Highlands taper in just a bit more. The Lowlands measure 1/4″ wider at the sole, but in the picture below you can see that may also be due to the thin edging detail along the foot, which I rather like. I’m clumsy and often stub my toe, rubbing off the material on the very tip of beloved shoes. I feel like it’d be easier to discreetly patch up the coloring on the edging compared to on the whole toe.

I was told by sales associates that both styles run half size big compared to other brands. I typically wear 5 to 5.5 in most brands, and found size 5 to be the most comfortable in both styles. I still have wiggle room in the Lowlands for thick socks and inserts, but the Highlands in the same size are more fitted on my feet.

stuart weitzman otk boots narrow calf

Look and comfort: In the picture above, I put the heels of both shoes against a straight edge to show the difference at a glance. Not surprising for heels, the Highland looks notably smaller and more dainty relative to its flat sister. But compared to other flat boots, I think the Lowland is definitely one of the sleeker options out there. I can walk miles around the city in the Lowland with my “orthopedic” heel inserts, and find the Highlands to be comfortable for the 3.5″ heels that they are. The thicker blocked heel helps a lot if you’re not vigilant about sidewalk cracks!

Overall I think they’re hard to compare since the two styles serve different styling purposes. I like flats for walking around the city, but prefer heels for going out and dressier occasions where I’ll be taking a car. For those who mentioned you’re debating between the two, it really depends on what would get more use in your own lifestyle – living in Boston, I’d pick the flats first! The price tag is not for the faint of heart, but was worth it to me given my frustrations with finding high quality tall boots that actually fit (and it doesn’t hurt that they’re very warm).

Boston winter outfit stuart weitzman highland jcrew lady day coat

I also got more questions on color choice – these boots come in quite the range from dark to light. Classic black would be my first choice if I didn’t already have tall boots in that color. I feel black is the easiest to “color in” or patch if the suede wears down, and also most versatile for matching with same-colored tights, leggings, and jeans. I love both gray and taupe so ended up with colors that are a little mix of both. My Lowlands are in “Londra” which is a medium gray with just hints of taupe brown, and my Highlands are in “Praline” which is lighter and more taupe. Praline is only left in the flats version at Zappos, however the similar “Taupe / Topo” is still available at most retailers in heels.

Highland sold at: Zappos, Stuart Weitzman, Nordstrom, ShopbopElyse Walker
Lowland sold at: Zappos, Stuart Weitzman, NordstromShopbopElyse Walker
All with free ship & returns in the US; Shopbop w/ free ship to several other countries
stuart weitzman lowland boots plaid scarf
Here’s my Lowland review again for photos of that style, and a tip for pulling these babies on/off with minimal struggle!

pink white winter outfit petite fashion

Storage and care: I’m working on a longer post about shoe care, but in the meantime, I always store my boots with wadded up paper inserted in the ankle and lower calf area, even my rubber rainboots. Most tall boots arrive with cardboard inserts or these paper wads, which I like to shape to best mimic my leg size. Boot shapers that are too big might stretch leather out; too small ones won’t keep the ankle area filled, which may result in ankle sags and creases. I keep my most frequently-worn pairs ones out and like to keep others lying horizontally in their boxes or dustbags. Here’s the leather & suede protectant again that I like using on shoes before wearing – 1 can is enough for 2 thorough coats on a pair of OTK boots, and can cover two pairs of shoes with less material.

stuart weitzman gray highland boots boston outfit


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    You look so cute in this outfit! And thanks so much for sharing your detailed reviews on these two boots!


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    Beautiful I love your pink hat and sweater

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    Hi Jean, I'm looking forward to your post on storage and care for shoes. Also would love to know how you store and care for jewelry? It looks like you've got a fairly large collection of both shoes and jewelry, so I'm curious how you keep track of what's in your stash?? M.

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    good post! like you blog!

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    Such a great review for both! Love this look<3

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    I like your outfit a lot. Grey with blush pink is such a sophisticated combination.

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    Very lovely pink, white and grey combo, so pretty! The OTK boots look gorgeous on you but I especially love the cute pom pom beanie!


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    Love the blush tones!

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    I love the color combinations of all these outfits! You pull the OTK boots so nicely. So graceful!

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    Very Beautiful looks – I prefer the one with the pink shades – very feminine and stylish. I'd love to wear both of the boots ^^
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  • Reply Christina N January 8, 2016 at 4:25 am

    Hi Jean,

    Thank you so much for this post! I recently bought the Lowland in Black and struggled with the same decision on colour option and Highland vs Lowland. It's worth every penny as I have been wearing them daily! The londra and praline look lovely on you and I look forward to seeing more pairing ideas with them!

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    You looks so pretty! Love your necklace!!
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    Such a beautiful outfit, I'm so in love with the light shades and the combo of grey, light pink and white! <3

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    Amazing colour coordination, these powder shades look so pretty on you.

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  • Reply Anonymous January 8, 2016 at 8:14 am

    Great reviews, great style options of SW boots. I have a collection of both versions, with 50/50 & Reserve as daily staples. For us petites, SW fits narrow calves perfectly. Please advice your readers that SW boots run large (one or two half sizes). Happy 2016!

