Simple stripes + white jeans (and Topshop Moto Leigh jeans review)

white jeans striped shirt outfit2

Articles of Society jeans (I sized down), Banana Republic shirt + trench (old). F21 belt (old)
Steve Madden sandals, 12mm pearls stud earrings (similar, 40% off!), Goyard tote

I’m sure many of you would agree that white jeans are one of the more frustrating pieces to shop for! I began my search for the perfect pair months ago and was hoping to report back on a decisive favorite. I wanted: thicker, sturdier white denim with good stretch, no sheerness (you know when you can see an obvious nude undertone), functional front pockets, and a form-fitting skinny cut. I was willing to pay more for the perfect pair, and also did not mind if the length needed a hem – I figured the chances of finding all of the above, and in petite sizing was probably asking too much!

Above with heels for going out, and with BP flats below for running errands:

white jeans striped shirt outfit1
So far I haven’t found any that meet all of my requirements, but the frontrunner (as you can probably tell from their frequent appearances) are these Articles of Society “Sarah” jeans from Nordstrom. Minus the real front pockets, they do have everything else I wanted. I’ve actually never heard of this brand until my friend let me borrow hers, and I eventually concluded they were a pretty great option and got my own pair. Please note I’m usually a solid 24 in skinny jeans, but sized down to a 23 in these and they still fit a touch looser compared to my Rag & Bone “the Skinny” size 24s. However, these shrunk down a bit in the washer/dryer (these photos were snapped pre-shrinking) and now fit just how I like ’em.
white jeans striped shirt outfit
Material is medium in weight, or possibly thick compared to some others that I’ve tried (like the Topshop ones below). No nude undertones which I really appreciate, but definitely still wear skin-toned underwear with all of your white bottoms. I am bummed about the faux front pockets, but I figured they must’ve done this to eliminate any see-through pocket lining issues that white jeans are usually fraught with.

Length is 3” long on me which I’ve been wearing cuffed up. I actually brought these to the tailor to get a hem, but after some debate, decided I rather liked the casual ankle cuff look. I can always get them hemmed later when I’m tired of this style.

white jeans striped shirt outfit3I repeat this outfit quite a bit…each piece is a wardrobe staple and it never gets old! By the way, I’m wearing my latest lipcolor obsession below…Clinique’s “Chubby Sticks” which are tinted lip balms. They glide on smoothly and are soo easy to apply, like chapstick, but the color has decent pigmentation and keeps my lips moisturized for several hours. I’m a big fan of no-fuss makeup so these have earned their place in my daily makeup pouch. I’m wearing mega melon below which is like a “my lips but better” shade, and I can’t wait to try some more colors.

Before getting these AofS jeans, I tried on numerous other pairs including LOFT, Joe’s, CoH, Paige…was unfortunately in a rush most of those times and didn’t get to snap photos, but each one had their own fit or white fabric issue and none of them were notably better than the Articles of Society option. I did take some snapshots of the popular Topshop Moto “Leigh” white jeans, shown below in size 25 short. I had been so intrigued by this style because fellow bloggers said it runs small, plus it comes in short inseams!

They did indeed run small, very small – I sized up and it was still like a second skin on me. The size 25s in these fit tighter than the Articles of Society in 23. The material was thin and felt more like a legging pant than a denim.

topshop white jeans moto leigh Topshop jeans in sz 25, H&M; top (old), Halogen Marlie pumps (old, similar)

Also, the thinner material had a definite nude undertone typical of so many white jeans. I felt scandalous even trying these on in my living room because of the hints of skin color you can see at the butt. They are rather sexy on the booty though, so I was tempted to keep them for a second… Although these weren’t winners for me, I do see other ladies looking great in these so perhaps give them a try if you’re looking for a thin, super skinny jegging. The “short” inseam was good on my 5′ height, and the knee holes were spot on for me.

Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    I accidentally read your blogs and really enjoy your writings, your spirit and your clothes and styles!!! I am an Asian woman of your mother's generation. Helena Lin

    Posted 6.8.15 Reply
  2. Love this look! Try Abercrombie for the type of white jeans you are looking for!! I'm also really petite (90lbs) and although Abercrombie is not an "adult" brand per say, its the only brand that carries white jeans in the way you describe them. Mine are form fitting with a stretch and they do NOT have a nude undertone. Mine do not have functional front pockets but i do apprecaite how they do not sag around the knees and ankles like most other brands do after a while. Check them out, you might be pleasantly surprised!

    Posted 6.3.15 Reply
  3. I love the combination!! It's so nice: smart and a little bit casual = )

    Posted 6.3.15 Reply
  4. J like

    Posted 6.2.15 Reply
  5. Anonymous wrote:

    The problem with topshop is that they have a size chart that is as far as I'm aware is only used by the Acadia franchise. In America I believe that the majority of jeans/trousers have a 10in difference between the waist and hips so a 25w will be a 35h. This works for all sizes I believe whereas topshop works differently there is less of a difference between the waist and hip so for a 25w the hip is only 33in in order to get the same hip as a U.S. 24 (hip 34 I believe) you'd have to go up to a topshop 26w to get a 34h. Topshop is also frustrating as U.S. sizes I think normally go up in one inch increments whereas after 26w topshop like most UK brands goes up by two inches. Sorry I know that sounds weird and confusing I just discovered this out through pure frustration at topshops sizing.

    Posted 5.30.15 Reply
  6. Anu-J wrote:

    I LOVE those white jeans on you!! 🙂

    Posted 5.29.15 Reply
  7. Sarah S wrote:

    I have the white Old Navy jeans (The Flirt Skinny in 2P), so I thought I'd weigh in. For comparison, I usually wear a 25-26 in Hudson and J Brand and I measure 24 waist 35 hip. The inseam is ~29 (not home to measure), hits right at my ankle bone. The material is a decent weight, no skin show-through but can see an underwear outline and the pocket lining – thicker than the Topshop that Jean reviewed though. For the price, I do recommend them and wear mine all the time.

    Posted 5.29.15 Reply
  8. Anonymous wrote:

    You seem pretty obsessed with brands

    Posted 5.29.15 Reply
  9. adrienne wrote:

    This is such a classic look! I love your belt!

    Posted 5.29.15 Reply
  10. mybeautrip wrote:

    Comfy and perfect outfit!

    Posted 5.29.15 Reply
  11. What a gorgeous, classic outfit!
    Julia // Little Miss Haute Couture

    Posted 5.29.15 Reply
  12. Paola wrote:

    Perfect outfit, I love the shirt!

    Posted 5.29.15 Reply
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    Posted 5.29.15 Reply
  14. Vera wrote:

    Such a great outfit!!

    Blonde in Cashmere

    Posted 5.29.15 Reply
  15. Sheree Ho wrote:

    Love this crip and classic look. Topshop jeans run super small, I had to size up 2 to fit comfortably.

    ~xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

    Posted 5.29.15 Reply
  16. V GPetite wrote:

    Simple but classic! This may be a silly question, but how did you style your pony tail to achieve volume (smooth puff) in the central part of the head? Thanks in advance!

    Posted 5.28.15 Reply
  17. This is such a chic casual look! Love the jeans on you! I'll have to check these out 🙂

    Easy, Frugal Style

    Posted 5.28.15 Reply
  18. Anonymous wrote:

    A note on the topshop Leigh jeans…. The material of that style is thinner. The Jaimie style is much more true to a denim material. I highly recommend topshop jeans they are great for petites!

    Posted 5.28.15 Reply
  19. Lucbabe wrote:

    Lovely classy look! Hi Jean, may I know how you keep your shirt 'pop' with the right amount of neck opening? Mine always seem to fold back in to cover my neck, making me look very stuffy… Any tips? Thanks!

