Quick fix for pants that are too loose

how to make loose pants fit tighter no sew hack

Pants: Abercrombie. I got 25 Short, but a 24 Short would fit best
Sweater: Quince xs
Tank: Reformation top xs (so flattering!) worn with Bristol 6 nippies
Coat: Uniqlo xxs (my fit review)
Pumps: Sarah Flint 35.5 (SARAHFLINT-JEAN50 for $50 off a first order; similar for less)
Accessories: Edited Pieces belt xxs and Goyard tote

Over the past few years, my waist size has fluctuated quite a bit and some pants that I previously bought in a size up are now too loose. As a quick and temporary fix (in case I want to let the waist back out), I’ve been using this quick safety pin hack that a friend showed me. To see a video of this hack check out my Instagram Reels video.

For pants with a clasp hook and eye closure, you simply use a safety pin to create a new “eye” to hook the clasp onto. It’s super quick and easy, and works perfectly when I need to make the waist about an inch snugger! I wouldn’t do much more than that, otherwise the closure may start to look asymmetrical.

easy fix for pants that are too big
Reformation tank xs (so flattering!) worn with Bristol 6 nippies, EP bracelet + belt

For this particular pair of A+F pants, I had sized up to be safe but the 25 was a little too loose on me, so I’d recommend getting your usual size. Of course a belt is the easiest solution for tightening around the waist, but for pants that don’t have belt loops this really comes in handy!

As an alternative shoe for colder weather, or if you just prefer to cover your ankles in the winter, I’d wear this outfit with a stretch shaft bootie like this Ann Taylor pair a shown below.

winter office outfit A+F navy trouser pants
Ann Taylor booties 5.5, Abercrombie trousers 25 short, Quince sweater xs, Uniqlo coat xxs (sleeves folded), Edited Pieces belt xxs, Goyard tote
quick fix for pants that are too loose
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Mirilla wrote:

    This is a genius hack and saved me so much time and money — thanks for sharing!

    Posted 8.23.23 Reply
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi! Can you please comment on the difference between this pair of pants and the Sloane Tailored pant? I noticed this one you linked has a slanted zip (for some of the colors), and I’m not too sure about that. Thank you so much!

    Posted 2.3.23 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi! You can see comparison photos of the two styles in this blog post I wrote about the two styles, but basically one is less wide cut in the leg. You’re right that just some of the colors have a trendy slanted zipper, so if you don’t want that just be sure you check the product photo carefully before ordering!

      Posted 2.6.23 Reply

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