H&M Blazer – Black or Gray? (& LOFT Lace Skirt Review)


Top: LOFT Lace Yoke Top sz XXSP  Blazer: H&M; sz 2  Skirt: thrifted and altered
Earrings: F21 (similar for $3.80)   Belt: J.Crew skinny belt

And here is the black version of the H&M; blazer. Please help me decide whether to keep the black or light gray! I’ve sworn off buying duplicates of the same item because I don’t want to be a hoarder…err, well, unless it’s Ann Taylor perfect pumps or this old factory ruffle shell that is a work staple in every color.

When I last went to LOFT, I actually went specifically looking for this lace and ponte pencil skirt. I saw it in a LOFT ad and fell in love. I was intrigued by the words “stretchy ponte” and “elastic waistband,”, as those usually translate into something petite-friendly. At $79.50 retail plus LOFT’s frequent sales and coupons, I was hoping this would be a cheaper dupe for the overpriced Ann Taylor lace skirt I’m coveting.

In person, the dark hunter green and gray design was really lovely, but the fit was too generous. A 00P was large and boxy on me, completely unlike it’s sleek and fitted Ann Taylor sister. Also, I wish the ponte lining did not stick out past the length of the scalloped lace.

Readers – Did anyone else try on this lace skirt? How do you think it compares to the (pricey) AT one?

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Queenie wrote:

    i like u wearing the grey one!! 🙂

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  2. i love the gray better, it's more unique and drapes much better than the black one.

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  3. Ping wrote:

    hmm tough call, i actually like the black better. if you have lots of black cardigans/blazers, i'd say go with the gray. i like how you styled this outfit btw. im guessing you are returning this lace top because u got the AT version with the longer sleeves?

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  4. kileen wrote:

    i say go with the gray blazer. the color is a better contrast with your hair and it really brings out the colors in your outfit more. i do love this thrifted skirt and the earrings are perfect!

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  5. i love this outfit.

    my blog♥mfashionfreak

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  6. Vanessa wrote:

    I'm so jealous because I tried the gray one on and looked frumpy, but these jackets look great on you! I say the black, but that's because I'm not a big fan of that shade of gray.
    Still looking for the size 2 mustard pants!

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  7. Anonymous wrote:

    gray. you can't see the ruffle detail with black

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  8. Nelah wrote:

    It is nice to see fall colors again after having so much fun with bright colors during warm months. I love that lace top, it can be casual or dressy. Love it with that blazer.

    Have you looked at F21? I think I saw either lace or scallop skirt online.

    You look lovely as always, your hair is just so full of vulumn!!

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  9. Anisha P. wrote:

    wow- i so disagree with everyone. Definitely love how the black is a classic color, but the draped front gives it an edge. Which, I think describes your style perfectly. The grey is also beautiful, but it's definitely a more casual piece and not as versatile. The black gives a more interesting an intriguing silhouette… which is difficult for us petites because usually they overcrowd our small frame. I 100% think you should go with the black.

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  10. I like the grey blazer better, for some reason it looks like it fits you better!

    Too bad about that skirt, why is the sizing inconsistent within the same company? Mind bloggler!

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  11. R.L. wrote:

    Another vote for the gray! I think casual blazers look better in non-black. I like your outfit here, but I think it would look even better with your slimmer black Theory blazer rather than the black cascade (which for some reason seems wider than your gray one). The lace top looks lovely with the olive, but I'm also thinking of maybe returning mine as I don't find it to be as versatile as the lace printed top. I'm now curious as to which lace top you splurged on. Don't keep us in suspense for too long!

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  12. DA wrote:

    You look great regardless, but I agree with everyone on the gray. The jacket shape & details stand out more. Hope this helps! 🙂

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  13. I bought the Loft gray/lace skirt in a 2. (5'8" 125lbs)

    Its FAR TOO big. It is probably more like a 4? I exchanged it for a 0p which fits more like my Ann Taylor 0/2s.

    I plan on tailoring the knit part an inch shorter. I dislike how it peeks longer than the lace as well.

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  14. Melody wrote:

    I recently discovered your blog and just wanted to pop in to comment 🙂 I'm so glad I found your site because we try on and buy a lot of the same items and its awesome to have your blog tell me what else I need to try! lol. I also tried on that LOFT skirt in 00P last wknd, and it was big on me as well – and I'm 5'3 and a few lbs heavier too. Its too bad because I so loved that skirt.

    I like the gray blazer on you better. The black looks too harsh and you can barely see the cascading folds.

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  15. FP wrote:


    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  16. Annapurna wrote:

    I have to echo tinymum….the gray seems too casual for work but the black seems easier to dress up and dress down!

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  17. tinymum wrote:

    I guess gray is winning! So gray it is!^^ Love the earrings! You looking so pretty in every post!

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  18. BKitty wrote:

    I vote for the gray one as well! its not as serious of a color as black which fit its cascade nature that is a little more casual then blazer, almost cardigan of a look. I may…go get one myself lol

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  19. Gigi wrote:

    Gray. I agree with other readers; the black doesn't pop as much in this style as the gray one does.

