Embroidered (bump-friendly) dress at Villa Tre Ville

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Petite Boho Dress

This embroidered dress (currently 40% off with code SPF40) earned MVP throughout my recent travels. I wore it on repeat (including as a swim coverup), basically whenever I wanted something breezy and unrestricting that still looked put-together! Fit does run big, as I’m wearing my pre-pregnancy size and it’s a swingy fit even in my second trimester. TIP: If you want it to look a little more shapely, I would stitch either two darts or a strip of elastic along the inner back waistline. The “elasticized waist” trick is one of my favorites – it’s very easy to add and also remove, if you change your mind later. Let me know if you guys are interested in a quick tutorial!

I paired this dress with my cushioned yellow sandals (super comfy; runs a little wide) when a lot of walking was on the agenda, and also with these basic slide sandals below (shop similar) for a neutral look. The dress is fully lined with a separate layer, so I didn’t have any problems with sheerness, although I always wear skin-toned undergarments just to be safe.
petite maternity outfit summer boho embroidered dress

Visiting Villa Tre Ville

One of the top questions from our trip was where to enjoy food or drinks with a great view. There’s a number of hotels along the Amalfi coast with stunning vantage points, but they cost an arm and a leg to stay at. A more affordable way to dabble in their scenic views is to visit the properties for lunch or drinks!

Compared to fellow 5-star hotel Le Sirenuse (see my post about their food & drinks), Villa Tre Ville is located 10 minutes out from the town center and lesser known, but I thought it was dreamy on a whole different level! One of the locals we met used to be a sommelier there – he told us all about the history of the property and strongly encouraged a visit. The bar is quite pricey so not a must-go for that reason, but Nick and I thoroughly enjoyed two relaxing hours there (we went around noon) with the space all to ourselves!

We didn’t know about their complimentary boat shuttle in advance, so showed up after “hiking” along a narrow windy road with no sidewalks and lots of cars, buses, and even a donkey or two crowding by us. Nick joked we looked like hitchhikers covered in sweat and dirt by the time we arrived ; )

ann taylor petite dress maternity fashion

villa tre ville restaurant views positano travel guide

Scenic waiting area at Villa Tre Ville next to their restaurant

Villa Tre Ville used to be a private estate and has ~ 16 rooms / villas situated on a large property. For hotel guests, I imagine it feels exclusive and intimate like your own private retreat, yet is just a 5 minute boat ride (on their complimentary shuttle boat, if weather permits) from bustling central Positano. Below are two ways to enjoy the property if you are not a hotel guest:

  • Lunch at their restaurant. You need to email in advance for reservations, and it does include use of their shuttle boat to/from the Positano dock. Like several restaurants in the area, they’re big on farm / sea-to-table and use a lot of seafood caught daily and produce from their own (huge) on-site gardens.
  • Drinks at Bianca Bar, a photo hotspot with stunning Moroccan decor and distant views of Positano. From pictures, I thought this was a small corner but it’s actually two spacious curtained terraces plus a large white indoor space. Reservations here are also required. The “cover” fee is exorbitant for non-hotel guests, but we did savor every minute of our peaceful time!

If you have dining reservations at their restaurant, then you don’t need to pay the cover fee to visit the bar. If you are visiting ONLY the bar, then there’s a 50 Euro cover charge per person, which includes 1 cocktail, olives, almonds, and plated small bites pictured below (cocktails are typically priced at 20 Euros, or free for hotel guests). Bar visitors can also use the shuttle boat, pictured at the top of this blog post.

villa tre ville positano luxury hotel bianca bar

Salone / Bar Bianca at Villa Tre Ville – cover charge for visitors includes 1 cocktail + small bites

villa tre ville positano luxury hotel review
positano 5 star hotel villa tre ville review

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This post is part of my main Amalfi Coast itinerary & travel guide.

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Sierra wrote:

    So beautiful! We just returned from the Almafi Coast last week. That trek down to the beach was something else, right?! I’m pregnant too and had to stop for a few breaks. But, once you got down there those views were amazing! Sierra Beautifully Candid

    Posted 6.18.18 Reply
  2. Delaine wrote:

    The cutest ruffle dress, absolutely adorable pics

    Cheers, Delaine


    Posted 6.17.18 Reply
  3. Sacha wrote:

    Jean, I bought these sandals in two colours after seeing them on you (the first time ever doing that). Fully planned on choosing one and returning the other but now keeping both since they are so comfortable! As a bonus, they can easily be slipped on when your hands are tied up with other things (aka. kids).

