Theory Tweed Suit: Gratian Blazer and Joanie Skirt

My first “outfit” post! I’ve been refraining from doing outfit or lookbook posts because, frankly, I don’t really know how to style my stuff yet. I buy things that I think look nice on their own, and wear them plainly with basic tees and pumps. This leads to my fashion-related resolutions for the new year:

1. Learn to better accessorize and “style” my outfits.
I’ve come to realize how much my outfits desperately lack accessories and that fashionable punch. I own merely 2 pairs of earrings, pearl necklaces “borrowed” from my mother, 4 handbags, and a closet full of mediocre shoes.

2. Write down and prioritize the items I am coveting. Save deliberately towards these items, and avoid impulse purchases.
At the top of this list – Chanel small gray classic flap with silver hardware.

3. No more splurge coats. 
I’d love to move to the West Coast someday, where my beloved coat collection would serve little purpose!

As these are resolutions that I’ll be working on throughout the year, I wanted my first look to be a simple outfit that requires little styling. The Theory Gratian Jacket and Joanie Skirt which I hunted down finally arrived, and together they make what is easily the most lovely and well-fitting suit I own. Each piece works as well on its own as they do together (readers will def. be seeing them as part of future outfits). The light tweed texture is unique without being too “different” for the business world.

Theory Lecture Gratian Jacket in 00 , Theory Joanie Skirt in 00 (length pinned up), BR Monogram drape-neck silk tank in womens XS , J.Crew chiffon floral hair elastic turned pin, Aldo Arnoldoa Satin Pumps

The only alteration I need on this suit is a simple skirt hem, which should be about $10 since it is unlined (how does Theory get away with selling un unlined skirt for $190?). In the pics I have it temporarily pinned up 2 inches – does it look like a good length? After a big meal, the skirt in size 00 is *almost* too tight, but I know a 0 will sit too low on my waist/hips for my tastes.


As for the tank, BR Monogram unfortunately only comes in regular women sizes so I had to have about an inch taken in on each side. It cost about $15 to alter since it is 100% silk. I really love the Monogram line with its nicer materials, design, and workmanship, without too much of an increase in price from regular BR stuff.


I’ve been hunting for a pretty flower pin for the past month, and I finally found this chiffon hair elastic with jeweled center at the J.Crew outlet. After lots of struggling, I managed to remove the glue-gunned hair elastic, and replaced it with a safety pin secured by a piece of felt – voila! J.Crew now makes these with both hair clip and pin attached – why didn’t they start doing that sooner?