Navy Suit // Professional Style in Theory Good Wool

business formal workwear theory suit for petite women

Theory outfit c/o – Good Wool blazer sz 00 (fits narrow; matching skirt here), pull-on pants sz 00, suede pumps sz 35, turtleneck sz P, crepe trench sz 00 (sleeves shortened), Celine “Audrey” sunglasses, Goyard tote

As longtime readers may know, Theory is one of the first brands I “invested” in as a young professional. I wore their suiting in my first outfit post (major throwback to the days of taking point & shoot photos in my cramped apartment kitchen!) and blogged other favorites in my 2010 posts. Although these pieces were a splurge, I still reach for them now -years and years later- when I want to look effortlessly put-together and professional.

Theory’s designs may change a bit seasonally, but what appeals to me is the core of the brand: tailored pieces with an emphasis on quality fabric. Since several of you expressed interest in environmentally responsible apparel, I’m also excited to share their Good Wool collection. You can read about the collection background, from sourcing to production. The resulting product is a lightweight, comfortable stretch wool fabric that moves with you and is pretty wrinkle-resistant.

theory suit jacket classic petite fashion in soho nyc
theory navy suit conservative interview work outfit
Fit-wise, I was thrilled to find that Theory’s Good Wool Clean Blazer is actually one of their most petite-friendly styles, with a nice slim fit throughout the shoulders and torso, and a 3/4 style sleeve that does not require any alterations on me! If you look at some of my older Theory blazers, I’ve been partial to this open front design with no lapel, for a very sleek look.

The matching Good Wool Classic Skirt fits small at the waist compared to other brands, and would look sharp on a petite frame (I’d get 2 inches of length hemmed). I couldn’t zip it up in my current state, but will say it looks a little more shapely like a pencil skirt than the stock images appear. This skirt in sz 00 should fit someone my pre-pregnancy size at the higher waist. The Good Wool pants I tried on measure a little wider across the waist, for a lower-rise fit.

professional navy suit for interview outfit in banking accounting finance law
I don’t always believe in strict coordinates, even with suiting, so I mixed fabrics here by adding a crepe trench (sleeves shortened) and pull-on pants. These pants are made of a stretchy, fluid, unlined crepe material. The very slightly different navy hues look close enough to me, and my growing belly appreciates the forgiving elastic-back waistband!

Measurements of pieces in size 00, for reference:
Good Wool Clean Blazer: 14″ across shoulders, 15.5 across underarms, 19.5″ long sleeves, 23″ length.
Coordinating Good Wool Skirt (not pictured): 12.25″ across waist, 25.5″ total length.
Pull-On Pants: 12.75″ across waist when lying flat (very stretchy), 16.5″ across hips, 8.75″ rise, 25″ inseam.

classic black trench coat petite celine audrey sunglasses
black trench coat nyc fashion blog petite style
Thank you to Theory for partnering on this post.

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Katie wrote:

    Hey Jean! I love your blog and I have a question about business formal attire. I am attending a fundraiser/reunion and they said I had to dress business formal. Are A-line dresses ok?

    Posted 4.12.18 Reply
  2. Hello Jean – The blazer looks so elegant and so professional. It will be adorable to following you.

    Posted 4.5.18 Reply
  3. Amy wrote:

    Hi Jean – The blazer sits so smoothly and looks so effortless. Did you have to do any additional tailoring?

    Thanks, Amy

    Posted 4.2.18 Reply
  4. You look so classy! 🙂 xoxo

    Posted 4.1.18 Reply
  5. A fan living in Belmont wrote:

    Dear Jean,
    I love your blog. You’re my fashion icon! Excited for you and your soon-to-be baby.
    I have a question unrelated to this post. I live in the Boston area and would like to get some clothing tailored. Are the Hemmingway tailors you mentioned in earlier years the ones in Belmont? Are they still there? Would you share their names, or are they the only tailors at Hemmingway and all tailors at Hemmingway are equally good? My mother never taught me Cantonese, so I’m a bit nervous to try a tailor who doesn’t speak much English, although I suppose I could get her on the phone to translate if I get really lost. Thanks for any advice!

