Casual layers + Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots review

stuart weitzman lowland boots plaid scarf1

When I find an outfit I really love, I can’t help but wear it on repeat (such was the case with the Kate Spade shirtdress from this post until a friend gently called me out on it ; ) I’m guilty of donning this three times already – it was perfect for running errands, meeting a friend for brunch + shopping, and casual date night with Nick. Living in the city I have to walk at least a mile now each day, so finding put-together but walkable and comfortable pairings are key. The foundation of this one is very basic with black jeans and a tee, but layering with different textures really help give it dimension.

casual outfit boots plaid scarf moto jacket

Speaking of instant favorites, this faux-leather jacket (runs small) is still in stock in all sizes, and is one of my staples for layering both over tops and under my winter coats. I also wanted to do a detailed review of these Stuart Weitzman “Lowland” boots, which are really beautiful quality and fit well on narrow legs. They are slimming on short legs, warm, and make even the simplest of outfits more chic.

stuart weitzman lowland boots plaid scarf

Style and material:
The Lowland are a pull-on style suede flat boot with leather ties at the upper back. The boot is made of stretchy, medium-weight suede that can comfortably accommodate a small range of calf/leg widths, and fully lined in a satiny material. Per the website, the suede is “backed with lycra to create the fit factor of a legging.” The material feels really nice quality, so to protect it, I sprayed mined with two coats of Cadillac leather/suede shield spray which is supposed to help repel water and stains. I also got this little suede cleaning brush to remove dirt, but haven’t had to use it yet.

The easiest way to get in and out of the boot on is to fold the shaft all the way down to the foot of the boot, stick your feet in/out, and then roll the shaft back up. The sales associate also suggested knee or thigh high nylon socks, which make it nice and smooth to slip boots on and off. As for the back string ties, I like to knot them twice into a bow then tuck the string ends into the boot shaft.

stuart weitzman lowland boots review1

Colors: I tried on almost every single color and have to say my top favorites for versatility are londra (pictured on me), loden, praline, and the nero plonge stretch. There are subtle differences between the first three, with the londra having more gray tones, the loden having more olive, and the praline more taupe which I also really loved. The nero plonge stretch is new this year and is the first time I’ve seen SW make an OTK boot fully in a matte black leather. This one looked and felt really nice and sleek on, but is priced above the suede options.

Comfort: I’ve walked several miles in these already and found them to be comfortable with no breaking-in needed. The footbed is lined in leather and the soles have rubber traction. There is a built-in cushion at the heel of the insole, however the ball of foot area does not have much cushioning. I add inserts to many of my shoes (am currently experimenting with a few brands to find my favorite) to maximize comfort, and may do so with these as well.

Sizing: These start in a size 4, good news for ladies who have a tough time shopping for that size. I found them to run a little big in the foot area. I’m usually between a 5 and 5.5, and these boots in a size 5 have a little room to spare in the toe area even with socks on.

stuart weitzman lowland boots review2

Calf / shaft fit: I own Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee boots (like their signature 50/50s) which are designed to hit right above the knees, and in comparison these are a thigh-high boot. They also make a higher upper-thigh high “Alllegs” boot which I feel would be pushing the boundaries on petite legs. The Lowlands fit snugly around my calves and thighs, but can also be scrunched for a slouchier look.

Measurements of a size 5 boot: 4″ across the ankles, 5.75″ across the calves, 6.75″ across the thigh opening, 1″ heel height, 21.5″ shaft height, excluding heel, when measured from the back. Keep in mind the suede material accounts for some thickness within these measurements.

Sold at: $798 at Stuart Weitzman, NordstromSaks, and Forward by Elyse Walker (FYI, I like shopping designer items at this last store – they have free express worldwide shipping & free domestic returns, with no tax when shipping to most states outside of CA).

casual outfit boots plaid scarf moto jacket1

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Olivia wrote:

    Thank you for this review! You partook in me falling in love with these boots after reading your post and thankfully I was able to get them this Christmas! I just wrote a review on my blog today and talked about how it was impossible to find a pair that even slightly compared!

    Posted 1.11.17 Reply
  2. ... wrote:

    Hi there,

    Did you ever found out whether the suede sags? I'm deciding between the 37 and 38 suede. I like the look of the 38 better but the 37 might eventually stretch out anyway.
    Thanks in advance!

