Petite Fashion Challenge #1 – “Do a Petite Don’t”

**If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to enter the giveaway to win Allison Izu jeans! There will be three winners chosen Sunday night.**

Thank you to all the petites who decided to join me in the first little “challenge.” Readers, I hope you will check out the participating posts and leave these ladies your thoughts : )

In alphabetical order by blog name (please let me know if I left you out!):
Nelah @52 New Days – capris and a big belt 
Kelly @Alterations Needed – ankle strap shoes
Hanna @Evolving Style – maxi dress
Caramel Covered Everything – bermuda shorts
Curls and Pearls – very wide-legged jeans
Elle @elleandish – wide legged jumpsuit
Elle @Fast Food and Fast Fashion – long dress
Khatu @ I am Khatu – stripes, capris, and wide legged pants
Callandra @Petite Early Morning Style – mid calf-length skirt
Sydney @Petite Gorgeous – oversized shapeless dress
Sydney @Petite Little Girl – long shapeless shirt
Petite XXS – wide-legged capris
Kiki @Psyched for Style – ankle strap shoes
Cynthia @Shorty Stories – slightly too long dress
Vicky @Vicky’s Daily Fashion – flowy mid-calf dress

Due to my lack of creativity, here I am giving wide-legged pants another shot. The last time I showed such pants, many readers confirmed that they were unflattering. A few suggested trying a more fitted top…and sadly I could only find my pandex-y undertanks:

Tank: Theory one size
Seersucker Pants: Banana Republic 00P
Heels: Marc Fisher sz 6, thrifted
Necklace: J.Crew  Handbag: LV Speedy 25
Heh, heh…and just for fun, a big fat N-O…the same outfit idea but with a baggier top and flats:
Click below to continue reading…

So…what do you guys think? Better than last time? Or still a no? I personally still don’t think wide legged pants are for me, but I think we can all agree that a slimming top and some nice platform heels really do make a difference. I LOVE these cognac leather peep toes…I found them at a “Savers” thrift store for $10. If Kerry didn’t always mention her great finds there I would have never popped in. The best part is everything is sorted by size!

A fellow petite, MoneyMaus, wanted to participate as well. She posts mostly about personal finance so I am hosting her photos on here : ) She is extra extra petite at 4’10” and 80lbs. Her “dont” were wide legged capris.

With flats…as the “don’t” :
And with pointy little heels…an instant “do” for work!

Thank you all so, so much for participating. Some of you have already suggested great ideas for future “challenges” so a different blogger will be hosting each one going forward. Kelly of AlterationsNeeded is doing the next one : )

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Lauren wrote:

    Awwww I wish I could have joined this! For the longest time I believed that maxidresses were a big no, until I bought a really cheap one and realized that it can actually elongate when worn with heels under.

    Posted 9.11.10 Reply
  2. J-ezzy wrote:

    Sorry, I love wide leg pants on all sizes, ALL. You just have to pair it with the right clothing! A fitted top and heels/wedges. You look splendid!

    Posted 8.31.10 Reply
  3. MizzJ wrote:

    You look really cute in this outfit! It's amazing how much a difference a good pair of shoes will make. It's still not really something I might buy myself as I still think I'd look stumpy, but at least you seem to have overcome it!

    Posted 8.31.10 Reply
  4. CynthiaC wrote:

    I've finally gotten around to commenting….

    @Jean: The pants prove that petites can wear wide legs!

    @Monemaus: I agree with the above posters that the heels make a difference. However, I don't know about the cuffs…

    Posted 8.28.10 Reply
  5. Hanna wrote:

    Whew, I just went through all of the participating petite bloggers and my, my, my we have such a stylish petite community! Thanks for hosting and what a wonderful way to start!

    As for the pants, they definitely do work since they fit in the hip region. I love the color as well and I liked how you contrasted it with a darker top.

    Posted 8.28.10 Reply
  6. Michelle wrote:

    Wow…yes, success! I absolutely love the accessories you chose. The belt and shoes perfectly match the loved handles on your purse! But I like that your threw in a different color necklace so it wasn't too matchy-match. And those heels make the pants less bulky looking. Such a difference!

    Money Maus – Those pointed heels make a big difference! Stacy from "What Not To Wear" would be so proud! 🙂

    Posted 8.28.10 Reply
  7. stylepint wrote:

    The fitted top makes such a difference when paired with the wide legs. It looks simple and chic! =) Thanks for starting the challenge…I have a feeling it's gonna stick around for a long time to come!

    Posted 8.28.10 Reply
  8. CCE wrote:

    haha thanks. my bad, I totally overlooked the 2nd sign up sheet! I do like your wide-leg look this time with more fitted and plain top. I have a long torso and really short legs….26" inseam and I haven't found wide-leg pants that look good on me yet, and maybe it's because i do tend to wear loose tops.

    Posted 8.28.10 Reply
  9. CCE wrote:

    oh no you left me out! CCE @ my bermuda shorts! lol it's okay, I'm new to this blogging thing 🙂

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  10. Ping wrote:

    hi jean…these definitely look better than the last pair & looks great with a fitted top! what a fun challenge btw. i wanted to participate but i been busy with events after work and have been sick for the last couple of days. i definitely have enjoyed seeing everyone's outfit! until next time 😉

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  11. Sara wrote:

    This definitely works this time! The pants aren't so "heavy" looking on you and the top being fitted works much better.

