Winter layers: petite-friendly faux fur vest

faux fur vest outfit4

Mossimo vest (wearing juniors xs), J.Crew sweater (similar), Converse shirt (similar)
BP Trolley boots (review), J.Brand Maria jeans on sale (mine are frm 2013, sz 24 hemmed)
Chanel wallet on chain, leather gloves (similar good for short fingers – my review)

It’s been a hectic few weeks at work so please bear with my sporadic posts! I had been looking for a faux fur vest since last fall but never found one that felt quite right. It’s easy for me to to feel like the abominable snowman in too much furry volume. I wanted good coloring and texture of faux fur (which can often look cheap), plus hip-length coverage and slinky fit. The right vest can truly become a wardrobe staple since layering options are endless! I had an H&M; one years ago which was adorable, but the very shrunken/cropped style wasn’t substantial so I eventually parted with it.
faux fur vest outfit
My friend Ping recommended this one from Target of all places and I ended up loving it! I love her simple + chic pairing with a longer cowl-neck tunic sweater. XS in this vest appears to be sold out online, but try the “find in a store” button which is a nifty feature I use often. There were quite a few at the Boston South Bay location just a few days ago. Closeup and back view below:
faux fur vest outfit1


faux fur vest outfit3I keep going back to basics this season and this outfit is full of them. For those who want to build a wardrobe of pieces that you can style and restyle, a chambray shirt, layering vest, slim black jeans and neutral boots are in my top 10 must-haves for cold weather. These BP boots are now 50% off and I can’t recommend them enough (please note from my past review they run about half size small in the foot area)! 
faux fur vest outfit2Unlike the vest market, petite chambray shirt options looks to be quite plentiful. If you don’t own a good one yet, here’s a few that caught my eye around the web that all come in petites and are all on sale today (including this affordable one at J.Crew factory with nice dark coloring):

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Love this outfit. Doe Target still sell that vest? I clicked on the link and searched the Target online shopping site, looks like it's sold out. Where can I get a similar vest?

    Posted 4.22.15 Reply
  2. Hey, Jean- I'm just in love with your blog and love love love your fashion sense. I hope you can help me with a bit of advice because I'm also petite (4'9) with heavy bust and thin waist. I'm 18 but still I look like I'm 13. Please help.
    love from India

    Posted 3.21.15 Reply
  3. Never give up, which is the lesson I learned from boxing. As soon as you learn to never give up, you have to learn the power and wisdom of unconditional surrender, and that one doesn't cancel out the other; they just exist as contradictions. The wisdom of it comes as you get older. Obat tradisional usus buntu tanpa operasi

    Posted 3.19.15 Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi- Nice selection – when buying jackets should I go up one size?I live in a tropical city so this jacket will only be for vacation to the mountains. I have a petite frame but a large bust and I look like a teddy bear in my jackets !So im thinking of revamping my jackets.

    Posted 2.26.15 Reply
  5. I want to thank you because you are sharing information with us. I am very honored..
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    Posted 1.30.15 Reply
  6. Anonymous wrote:

    Thank you so much!! 🙂 Can you please tell me which specific store in Milwaukee? I tried calling so many and none of them were priced at that amount.

    Posted 1.28.15 Reply
  7. Anonymous wrote:

    I found a bunch at one store in my area (Milwaukee) for 70% off. With the additional cartwheel 20% off women's clearance, it brought it down to under $10

    Posted 1.28.15 Reply
  8. Thank you so much! I actually just popped into Ann Taylor the other day and their petite chambray shirt fit perfectly in a XXS P (I'm 5'3 and 105 lbs). Just putting it out there in case anyone else asks 🙂;=17897242&catid;=cata000026&productPageType;=search&defaultColor;=3564

    Posted 1.26.15 Reply
  9. Anonymous wrote:

    Hey, Jean! I was wondering if any readers specified which store was selling the vest for $10, as prices vary store to store. If no one mentioned a specific store, I was wondering if you could please ask one of them which store is selling it at that price (if it's not too much trouble). Thank you! ☺️

    Posted 1.26.15 Reply
  10. Jean wrote:

    Hi Monica! Thank you for your kind words and for your suggestion : ) I have blogged about the Limited petites a few times before and agree they are a nice option to have especially for workwear.

    Posted 1.22.15 Reply
  11. Jean wrote:

    What a great deal! I just got it for full price! I've also never heard of the Cartwheel app and will now have to check it out. I'm glad you like the vest : )

    Posted 1.22.15 Reply
  12. Love the layers and how you topped it all off with such a great faux fur vest!

    Posted 1.22.15 Reply
  13. Anonymous wrote:

    After reading your blog, I stopped at my Target and found the vest 30% off in my size. If you use Target's Cartwheel app, you get another 20% off clearance items. This bring the cost down to under $20.00. Thanks for showing it. I had my eye on a fur vest all winter, and took the plunge.

    Posted 1.22.15 Reply
  14. love the vest and all the thoughtful layers. you look beautiful!
    love, liz

    Posted 1.22.15 Reply
  15. Monica wrote:

    I absolutely love your style and your blog. It's refreshing finding other petite women struggling to find stylish clothes that fit our figure well. Have you tried shopping at The Limited? They too have petites available, although only online, but their clothes are very in style with what you have here. I even had one petite sweater be too short on me, which never ever happens with my 5 foot figure. I would def look into them!

    Posted 1.22.15 Reply
  16. Very cute faux fur vest! Sometimes we are so focus on hunting the right items and forget about brands like Target may also have some good options to offer! This fur vest makes me want to go check out my local Target now! 🙂


    Posted 1.21.15 Reply
  17. I love to design clothes that are fashionable at the top, and it makes me want to buy it.

    ~Nur Laili~
    Ide Usaha Sampingan

    Posted 1.21.15 Reply
  18. Merrie K. wrote:

    A nice vest and a chambray shirt are a must in every girl's closet whether she's petite or tall! Love the outfit!

    ~Merrie K.

    Posted 1.21.15 Reply
  19. Zalona wrote:

    Very nice blog post and very inspiring blog! Keep up the great work, I'm a fan! 🙂

    Posted 1.21.15 Reply
  20. Jean wrote:

    Hi Sophia! I take a xxs to xs petite in J.Crew. I have not had a chance to try on these chambray shirts in particular since petites is not available in their stores, only online.

    Posted 1.21.15 Reply
  21. Jean wrote:

    Oh, odd! I'm not used to wearing vests yet and also I was a bit distracted by how soft this one was : ) Here's a picture of it with no hand on it. I don't think it falls open awkardly.

    Posted 1.21.15 Reply
  22. Jean wrote:

    Hi there – unfortunately I don't know the official color names. I have a black reversing to medium brown and then a dark brown reversing to orange. I believe I have a brushed silver and a shiny gold buckle. Good luck choosing yours!

    Posted 1.21.15 Reply

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