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san francisco airport casual travel outfit

Just a quick post sharing my recent airport outfit…I had a red-eye flight so comfort was key! I already have & love these sleek BP flats in two colors, so when my anti-flats friend Ping was getting rid of hers in black I couldn’t resist adopting them. As mentioned in my past reviews, they fit true to size but have almost no cushioning, so I’d suggest going half size up and adding a half insole insert. On an earlier flight I had worn my trusty BP black booties, and black sneakers as shown below would also work well for travel.
travel outfit wrap jacket black jeans dvf trunk suitcase
This Boohoo (still can’t say that with a straight face) piece has been a versatile one throughout my trip and is especially comfy for plane rides. I’m going to continue referring to it a Snuggie wrap since it doesn’t have enough construction to constitute a real coat. The same brand also makes a similar-looking style in camel brown, but I’m unsure about how the even lower-priced “suedette” material looks in-person. I mentioned in a recent post that I had also ordered a wrap jacket from Missguided petites (another UK-based brand) in camel to compare. Here are some quick snaps of how that one fit on me…

misguided petites camel waterfall coat review

Misguided waterfall coat sz US petite 0 (two colors; also in regular sizing)

Compared to the Boohoo wrap, the Misguided one is longer in length like a duster cardigan, and the sleeves run a little longer and wider. The material of the Misguided one feels a little heavier but seems to show wrinkles a tad more (it may also just be the lighter color). The construction of both are very similar, with pockets, unlined material, and exposed stitching right along the outer edges. Material content & measurements comparison of a size UK 4 / US 0 petite:

Boohoo: 14.5″ across the shoulders, 21″ long sleeves, 4.25″ across the sleeve opening at the wrist, approx. 36″ total length when measured from the top of shoulders. The rest of the jacket is very free-size due to the open wrap style. 81% poly, 15% viscose, 4% elastane.

Misguided: 14.75″ across the shoulders, 22.5″ long sleeves, 4.5″ across the sleeve opening at the wrist, approx. 40″ total length. 92% poly, 8% spandex.
misguided petites camel waterfall wrap jacket
I’ve already machine-washed the Boohoo piece in the gentle cycle and it came out with no issues. I hung it on a hanger to dry instead of in the machine, to avoid any pre-mature pilling of the material.
boston airport casual travel outfit DVF adieu luggage
On the plane I had a nice time cozy in my Snuggie, chatting up my neighbor about all the best eats in Boston & SF. To my confusion, people kept stopping by the aisle gushing that they were a fan of his. I casually mentioned this to Nick later, who replied with a facepalm then informed me the guy is a well-known Red Sox player. Of course he gets seated by the one sports-clueless girl on the Boston flight, but I hope he enjoyed getting to chat about ramen instead of baseball for a change : )

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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