In Stores Now: H&M Mustard Pants and Cascade Blazer


Blazer: H&M; sz 2   Cropped pants: H&M; sz 2 (similar)
Tee: H&M; (old)  Shoes: BR (old)  Bag: LV Speedy 25  Necklace: Talbots (old)
Ah, good ole H&M; – where you can score a full, semi-dressy outfit for less than $50 (jacket – $29.95, pants – $11 with printable coupon or shake your H&M; iPhone app for the same coupon, tee – $6). I loved the drapey front of this blazer, and bought it in both light gray and black. I’ll show the black shortly, and you guys will have to help me determine which color to keep! The shoulders are cut narrow and the back is cropped. The sleeves are also the perfect length, but my one qualm is that the sleeves feel very wide.


These pants look so fitted on the models, but in reality they’re cut big. A sz 2 was very loose on me and fit like a 4 (see before pic). I got them anyways, because I’ve been waiting over a month for these to hit stores. There is endless Fall outfit potential for a mustard cropped pant, so I figured the $11 price tag was justified. I washed and dried the pants on high heat (today’s pics shows post-shrinking), which brought them down half a size but the fit is still a little baggy on me. Length is also a tad long for my short legs.


Readers – Did anyone pick up either of these pieces?
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. @Anonymous THanks! I saw that in my email this morning and browsed a bit, but Fall makes me mentally move away from bright jewelry…I'm all A.S'd out from this year's sales. Did you buy anything? : )

    @Anonymous Aw, why thank you! I didn't realize I've mentioned before I was Cantonese…but my taste in food does not lie. I could live off of it.

    Oh my, thanks so much for the heads up on the LORAC. Unfortunately the nearest ULTA is quite far, and the buy two get a free mascara offer seems to not be online. On the note of liners – have you tried Blinc liquid liner? I got a sample in my BIrchbox, had no idea what to expect, but really liked it. The color is smooth and jet black and had great staying power. Unlike other pen liners, it didn't seem to seep into my lids (I'm guessing that's bad for skin) but rather sat on top of it. Now if only it weren't so pricey like the Lorac!

    @aneetac I've always wondered if things shrink more after additional rounds of frying? Or if their shrinking ability is max'd out after one round? Nevertheless, I will be washing these again to give it a shot…just don't want bright colors to fade out from all that washing and drying on high heat!

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  2. @Anonymous The website does show 4 as the starting size (not sure why!) but they have 2 in-stores in almost everything.

    @Canadianpetite @Chen @myhanh @Anonymous @kaybee89 @Jane @lin @Jo Thank you all for the suggestion and request! Will try to do a step by step soon. Hint…it involves a bumpit, lol!

    @DA Thank you very much for the first-time comment! : )

    @a.b. I don't recommend taking anything down more than one or two sizes because it's highly risky that it won't come out perfectly. From a 8 down to a 0, those shorts will have to be completely recrafted, plus altering leather is usually several times pricier than regular fabrics. I think a tailor would charge $100 to $150 to take in those shorts, and it might not be a good alteration job. I think you can find better : )

    @PetiteLittleGirl Yes I think they come in at least 4 or 5 colors…navy, black, khaki, this yellow…

    @Anonymous These were an older find from Neiman Marcus, but sometimes they pop up on eBay or Bonanaza. Just search Chanel turlock studs : )

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  3. aneetac wrote:

    I love the top half of this outfit – the cascade blazer looks so classy! I do think the pants still look baggy and a little wrinkly. Think another round of frying might help?

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  4. Jo wrote:

    I love your blog and your outfits and all your insights! Love this 'business casual' look.

    I also would love to request a tutorial on your hairstyle here! Please please!

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  5. Anonymous wrote:

    Jean, thanks for such an awesome blog. Always so gorgeous and happy, you make all your Cantonese sisters proud!

    One of your favorite things is now my own favorite. LORAC Front of Line liquid liner is at ULTA for a limited time 50% off @ $11.50. Pickup 2 and get free 3d mascara.

    Stay radiant, with love from Chicago

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  6. lin wrote:

    i like how you styled the blazer. your whole outfit is so chic.

    yes, please do a hair tutorial for this. love how it's a soft bun. 😀

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  7. Maureen wrote:

    Ah! I love those pants! I loathe pants but after seeing those, I might go out any buy them.

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  8. Michelle wrote:

    Gorgeous styling!

