H&M Blazer – Black or Gray? (& LOFT Lace Skirt Review)


Top: LOFT Lace Yoke Top sz XXSP  Blazer: H&M; sz 2  Skirt: thrifted and altered
Earrings: F21 (similar for $3.80)   Belt: J.Crew skinny belt

And here is the black version of the H&M; blazer. Please help me decide whether to keep the black or light gray! I’ve sworn off buying duplicates of the same item because I don’t want to be a hoarder…err, well, unless it’s Ann Taylor perfect pumps or this old factory ruffle shell that is a work staple in every color.

When I last went to LOFT, I actually went specifically looking for this lace and ponte pencil skirt. I saw it in a LOFT ad and fell in love. I was intrigued by the words “stretchy ponte” and “elastic waistband,”, as those usually translate into something petite-friendly. At $79.50 retail plus LOFT’s frequent sales and coupons, I was hoping this would be a cheaper dupe for the overpriced Ann Taylor lace skirt I’m coveting.

In person, the dark hunter green and gray design was really lovely, but the fit was too generous. A 00P was large and boxy on me, completely unlike it’s sleek and fitted Ann Taylor sister. Also, I wish the ponte lining did not stick out past the length of the scalloped lace.

Readers – Did anyone else try on this lace skirt? How do you think it compares to the (pricey) AT one?

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Both look nice on you, but black always elegant!

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  2. Debbie wrote:

    Have you seen there is a lace tuxedo band top skirt at H&M;? The skirt is dark grey with lace tiers that lie flat, it is a pencil skirt, about $35, it is totally great for work, I almost bought it yesterday and it should fit you. I am petite but bigger than you and would buy an unheard of size 6 in this skirt. I am 5'2" 101 lbs., usually a 0P or 00P. I bet the 2 would fit you.

    I tried on the flowy jacket and somehow the 2 is too tight on the shoulders and then the 4 is baggy and looks a little frumpy.

    Posted 9.16.11 Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean, may I know if you would consider your LV speedy 25 a high-maintenance bag? I am contemplating to get a speedy in this shade but is afraid that it will get dirty easily. Any advice?

    Posted 9.12.11 Reply
  4. Thank you, thank you all for sharing your opinions! Although black is probably more versatile for me, I ended up keeping the gray for something different.

    @Melody So it's not just me! For such a pretty and delicate skirt, they really should have err'd on the side of fittedness and not so big and boxy.

    @jenn ashleigh Omigoodness! You had to go from a 2 regular to a 0 petite for this skirt? Darn LOFT and it's sizing inconsistencies.

    @R.L. No suspense : ) I got the AT green lace skirt during the last sale, with some gift cards.

    @Anisha P. You make great points. It truly is hard for tiny petite ladies to find unique silhouettes in classic pieces.

    @Nelah I have not (I avoid that store when possible!) but I've heard great finds from other bloggers!

    @Ping ha ha, good guess but I actually resisted that top…got the green lace skirt!

    @Anonymous I think chunky sweaters can definitely be petite friendly! And the good thing is, I usually don't even have to shop in the petite department for sweaters. You can scrunch up the sleeves, and there's nothing wrong with a cozier, slouchy fit. I just took a look at BR and found nothing. Do you have a Gap near you? I went today and found a few chunky sweaters that were cute and decent in sz XS.

    Posted 9.10.11 Reply
  5. If I were to compare these pics and the grey pics, I'd def pick the grey one for you because I feel that the pics/outfit makes it look better. You styled this one with a dark top so the blazer doesn't really stand out. If you had a lighter canvas underneath, the black would pop more and I think most people would choose this one. I choose grey though – out of the two outfits!! Maybe more styling pics would help me choose more confidently? 😀

    I also have a question for you regarding pencil skirts. I just bought an H&M; one (seen in my latest post) and the back has about a 2" to 3" slit. I wanna hem it, but the slit would look too short/awkward…?? (Realized I'm wearing it too high after viewing my pic.) but yeah.. if I hem it, it'll hit at the same point as where your skirt in this post is. Should I just get rid of the slit when hemming it?

    Posted 9.10.11 Reply
  6. Keji wrote:

    I love the black on you better.

    Check out my new blog. http://www.kejiguide.com

    Posted 9.10.11 Reply
  7. Claud wrote:

    I'd vote to keep the black, the light grey shade is not too appealing to me. The black is sophisticated and classic but the drapey front gives an edgy look (i love it). I must say both look great on you, so either way is a winner 🙂

    Posted 9.10.11 Reply
  8. Yulia wrote:

    Loving the first outfit in this post!The taupe+black combo is so elegant and the belt matches the skirt incredibly well!

    Posted 9.10.11 Reply
  9. Carrie L wrote:

    Just in case you need another opinion, I like the gray!! I think it is the more interesting and versatile of the two. Plus, I love how you styled the gray

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  10. Nkauj wrote:

    Grey! Plus I love that top

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  11. Kristin wrote:

    I like the light gray better. I tried the black version on in the store and it really looks much better on you. I also tried to find those mustard pants, but they only had gray left. Boo.

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  12. April wrote:

    Congrats on Barcelona Jean! When Justin went on a business trip he got me saffron for cheaper, if you like to cook with saffron you should get it there. Hehehe! Those earrings look lovely on you!

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  13. grace wrote:

    I think I have to go against the grain as well and say the black looks better. Black is classic and matches with everything you own, and it's the draping front that makes it unique and because the fact that is black, the styling of the jacket will make it more noticeable imo.

    I don't think we're helping are we?:P

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  14. Anonymous wrote:

    Love your style! Can you point out things you think are cute from BR? I love big chunky sweaters-but they're not petite friendly. So if you could help find nice sweaters from BR that are not too chunky that would be amazing. I ask for BR because it is all that is locally available to me.

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  15. Anonymous wrote:

    I usually like everything black better but here I think the gray looks better.

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  16. I prefer the gray blazer on you…I just think the fun detailing on it shows up more in the gray!

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  17. Gracie wrote:

    I think the cascading ruffles on the light gray stands out a bit more. My votes for the light grey.

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply

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