    Posted 6.12.18 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Sacha – that makes me so happy to hear! Which colors did you get? I wish there was a tan or neutral, but the lack of that forced me to go with yellow which has served as a welcome pop of color!

      Posted 6.13.18 Reply
  4. Lauren wrote:

    Hi, love Positano! Quick question- was it easy to get to Spiaggia Grande from the Villa? Was there a bus stop nearby?

    Posted 6.12.18 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Lauren – do you mean this hotel Villa Treville? We stayed by the beach and I don’t think there was any way other than walking (narrow road with no pedestrian sidewalks…), a 25+ Euro cab ride, or via their free boat shuttle if you are a guest there or have reservations (most convenient of course, but the boat doesn’t run if the waters are too choppy).

      Posted 6.13.18 Reply
      • Gina wrote:

        Hi Jean! I am a fellow Bostonian (WOO!) I am going to Positano again in 2 weeks, and making my way to Tre Ville this time, but the beach club. For your lunch reservations, did you have them at the beach club or the restaurant at the Villa (Maestros)? Just trying to figure out if I can even get to the Bianca Bar/Villa from the Beach Club that Tre Ville has!!!

        Posted 8.9.18 Reply
  5. Emily wrote:

    I’d also love a tutorial on how to make the dress more fitted. I read your explanation but had a hard time really understanding. A video would be much appreciated. P.S. congratulations to you and Nick.

    Posted 6.11.18 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Emily – the elastic is a cursory “shortcut” way … I think ppl who are actually tailors or good at sewing will disapprove of it haha but I’ll do my best to try to capture the steps in some photos.

      Posted 6.13.18 Reply
  6. Maureen wrote:

    That would be great if you can do a tutorial on an “elasticized waist.” I like my clothes a bit more loose fitting and don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for adjustments since my weight fluctuates. Love the boho vibe and those yellow sandals are growing on me!

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

    Posted 6.11.18 Reply
  7. Christi Beebe wrote:

    Hi Jean! Love the embroidery on this. Fun, fresh, and summery. This kind of look would be perfect up on the North Shore of MA in Newburyport where I am.

    I sent you a message a few weeks back via the “advertise” button for a group I’m a part of locally…not sure if that was the best way, but was unsure how to reach you!

    Feel free to let me know if there’s a better way. 🙂

    Posted 6.11.18 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Christi! So sorry, my inbox is a bit of a mess and the advertise emails go to someone on my team so I will check with them! Can you share more info about what the group is about so I can look out for the message?

      Posted 6.13.18 Reply
      • Christi wrote:

        Hi Jean!

        No problem!

        I had reached out a few weeks back on behalf of the Newburyport Mothers and Families Club. I’m in charge of Adult Outings and wanted to chat with you about doing an event for our members. I wasn’t sure how best to reach you to connect for something like this, so that’s why I sent to the Advertise button – probably not the best way! 🙂

        Posted 6.25.18 Reply
  8. Laura wrote:

    I would love a tutorial on the elastic piece for the back! I feel like I’ve been wearing “almost” maternity clothes. Maybe this will help me with a little shape!

    Posted 6.11.18 Reply
  9. May wrote:

    Such a beautiful dress! Love the design. Also, gorgeous pictures!

    May || https://themoderness.com/

    Posted 6.10.18 Reply
  10. Nicole wrote:

    Hi Jean, 🤗

    Yes, I I would love to see you tutorial on bringing in the waistline.


    P.S. btw, replied to my email a few years ago about the best size of pearl earrings for a slimmer sh girls like you and me.

    Posted 6.10.18 Reply
  11. Loving all of the dresses that you picked! They’re soooo pretty and summery! 🙂 And wow, the Amalfi Coast just keeps getting more an dmore beautiful! <3

    XO, Elizabeth

    Posted 6.9.18 Reply
  12. Anonymous wrote:
    Posted 6.9.18 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      So cute! Anthro has the most whimsical things : )

      Posted 6.13.18 Reply
  13. Jothi wrote:

    Beautiful post as always Jean!
    Do you have recommendations for skin colored bras and undergarments for brown skin? “Nude” tones show through due to contrast (not nude against brown tones).

    Posted 6.9.18 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Jothi – Have you checked out Gap body? They have tons of shades of “nudes” from tan to light brown online!

      Posted 6.13.18 Reply
  14. Jandrew wrote:

    Really cute dress ,love the embroidery. I have been following your Italy posts and have wanderlust, time for an epic style vacation .

