Fall Dressing: Neon, wool, and faux fur


Sweater: Gap dolman-sleeve sweater (similar)
Vest: H&M; Divided sz 2 ($29.95, current)  Skirt: thrifted and hemmed
Bag: H&M; Divided, Pearls: Nordstrom Rack S (similar) Watch: Michael Kors JetSet

I woke up today, shivering, to a brisk 49 degree morning. Where is the mild 65-70 degree “Fall” weather that allows for donning light layers while sipping cider and watching the leaves turn? I wore this today (with a tee layered underneath) and was still cold and Rudolph-nosed. I just don’t want to give in to tights yet.

Low heels: Aldo (old) (similar here in “Natural”)

Today’s outfit combines three elements that I’m embracing this Fall – color, textures, and faux fur. This vest is very shrunken fit in sz 2 because it’s from the juniors “Divided” line, and I really wanted to swap it for a sz 4 for more frontal coverage. Nick vehemently protested, saying there was a “subtle but noticeable” difference from the back view, and that sz 4 looked like a fur backpack on me. Alas, I’m still with the 2.
neonwool3A splash of neon from this Gap dolman-sleeve Sweater prevents my outfit from veering into full neutral, monochromatic territory. I have enough mustard yellow, but this eye-catching color is different from anything I own. I also love the comfy, slouchy fit – just have to be careful not to snag the material.


And oh, do you recall this wool skirt from earlier this week? : )


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  1. Emart018 wrote:

    This is adorable!

    Posted 7.25.12 Reply
  2. Awesome. Looks great. Reminds me of Tasha Polizzi clothing. My cousin has done some thing with tasha polizzi clothing. She likes it a lot.

    Posted 7.5.12 Reply
  3. Wytane wrote:

    You look gorgeous as always!

    Love, wytane.blogspot.com

    Posted 4.11.12 Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    I think you have an amazing taste in clothes. I love most of the things you wear. You pay attention to detail and the end effect is always great. Keep up the good work gal! x ana

    Posted 3.14.12 Reply
  5. This outfit minus the vest is one of my favorite looks on you! It all works I must have those pearls,been looking for a while, but I will fine some I love. You have a great sense of style. Never feels contrived.

    Posted 1.10.12 Reply
  6. This outfit looks great on you! I want a faux fur vest, but too bad I can't wear it. I look like an Abominable Snowman in one. I tried last year and I really don't think I can pull it off. But I crave faux fur though.

    Posted 10.26.11 Reply
  7. This is a great outfit–some fashion trends tend to be styled always as "edgy", such as the faux fur vest and neon-colored items, but you made it look not only very contemporary but classy. This is awesome, thanks for posting.

    Posted 10.22.11 Reply
  8. sara wrote:

    looksfabulous! Can you please do a tutorial on DIY hem?

    Posted 9.28.11 Reply
  9. Oops, I commented on the wrong post! :p I love the illustration of the pilgrim skirt :p It looks amazing what you did to it after!

    Posted 9.22.11 Reply
  10. I just ordered the velcro bump on ebay for 3.99! I can't wait for it to come! 😀

    Posted 9.22.11 Reply
  11. Pablo wrote:

    You look absolutely stunning…! Love the fur vest =).

    Posted 9.22.11 Reply
  12. @R.L. It's a three-strand necklace from Nordstrom Rack! Recent, around $20 something.

    @Katie Maher @P Thank you! They're the Chanel tortoise Wayfarers Style #5182

    Posted 9.22.11 Reply
  13. i love your sunglasses? chanel? what style??
    thanks! new follower!

    Posted 9.22.11 Reply
  14. gigiofca wrote:

    Just genius on the skirt!!! Super cute outfit.

    Posted 9.20.11 Reply
  15. Samantha wrote:

    Um… AMAZING job at the DIY hem on the skirt! I thought you had brought it to the tailor (when you first showed it)! Love your mix of color, texture, fur, and pearls!

    xo, sam

    P.S. LOL@ the before and after pic!