    Posted 5.28.15 Reply
  20. Kate Cope wrote:

    Love this classic look!
    This Side of Paradise

    Posted 5.28.15 Reply
  21. jessydust wrote:

    I noticed something weird about white bottoms in general… I find that when I try on different colours of the same style, the white pair always runs bigger than the others. Strange, huh? I'm on the hunt for THE perfect pair of white jeans too, so I can't wait to see what you try next. : )

    Posted 5.28.15 Reply
  22. Suzie Q wrote:

    All your requirements for white jeans are also my exact wants. I've been on the hunt for a few seasons now. Glad to hear AoS is a great option. I have a couple pairs of other colors by them and don't have any issues with those jeans. Love this classic look that you're wearing here!

    xo, Suzie Q

    Posted 5.28.15 Reply
  23. gorgeous!! I love how clean and crisp that top is!


    Posted 5.28.15 Reply
  24. Keri H wrote:

    Wow, these white jeans look really good on you if I must say!

    Enclothed Cognition

    Posted 5.28.15 Reply
  25. Jessica wrote:

    I would highly recommend you check out DL1961's white denim. I have a pair (I think the Angel style) and love them. They don't stretch/bag and have no real pockets in the front, and are a thick, sturdy denim. I've had mine for about a year and they are holding up great! I'm 5'3", 102 lbs and the size 24 fit perfectly for reference.

    Posted 5.28.15 Reply
  26. brietta wrote:

    I just got the Paige Denim Verdugo Crop Jeans in White and love how they fit perfectly on me (I'm 4'10") as full-length without any need for tailoring. I just reviewed them here:

    Posted 5.28.15 Reply
  27. My issue with Topshop in general is quality; while some of their garments last, quite a few don't, so it's hit or miss. I think Article of Society jeans are just made better in general, so I second the recommendation (and they are pretty affordable considering the prices on denim these days).

    Posted 5.28.15 Reply
  28. Love your style <3
    Have a lovely day 🙂 | Fashion&Travel;

    Posted 5.28.15 Reply
  29. Thank you sooo much for this! I ordered JBrand whites in size 24 when they were on super sale online a few months ago and I've only worn them once. Way too thin and just strange fit. Going to head back to Nordstrom and check out the Articles of Society brand!

    Posted 5.28.15 Reply
  30. I picked up a pair of white jeans on a grocery run to SuperTarget once for $11! They are absolutely perfect, and so far I've found nothing that I like nearly as much. However, I have lost some baby weight, so I'm not sure how long I'll be able to keep wearing them. I'll have to try the Article of Society ones. You look great!

    Posted 5.28.15 Reply
  31. Angela wrote:

    I agree, I love white bottoms, but it's a serious hunt! I've been trying to find replacement white trousers for 2 years! Looks great on you.

    Posted 5.28.15 Reply
  32. love your style, you look amazing<3
    follow for follow?:)


    Posted 5.28.15 Reply
  33. Eden Mint wrote:

    Those jeans fit you well, I find jeans hard to shop for too. Love your outfit!

    Posted 5.28.15 Reply
  34. Olivia Shi wrote:

    Love this classic look! The white jeans look great on you!

    Posted 5.28.15 Reply
  35. Those jeans fit you like a glove! This outfit is chic perfection!
    Red Reticule | Red Reticule Collection

    Posted 5.28.15 Reply
  36. Posted 5.28.15 Reply
  37. Jillian wrote:

    I have a pair of Tory Burch cropped white denim that are utterly perfect for me. They hit my ankle just right, are heavy-ish, and not too sheer. Can't get enough!

    Posted 5.28.15 Reply
  38. This is such a cute look! Definitely a classy chic kind of look. I'm especially loving the stripe and white combo <3

    xx, Diane ||

    Posted 5.28.15 Reply
  39. Those jeans look so lovely on you. Perfects with your stripes shirt! Have a nice day, kisses from Italy,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Eniwhere Fashion Facebook

    Posted 5.28.15 Reply
  40. I have the J.Crew Cone denim toothpick in white, and it's opaque with functional front pockets (nude linings). I wish I had sized down though, because they tend to stretch throughout the day.

    Posted 5.28.15 Reply
  41. I've heard a lot of great things about Old Navy's white jeans & they look super cute!! Have you ever tried those in petite?
    Xoxo Renee

    Posted 5.28.15 Reply

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