  • Reply MBDD January 8, 2016 at 11:10 am

    Hi Jean! Thanks for a great post! I have the highland boots and I love it, however when I wear these boots with a skirt or shorts the boots seem to always slip off and I have to keep pulling it up and retying it. Any recommendation on how to prevent that from happening?

  • Reply ayme nicole January 8, 2016 at 11:30 am

    OH GOD I want these boots so bad (in a dark red color!) and always debated between the lowland and the higland (or the Allegs!). Most likely will be going with the Highland since I see myself pairing it with dresses and skirts more for a going out look. Thanks so much for this in depth review!


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    Absolutely in love with the colour scheme of your outfit! Great review on the boots too.

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    Loving this winter look on you! I love how the beanie matches your scarf!

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    Thanks for this detailed review Jean! I personally think the lowlands are more useful and flattering – and more unique! There isn't a single good dupe for the Lowlands in small sizes especially (that I've found). I'm looking forward to your post on how to care for them – can you include the care for the leather 50/50s as well as the suede lowlands? How often are we supposed to spray protectant on? Do the suede boots have to be taken to be cleaned every once in a while? Totally new at this.

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    Soo in love with the colors in this outfit! The grey, white, and pink are so harmonious together!

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    I love both the highland and lowland!! I can't decide which I like better!

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    my god these look good on you. i tried the playtime when they went on sale at nordstrom but they gave my thunder thighs twin muffin tops TERRIBLE

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    I love your outfit! I think the hat was the perfect touch!

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    Is your wallet Light Rose or Nude?

  • Reply Blossoming Lotus January 8, 2016 at 6:48 pm

    Thank you so much for writing such an in depth post on this topic matter, Jean! You are so sweet for answering all my questions last time! I gifted myself black suede lowlands after your review on it. I haven’t worn them out yet because I need to get that leather cleaner first. I would love the highlands too but I need to rid my first pair of otk Miu Miu heel boots first. They are too leathery looking for my tastes now. Wish I had your style input before I bought those a few years back lol! I have very flat feet so I was glad to hear that you could still fit heel inserts in the shoes without having to change shoe sizes. The colors of the shoes are so different from the indoor vs. outdoor lighting! How do you ever know how to match?! Lol. Anyways, thanks for all the tips and tricks. Totally looking forward to reading your post on storage and maintenance. I had no idea the shoe would sag if you didn’t keep them filled inside! I have always read your blog because I thought I was petite and thin but my legs felt pretty tight in them and didn’t look as slimming as yours lol. Love all your outfits with the boots…hope to see more. I sometimes don’t know if I should have my longer dresses cover the boots or would it look better if I scrunched them a bit and have a bit of leg showing…what a dilemma lol

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    Thanks for the review!! It was really helpful. Also, absolutely love your outfit! You pull it off really well, so gorgeous!

  • Reply Michma January 8, 2016 at 9:47 pm

    Thinking about splurging… any thoughts from fellow petites on the ALLLEGS version? its current 30% off on SW site in all sizes 🙂;=1&ColMatID;=23916

  • Reply Sybil January 8, 2016 at 11:27 pm

    Hi! Was wondering do you reccomend Sergio Rossi matrix boot or Gianvito Rossi over the knee boots for 5'1 tall

  • Reply Julia Mazzucato January 9, 2016 at 3:03 pm

    I love that blush sweater and the pom pom hat!
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    Can't wait for your shoe care tips!

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    Love the color palette of this outfit. I mistakenly didn't try to keep the structure of my faux leather boots for a few months, and came to find it all bent out of shape when I did try wearing it XD Sigh. Will not make that mistake again T___T Looking forward to your post about caring for boots!

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    I love the color combinations of all these outfits! love the boots and bag!

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    amazing! I LOVELY this look

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    After seeing how elongating the Lowlands were on you, I got my own (I have short stumpy legs)! Love love love them!

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    Loving the big beanie!

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    Love love love the soft pink and those SW boots are everything!

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    I love your style! Super similar to my style and I'm obsessed with thigh high boots.

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    Hi Jean! Can you please review Everlane cashmere sweater sizing? I've read good reviews of the quality of their cashmere sweaters so now I'm curious how we petites would look in them. Thanks!

  • Reply Sophia January 25, 2016 at 10:38 am

    Would it work to wear Lowland boots with skirts and dresses as well that fall at or above the knee? As a fellow petite lady living in Cambridge with no car, shoes that I can walk in are essential. I tend to favor pencil skirts and a-line dresses.

  • Reply Sarika September 23, 2016 at 1:41 pm

    I see not many posts have been replied here but if you please consider posting a lower price version of boots simmilar to fit as these boots here many of us would love reading and buying those.

  • Reply Carolin from HS November 12, 2016 at 5:09 pm

    Interesting review! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about these two boots. I tend to buy the Highlands as I'm not that tall but both of them look fab on you.

    Xx Carolin

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    Hi Jean,
    Would you do a comparison of the lowland and the 50/50? If you had to pick, which would you purchase?


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