A Hair-y Past

I’ve been looking for a new hairstyle/color for Fall, and ended up digging through past photo archives. Let’s just say that the hair gods have not always been kind to me. Shall we start the journey back in the 1990’s?

Ages 3 through 10:
If you’ve had the Asian bowl haircut, raise your hand…

Late middle school:

Recoil! Please be kind on this one : P This is my hair in it’s natural state (combined with untamed brows and a beginner’s eyeliner job), cut by le stylist Dad. Coarse, thick, and wavy. I think it’s safe to say boys weren’t knocking down my front door….

High school:
First cheap, brassy blonde job. Didn’t know what “toner” was back then.
Testing out different shades of blonde. I rather liked the middle color, but it was $ to maintain.
Covering the blonde with reddish / milk tea brown.
Short vs long. Back to basic black.
Readers – do you have a favorite hairstyle or color that you keep on reverting back to? I’m thinking of going back to ashy brown because blonde is costly, damaging, and may look unprofessional (on me personally, I feel). But boy do I miss it, especially in the summer!

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  3. Khanh wrote:

    I found this post today so I am a bit behind. I love all the colors. Envy with the blond. I think it's great but I would never have the guts/time/budget to get it :). If you read your comments, do you mind sharing what you use to get that reddish / milk tea brown? I think I only have the courage to do that 🙂

    Posted 12.12.11 Reply
  4. B.Inspired wrote:

    You must have thick hair like mine because that was how my hair looked as a kid too! Nobody could cut it right…until now! You look fabulous and I want hair as long as yours! 🙂

    Posted 6.14.11 Reply
  5. Anonymous wrote:

    no way you just used makeup since last year. you used a WHOLE bunch when u dyed your hair

    Posted 4.12.11 Reply
  6. Linda wrote:

    woah! i would have never thought of you being a blonde because of how professional you look now. you do look super hot though! there's a sterotype with asian blonde gals, so yeah I'd stick to something more appropriate and professional looking. natural looks best on you though!

    Posted 8.20.10 Reply
  7. Sunny wrote:

    You're brave for posting your pre-hs pix! I also went thru the blond hair stage on the cusp of hs/college. I dyed my hair constantly from like 8th grade to just a few yrs ago, when I decided my hair needed to heal from all the split ends and damage. I'm starting to get bored of my natural dark brown color, I think it's nice that your natural color seems to be almost pure black? I love the brown shade in the pic w/the bf – what's it called, how can I get it?? 😛

    Posted 8.18.10 Reply
  8. Vicky wrote:

    Oh forgot to mention my hair stage. I have never dyed my hair. I don't like chemicals. I have permed my hair twice. Didn't like the result. I have had short hair since childhood till I went to college. Then it was long till now. So my hair has been natural (free of chemicals) for about 15 years. 🙂

    Posted 8.18.10 Reply
  9. Vicky wrote:

    Still like your current hair the best. The brown color is a close second. I was never a fan of blonde hair on Asian. I think it looks weird. 🙂
    I totally love the first 3 pictures when you were little with the bowl cut. Completely adorable.

    Posted 8.18.10 Reply
  10. Tammy wrote:

    Heheheheh the bowl cuts are awesome :p I do prefer black hair on you though…although I know the feeling of wanting a change. I don't think I have a specific colour I keep reverting back to…unless it's black, in which case it's black only by default since that's my natural hair colour. How unfortunate that blonde hair…and almost any coloured hair makes asians look unprofessional 🙁 …whereas caucasian people can dye their hair almost any colour and look fine…

    Posted 8.18.10 Reply
  11. I loved hearing about everyone's hair stages : ) Yes I agree the blonde isn't professional but I'm happy I had it during that fun stage in my life (no more fun and games now…work work work : (

    Hugstiem & RL – I'll post about it soon, it took a lot of trial and error to tame this coarse & thick hair!

    And for those who asked about the blonde, I'll post about that later as well : )

    Posted 8.18.10 Reply
  12. hugstiem wrote:

    That's quite a hair journey! I love the natural black the best. You say your natural hair state is coarse and thick like the middle school pic… mine is like that too, except frizzy as well. What hair products do you use to give it such a sleek look?

    Posted 8.18.10 Reply
  13. such cute pics of a younger u:) i have definitely gone through quite a few "hairy" situations. i'm asian, also, and my favorite hair color were actually highlights thinly weaved with light golden brown and caramel hues. like u, i'm back to black for almost two years now, since it's too costly to maintain the highlights:( wow, u look great in these various shades! my favorites are the blonde (3rd pic on the right), milk tea brown, and of course ur current color:) thanks for sharing ur pictures! hope u get some time to relax from work, too!


    Posted 8.18.10 Reply

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