Coveting Now: Ann Taylor Petite Glazed Lace Pencil Skirt

laceskirt6Out of Ann Taylor’s Fall arrivals so far, this Glazed Lace Pencil Skirt is hands-down my favorite piece. I first saw it online and thought it was too metallic. Thankfully, in-person it does not give off a glaring sheen. Instead, it’s an elegant, gorgeous dark hunter green with hints of charcoal. The skirt seems well-made, and the material is stretchy but still has some “pencil” structure.


But what really sold me was the fit. This is the smallest-fitting skirt I’ve ever tried on from Ann Taylor. As I’ve mentioned previously, every single 00P skirt I own from Ann Taylor has been taken in at the waist and hips. The last skirt I bought was an improvement, but still sat loosely on my lower waist. This one? Perfect fit at the waist and hips. Shapely without being too snug. laceskirt2If I had to nitpick, I would take up the hem an inch or two on me, but I’m on the shorter end at 5 ft tall. So did this beautiful skirt come home with me? 

No, because it’s over $120 and there were no sales at all going on. The manager told me she didn’t “foresee another 40% off full-priced items sale until probably November, because Fall items have been selling so well without that promo.”

While at Ann Taylor, I also tried on the Lady Tweed Jacket in sz 00 Petite. This will fit better on someone half to one size up from me all around. The material also didn’t resemble tweed to me at all – more like a thin wool jacket. I didn’t like the closure of this coat with the hidden buttons.


Length felt long on me for a short jacket. They also have a black Petite Wool Tricotine Jacket in a similar silhouette, but is 1 inch shorter in torso length.
There are two other items that I specifically went in to try on, but could not find. Later I came home and saw that they were online-exclusives. Bah! But I guess that’s ok…both items are again, very pricey without sales.

Left: Petite Overlapping Placket Blouse (in 4 colors, starting in 00P)  Right: Petite Leopard Print Skirt

Picture 249 Picture 250

So that’s all for this installment of Ann Taylor Fall reviews. Definitely more to come.

Readers – What items are you liking from their latest collection?
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Thank you!
    Sorry to be so late in posting this! 🙂

    Posted 11.8.11 Reply
  2. @Anonymous Hi Vina. Oh, the possibilities are endless! This darker gray-green is so versatile, and in the Fall, I see it with colors such as: terra-cotta red, rust orange, simple black, charcoal gray, taupe. What I do is I hold an item up against all my tops to look for an unexpected color pairing. Enjoy your beautiful skirt!

    Posted 8.25.11 Reply
  3. Mona wrote:

    Thanks for reviewing the lace skirt! It looks great! I would hem it an inch myself. 🙂 Ann Taylor skirts never fit me – too big at the hips even in 00P. This one looks like a winner. I will keep an eye out for a promo! $128 is a lot for an Ann Taylor skirt.

    Posted 8.24.11 Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    I loved this lace skirt when I saw it on your blog. I don't live near an AT, so when we were on vacation last week in NYC, I bought it. I am wondering about ways of styling this, besides a white/cream blouse. What other colours (especially cardigans) would you pair with this skirt? Thanks for your help. I really enjoy reading your blog, even though I am not petite.
    Vina in Canada

    Posted 8.24.11 Reply
  5. Elle wrote:

    I stopped by an Ann Taylor this weekend too and loved all the silky polyester tops…they had some striking colors (this lovely yellow skirt that is reminiscent of j. crew palette) and I can see why the fall stuff is flying off the shelves. I can't justify AT at retail though so I guess I'll have to accept the reality that maybe I'll end up with nothing this fall.

    Hoping you'll be able to snag the lace skirt on sale though…I am intrigued too since I love hunter green (school color…it's without reason).

    Posted 8.22.11 Reply
  6. @Annapurna I read the article and I agree. There's more stuff I'm liking in-stores this Fall than in the past, for sure. I'm finding new things to post about almost every day. It's unfortunate for bargain hunters that there are many women out there willing to pay retail for these lovely items.

    @littlenashua Kerry, you're definitely better off sewing it. I tried it on and it was quite large, and the A-line silhouette on a too-loose skirt was unflattering. I look forward to seeing your own rendition.

    @Alterations Needed I didn't even recognize this as the jacket you posted because I saw "tweed" in your post. Only when I came home and tried to find this item online did I realize it was the tweed jacket. I prefer traditional tweed…this is a wool blend! And yes there's no need for you to even try it. Too big all-around.

    @Callandra I'm shocked! Hold on to those kind sales associates. I tried to do that only once in my life (return just to buy back at the sale price) and the SA told me they would not put the item back out on the floor until the next day, specifically to avoid immediate buy-backs from customers.

    @R.L. i can see that with your casual jeans. Hopefully you can order the XXS from online and it'll fit better!

    @Lazybon Nice…so the factory crochet dresses are still lingering around! It'll be a nice item again for next Spring/Summer : )

    @Christina Thanks! Shoes are Tory Burch Reva Falts in "exotic" material .. they are from very early this year. I prefer a patent leather, because the regular leather as well as these scuff easily at the front toe area!

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  7. Christina wrote:

    What shoes are you wearing? They look really nice! Do you have the name and colour? Love your blog btw =]

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  8. Just did a post about AT as well…I'm loving their fall collection…and that lace skirt is so pretty!

    Posted 8.21.11 Reply
  9. Lazybon wrote:

    The glazed lace skirt looks so sharp! I'm wondering what size should I order…… Yesterday I just scored the AT factory crochet dress for $60! It's the last piece in store and the sales said it's been there alone for a while. I'm usually a zero but I tried it on anyway. Surprisingly it fit everywhere except a little bit too loose at the waist. Now I'm looking for a good tailor!