    Posted 9.20.11 Reply
  16. Mae Lu wrote:

    From Fraulein Maria or house Frau to New York chic!

    I love how you paired it with a faux fur gilet. There's something so chic and unexpected about voluminous faux fur, neon and pearls.

    This ensemble is pretty much what I envision whenever I think stylish autumnal garb.

    AWESOME. A+ Brill.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

    Posted 9.20.11 Reply
  17. P wrote:

    I love your sunglasses, where are they from?

    Posted 9.20.11 Reply
  18. Jackie wrote:

    Hehe…It's gorgeous here in Philly. I am now in that perfect 65 degree weather ^_^ I LOVE fall.

    This outfit is so chic! I just knew the skirt would turn out nice (lol @ the before pic).

    I love the one neon piece, it really pops!

    Posted 9.19.11 Reply
  19. adorable! i think im going to make a wool skirt just like yours, but it would probably still be more expensive!

    Posted 9.19.11 Reply
  20. JJ wrote:

    I love, love, LOVE what you did with the skirt! It inspires me to go thrifting myself, I'll have to find a Savers near me ASAP.

    Posted 9.19.11 Reply
  21. Awesome – I love the Amish before and after.

    Posted 9.19.11 Reply
  22. So stylish, Jean! Love the punchy color of the sweater. I just watched your tut for the hair and it sure adds to your whole look. You're very good at thrifting and seeing the potential in items.

    Posted 9.19.11 Reply
  23. R.L. wrote:

    LOL @ the comment about going from lil bo peep to chic! I would have never have thought to incorporate neon green into a fall outfit, but the slouchiness works so well with the vest and mini! Even w/o seeing the vest in sz 4, I think you made the right choice with the 2. Most fur vests are made rather large and clunky even on non-petites. But I really like the shrunken fit on you and I think it makes it more versatile for what you can wear underneath it.

    BTW, are you wearing 2 necklaces? I'm on a hunt for a multi-strand pearl necklace with diff sized pearls. I saw a Kenneth Cole one at Nordstrom Rack that even incorporated chain links.

    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  24. I gotta say I don't like the faux fur for casual use, heck even some office settings! Yet you pull it off great!

    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  25. I've been looking for a faux fur vest since last year. I found one at Zara Kids but I'll check out the H & M one featured in this post.

    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  26. Shannon leigh wrote:

    Love how you incorporate some of your work separates into your casual outfits — shows how you can make your closet go a mile! I have a question regarding the H&M; wool skirt, would you wear that one or this one you converted DIY to work in the fall/winter? Or do you think it is too short? Could it be appropriate if you wear black opaque tights? Would you wear flats with it to make it more work appropriate? I work in a business casual office… lastly, I picked up the h&m; camel color skirt and am wondering how to get rid of the crease down the front (from them folding them for display at the store). Do you suggest ironing inside-out? Thanks, Jean!

    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  27. Carrie L wrote:

    lol…great job on the skirt. looks amazing!

    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  28. Carmen wrote:

    Hi, you look great always! Just wondering what hair products you are using.

    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  29. I did not recognize the skirt at all! Wow, what a great job of transforming it, it looks great!

    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  30. I love the comfy yellow sweater… Love more the way you paired it…

    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  31. LOL Jean, I can't believe that's the skirt!!!!! Wow you DEFINITELY took off a lot of length, though I must say that "before" look is pretty hot and is growing on me 😛

    I love that yellow sweater, I so drawn to slouchy/comfortable but not mess looks like this! and you're quite brave to rock the bare legs in this chilly weather. I actually prefer this look without the vest, but I'm not a fur type of girl, so that could be the reason why. anyway, you look fantastic as always!

    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  32. d. wrote:
    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  33. Bernice wrote:

    Love how well the skirt turned out!!!!!

