The flattering little tank dress for $56

little black dress leith wrap style nordstrom

Leith tank dress xs, in 6+ colors! (armholes taken in), Hermes belt, Zara heels (similar with low block heels), Chanel wallet on chain

(UPDATE – this dress is now available starting in size xxs! Should fit very petite ladies better than the xs I have) I was first introduced to this tank dress by one of my best friends – she loved how versatile it was for everyday wear, and that it stretches to accommodate her baby bump! It has hundreds of good reviews online from women of all sizes, so it’s safe to say the cut is pretty universally flattering. Even though this dress is labeled bodycon, it’s not that clingy, nightclub-style bodycon that I avoid in my older age … the fabric is like a medium to thicker-weight tee shirt material, and it’s fitted on me but not too tight.

flattering black tank dress for party or date night
The bottom half is a wrap style with gathered ruching along one side. Ruching is magical little detail that I love for it’s ability to camouflage “trouble areas,” and also for adding some shape! Since this dress is in regular sizing and not petites, the armholes on an XS were a little big and low-cut on me. To avoid potentially exposing your bra, you can wear a cami under or simply sew in an inch or two at the bottom of the armhole. This is one of the most common alterations I do to help regular sizing items fit better!

boston nashoba winery orchard fall casual outfit

Leith tank dress in “grey cloudy” sz xs, Sole Society low pumps sz 5, Uniqlo shirt

You can dress a piece like this up for date night / cocktail parties by adding heels and a clutch (easy way to mix in some high & low). Or, I also keep reaching for it on casual days styled like the above, with low shoes and a flannel shirt! FYI, I found the black and grey colors to fit a little differently at the armholes only (strangely enough!). The armholes on on the grey ran a little smaller, but it could just be the particular one I got. Nordstrom offers everyday free shipping and returns, so it doesn’t hurt to try on more than one if you’re debating between colors or sizes!

nashoba winery vineyard orchard boston ma fall activities
date night outfit ideas black dress extra petite fashion
I snapped these pics after filming an updated hair tutorial video on how to get bouncier, more voluminous curls, Hoping to post it over the next week or two, so stay tuned! : )

balayage highlights on dark brown black asian hair

maternity dress pregnancy clothing black dress

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When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. S wrote:

    Hi Jean,
    I’m newly pregnant and am sold on getting this dress thanks to you. Just wondering – were you able to wear your normal size even at the height of pregnancy? Wondering what size to get to get the most wear out of it. Thanks!

    Posted 7.31.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Congratulations! My normal size worked for me through the first & second trimesters but I got a lot bigger in my later third trimester so preferred maternity clothing – everyone’s different though!

      Posted 7.31.20 Reply
  2. Karen chui wrote:

    What type of jacket or coat will this dress match with?

    Posted 10.21.17 Reply
  3. Karen chui wrote:

    What type of jackets or coats will match with this outfit?

    Posted 10.21.17 Reply
  4. Ooops. This post made me order this dress in two sizes to try. I reviewed it as well. You’re right. Super flattering! Even for someone with a tummy pooch.

    Posted 10.16.17 Reply
    • Lisa wrote:

      Hey Melissa. I just received mine in the mail today, I ordered the black in an xs. And it fit perfectly. When I took it out of the box I thought to myself no way will I fit into this it looks teeny. But it has a decent amount of stretch. I think small would have probably worked as well, but I’m loving this. I might get it again in a long sleeve too!

      Posted 10.19.17 Reply
  5. Lisa wrote:

    This dress is super cute, and figure flattering, I am 4’11, and 110 pounds, what size would you recommend I get? I’ve been reading the reviews online, and getting mixed opinions. One said she is 4’11 and 120 and xs fit perfectly, meanwhile another who says she weighed less said a small was even a bit tight.

    Posted 10.15.17 Reply
    • Hi Lisa, I tried this dress on as well, and I think it depends on how tight or loose you like to wear your clothes. Either would probably work, but I found my regular size more flattering.

      Posted 10.16.17 Reply
  6. Wow, that look with the black is so classy, and I love how you’ve styled it with the Hermes belt!

    Posted 10.14.17 Reply
  7. Victoria wrote:

    Based on your pictures and review of this dress, I went and ordered one for myself. I was pretty wowed by the number of great reviews it had. It just arrived, and holy GOODNESS. It’s just as great as everyone says it is. Thanks for introducing me to this dress!

