Life with PAG: A Hair-y Past

I’ve been looking for a new hairstyle/color for Fall, and ended up digging through past photo archives. Let’s just say that the hair gods have not always been kind to me. Shall we start the journey back in the 1990’s?

Ages 3 through 10:
If you’ve had the Asian bowl haircut, raise your hand…

Late middle school:

Recoil! Please be kind on this one : P This is my hair in it’s natural state (combined with untamed brows and a beginner’s eyeliner job), cut by le stylist Dad. Coarse, thick, and wavy. I think it’s safe to say boys weren’t knocking down my front door….

High school:
First cheap, brassy blonde job. Didn’t know what “toner” was back then.
Testing out different shades of blonde. I rather liked the middle color, but it was $ to maintain.
Covering the blonde with reddish / milk tea brown.
Short vs long. Back to basic black.
Readers – do you have a favorite hairstyle or color that you keep on reverting back to? I’m thinking of going back to ashy brown because blonde is costly, damaging, and may look unprofessional (on Asians). But boy do I miss it, especially in the summer!