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  20. Annapurna wrote:

    I am going to go against the majority and say keep the black because I think it looks sharp but which will go better with the clothes you already own?

    Congrats on Barcelona! You deserve it! I tried to post yesterday but blogger wouldn't let me. I have been there 5 times in the past 7 years and I have to say that October is a GREAT month – sunny and not as humid as the summer and September. Check out shoes and boots there – I have had good luck finding narrow calf stuff there….I especially recommend the store "Padevi"

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  21. I tried on the pricey AT one yesterday and loved how it fit. Amazingly beautiful. I would have had to shorten it, but it fit my waist and hips really well. I'm not quite ready to take the plunge.

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  22. Well. I said previously I would tell you to keep both, but….I have to admit. I'm loving the gray more.

    I saw that LOFT skirt in store before I saw it online. It's too bad that it's so big on you! It is BEAUTIFUL in person. I didn't try it on, but I plan on getting one, hopefully they'll still have my size!

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  23. Abby wrote:

    My vote is for the gray. You win either way though. You look great!

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  24. you look wonderful! such an elegant and chic look!


    Fashion Fractions

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  25. modniza wrote:

    chic,beautiful,elegant! xoo

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  26. Vilay wrote:

    Sorry Jean but i won't be a help for u … Kinda think u look stunning in a different way with both.
    I like the black one, with a dark color,ur hair and white skin look definitely good. The Grey is also great , summer color – relax and fresh style.

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  27. Love your skirt. Great ensemble!

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  28. Maggie wrote:

    I don't even need to vote – it seems pretty unanimous already! The grey one!

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  29. i love the grey one! it looks so pretty!

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  30. Definitely hang on to the grey one! Looks fab on you! 🙂

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  31. The Gray one looks way better on you =)

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  32. DSK Steph wrote:

    You are so well put together — I love it!!

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  33. Michelle wrote:

    Go with the grey! 🙂

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  34. aneetac wrote:

    I vote for the grey one! I like its softer look, and how you can see more of the shape of the blazer.

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  35. I shopping online at loft last weekend and I saw the same lace top but passed on it b/c I was afraid it was too casual looking! But with the skirt and proper accessories you really dressed it up!

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  36. Olyvia wrote:

    The light grey one looks better in photos, so I would pick light grey!

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  37. Kellie wrote:

    oh btw you look great in your pics! as always 🙂

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  38. Kellie wrote:


    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  39. Megan wrote:

    Grey blazer for sure! Black is too generic, and gray is definitely more chic!

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  40. J wrote:

    Btw, I vote for the grey blazer on you also. You have plenty of black ones and the grey is not only flattering on you, but seems quite versatile with your wardrobe.

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  41. J wrote:

    Hi Jean! I'll take the top off your hands if it is not yet spoken for! 🙂

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  42. Vivian wrote:

    I think it depends what you wanna use those blazers for. But personally I like the gray… I'd normally cheer for blacks on blazers but I think the color of the gray has more use. For work, nights out, or even daytime.

    Posted 9.9.11 Reply
  43. lin wrote:

    i like how you're always mixing textures and different pieces together. it's a great way to think outside of the box. 😉

    anyways, to your question….the black blazer looks nice but i prefer the light gray one. i think the gray one brightens up your face more….but then again, i like colors. i also think the gray one shows more details of the blazer compared to the black one.

    Posted 9.8.11 Reply
  44. Julie Khuu wrote:

    Light gray babe! You can get the black version anywhere!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

    Posted 9.8.11 Reply
  45. manasu wrote:

    i vote for the grey!

    Posted 9.8.11 Reply
  46. !Tb0n3! wrote:

    My vote is for the grey version! The material on this black one looks a bit cheap IMO.

    Posted 9.8.11 Reply
  47. Deesum wrote:

    I personally love the light gray is best of the two on you! With such a unique opening, the gray really shows off the lines and makes you seem longer!
    Of course that's just me 🙂
    p.s. just found your blog, i'm a small asian 4'10" and i love your posts

    Posted 9.8.11 Reply
  48. Erica wrote:

    If you feel you must keep one (and not just return both), go with the gray. It looks more chic, and the fluttery front looks better with the light color. The black version looks too much like a typical jacket.

    Posted 9.8.11 Reply
  49. Michelle wrote:

    I will usually choose grey over black! :p But what do you "need" in your closet?

    Total bummer about the skirt! I have not been to LOFT in over a month! Planning on stopping by the mall this weekend for the Nieman Marcus beauty event…I might have energy to try on some clothes at LOFT! :p

    Posted 9.8.11 Reply
  50. Unknown wrote:

    The lace top looks too casual for the pencil skirt. I would just wear it with jeans. If it's 100% cotton, it might be worth keeping; otherwise i think $20 is a bit much for a casual shirt.

    Posted 9.8.11 Reply

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