Amalfi lemon grove tour + Italian cooking class

amalfi coast italy lemon grove tour

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amalfi coast italy lemons travel guide
Continuing our tour along the Amalfi Coast, one of the stops I most eagerly anticipated was our visit to this expansive Amalfi lemon grove. Aside from finding the photo backdrop of my dreams, we loved learning about the history and hard work behind a 6th-generation family business dedicated to organic, sustainable farming. The people we met oozed passion for what they do (“the lemons are my babies!” one owner Sal put it).  Nick and I both love to cook, so we continued our day there with a homestyle cooking class featuring some of the plentiful fresh lemons. The wine and food flowed a little TOO freely during this class – we were all so stuffed we had to be rolled home!

Amalfi Coast Lemon Tour

Cost: 20 Euros per person

The standard lemon tours run daily Monday – Saturday, meeting at 10:15AM in front of the main church at Amalfi town square (refer to this blog post on getting to Amalfi from other coastal towns). You’ll see little green golf carts congregating there, which you hop in and ride for about 5 minutes to reach the groves (you’ll need to walk back into town after the tour is over).

The tour itself is ~1.5 hours long, and does require the ability to walk on a sometimes steep dirt path. You start by learning the history of the grove and sampling one of their fresh and huge juicy lemons. We enjoyed it peel, rind and everything – basically like eating an apple slice! After an informative trek through the hilly terrain, you’re rewarded at the end with a tasting of lemon cake, lemonade, and limoncello.

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The Lemon Cooking Class

Cost: 140 Euros per person; includes the lemon tour first

The price of this cooking class is pretty steep and also spans over several hours (due to the leisurely pace of everything in the area, it seems). It didn’t wrap up until 4PM, so I’d only recommend it if you have a good chunk of time available and aren’t rushing to another destination!

Price aside, we did love how casual and authentic the class felt, like being in your aunt’s kitchen cooking a rustic meal (and enjoying it together afterwards, family-style!). We started by making a simple veggie dish and two pastas from scratch – scialatelli (local favorite like a thicker, shorter fettuccini – the texture is soo good when fresh!) and gnocchi. Nick’s head got a little too big, as he kept getting praised for his dough consistency and asked if he were a professional chef back home…

couple cooking class amalfi coast italy vacation

The ladies then showed us how to make super simple sauces for each pasta, and finished boiling & preparing everything as the hungry students rested with prosecco in hand.

pasta cooking class amalfi coast italy activities

Course 1 – Fresh scialatelli tossed with garlic, lemon, olive oil. Nick claims this was the best dish of the trip!

gnocchi cooking class amalfi coast italy

Course 2 – The most pillowy fresh gnocchi with a light pesto

homestyle cooking class amalfi coast italy

Course 3 – Smoked cheese wrapped in lemon leaf, baked eggplant, and veggie hash

amalfi lemon tour cooking class review tiramisu

Course 4 –  “Chef” Nick whipping up lemon tiramisu for dessert

amalfi coast vacation activities lemon grove

Photos don’t do the grove justice. The seemingly endless hills of lemon trees, the sweet & fresh aroma in the air…

This post is part of my main Amalfi Coast itinerary & travel guide. Also check out my Instagram “stories” today, as I’ll be sharing some video snippets from our cooking class! 

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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