Underneath the Outfit: Hidden Ways to Stay Warm

apres ski winter white faux fur vest outfit petite style

BB Dakota vest xs (also sold here), Talbots sweater (similar), J.Brand jeans 24,
Sperry boots sz 5.5, Asos hat (similar here or here), Ray-Ban sunglasses, Celine bag

What a week it’s been in Boston! Even for an indifferent sports-watcher like myself, the energy here has been infectious from the big win. And as some of you saw on Instagram, our main cause for celebration was this Super Bowl commercial pulled off by Nick and a very small but creative team. I’m a little ‘bai’ased of course, but I’m so proud of the work he’s done while still making time to help me with this blog. They filmed the ad during our recent trip to LA … I’m disappointed to report though that overzealous fan-wives were not permitted on set with JT!

park city utah cute snow ski lodge outfit petite fashion

I forgot to share photos of this winter white look, in which I was trying to channel either a snow bunny or the abominable snowman – you decide! There’s more to many of my cold-weather outfits than what meets the eye, thanks to hidden layers and useful little items.

For longer periods of time in the cold, Nick and I started using hand and toe warmers at the recommendation of a friend (who relies on them for her lengthier commute). I don’t like the fact that these are not re-usable, but they last for up to 8 hours and definitely do help when you want to be extra prepared against the elements! The hand warmers, shown below, are little packets activated by shaking, and the toe ones are flat to be stuck on the underside of your socks. They don’t get very hot, rather, are just warm to keep your hands/feet at a comfortable temperature. We buy ours here online, or you can also find them at some home improvement or sporting goods stores (since they’re popular with construction workers or hikers / campers).

uniqlo heattech thermal under shirt hot hand warmers review

For layering, I’ve mentioned Uniqlo before as my go-to for thermals, but this Heattech scoop neck tee shown above is my favorite for staying completely hidden under tops. It comes in an un-glamorous underwear package and feels very thin, but works to keep you insulated without excess bulk, even when layered under blouses. I recommend getting a shade similar to your skin tone so it won’t show up under white or lighter-colored tops. The scoop neckline is bigger than what I was looking for (they don’t make Heattech crewnecks in nude shades for some reason!), but it does stay nicely concealed under even lower-cut tops.

cute winter outfit what to pack for ski lodge weekend trip

On the bottom half, I usually wear thin leggings under my pants in very cold weather, or tights under super skinny jeans. For white bottoms or jeans with slight distressing and rips, nude hosiery that’s close to your skin tone can serve as a hidden layer of extra warmth.

winter white snow bunny outfit apres ski fashion

Eddie Bauer coat xs (see my review), Sperry boots sz 5.5 (also sold here)

 This doesn’t apply to my coat here, but I’ve gotten some questions on what to do for outerwear hoods that come down too far and cover half your face (because there’s nothing cute about walking around with impaired vision!). You could potentially get the hood altered if it’s detachable, or, try wearing a beanie with a small pom pom underneath which helps elevate the hood up an inch or two. I know it defeats the purpose of being able to just flip a hood over your head, but on the plus side you get extra insulation up top.

What are some of your tips & tricks to staying warm in the winter? Please share!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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