    Posted 10.11.17 Reply
  8. Haintso wrote:

    I love how versatile this dress is. It can be worn in the office, dates, casual. Also, the price is so perfect for this dress.

    Posted 10.10.17 Reply
  9. minau2210 wrote:

    Great black dress!

    Posted 10.8.17 Reply
  10. Anonymous wrote:

    Is there a cardigan you would recommend along with the black dress?

    Posted 10.5.17 Reply
  11. Maryanne wrote:

    Hey Jean! Love your belt! Do you have the details on it? Width, what style, where to purchase? Thank you so much <3

    Posted 10.4.17 Reply
  12. Jandrew wrote:

    Wow you are looking great ! This black tank dress is a staple for your wardrobe ! Darling your styling is really great !
    Dress The Part

    Posted 10.2.17 Reply
  13. MA wrote:

    Hi Jean,

    I would like to know some outfit ideas for myself. I will be traveling to Orlando in November with my 2 and 7 years old. I like to be stylish and comfortable. My body type is exactly like yours.

    Posted 10.2.17 Reply
  14. Cee wrote:

    Where does your husband shop?

    Posted 10.1.17 Reply
  15. What a dainty little dress! I also felt inspired by your jumpsuit post, and borrowed the look for my latest post on Instagram! Still working on my website btw! Also, hope the event went well! <3

    Posted 10.1.17 Reply
  16. Karen wrote:

    You look so great in these dresses! I actually bought the sleeveless dress and I went up a size. It is perfect! It skims my body more in a size larger- not so tight!

    Posted 9.30.17 Reply
  17. Ankita Bardhan wrote:

    Strangely I never tried a tank dress but after hearing all about it and seeing your post, I am totally on board! Though black will always be my fav but the grey one looks so classy on you 🙂

    Posted 9.30.17 Reply
  18. Valeri Pighini wrote:

    OMG classic Jean. Stunning, really.

    Posted 9.29.17 Reply
  19. Cute dress is very versatile

    Posted 9.29.17 Reply
  20. Katie wrote:

    Loooving this dress in black!!

    Posted 9.29.17 Reply
  21. Enn Franco wrote:

    I am so in love with the heels dear! And this dress is just perfect!

    Posted 9.29.17 Reply
  22. Beth wrote:

    What style sweater or jacket would you wear with this in a business and/or business casual setting? Love this one!

    Posted 9.29.17 Reply
  23. Isabelle wrote:

    Wow Jean! That is exactly what I was looking for 😀 My fiancé loves bodycon dresses but I hate how clingy they are. I will definitely give this one a try and surprise him at our next date night 🙂
    I will style mine with my Talbots belt.

    Posted 9.29.17 Reply
  24. Rachelle wrote:

    You look stunning in that little dress.


    Posted 9.29.17 Reply
  25. I love your dress, Jean! It looks beautiful! Also, I love how you’ve paired it with that belt too!

    I hope you’re having a great Friday!

    Posted 9.29.17 Reply
  26. Shloka wrote:

    Wow this dress really is such a versatile piece! Fabulous find!


    Posted 9.29.17 Reply
  27. Marjorie wrote:

    This dress is a must! It’s so beautiful and looks amazing on you!

    Posted 9.29.17 Reply
  28. Briana wrote:

    Gorgeous! I love how you styled the gray dress!


    Posted 9.28.17 Reply
  29. Both of the dress colours look stunning on you. Grey for a more casual look, and black for a more sophisticated one! 🙂

    Posted 9.28.17 Reply
  30. Mrs. G wrote:

    I never buy a bodycon dress. Like what you said, it totally reminds me of nightclub. This one does look like it’s worth a try!!

    Posted 9.28.17 Reply
  31. Loving the looks. That Hermes belt is so so flattering!

    XOXO //

    Posted 9.28.17 Reply
  32. Jaime wrote:

    Absolutely love the wrap style on this pretty dress!

    ♡ Jaime

    Posted 9.28.17 Reply
  33. Daeyz wrote:

    Love how you showed both options for dressing up and dressing down the dress. It’s such a great piece for transitional weather!


    Posted 9.28.17 Reply
  34. Elizabeth wrote:

    Looking gorgeous as always! Loving this dress so much! <3 🙂 It's so versatile! Your hair is soooo pretty! Can't wait to see the video!

    XO, Elizabeth

    Posted 9.28.17 Reply

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