    Mustard-colored-something is definitely on my list for fall! I also love Kelly's idea of eggplant!

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  9. Jackie wrote:

    This is gorgeous!

    I love that necklace. Even it your last vid, it just totally transforms the outfit.

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  10. Anonymous wrote:

    Jean, Amrita Singh is having a 50% off sitewide sale for two days as part of 'Fashion's Night Out'. The code is 'FNO11'; it's on their website as well!

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  11. Elle wrote:

    This is a terrific outfit, I think you styled the cascade blazer perfectly. I recently ordered a cascade blazer as well (black with pink trims) but have decided to part with it (poor fit and too $$$ for my purposes).

    Love the mustard pants too, definitely a piece that will get tons of wear this fall.

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  12. Jane wrote:

    I second couple of comments up there~ can you do a hair tutorial for the simple hair updo you did here? Thanks!

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  13. Anonymous wrote:

    Lovely! Where can I find your earrings?? =)

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  14. xxayeexx wrote:

    Great outfit! Love the mustard pants! will have to go check them out!

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  15. kaybee89 wrote:

    gorgeous! can you do a video tutorial for this hairstyle?

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  16. I absolutely love this outfit and want every piece for myself!!! You look great

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  17. kileen wrote:

    i meant to comment last night but ended up falling asleep early… i love these pants on you and the blazer is so pretty with its cascading ruffles. great H&M; finds!

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  18. The color is so gorgeous for Fall. They are still slightly too big on you even after shrinking. For $11.00, it’s not a bad option though. Since I am bigger than you, those pants might fit me better. I am going to check them out today at lunch =) Do they come in several different colors?

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  19. you look great!

    my blog♥mfashionfreak

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  20. Ruth Lee wrote:

    Very good proportion for a petite lady.:)

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  21. a.b. wrote:

    Such a cute outfit 🙂 Loving the blazer and necklace!

    Off topic, but I have a question about tailoring. The only thing I've ever gotten tailored was a prom dress years ago, and now that I've been reading your blog, I realized that I can alter so many more things! I really want a pair of leather shorts from Urban Outfitters, but the smallest size they have left is an 8, and I'm a size 0 🙁

    Here's the link:;=jump&navCount;=

    Would the tailor be able to make the shorts a lot smaller, or would that just totally ruin the shorts? Thanks!

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  22. Noniek wrote:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  23. Noniek wrote:

    I like that blazer! Cute hair 🙂

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  24. Anonymous wrote:

    Super cute hair!! I know it looks simple, but could you please tell us how you did it? 🙂

    Posted 9.6.11 Reply
  25. Anonymous wrote:

    i love the hair in this look, please show us how

    Posted 9.5.11 Reply
  26. Very pretty outfit. Love the matching shoes! Good thing you warned us about the pants because I was planning on trying the exact pair myself tomorrow. Kinda odd how big the size 2 is on you because size 2s are always tight or perfect!!

    Posted 9.5.11 Reply
  27. DA wrote:

    jean, i never comment on the blogs that i read, but you're such an inspiration. i love that you're always featuring outfits that are easy to wear, easily accessible, and of course – stylish! keep up the awesome work!

    Posted 9.5.11 Reply
  28. myhanh wrote:

    The cascade blazer looks great! It being a blazer gives it good structure. The pant and arms look like they fit well; sometimes a little room is good! Also, your hair looks great– video op!

    Posted 9.5.11 Reply
  29. I bought that blazer too but ended up returning it. It looked cute at first but after awhile I didn't really like how it fit and thought the colour was a little odd. I didn't see it in black though. I do like those pants though. I have a mustard pair already but if I didn't, I'd definitely be checking those out.

    Posted 9.5.11 Reply
  30. Angie wrote:

    you'll be happy to find H&M;'s slim fit is soooo slim. i am bursting out of them, which means they should be perfect for your thighs! you might even try a size 4 on those (plus, only $13.95)

    Posted 9.5.11 Reply
  31. Stephie wrote:

    The pants look really good on you! I bought the gray pair and the pockets seem to jut out more than it looks on the pair you have. I love the cascade blazer, I must find it next time I go!

    Posted 9.5.11 Reply
  32. Chen wrote:

    Can you do a tutorial on how you did your hair here? It's really pretty 🙂

    Posted 9.5.11 Reply
  33. The pants sure shrunk so much! Do you have tips on determining which will shrink width-wise instead of lengthwise (zipper problem)?

