ASOS swimwear / bikinis in extended band sizes (for both petite and full busts)

asos floral bikini coverup2

Swimsuit shopping for me is about as much fun as going to the dentist, so each rare time I find success I can’t wait to share with you guys. My bust fluctuates from time to time with weight changes, and I prefer shaped, underwire cups that have good structure. It’s tough to get the cups right – I own some where the band fits but the cups are soo itty bitty, or the cups are a little too curved/wide and nip slips keep Nick constantly on edge.

I know many of you also need small band sizes but have fuller busts, so I was especially excited that ASOS swimwear makes both extended band sizing and fuller bust cups! Their size ranges start in 30A – 30J going up to 42 in band size. Swimwear is often done in general letter sizing (s, m, l, etc) so it’s helpful to have such specific numerical sizing for finding a good fit. Here’s a few other options in a similar cut to mine:

asos floral bikini coverup1

Talbots sandals (4 colors, on sale! $50 after discounts), Mar Y Sol tote

Ray Ban aviators in blue/gold, old scarf (see how to tie as a coverup top)

The best way to navigate their big swimsuit selection is by filtering for your size on the left hand navigation panel. Oftentimes they will have separate listings for the same suit in regular bust sizes versus fuller bust sizes, and their tops and bottom pieces are usually listed separately so don’t forget to add both pieces to your cart!
asos floral bikini petite
asos floral bikini back
I’ve had several questions about the coverage of ASOS bottoms, so this is what the “brief” cut looks like from the back. I would say it’s medium coverage compared to other suits I’ve tried.


My favorite is still Triangl’s underwire bikinis due to the material, structure, and better rounded shape of the cups. However I know their shipping policies are not convenient (plus several customers have been hit with huge custom fees), so wanted to share this as an alternative. Here’s how the two suits look side-by-side.


You can see below that the coverage of ASOS and Triangl’s bikini-style bottoms are pretty similar. Triangl is cut slightly wider at the top but narrower as you get down towards the crotch, whereas ASOS is the opposite.
UntitledHere are all the suits ASOS makes in a style similar to Triangl’s – they call it their contrast collection. You can mix and match regular bust strapless or fuller bust with halter strap, and bikini, high-waisted, or hipster bottoms.

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  1. ann wrote:

    Hello! Have you come across any tankini or one-piece swim suits with this bustiere style this year?

    Posted 5.10.16 Reply
  2. Awesome Japanese floral bikini. Indeed! photos are lovely.

    Posted 6.15.15 Reply
  3. Really nice swimming suite! The photos are lovely!!!

    Posted 6.3.15 Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    I agree!!

    Posted 5.31.15 Reply
  5. I think we litterally have the same tastes. I've been in love with the white Triangl for a while, but it's not very easy for me to get it. This asos swimwear is very pretty though. It completely suits you.

    Posted 5.31.15 Reply
  6. Cute swimwear! My favorite is the floral one.

    Posted 5.27.15 Reply
  7. Love this swimsuit! Always a fan of floral!

    – Lindsey, The Fashion Barbie

    Posted 5.27.15 Reply
  8. Anonymous wrote:

    I think the sale is over now 🙁

    Posted 5.27.15 Reply
  9. Courtney wrote:

    Jean, you are the cutest. I'm obsessed with that tropical bikini for summer, what a great find! I would love if you popped by my blog, please tell me what you think :]
    XO Color Me Courtney

    Posted 5.27.15 Reply
  10. As a petite girl with fuller bust, I do find bikini shopping could be quite annoying. But ASOS offers a great range of bikinis that really have something for everybody, and I personally own several sets of them – and they fit pretty well. What I usually do is order the top in two different size based on my normal bra sizes, try them on at home and return one of the tops afterwards. 😛


    Posted 5.27.15 Reply
  11. Anonymous wrote:

    The Talbots shoes say they are $69- how do I get the discount to get them for $50? Thanks!

    Posted 5.27.15 Reply
  12. adrienne wrote:

    Such a cute swim suit!! You just reminded me I need to go find a new one before my Vegas trip! Love this post!