    Posted 1.6.16 Reply
  3. Cat P. wrote:

    Just received the Chinese Laundry Radiance Boots and they're gorgeous. They're a great alternative under $150. Genuine suede too!

    Posted 12.30.15 Reply
  4. Carolyn wrote:

    I've actually seen/tried the Unisa boots. They are good for people with slim calves. I didn't have any issues with them falling down. Then again, my calves are more on the "athletic" (as I like to call it) side. I found the Audrey Brooke Tamela OTK boots in gray – a nice, more affordable alternative to the SWs. You can also find them at DSW (bonus: I got them for 80% off! always be sure to check the clearance section!)

    Posted 12.29.15 Reply
  5. Those boots are amazing!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

    Posted 12.1.15 Reply
  6. EuniceJ wrote:

    Jean! Really love the sole society scarf. The hunter green option looks a lot different than what youre wearing. The green looks more of an army green in the picture. Was that the case for you as well?

    Posted 11.9.15 Reply
  7. Anonymous wrote:

    Being a lifetime Stuart Weitzman boots collector, the Lowlands and Highlands are HANDSDOWN — the BEST BOOTS IN THE UNIVERSE. You pay for quality (made in Spain) no doubt. The SW boots give me more satisfaction than any MAN in this world. No arguments, no criticism from these boots, JUST CONFIDENCE and STYLE.

    Posted 11.6.15 Reply
  8. Linda wrote:

    I tried the Como Corso Laura option above but it didn't work for me. After about 30 min of wearing it around the house, it started to fall down by the ankles. Not terribly but still not the desired effect. Fyi, my calf at its widest point is 12" circumference- and I purchased a size 6, just in case that helps anyone. Bummer because the suede looked nice (not as nice as the lowland of course!) and it was comfortable. It might work for someone with bigger calves or who wears a different size..

    Posted 11.6.15 Reply
  9. Anonymous wrote:

    My boyfriend treated me to the Lowland boots in black suede last month and I've been dying to wear them ever since. It's not cold enough in DC yet.

    SW shoes all run 1/2 size large and I ended up getting them in 6.5 (normally wear 7). I have skinnier legs than you so they still bag out a little in my calves. The salesperson at the SW store showed me a trick – scrunch them down on on your legs so the top is below the knew. They look great and hide the fact that the boot shaft doesn't fit perfectly.

    Posted 10.30.15 Reply
  10. Hi! I was wondering whether you have ever tried Everlane clothing and if the sizing works for petites. Thank you!


    Posted 10.27.15 Reply
  11. Anonymous wrote:

    what make you decide between the highland and the lowland. I can't pick which one to buy.

    Posted 10.27.15 Reply
  12. The boots, the scarf and the leather jacket. Yep these all just made it onto my Fall wardrobe wish list. 🙂
    Such an easy outfit to throw together and I can picture it working in alternate colors too — like a burgundy jacket. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Bailey |One Thousand Joys

    Posted 10.26.15 Reply
  13. Love these OTK boots on you! So cute 🙂

    Lily |

    Posted 10.25.15 Reply
  14. Paula S. wrote:

    "When I find an outfit I really love, I can't help but wear it on repeat" Same here! 😉

    Posted 10.25.15 Reply
  15. Love your outfit! Boots look amazing!

    Posted 10.25.15 Reply
  16. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi, I just wanted to ask: you often talk about texture and dimension in your blog posts. I understand texture, but dimension? What exactly does that mean? Thanks for enlightening the ignorant 🙂

    Posted 10.25.15 Reply
  17. Rad wrote:

    All your posts recently make me want to buy a blanket scarf <3.

    Posted 10.22.15 Reply
  18. Love those boots on you!


    Posted 10.22.15 Reply
  19. Tiffany wrote:

    I see, thanks!

    Posted 10.22.15 Reply
  20. mybeautrip wrote:

    I definetely need these boots!

    Posted 10.22.15 Reply
  21. Unknown wrote:

    FYI – Loft and Ann Taylor are 50% off everything online today.

    Posted 10.22.15 Reply
  22. Deanna D wrote:

    I love everything about this fall look! And that scarf is perfection.


