Spring in full bloom: Candied tweed + floral dress as a top

floral dress tweed skirt 4
J.Crew dress in "Garden Floral" sz reg 00 (this year's version - use SALE30 for 30% off everything)
Burberry trench sz 2 (similar), Ann Taylor skirt, Pour la Victorie wedges (similar by PLV)

I've lived in Boston for 8 years, and I never remember loving springtime so much. In contrast with recent events, the blossoming trees and beds full of tulips look prettier than ever. I felt inspired to dig this little floral number out of storage, and make the strapless style be suitable for work.
floral dress tweed skirt 3
Faux-pearl necklace from Nordies Rack (similar on eBay), Coach bag (review)

I absolutely adore this "Garden Floral" print, and was excited to see via Gigi that J.Crew brought it back this year at their factory store, in a more work-appropriate style. I showed 3 ways to style this dress last year, and am rounding it out with #4 - worn as a top.
floral dress tweed skirt 1
I fell in love with this candy-colored tweed skirt from Ann Taylor last fall, but it only came in regular sizing. Since costly alterations would be required regardless of size, I tried to hold out for a better price. Pencil skirts that have no pockets or other details are easier to re-size, but I wouldn't recommend tailoring something that's more than 3 sizes up from what you usually wear (any darts or curves in the cut would not lie in the right place post-alterations). I ended up finding a sz 4 on sale, and spent about $20 to have the waist and sides taken in.
floral dress tweed skirt 5
Since the floral plus colored tweed is on the busier side, I finished off this outfit with my trusty neutral trench (best wardrobe purchase ever) and a pair of nude wedges. Nick dislikes these saying "they just look like feet," which is precisely why anyone seeking a leg-lengthening effect might enjoy them. I originally saw the patent version on Blair, and did a double take when my size popped up on a sample sale site (invite). Unfortunately I got the last few pairs of these at the time (for two friends), but Nine West has a similar option in patent, starting in size 5.5.
beige shoes
(Anne Michelle sandals, Louboutin cap toes, Ferragamo Vara pumps, PLV wedges)
From Instagram
floral dress tweed skirt
PS - Thank you so much to everyone who came out to Marshalls Fenway yesterday, despite the Sox game plus a wave of humidity! Anna, Bonnie, Jen, Adriana, Brinkley (?) and your chic mom and cousin, Paula, Hannah, and several other awesome (& such smart!) ladies - I had a great time meeting and chatting with you all!


  1. The location of your photo background is breathtakingly beautiful! The blossoming trees are so vivid! One thing I miss about areas with 4 seasons (since I live in the desert). Your outfit matches the background too, love it!

  2. You should wear your Manolo Lisane's or some more interesting shoes with this outfit. I agree with Nick; they look like feet. Hehe. I guess if you think the Manolos would be too matchy match or busy, navy strappy heels would look cute. I'm sure you could find a style that lengthen the legs. Other than the shoe opinion, I heart your blog and you!

  3. Lovely outfit and what a gorgeous set of pictures! I don't usually wear floral dresses but I really love the pattern of that dress. So chic and well, not curtain-y lol.

  4. The blooming flowers are so pretty! Such a clever way to make a work appropriate outfit with a strapless floral dress. I love the bright cheerful colors of the outfit, and that tweed skirt is so fun with the various colors intertwined in it!

    Suzie Q

  5. You look great - as usual! Love the idea of wearing a dress as a top and add another skirt for creating a totally new look! Wonderful!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  6. Beautiful pictures! Love the bright pink cardigan you are wearing here. Is that also from Jcrew and recent find?

  7. Love this mix! Makes me want to dig out my matching pencil skirt and see what I can pair with it ;)

  8. You're so elegant and the location is breathtaking!
    Amazing pictures :)


  9. Awesome plv wedges! How how much were they on the flash deal site? Do they run TTS?

  10. This is gorgeous! The photography and the outfit:)


  11. the photos are so lovely I had to comment! love the floral theme and how you matched the tweed skirt with the floral top.

  12. The blooming flowers and trees really are gorgeous this time of year in new england, isn't it. You look absolutely beautiful, love the tweed skirt.

    xo, Yi-chia

  13. These are the most amazing photos! Serious kudos to you and Nick. And you look beautiful as always :) We're looking at wedding photographers right now, and let me just say, your blog and others have set the standard for good photos really high

  14. Hi Jean, it was great to meet you in person at the Marshall's event!

    Also, I love the combination of textures and colors in this outfit. Have a great weekend!

    - Jen C.

  15. This outfit is perfection! Love the pattern on pattern, great way to welcome this spring weather :).


  16. You should be a personal stylist, Jean. I live in the Boston area too and would love to know all the places that you frequently shop. Do you have a trusted tailor in the area?

