Trench Quest, Part II – Burberry Kids sz 12

Ever since I started blogging, I’ve been slowly distancing myself from the kids department. The kiddie section is great for bargains, but 90% of the time there is something about the garment that just says “KIDS.” This month, however, I was lured in by Burberry’s selection of (relatively) affordable kids trench coats. Many readers have been asking about the fit of these, so I ordered a few (3, to be exact!) in the name of experimentation.

 Trench: Burberry Girls Mini Ivybridge, sz 12Y / 152cm (adult version sold here)
Jeans: H&M; kids sz 11/12
I picked up the Mini Ivybrdige in sz 12Y/152cm (my height exactly!) for $475. In comparison, the adult Ivybridge sells for $995. This one fit the best out of the three. Continue reading for my review…

Material: the trench material (53% cotton, 37% poly) is much more in line with what I am looking for but it was still a little off. The material didn’t seem like it was treated with any water-resistant coating, and it looked like spills or stains could easily seep in and settle. It also seemed wrinkle-prone.

Cut/style: Aside from having no defined waist, the detailing on this trench was what I was looking for. Classic design, nicely-proportioned collar & lapel, gun flap (in the kids coat descriptions, they call this a “fun flap”…lol!), and buckle detailing.

Fit: Shoulder width and sleeve length were perfect. The torso, however, was super boxy when un-belted (see pic below). Measurements showed that there was NO difference between the underarm and waist, so the body was just straight up and down (surefire sign of a kids coat). If I were to keep this, I would need the sleeves slimmed, maybe the waist nipped in, and the length shortened.

Measurements: Slimmer than the womens’ 2P from Nordies. 17″ across at the underarms, 17″ across at the waist, 20″ across the bottom. 36″ total length, 22″ sleeve length, 6″ sleeve width, 14.5″ shoulder width.

 Trying it on with flats:

Special notes: 

1. The belt was a measly 35 inches long (the belt on my raincoat is 56 inches) and it was attached at the back center (see below pic), so you couldn’t move it around. There were also no prongs nor belt holes in the belt.

2. I called the Burberry store to see if alterations on full-priced kids coats were also free. They said yes! I just have to mention though that every time I get alterations at the Burberry store, they try to pressure me against getting everything I want done (I do ask for a lot). My advice is to listen to what they have to say, but stand firm on exactly how you want your coat to fit.

The other styles I ordered (Boys $475 trench and Boys $375 trench) were not worth photographing…but here is one anyways, just for laughs:

I thought that kids coats were “unisex” but boy was I wrong…the boys coats were shapeless to the max and made me feel like friar tuck. Also…surprise! Look at the inside! (I kinda like the gray though…lol)

So overall, what do you guys think? Would you shop Burberry kids for the lower price, or “splurge” all the way for a grown-up’s coat?