Instagram lately reviews // Knotted tee + Block heeled pumps

gibson twist tee halogen iris block heel pumps

Gibson top xxsp, Topshop Jamie jeans sz 25 (similar in petites or regular),
Halogen Iris block-heel pumps sz 5, YSL bag (my review)

If you haven’t heard of Gibson before, they’re best known for their soft fleeced tops that you’ll just want to ball up onto the couch in. Note the petite sizing for this particular top runs short due to the knotted area. It fits me well, and I know I’m on the short end of the petite spectrum at ~ 5 feet tall. I usually wear this tee with higher-waisted bottoms so there’s no risk of exposed midriff when arms are raised. You can also dress it up a bit with a blazer for “casual Fridays!”

casual friday dress code jeans blazer outfit

H&M; blazer sz 2, sleeves shortened (similar), Topshop jeans 25 x 30, DIY clutch

casual friday jeans blazer outfit petite

Baublebar necklace c/o, Ann Taylor pumps

Here is the fleece peplum top in the same fabric, for comparison. I didn’t keep that one but wanted to share a pic, since it’s hard to find peplum style tops that aren’t too long on petites!

gibson fleece peplum twist top nordstrom petite review

I’ve gotten a few questions on this convertible cardigan below, so wanted to reference my old post here that shows a few different styling methods! Mine’s from many years ago but it’s one of Nic + Zoe’s signature pieces – I see it come back every season in new colors, a few of which are on sale right now.

winter business casual work outfit pencil skirt

Nic + Zoe convertible cardigan petite P c/o, Madewell stripe turtleneck xs (similar),
J.Crew no.2 wool skirt 000p, Talbots navy tights S, navy pumps

This outfit here is a mix of all old pieces – I know some of you also got these boots from DSW and were looking for more ways to style them. I usually just throw them on over leggings and a slouchy sweater for a super casual look. Adding a topcoat and wool hat here help pull everything together and dress it up a bit.

jcrew wool camel coat marc fisher OTK boots

J.Crew Factory coat (old), Ann Taylor sweater (reviewed here), BR hat (reviewed here), 
Vince Camuto leggings (reviewed here), Marc Fisher boots (reviewed here) c/o

This below was a try-on at Abercrombie, which has been surprising me lately! Small sizes for this are gone online in gray, but maybe check stores. An XS regular was roomy on me and would need the sleeves shortened and belt loops raised for someone my size. Note it’s an unlined felted wrap jacket, so not a heavy winter coat. I thought it was very reasonably priced and have seen similar wraps go for several times more. Also, not sure when this happened but Abercrombie now has petites and tall…? I’d love to see some of their more classic outwear in petites sizing, instead of just dresses!

abercrombie wool wrap jacket drape coat

Abercrombie jacket xs, Ann Taylor sweater, Charles David boots sz 5

Speaking of coats, I also wanted to share a heads up on the J.Crew Lady Day coat popping back in a few petite sizes. This is definitely one of my favorite coats (I take 00p with no alterations needed), and sells out so quickly at the beginning of each season. As of now, I see both classic navy and black available in 000p and 00p, plus a number of bright colors in stock in small sizes as well!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Jean wrote:

    Hi there – It was very out of date. I might make an updated one, but in the meantime, if you had favorite reads from there I recommend using Feedly or Bloglovin to bookmark and see all of them in one place.

    Posted 2.13.17 Reply
  2. Jean wrote:

    Hi Phyllis – I own lots of block heels and swear by them for comfort and stability… I don't think they make even short legs look stumpier at all!

    Posted 2.13.17 Reply
  3. Jean wrote:

    Hi Shelly! Yes it was very out of date – I might make an updated one, but in the meantime, I'd recommend using Feedly or Bloglovin to bookmark and see all of your favorite websites in one place.

    Posted 2.13.17 Reply
  4. Jean wrote:

    Aw thank you! I still use the same steps and iron as in my old YouTube video but it just looks different now due to length.

    Posted 2.13.17 Reply
  5. Jean wrote:

    Hi Anne! I hope you love those pieces! Topshop jeans always run small for me. I'm pretty consistently a 24 in almost all other brands but need a 25 in their jeans. Hope that helps!

    Posted 2.13.17 Reply
  6. Jean wrote:

    I'm glad you like the Nic + Zoe cardigan!!

    Posted 2.13.17 Reply
  7. Jean wrote:

    Yay! I hope you love it!

    Posted 2.13.17 Reply
  8. Jean wrote:

    Hi Joy! Please check out this post:

    It'll be chilly in March so definitely still have a coat as well as layering accessories, like scarves! Sometimes it's still snowing then. Hope you enjoy your visit!

    Posted 2.13.17 Reply
  9. Jean wrote:

    I had my tailor do it

    Posted 2.13.17 Reply
  10. All of your outfits are so ridiculously cute! 🙂

    Katie | Willow and White

    Posted 2.13.17 Reply
  11. Hana Lee wrote:

    Is the Gibson top color heather grey or lavender?

    Posted 2.13.17 Reply
  12. You do neutrals so well!!! I love all of these looks!

    Posted 2.13.17 Reply
  13. Hana Lee wrote:

    What color is your gibson top?
    Heather grey or lavender?

    Posted 2.13.17 Reply
  14. I've been loving your looks on Instagram lately! That knotted tee is super cute and looks like it goes with everything!

    Style by Joules

    Posted 2.13.17 Reply
  15. Unknown wrote:

    What color is the gibson top?
    Heater grey or Lavender?

    Posted 2.13.17 Reply
  16. Whatever the outfit you wear, you're always so classy!