    Posted 3.28.18 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi there – I haven’t been to those tailors in about 6(?) years so I’m sorry I can’t help answer that! I switched tailors because I wasn’t as satisfied with their work towards the end, unfortunately. It’s two sisters I believe who own Hemmingway Tailors and they were the only ones there at the time. Also they spoke Korean and English (my current tailor is on Knapp Street in Chinatown and only speaks Cantonese and a little mandarin : )

      Posted 4.3.18 Reply
      • A fan living in Belmont wrote:

        Thanks so much for the advice, Jean!

        Posted 4.7.18 Reply
  6. Cynthia wrote:

    What a beautiful professional suit! I love the white color suit though.

    Cynthia ~

    Posted 3.28.18 Reply
  7. Alina wrote:

    Hi Jean! Love the suit. I am in need of one eventually but not immediately… is there a time you’ve noticed Theory suits going on sale or are they one of those things where the price never really budges?

    Posted 3.27.18 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Alina – they have a friends and family sale about once a year, I believe! It’s going on right now with 25% off which is very good!

      Posted 4.3.18 Reply
  8. Jill wrote:

    So professional and classy! I’m a long time reader and want to offer my congratulations for your wonderful news about expecting! It will be exciting following along with you.

    Posted 3.27.18 Reply
  9. Julie wrote:

    This outfit looks great on you!! Classic. Theory should add it to its site – your photos display the ensemble better!! You can never go wrong with the classic style. Your outfit from 2010 is timeless. It’s worth the investment to buy classic pieces to wear for years to come.

    Posted 3.27.18 Reply
  10. I love this suit is very cute and professional

    Posted 3.27.18 Reply
  11. Jaz wrote:

    I LOVE, love this! I little pricey. ….Did I mentioned I love it

    Posted 3.27.18 Reply
  12. This is such a beautiful suit! X

    Posted 3.27.18 Reply
  13. I love the colours in this outfit Jean. It would be far too businesslike for me at work (imagine teaching 8 year-olds styled likes this…), so I can use the colour inspiration to create a more casual look. Love, Lieske

    Posted 3.27.18 Reply
  14. Elizabeth wrote:

    I love how sophisticated and classy this look is! <3 🙂 The trousers fit so nicely, and I'm absolutely in love with the coat too! So happy to hear that they have a environmentally responsible line of wool fabric!

    XO, Elizabeth

    Posted 3.27.18 Reply
  15. Irena wrote:

    Very impressed with all the looks and pieces in this post. Top notch and seamless structure, even to the turtleneck I can see under the the coat. I would consider Theory knowing they have petite-friendly sizing.

    Posted 3.26.18 Reply
  16. P wrote:

    Can’t agree with you more. Theory has always made the best pants for the modern working woman. They made pants that fit folks like us when the rest of retail did not (except for in the inseam). You look absolutely fabulous, and congrats on expecting!

    Posted 3.26.18 Reply
  17. Jessica wrote:

    You look so gorgeous in this outfit! Those pumps are beautiful!

    Posted 3.26.18 Reply
  18. Jandrew wrote:

    A well tailored suit that has a great fit is necessity for a well rounded wardrobe. This suit fits so well it looks tailored made ! Great job Jean

    Posted 3.26.18 Reply
  19. Jenny Yang wrote:

    So in love with that coat! And the color of that suit is gorgeous and chic!
    xx jen

    Posted 3.26.18 Reply
  20. Your suit looks amazing Jean! I absolutely love it!

    Happy Monday!

    Posted 3.26.18 Reply
  21. May wrote:

    I love all your work-wear posts Jean and this one is no different! The black coat is definitely something I need!

    May ||

    Posted 3.26.18 Reply
  22. I love how structured the suit is. A great thing to wear to an interview to make a great first impression for sure! 🙂 I especially love the longer fit, really professional! Been looking for one that suits my petite frame for a long time! 😀

    Posted 3.26.18 Reply
  23. Jess wrote:

    I like the clean cut look of that blazer! And the ponytail and sunglasses make you look boss 🙂 I’ve only ever tried on Theory before, and had similar problems with the sizing, so it’s good to hear that this line is more petite-friendly.

    Posted 3.26.18 Reply

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