Everlane Silk Blouses – A Review of 3 Styles

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For lovers of classic style, it doesn’t get more classic than a well draping silk blouse. It’s a work staple for tucking into pencil skirts, wearing with slacks and suits, and also looks effortlessly chic paired with denim or lace for date night. Everlane makes their clean silk in a few different cuts, so I wanted to do a fit and style comparison between the styles! I’m excited to partner with the brand on a longer term basis, after the previous positive response from those of you seeking more ethical fashion options (see previous Everlane posts).

Before diving into their silk blouse options, a quick note on these shorts!

High waist cotton twill shorts

These flattering shorts in a thicker, durable 95% cotton / 5% elastane stretch twill make an easy summer staple. The higher rise visually nips in the waist and is elongating even with a modest 3″ inseam (good for bending around and chasing after little ones). A 00 was fitted on me with no waist gap, and I found there to be a comfortable amount of room in the leg opening for moving around.

If you’re interested in similar pants in an ankle length, I’d recommend their straight leg crop in the short inseam. I also tried on their wide leg crop, and found the straight leg version to be much more flattering on someone petite!

everlane silk blouse comparison and fit review

From Everlane’s clean silk collection (read more about their factories and production here), I tried on the 3 styles below each in size 00 regular. The silk quality of these shirts seem comparable to higher end brands and feel luxurious against the skin, draping well with no chest gapping on me. UPDATE: Their newer washable silk shirts are more petite-friendly compared to all of these options! They are also thicker and without sheerness issues.

FYI the light colors are slightly see through, so I’d stick with the more colorful or darker hues unless you wear skin-toned undergarments (or want a piece to wear intentionally sheer over a lace bralette or camisole). Here are the three in order of longest to shortest on me:

1. Relaxed Silk Shirt

Out of the three styles in today’s post, this one has the longest torso and sleeve length. It’s a relaxed style from the shoulders down, yet I’d still consider it slim fit due to the drape and looks very classic when tucked in. It hits me at my lower hips and has a traditional pointed collar and front button placket. I have the sleeve cuff folded up once in the below photos.

everlane silk shirt equipment blouse look for less

2. Notch Silk Shirt (short sleeve version)

I love the notch as an elegant variation on the traditional shirt collar! Compared to the relaxed cut shirt above, this one still has a relaxed fit but with a shorter, straight hem line and slightly shorter sleeves making it a little more petite friendly. There are small slits on both sides and a more minimalist design down the front button placket. The Olive color in this one is a deeper hue than the Cover Green I’m wearing in the relaxed cut shirt. I also have the sleeves folded up once in the below photo since they’re long on me uncuffed.

everlane notch silk shirt equipment blouse comparison

3. Shirred Silk Shirt

This runs the shortest of the three at both the sleeves and torso length. The gentle shirring along the shoulders and sleeve cuffs plus the hidden button placket down the front gives this a softer, more romantic look!

everlane blush pink shirred silk shirt review for petites

everlane silk blouses comparison and review petites

From left to right: Relaxed, Everlane Clean Notch Silk Shirt, and Shirred styles – all in size 00 regular

everlane cotton twill shorts for petite women

white celine nano summer bag for petite styleThank you to Everlane for partnering on this post.

P.S. The only thing that used to hinder me from wearing silk was the dry cleaning bill, but I started washing my pieces at home a few years ago and have yet to turn back! Let me know if you guys would be interested in some info on washing silk and delicates at home in a future post.

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. TQ wrote:

    Hello! Are you donating any of your clothes? I am 24yrs old a new graduate student and I absolutely love your style! I am 4’11 and 97lbs (around the same size as you!) But its difficult for me to find appropriate clothes that fit me for a reasonable price. When I go to the thrift stores, mostly everything needs to be altered which cost lots of money. I am trying to build up my funds so I can create a wardrobe like yours! But it would be so amazing if u could donate some! (Maybe wishful thinking??). I am also very thankful for your site it has helped a petite girl like me tremendously! Any advice and tips is much appreciated! Love from another extra petite sister 💜

    Posted 4.19.20 Reply
  2. Cheri wrote:

    I have loved seeing your Everlane discoveries. I still wish they would offer a petite line! I find that their clothes tend to run pretty boxy, but with your styling suggestions, I am able to pull them off!