    Posted 6.8.18 Reply
  15. Simplement Lui wrote:

    A beautiful summer dress in a wonderful location 😉

    Posted 6.8.18 Reply
  16. Dear Jean. Such a cute romantic embroidered dress! It totally matches with the romantic scenery. Love, Lieske

    Posted 6.8.18 Reply
  17. Brandi wrote:

    Beautiful photos and style! I like embroidery details and the dress looks cool. Just what I need for south Mississippi heat and humidity.. Since you like to sew and do alterations yourself, have you sewn anything special for baby?
    Also, Im not endorsing or advertising this but Ive found a site with cute tops and dresses. Most seem to be the relaxed boho style that one could wear pregnant or not but they also have a ‘mom’ friendly line. Dresses with concealed zippers for easy nursing etc.. Ive ordered a couple of shirts from them but I thought of you last night while browsing and thought Id pass it along since you are currently in that season of life 😁👗 Its called http://www.roolee.com
    Have a great weekend!!

    Posted 6.8.18 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Thanks for your tips, Brandi! Haha I don’t like to sew nor am I good at it … I just do it to get by when there’s no time to go to the tailor. I’d love to look into making something for baby if there’s time down the road (wishful thinking ; )

      Posted 6.13.18 Reply
  18. Mimi wrote:

    You look so adorable in that dress. I love your travel posts because they are so detailed and helpful. I’m glad you and Nick decided to take this time to travel before the baby arrives. Really enjoyed reading every one of your posts and can’t wait for the next one!

    Posted 6.8.18 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Mimi!! xx

      Posted 6.13.18 Reply
  19. Jenny wrote:

    i love all the embroidery on it that adds the perfect amount of detail!! And your shots from Italy are still making me drool!!
    xx jen

    Posted 6.8.18 Reply
  20. Louanne Mita wrote:

    I love that dress. Do you think it is a too young look for someone nearly 65? Yup, I’m a senior, I guess, but I still wear a 0P size. I think the ruffle sleeve might be too girly. What do you think?

    Posted 6.8.18 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Louanne – I don’t think so at all. My mom and I swap clothes on occasion and I thought this looked great on her. If you’re concerned about the ruffles for certain occasions, you could wear a cardigan or denim jacket over it (which I did several times – it still allows the pretty embroidered details and hem to show through!)

      Posted 6.8.18 Reply
      • Louanne Mita wrote:

        Thanks, Jean. Sometimes I need a little encouragement to try a new style. I might give it a go.

        Posted 6.8.18 Reply
  21. Deb wrote:

    Jean, loving these vacation posts! Can you tell us more about the elasticize waist trick? Thank you!

    Posted 6.8.18 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Deb! I might make a quick demonstration but the best way I can explain it is to cut a strip of elastic that measures a few inches shorter than the back half of the waist on the dress. Flip the dress inside out (this shortcut only works on dresses that are either unlined or have a lining that is not attached to the waistline, like with this dress I’m wearing). Use a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine to attach the elastic directly to the inner back waistline of the dress, using both hands to stretch the elastic out as you stitch while keeping it aligned over the dress waistline. That’s it! It’ll result in a “gathered” section at the back waist area that stretches with you.

      Posted 6.8.18 Reply
      • Deb wrote:

        Thank you! Your explanation is super helpful, as always! I really appreciate all your tips over the past few years.

        Posted 6.8.18 Reply
      • Stacia Chapman wrote:

        Hi Jean! I would love to see a demonstration of this trick as I find myself at the seamstress every month with most of my tops needing to be taken in at the sides because they are too loose/flows and offer no shape to them at all. I love the idea of being able to take care of this seemingly simple issue on my own.

        Posted 6.10.18 Reply
      • Lena wrote:

        Would also love to see a tutorial!

        Posted 6.11.18 Reply
        • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

          Will do! Please keep your expectations low though since it’s a very simplified version of a proper alteration ; )

          Posted 6.13.18 Reply
          • Nancy wrote:

            Would love a tutorial for elastic and darts if you get the chance!

            Posted 6.16.18
  22. This is the most gorgeous embroidered dress + the perfect backdrop. Wow, just wow!

    Posted 6.8.18 Reply
  23. Mireia wrote:

    It’s a really cute dress!

    Posted 6.8.18 Reply
  24. Roses for Fridays | by mia wrote:

    Such a cute and beautiful Summer look! 🌷👍🏻🌷


    Posted 6.8.18 Reply
  25. I’m not one for the boho vibe, but I love the dress you’re wearing, Jean! It’s not too OTT and looks great on a petite girl! 🙂


    Posted 6.8.18 Reply

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