    Posted 2.13.17 Reply
  17. Anonymous wrote:

    Hey Jean – where's your blogroll link? I really liked your curated stuff there.

    Posted 2.13.17 Reply
  18. Hi Jean! I've been told that block heels can make legs look stumpier and shorter (although they look great on you)! What are your thoughts on them? Would you recommend block heels for short legs? Thank you in advance!

    Phyllis |

    Posted 2.12.17 Reply
  19. love this roundup, so many cute outfits.


    Posted 2.12.17 Reply
  20. Ooh I love the grey top paired with the white blazer! I've had my eye on a white blazer but haven't bought it yet as I couldn't decide what to pair it with, so thanks for the inspiration! I absolutely love your blog!

    Posted 2.12.17 Reply
  21. Shelly wrote:

    Hey – Did you just remove your blogroll list tab from your site? Could I convince you to put it back? I think it's a great way to get traffic to your site while promoting other resources as well and was a reason that I constantly went to your blog first!

    Posted 2.12.17 Reply
  22. Marta wrote:
    Posted 2.12.17 Reply
  23. Tynka. wrote:

    this J.Crew coat *.* dream!

    Posted 2.12.17 Reply
  24. Anonymous wrote:

    Can't get over how good your hair looks! Would love a hair care and styling post!

    Posted 2.12.17 Reply
  25. Georgiana wrote:

    The last coat looks cool and I love the shoes on the first pic!

    Why I don´t buy glossies and how I interned in fashion magazine link.

    Posted 2.12.17 Reply
  26. I'm so obsessed with your DIY leopard print clutch bag! I've been wanting a clutch like that for ages. So inspired to run to the fabric store and make one of my own now!

    Jo x

    Posted 2.11.17 Reply
  27. Posted 2.11.17 Reply
  28. Jenn wrote:

    Love all your outfits. Idk how you get the motivation to dress up everyday when it's so cold in Boston rn! So much respect for you!

    jennnngo | twitter | latest post

    Posted 2.11.17 Reply
  29. Katerina wrote:

    I love this knotted Tee trend! plan on really starting to get into it this summer!

    With love,

    Posted 2.11.17 Reply
  30. Anne wrote:

    Thank you for this post! I ordered the gray knot top & halogen block heels. Do the black top shop jeans run small or large ?

    Posted 2.11.17 Reply
  31. Patrice wrote:

    Thanks Jean, you really look fabulous in these. I'm in love with the jacket

    Posted 2.11.17 Reply
  32. Great outfits 😉

    Posted 2.11.17 Reply
  33. The block heel pumps are so feminine and practical!

    Posted 2.11.17 Reply
  34. The light pink shoes are so pretty! X

    Posted 2.11.17 Reply
  35. I love your J. Crew factory coat! Thank you for always providing clothes suggestions for us petite girls 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Posted 2.11.17 Reply
  36. Anonymous wrote:

    Loving the wrap jacket!!

    Posted 2.11.17 Reply
  37. Love the second look so much.

    Posted 2.11.17 Reply
  38. Miss Mayax wrote:

    Love love love your style!

    Posted 2.11.17 Reply
  39. Every single outfit looks flawless on you. You literally slay them all. I love those block heeled pumps so much, theyre such a pretty powder pink colour.

    Beckie xo // The Pale Tails

    Posted 2.11.17 Reply
  40. Hi Jean, great round-up of your IG photos and cute Gibson top! I had never heard of this brand but love that it's sold at Nordstrom! I may have to try regular sizing since I don't wear high-waisted jeans as often as you do! Also, I was inspired by your NIC+ZOE cardigan post & got it in a mushroom tan color a few months ago. It's so versatile & a great investment (+ on sale from Nordstrom too!) Have a great (possibly snowy) weekend 🙂

    Posted 2.11.17 Reply
  41. Melissa wrote:

    Ugh! I didnt realize that when I checked earlier and now the black 00P is out of stock! Must not be meant to be mine (yet!) hahaha! Either way, thank you for letting me know. =)

    Posted 2.10.17 Reply
  42. That Gibson top looks like the most comfy thing, and I love that you can dress it up!

    Jen | affecionada

    Posted 2.10.17 Reply
  43. Melissa, they are an extra 30% off currently. Not as great of a sale as you previously saw. But better than nothing!

    Posted 2.10.17 Reply
  44. Managed to snag a lady day coat courtesy of this post! Thanks so much, Jean!

    Posted 2.10.17 Reply
  45. Melissa wrote:

    Im still kicking myself for not buying the Lady Day Coat when they had an extra 50% off on top of the already sale price AND they actually had the black in 00P. Anyway, great recommendations as usual!

    Posted 2.10.17 Reply
  46. Joy wrote:

    Hi Jean,
    I'm really loving the jackets! (and the boots, considering investing in a pair)

    My bf and I are visiting Boston in March- can you give any tips on weather, and the must-do's, eats and see's? We're also hoping to catch the tail end of Dine Out Boston so any recommendations would be very appreciated!

    Posted 2.10.17 Reply
  47. Is the H&M; jacket sleeve alteration DIY or pro?

    Posted 2.10.17 Reply
  48. Great looks, you are so cute!

    Posted 2.10.17 Reply
  49. MizEats wrote:

    I love this round up of outfits. The pink and grey tones in the first outfit work really well together!!

    Posted 2.10.17 Reply
  50. La Bijoux Bella | by mia wrote:

    All very beautiful looks … simply beautiful! 🙂
    Happy Valentine's weekend!

    ❤LA BIJOUX BELLA❤ | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

    Posted 2.10.17 Reply

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