    In addition to your washing tips for delicates, would you tell us if you use an iron or steamer and which ones you find best?

    Posted 6.10.19 Reply
  3. Delphine wrote:

    Great shirts! Would love your tips about washing but also about my biggest issue with silk shirts… sweat marks ☹️☹️☹️!!

    Posted 6.5.19 Reply
  4. Megan Reister wrote:

    I would also love a detailed post on washing silk at home. I love the feel and breathability of silk, plus the fact that it’s a natural fiber, but I’m not such a fan of having to dryclean it.

    As part of that post, I’m curious if you could share any experience with the at-home dry cleaning kits (i.e. Dryel).

    Thanks in advance!

    Posted 6.4.19 Reply
  5. Teresa wrote:

    Hi Jean,

    I would love info on washing silk and delicates at home!

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  6. Cathy wrote:

    After seeing this review I would definitely consider buying the shirred one – the last style. I would have loved for you to come out with a definitive favorite – for you- from the options you tried. Love Everlane!

    Posted 6.1.19 Reply
  7. These silk shirts are so elegant and classy <3 🙂 I love the way that you styled them!

    XO, Elizabeth T.

    Posted 6.1.19 Reply
  8. Kate E Thornton wrote:

    Wondering if you can link to the closed-toe shoes? I love them!

    Posted 5.29.19 Reply
  9. Laksh wrote:

    Yes, please, for details on washing silk at home! Excited to learn more and save the dry cleaning $$$!

    Posted 5.29.19 Reply
  10. lia wrote:

    I’m not sure about these, Jean – I love the idea of chic silk blouses, but none of these look like they actually fit you. They’re all too big. The shorts look great, though!

    Posted 5.29.19 Reply
  11. Nasim Mullen wrote:

    I would love a post on home wash of silk and delicates!

    Posted 5.29.19 Reply
  12. Keilexandra wrote:

    I too would love to see a post on washing silk. Do you hand wash or risk the machine (I have a top loader)? Do you iron afterwards? I have always felt that single-colored silk (not prints) is safe to hand wash, but sometimes it comes out wrinkled and doesn’t quite have the sheen of dry cleaning.

    Posted 5.29.19 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      I hand wash first to make sure the dye doesn’t run, and then machine wash on the delicates cycle the times after that. I always steam instead of iron!

      Posted 5.31.19 Reply
  13. Jane wrote:

    Only the third blouse fits you well. The other two are too big — probably because they’re not petite size.

    Posted 5.29.19 Reply
  14. Jodie wrote:

    Can you tell us where you got your adorable necklace?

    Posted 5.29.19 Reply
  15. Mireia wrote:

    Those shorts are so cute!

    Posted 5.29.19 Reply
  16. In love with the colour of your blouse! So beautiful and so versatile! ❤️✨

    Posted 5.29.19 Reply
  17. Janine wrote:

    I think it is amazing that you are focusing on more sustainable clothing brands as well!
    I love the look of that relaxed shirt blouse you are wearing.
    Xx Janine

    Posted 5.29.19 Reply
  18. Love the blouses Jean, I wish we had Everlane here in England!

    I hope you have a great Wednesday,

    Posted 5.29.19 Reply
  19. Such a pretty blouse! X

    Posted 5.29.19 Reply
  20. Nancy wrote:

    Second the idea of a post on washing silk at home!

    Posted 5.29.19 Reply
  21. Ainomiaka wrote:

    Yes please on the washing at home! Particularly with a little one. I am having to do so much laundry and I actually see dry clean/hand wash suggestions for nursing clothes. And I wonder if said company has ever met a baby.