    Posted 10.22.15 Reply
  23. Tanya wrote:

    I love this stylish outfit and I love how you wore that scarf with the biker jacket!

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  24. Mj C wrote:

    I love your style but I don't think you got the boots right this time. I think they accentuate your short legs. Over the knee/thigh boots do not compliment short legs, period. This is s trend that should be passed up, by petite short girls. My personal opinion tho…

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  25. Camille wrote:

    Such a nice outfit ! Love your boots

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  26. I love this outfit! I never would have picked that jacket or the scarf based on the product photos, but you make them both look so good! I want them!

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  27. Anonymous wrote:

    Did you happen to get those Unisa boots? I was/am interested in them but was scared by the reviews about them falling down. I'd love to hear if they're working out! Another option from Aldo had reviews along the same lines 🙁

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  28. Anonymous wrote:

    In case anyone reads this in time, SW is on Gilt today!

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  29. Janinafran wrote:

    Lovinggg these boots! I'm seeing them everywhere lately and Im so tempted to splurge haha 🙂
    XO Janina

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  30. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean! Do the boots stay up or they fall down a lot? I checked out the ivanka but reviews say they fall down. I am just wondering:)

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  31. Well done !

    I never wear this kind of boots because I am so tiny (158cm) but it seems very cool on you 🙂 !


    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  32. I love how you gave some more affordable options as well! I love the way you styled them.

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  33. OTK boots are definitely on my list of things I'd like to try but am unsure if I can pull off. I like how you've styled these, and I love the soft gray, but the color of your less expensive options is great too. Maybe I'll give this style a shot.

    Lifestyle by Joules

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  34. Thanks so much for posting this!! I'm also petite and never thought I could wear OTK boots but they look AMAZING! and the budget friendly options are really cute.


    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  35. I'm in love with your scarf! It looks like the perfect length and texture <3 I've also been lusting after those SW boots as well ... but just can't justify buying it in Australia (they're over $1000 here).

    Vanessa /

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  36. I love your boots! They're great!

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  37. "Living in the city I have to walk at least a mile now each day, so finding put-together but walkable and comfortable pairings are key."

    ^ You could not have said this any better! I live in Boston as well and this could not be more true! You do such a good job of making a "walkable outfit" look polished, professional and on trend! Loved this post!


    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  38. Rachel wrote:

    Great post, Jean! I tried the F21 boots and found the shaft fit to be fairly slim, even at the thigh. However, the ankle area was extremely stiff and it made it difficult to get on and off – ended up sending them back. But I found another nice alternative at DSW: the Unisa Careana boot has the same look/back ties that the Lowland boot has – similar color options, too!

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  39. Sasa Zoe wrote:

    Great information:P

    Shall We Sasa

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  40. These boots look amazing on you! Love the color!

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  41. It's seriously the best when you find an outfit you love and want to wear all the time (guitly) The sad part is, you can't really wear it everyday 🙁

    The overknee boots really suit you well and it's such a struggle to find great one's!

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  42. Paola wrote:

    Pretty outfit and great boots!

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  43. Hi Jean!

    I'm loving the casual pairings you've been posting – especially this one! I was wondering if you found that the suede has stretched out a lot especially around the ankle causing ankle sag? I have the black leather reserves and the ankle is kinda sagging which is a bummer, but maybe it's because I have twig-like ankles 🙁

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  44. Love your cool look with the amazing overknee boots! And also your scarf is such a wonderful piece <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  45. Can you share what shampoo/conditioner you use?

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  46. Thanks! I was wondering the same thing…

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  47. Jean wrote:

    Hi! It's the same scarf…there are three pattern options and I'm wearing the "hunter green" : )

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  48. Ali B wrote:

    Love these boots! Thanks so much for including the options at lower price points. Hopefully one of the more affordable grays looks as chic as your SWs!

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  49. Tiffany wrote:

    It seems like the scarf linked here is not the same pattern as the one you are wearing =(

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  50. Keri H wrote:

    Really love these boots on you! I definitely need to look into these because it is a struggle trying to find over-the-knee boots that actually fit. Thanks for the post <3

    Enclothed Cognition

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply

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