    Posted 8.20.11 Reply
  10. R.L. wrote:

    Skirt would be a great addition to your wardrobe! Very unique without being too flashy. I actually like the hidden buttons on the Lady Tweed Jacket as I own too many double-breasted coats already. Too bad it only comes in gray unlike H&M; and Jcrew colors.

    I'm interested in this LOFT lace sweatshirt:;=90022241&catid;=catl00009&productPageType;=fullPriceProducts&defaultColor;=8875

    It doesn't come in Petites 🙁 The XS I tried on fit me like a college sweatshirt but the lace panel adds a nice feminine touch. So perfect for my casual jeans wardrobe. I hope Ann Taylor and LOFT have some mega sales soon!

    Posted 8.20.11 Reply
  11. Katherine wrote:

    That skirt looks beautiful on you – I agree with paying full price though, crossing my fingers that it'll be there for you in November!

    Posted 8.20.11 Reply
  12. Callandra wrote:

    That skirt fits you beautifully Jean. I frequently buy items full price just to ensure that they'll still be available in my size once a sale hits. The sales people never seem to mind my returning an item just to buy it back again!

    Posted 8.20.11 Reply
  13. Liz wrote:

    The skirt is gorgeous but just a tad long.
    The leopard print skirt is pretty too. <3

    Posted 8.20.11 Reply
  14. Bah! I hate how Ann Taylor and LOFT jackets fit! I was curious about that lady tweed jacket, but seeing it on you, now I'm not particularly interested anymore. What's with the opening on that thing? It looks crooked and like it doesn't lay flat. Hrmph.

    The overlapping placket blouse is cute, but I got turned off it when I saw it was polyester. I'd rather get silk for that price.

    Lastly, that shirt is adorable! Too bad I already have the H&M; black lace skirt which sadly does not get nearly enough wear from this tomboy as it is. Here's hoping AT has a 40% sale soon!

    Posted 8.20.11 Reply
  15. That skirt is beautiful, but I certainly couldn't drop 120.00 on it! I did manage to snag one at H&M; last month that I love. I'm really sad that I missed last year's lace skirt at H&M.; Can't wait to see more people styling lace next season.

    Posted 8.20.11 Reply
  16. Viralitis wrote:

    I love how well the skirt fits. Long skirts are normally hard to pull off but the way it hugs your waist makes it look perfect!

    Posted 8.20.11 Reply
  17. grace wrote:

    That skirt looks awesome on you! But I can understand about the price – that's just too expensive – hopefully they will go on sale eventually. And on top of that, what a bummer that they're online exclusives only!

    Posted 8.20.11 Reply
  18. Michelle wrote:

    That skirt is gorgeous! I am going to make a stop in AT today…will keep an eye out for the "online exclusives" you are lusting for just in case! I swear that I see "online exclusives" in the store sometimes…or maybe I have a bad memory. :p

    Bummer about no sales on full-priced items for some time!! Maybe I can find some good sale items!

    Posted 8.20.11 Reply
  19. There is a photo on the website from their August look book that features an orange A line skirt with an exposed zipper on the side. I MUST HAVE THAT SKIRT. But I cannot find it on the website (and it most likely won't fit anyway). I am probably going to buy some orange fabric and make it myself, but I cannot figure out what kind of fabric it is. It could be a double knit or a wool – it almost looks like it could be the Scuba fabric. Either way…I need that skirt.

    Posted 8.20.11 Reply
  20. JC Rineer wrote:

    Too bad! That skirt is gorgeous and it fits great!

    I hope you DO get one eventually; I would love to see the outfits you come up with.

    Posted 8.20.11 Reply
  21. Annapurna wrote:

    I am intrigued! I am sucker for green and lace and am psycehd that it seems to be a trend this year. I was tempted and then sorely disappointed by BR's offerings (i.e., that green lace dress they sold was Forever21 quality at an outrageous price).

    That skirt looks awesome on you (especially since you are wearing flats). AT had a stretchy-pencil lace skirt last year that was quite beautiful and I found that it was cut slimly so maybe they have a specific cut for lace skirts.

    I have bought many lace pencil skirts and ended up returning them …unless you can snag them on sale, they are super-costly and they seem kind of special-occasion wear, IYKWIM. I cannot figure out how to make them work in a daytime outfit.. Do you have any ideas?

    Cannot believe there is not a single promo though. That has got to be a first for this year but unfortunately looks like it might be a sign of things to come… I think retailers have realized that if they put fewer items out, they do not have to discount them as much. Better for me, I guess, as I will be less tempted to buy.

    Interesting article about the fall season (including AT) here… the author says fall clothes are very fashionable and flying out of stores fast. Can't have it both ways, I guess.

    Posted 8.20.11 Reply
  22. Anonymous wrote:

    the glazed lace pencil skirt looks great on you. too bad they don't have any sales on full priced items right now. i'm waiting to get some things too.

    Posted 8.20.11 Reply
  23. Wow, that skirt must be tiny!! Luckily I just got a black lace skirt from jcrew, but this color you described sounds interesting!! My store doesn't carry small sizes (below xs). That's probably good! I'm hoping for a sale, too 🙂

    Posted 8.20.11 Reply
  24. laura wrote:

    I've been waiting on purchasing the fall collection because of no sales, but I'm hoping they will have at least 30% off for labor day weekend!

    Posted 8.20.11 Reply

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