    So sorry I missed the Marshall's event yesterday, but a girl has to work in order to save up for some serious wardrobe rehab. I would have loved to meet you.

    It has been a particularly beautiful spring in Boston. Your pictures are always gorgeous!

  17. Whoo hoo I got a shout out! It was great to meet you too -- the event was a success! And by success I specifically mean me winning my big ole bag of freebies courtesy of marshalls. Hee Thanks again!

    I was doing my make up this morning and when I was doing my brows, I thought of you and Khatu. This is what I use: http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/lancome-le-crayon-poudre-brow-powder-pencil/2786623 .. but I buy mine off ebay because its about $10 cheaper. Still kinda pricey, but eyebrows are important! They frame your face! ;) I am using the ebay one right now and it is legit.. not some knock off. I think there's only one seller that sells it right now. The color I use is "sable".

    Anyway, hopefully you do another boston get together soon! Maybe over some of that sunday gravy with linguine! :)


  18. Hey long time since u have done a video ... Why don't u do a summer must haves or dresses video, something like u did last year... Waiting to see u on YouTube :)

  19. The photos are amazing, showing off the blooms and also your outfit and great style #4 with the dress as top.

  20. Hi Jean, I love your posts as always and I've been a reader for a few months now. My hubby and I will be visiting Boston for the first time around July 4th. Do you have any good recommendations on restaurants and places to visit? Is there any good authentic Chinese food over there? We live in Dallas and always crave for good Chinese/Asian food!!! I appreciate if you can give me some recommendations! Thanks in advance!


  21. Love how you're using a dress as a top and how it fits perfectly underneath your skirt. What I like best is the bright magenta pink cardigan that goes along with your outfit.

    xo Annie

  22. This is such a beautiful post Jean! I love how the colours from your dress, skirt, and cardigan matched the colours of the backdrop. Love the combination :)!

  23. Yay! Thanks for the shoutout, Jean! It was great chatting with you! It was an awesome event except I'm a terrible guesser! haha It was also great meeting some of the other bloggers and readers.

    This outfit looks great! I've used this awesome dress under skirt technique many times...but I still struggle using a dress as a skirt, which I think you've made a few great outfits out of. I will keep trying!

    Hope to see you again some time soon!


  24. Does wearing a skirt over a dress not feel incredibly bulky?

  25. I love that print of the J Crew dress! I have the phone case and I've gotten so many compliments that it makes me want to pick up the dress too.

    I don't know that I'd pair it this way because it would make my hips look huge, but this looks great on you!

    xoxo Jackie

  26. Beautiful outfit!
    Love, love, love the Burberry trench! I do agree with Nick on these particular shoes due to the material.

  27. I love tweed and I love florals. So this is perfect. What a stunning skirt.

  28. Gorgeous! And I'm envious of the weather. Here it's skipped the spring and we were finding ourself in summer right after the winter (europe). :S I could wear my trench only for a week.


  29. I agree on the weather! (Counting 9 years of Boston springs for me :) ) It usually seems to go from freezing to hot without much spring-like weather in between. The trees and tulips in the Public Garden and at Copley are stunning.

  30. Very nice ! In love with your blazer ;-)

  31. hi Jean, your pretty as always. I hope you will be back in Cebu City, PH...i would love to see in person...give my regards to Nick

  32. Hi Jean! I just had a quick question about your Anne Michelle sandals. Do you think they run TTS? I've been stalking that style on eBay for a while and one popped back in a size 6 (I'm usually a size 5.5). Do you think this would work, or should I hold out for a size 5.5? Thanks so much!

  33. wow that outfit looks so great on u :)



  34. The setting + outfit work so well together.


  35. simply beautiful photos. I like the contrasting colors and looking forward to seeing more Boston spring photos from you!

  36. beautiful palette of colors! love the matching.

  37. What an amazing scenery, the contrasting flowers are absolutely breathtaking! I live in Arizona, where the only season is summer :(. I loved your pairings, the colors are great together. Keep on doing your great work, thanks!

  38. The pictures are perfect! So clear and so perfectly colorful:)

  39. "they just look like feet" hahahhahah. i'm guessing he hasn't seen these http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8186/8083765763_4ed731f60d_o.jpg or these http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8466/8083765655_6db7a4e8a4_o.jpg

  40. Such a classic view! The background is beautiful!

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  41. i like that Ann Taylor skirt
    and Boston does look beautiful in the spring

  42. Cute floral top! The cherry blossoms are breathtakingly beautiful!

    Affordable statement necklaces: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PearlsandBeyond

  43. love the pattern mixing in your top and skirt! and these pics are beautiful!

    Sandy a la Mode

  44. ...like the style...they are beautiful keep it good job

  45. All dresses are incredible. I like your style.
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