    Will you be doing a video on how to do your bun?

    Posted 9.5.11 Reply
  34. grace wrote:

    I love the color of the pants for Fall – though I agree that the fit on the pants are still not perfect. I have yet to get ankle pants – guess I'm not used to how they make me look stumpy. I may have to check out H&M; since I'm tired of the blue/black/white jeans wardrobe I have. Though the fit isn't perfect, for $11, definitely a steal!

    LOVE your bun btw 😉 I didn't really pick up any clothes this weekend – just a few pairs of shoes&boots;.

    Posted 9.5.11 Reply
  35. Fabulous color! Too bad about the sizing. I'm on the hunt for colored pants for fall as well. I'm thinking a nice eggplant or rust color. Let me know if you come across any. hehe. 🙂

    Posted 9.5.11 Reply
  36. Anonymous wrote:


    I'm looking at their items online, and they seem to start at size 4…which is too big for me. Is it that they only sell size 2 in stores? What gives?


    Posted 9.5.11 Reply
  37. Kaolee wrote:

    I like the blazer! I like how you styled it and the necklace goes well with the outfit!

    Posted 9.5.11 Reply
  38. Cher wrote:

    The fit on those pants aren't too bad after shrinking, but they're still not crazy flattering. I would love a pair of colored pants myself, but I'm convinced I'll never find a pair that will fit well enough to even consider altering. H&M; and Zara pants always fit horrendously on me. And I don't even want to think about what J.Crew would look like. The jacket looks great on you though. I'm still baffled as to why it looks so different on you than it does on me. LOL. Next time I go to H&M; I'm going to see if I can find a size 2 and see if going down a size will do the trick (though I doubt it).

    Posted 9.5.11 Reply
  39. That's a great outfit! You always know how to pull things together. Very classy! Love the necklace and pants.

    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

    Posted 9.5.11 Reply
  40. kali wrote:

    I got those pants in 3 colors! Mustard looked crazy on me though but it looks fabulous on you. I also wanted the jacket but it draped so strangely on me. = And if you're going to keep one, I think the gray is much nicer. You look great!h

    Posted 9.5.11 Reply
  41. Ping wrote:

    jean– the pants are too big on you still! i thought the jcrew minnie pants (in whatever fabric you got) looked better on you. but i do like the color, so i guess keep shrinking them.

    Posted 9.5.11 Reply
  42. Julie Khuu wrote:

    Love this blazer! That asymmetrical cut is genius and the button detailing adds such interest! And at under $30 can't beat that! Love this look!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

    Posted 9.5.11 Reply
  43. mai wrote:

    Lovely outfit. Aah wishing there was an H&M; by me. I would really like to try on the blazer and those pants!

    Posted 9.5.11 Reply
  44. I'm loving that blazer so much! Wish I lived closer to an H&M.; Can't wait to see the black, but I'm sure I'm going to say, keep both! 😛

    Posted 9.5.11 Reply
  45. Cee wrote:

    Nope, I haven't picked up either piece. But this drapey jacket has been on my wishlist forever so now I know to hit up my local store soon 🙂 I personally like drapey items in colors other than black or white so all the wonderful details show up better. F21 has something similar in black (and orange, but it's sold out now). I have a feeling given the price point, H&M;'s might be of better quality.

    Posted 9.5.11 Reply
  46. Hey wow those pants are cute! Since they're big on you they should fit me well 😉

    Damn I forgot about that coupon, when is it valid until?

    Posted 9.5.11 Reply
  47. R.L. wrote:

    The mustard color is gorgeous. You're so ready for fall! The cascade blazer does a good job at concealing any bagginess of the pants as far as I can tell. Love your updo!! and I drool over your Talbots necklace in every post I see it in. Hopefully Talbots puts out something similar again. I bought 2 pair of GAP jeggings and am hoping the AE red ones work out so I'm all pants-ed out. But for $11 I will definitely check out these pants this weekend 🙂

    Posted 9.5.11 Reply
  48. Michelle wrote:

    I've been looking everywhere for a cute blazer for work! I like how you've put this look together and make the coat look so chic. I'm going to H&M; tomorrow! 🙂

    Posted 9.5.11 Reply
  49. I love the color of these pants! very cute for this Fall. I got a similar cascading vest (not blazer) at Zara. -Cute look!

    Posted 9.5.11 Reply
  50. Cute Jean! How much did the pants shrink?

    Posted 9.5.11 Reply

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