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  12. Abby wrote:

    I think it does look cute, or that could just be me and my wish to be able to pull of pants like those. Definitely NOT with the baggyish top…

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  13. Elle wrote:

    Jean, how do you make otherwise unappealing things look so cute!? I am a big fan of seersucker but I could never pull off those pants in a million years.

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  14. s wrote:

    Happy Friday!

    I do think these look better than the last post, simply b/c the mat'l of this is thinner so it's less overwhelming on your frame.

    However, I personally really like the look of skinny jeans on all girls, and I think you look great in them in your past posts. I know many people don't like skinnies, but I find that they are flattering and easy to pull off without any thought or effort! I shy away from "difficult" clothing.. and wide leg would fall into that category for me!

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  15. Callandra wrote:

    This was a great challenge, thank you so much for hosting. I actually love these pants and they seem to fit you really good. The heel height looks perfect with these pants and they definitely add stature.

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  16. Thank you for hosting the first challenge. I really like this outfit. It's definitely my style to wear on a weekend.

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  17. Those are the same pants??? I think it looks fantastic with the slim tank top! You can totally pull this off 🙂

    Thanks so much for hosting the first challenge!! 🙂

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  18. Vicky wrote:

    First of all, thank you so very much for hosting this challenge. Everyone is having fun here. 🙂

    About your wide-leg, do I think it works? Yes. Do I think it flatters you? No. To be honest, I am not a wide legged pants fan. I don't think it flatters anyone, let alone petites. I myself bought one pair just for the fun of it and it is still staying in my closet unworn.

    BTW, LOVE those shoes!!! size 6 though? I thought your feet are much smaller.

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  19. Annapurna wrote:

    I agree – these widelegs look great on you and weirdly, much better than the fitted GAP pants. The fitted tank+heels makes it work.

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  20. Nelah wrote:

    Bravo, Jean – you worked those pants this time.

    And for MoneyMaus: those shoes made a huge difference.

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  21. Kiki wrote:

    Thank you so much for challenging us! This was such a great idea. I can't wait to see everyone's posts… and what your next challenge for us will be!

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  22. Tara wrote:

    They look lovely on you!

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  23. I do think you pull it off this time. The fitted tank top make such a huge different. You look slim/tall(er) and well put together in this outfit. Thanks for hosting the 1st PFC. I am going to check out other posts.

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  24. I think you have definitely overcome this challenge. these wide legs look great on you! (hahah, I knew Kelly would like that it's seersucker) I'd like to comment on the fact that with heels on, these pants have THE PERFECT length. I love wide leg pants that are strategically hemmed to hit right above the floor.

    I'd also like to share a petite style icon of mine who pulls off this wide leg style very well (not to mention she dared to pull it off w/a flowy top…whaaaa?!!!):

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  25. I love these colour combos (and those shoes!). You look good as always but I prefer your skirt outfits. In baggy pants and slim top, your legs look shorter in comparison to your upper body.

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  26. DSK Steph! wrote:

    You look lovely as always Jean ^_^
    <3 the patina on your Speedy 25!

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  27. Diana Lien wrote:

    I think you really pulled it off, much better than your first attempt! 😛

    Pairing the fitted top and wide legs really works — I'm gonna have to try this look sometime, once I get some heels/wedges that are tall enough! Hehe. It was so much fun to see everyone's outfits in this challenge. I learned a LOT and will be trying out some of the looks since it really CAN be pulled off my petites! Yay!

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  28. I actually think those pants are not bad at all 😛 Despite the extra space in them, the waist area fits really nicely and it's flattering to your shape.

    It seems like most people's fashion don't's (LOL I don't even know how to write it with an S..) is capri's!! haha =P I agree!!!

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  29. I forgot to comment on your pants!

    Well…first of all, you had me at "seersucker".

    Second, those look really good with the slim tank. You look casual, but still put together. Are these less wide than the other ones you posted a while ago?

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  30. Erin wrote:

    I actually quite like the wide legs! They're much better with the fitted top – with a looser fit, they look a little like PJs!

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  31. I think wide leg pants looks good on you with the more slimming tank and pumps, so a better yes. I would say no to short girls wearing baggy capris (unless playing bball and wearing the "boy shorts"). Even though with the heels, it's a little better… I think petite girls like us should stick to skinny capris.

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  32. PetiteXXS wrote:

    I think this looks much better! I almost did a double take, but then realized they're not the same pair of pants 😛 These seem to have a little more structure, and the fitted top really helps as well. Of course heels are a must and I like how the pants drape to a perfect length with heels to give the illusion of longer legs.

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  33. Yay! How fun! Thanks for hosting the first ever PFC! Now to visit every single site and see all the stylish petites in action! =D

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  34. elleandish wrote:

    YES!! I'm going to check all of these out when I get home from work. Yay petites!!!!

    And I always thought you looked great in wide-legged pants, Jean. 😛

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply

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