    Posted 5.26.15 Reply
  13. Christie wrote:

    Love this post and the bikini! Super feminine and so pretty. I enjoyed all the tips on swimsuit shopping as I am petite in the bust area as well. Ps. I laughed out loud when you mentioned that bit about Nick being on edge, my husband would be too so it's always nice to find a good suit that provides extra reassurance.

    Posted 5.26.15 Reply
  14. Christie wrote:

    Love this post and the bikini! Super feminine and so pretty. I enjoyed all the tips on swimsuit shopping as I am petite in the bust area as well. Ps. I laughed out loud when you mentioned that bit about Nick being on edge, my husband would be too so it's always nice to find a good suit that provides extra reassurance.

    Posted 5.26.15 Reply
  15. Anonymous wrote:

    Same problem here w/bust area. I am smaller end and recently bought something online for the swim wear/beachy wear top and it is supposed to be fitted. I got it small but the bust area is too big for me. Do you know how I could fix it? thanks

    Posted 5.26.15 Reply
  16. So pretty! I love the floral printed bikini!

    xx, Diane ||

    Posted 5.26.15 Reply
  17. I love these bikinis. You look great in the printed one!
    Julia // Little Miss Haute Couture

    Posted 5.26.15 Reply
  18. Nancy wrote:

    the tropical one you have is so cute! I had a problem finding swimsuits a few months ago when I went to hawaii now they have such cute ones out darn

    The Artistically Challenged

    Posted 5.26.15 Reply
  19. Laila wrote:

    amazing bikinis. I'm going to buy it very soon thank you for the post!

    Posted 5.26.15 Reply
  20. Julie wrote:

    That swimsuit looks fantastic on you, Jean! The bottoms have the perfect amount of coverage in my opinion.

    Lifestyle by Joules

    Posted 5.26.15 Reply
  21. I'm throwing in a quick plug here for ABraThatFits. Your waist is small such that I can't imagine your best fitting band size is a 30 or 32 (since waist and band size are pretty similar, maybe ~2 inches different depending on rib cage). (I do realize that swimsuit bands tend to run smaller than bra bands.) I apologize if you've already addressed this but it would be awesome to get the word out on "proper" bra measuring techniques since so many women are not wearing the size that fits best!

    xo Kimi

    Posted 5.26.15 Reply
  22. The Japanese floral bikini is gorgeous and look fantastic on you! Thanks for sharing all the other designs from ASOS too!


    Posted 5.25.15 Reply
  23. Love the floral bikini, it looks great on you!

    Posted 5.25.15 Reply
  24. Mel Hwang wrote:

    Adoring the floral printed one! You embody it so perfectly 🙂 Looks like a blast!

    xx, mel

    Posted 5.25.15 Reply
  25. mybeautrip wrote:

    Great floral print!

    Posted 5.25.15 Reply
  26. I love that swimsuit! You look fabulous in it!

    Posted 5.25.15 Reply
  27. You look sooo great!!

    Posted 5.25.15 Reply
  28. Sarah P. wrote:

    Just wanted to share – 25% off everything at my new favorite place to shop – Winnie & Kat! They have great wardrobe basics and everything is so. soft. The sale ends today! Check it out at:

    Posted 5.25.15 Reply
  29. That Bikini you are wearing is gorgeous, so feminine and flattering.

    Diary of Elegance

    Posted 5.25.15 Reply
  30. Sasa Zoe wrote:

    Look so pretty<3

    Shall We Sasa

    Posted 5.25.15 Reply
  31. Love the floral bathing suit, I'm quite petite as well so this is super helpful!


    Posted 5.25.15 Reply
  32. Colleen wrote:

    Reading your blog is so dangerous for my wallet! I love the pattern of your bathing suit. I just bought a bathing suit from ASOS and I was really pleased with it!


    Posted 5.25.15 Reply
  33. Dorigamii wrote:

    I love the print of that ASOS one! And I also love that it has a bit more coverage and extends down more. Really cute!

    Posted 5.25.15 Reply

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