    Posted 5.28.19 Reply
  22. Shane wrote:

    I would love a post on caring for silk at home! I liked the slim cut style Everlane used to sell but find the sleeves too long on the new relaxed cut.

    Posted 5.28.19 Reply
    • Chris wrote:

      I would also love to see a post on caring for silk at home! That’s also a key deterrent for me to buy silk.

      Thanks a lot for this post – I’d heard a lot about Everlane’s silk shirts and have always wanted to try them but am hesitant because I live in Australia and returning things isn’t quite as easy. It’s nice to see how they fit on you and to see a comparison of the different fit options.

      As we’re going into winter now, I’ve been looking at the Everlane cashmere sweaters and would love to see a comparison post on the different sweaters, how they fit, and how warm they are!

      Posted 5.29.19 Reply
  23. Pam wrote:

    Jean, thank you for this review! I’ve been searching for a classic, clean, silk button up for a long time. The variety of colors, cuts, and the price point of Everlane’s is perfect! And yes, please do share how you clean your silk garments at home without having to dry clean! 🙂

    Posted 5.28.19 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      So glad this was helpful, Pam! They add new colors every so often too and I’ve been eyeing the short sleeve version of the notched collar one : )

      Posted 5.31.19 Reply
  24. Rachel Q wrote:

    I would LOVE a post on washing silk at home. The dry cleaning bill has definitely prevented me from buying more silk pieces.

    Posted 5.28.19 Reply
    • Teresa R wrote:

      I used to wash my Equipment and Everlane shirts by hand but that took way too long. Now, I use a delicates bag and then add laundress delicate detergent and use my washing machine’s delicate setting. (Make sure you separate colors or else darker colors will bleed into lighter ones). Then I hang and steam and then let the silk air dry. This method is saving me so much money and I’ve nearly replaced all my shirts and tanks to silk ones!

      Posted 5.28.19 Reply
      • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

        Yes! Agree with all of these. I do wash each piece by hand the first time to see if the color bleeds, and if it doesn’t, then it’s good to go next time in the delicates cycle of the wash.

        Posted 5.31.19 Reply
    • Valeri Pighini wrote:

      Me too. Interested to hear your tip on washing silk please.

      Posted 5.29.19 Reply
    • Amanda K. wrote:

      Ditto with everyone’s interest in at-home silk-cleaning tips. Might get me to be more open to adding silk pieces to my wardrobe, so I look forward to learning about them.

      I have heard about Everlane before but avoided them since they did not offer petite sizing. Because of your reviews, I’m thinking of reconsidering the brand, so thanks for your post – it’s very helpful!

      Posted 5.29.19 Reply
      • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

        Glad to hear, Amanda! Their cuts vary a lot and some definitely are a little more petite friendly than the rest.

        Posted 5.31.19 Reply
    • Jane wrote:

      May I ask what the waist size is on the shorts 00. Thank you

      Posted 5.31.19 Reply
    • Kahla wrote:

      Chiming in to say I’d also LOVE your silk washing tips! I’ve got a few items but I only wear them for special occasions now since dry cleaning feels like a hassle.

      Posted 6.2.19 Reply
  25. Carla Krae wrote:

    I had washable silk back in the 90s. Dramatically dropped the price of silk garments, which used to be out of reach for a lot of women. Came out of the machine perfectly fine time after time as long as the instructions were followed.

    Posted 5.28.19 Reply
    • I recently found a fun silk dress from the 90s at a thrift store. (Similar fabric weight to modern new silk pieces, even after being used since then, impressive.) I machine washed it on the most gentle setting in a protective bag and it was fine. Even modern silk with dry clean only label has gone through the wash fine. I don’t have a fancy washing machine or anything, but do always put the garment in a bag. I do the same with linen. So much more convenient than dry cleaning. What I wonder is which method will further extend the life of the clothes? Am always looking for life tips to do better, so would love a post on caring for finer fabrics. Everlane is intriguing but it would be nice if they offered petite sizing.

      Posted 6.1.19 Reply

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