    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  34. tiffyama wrote:

    The skirt looks fab!! Love how it turned out!! 😀

    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  35. Anne wrote:

    You look AWESOME 😀 I admire you saw the potential in that skirt becoming a mini and how you wear neon. 😀

    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  36. Carla Krae wrote:


    The dry cleaners, probably.

    And it's going to be 85 tomorrow in CA, so all you cold weather East people can kiss my butt. 😛 It's only getting hotter this week.

    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  37. Michelle wrote:

    The shirt and pearl combo look very chic. 🙂 I love that yellow color on you.

    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  38. faye lu wrote:

    LOL love the before and after alterations! $10 to look totally chic!!!
    i think the pearls really polish off this look. perfection x

    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  39. JC wrote:

    LOL @ the fur backpack comment.

    I can't believe that's the long skirt you posted about previously! It looks great. What does "cleaning" mean? I've only had 1 piece of clothing go through alterations & that was my wedding dress so I'm totally lost when it comes to any alterations lingo.

    Great outfit combo!

    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  40. Anonymous wrote:

    The sweater is cute but I think the skirt is a bit short. Iffy on the vest but def no on faux fur vest with pearls.

    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  41. Justine wrote:

    I love this skirt on you! It's amazing. I"m guessing you snipped it yourself? Btw, Did you tuck in your sweater? and how?

    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  42. gorgeous! your skirt looks so pretty now after the alterations!

    Posted 9.18.11 Reply
  43. DSK Steph wrote:

    I love what you did with the skirt!!
    Great before pic!! lol

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  44. Roopa wrote:

    awesome for just $10… loving it <3

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  45. Ashley wrote:

    Your skirt looks soooo amazing!! And I'm so impressed by the bright yellow, I can never quite pull that color off.

    And I'm just going to go ahead and echo everyone, how do you make your hair look so amazing?!

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  46. Anonymous wrote:

    how do you get your bun to be so full of volume? my hair goes so flat!

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  47. Lauren wrote:

    I'm going to have to work on my thrifting goggles! I wouldn't have been able to see such a cute mini in that original skirt…adorable!

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  48. lin wrote:

    jean, love your whole outfit. you have great fashion sense and knows what goes well together. the last pics were so funny. lol….

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  49. I really love that bright yellow color on you! And you're such a little MacGyver! Turning that long skirt into a short version is brilliant. Can't wait to see more pairings with it!

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  50. myhanh wrote:

    this is effortless chic. love the slouchy, bright sweater!

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  51. Love the styling. Beautiful sweater and vest.

    Heel in Mint

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  52. I love your skirt!

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  53. Kristen wrote:

    The vest looks cute on you! I too am petite, but a few inches taller and a few pounds heavier, I tried on the size 2 and felt it looked too small and short. I laughed when you said Nick protested against the size 4 because my boyfriend did not like the vest at all. Love this outfit and your Amish reference in the before photo 🙂

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  54. That last picture is HILARIOUS. Had me laughing for a bit!

    As always, you look so well put together 🙂 Now, if I could just get my hands on that vest..

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  55. Michelle wrote:

    Awesome style! Love the Amish pic too =D

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  56. Anh Anh wrote:

    Love love love your site and your style.

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  57. What a great outfit… i love how you can put pieces together to create such great looks! I would have never considered wearing a faux fur vest…now I'm thinking about it 😉

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  58. LOL @ the last pic. Thanks for being so sure of yourself that you can poke fun at yourself for our amusement!! What a great deal on that skirt.

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  59. Ellie wrote:

    I'm 99% sure I saw you at the Newbury St. H&M; today! I have a similar sweater from H&M; last year and I was trying to see how this random girl on the opposite escalator had styled it. I love the yellow with the grey skirt!!

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  60. Mary Ann wrote:

    The transformation of the skirt is awesome and I'm LOL-ing so hard at your Amish Paint job!

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  61. Anonymous wrote:

    How do you make your hair "poof" on top like that? When I pull my hair into a ponytail or a bun it lies so flat against my head =/

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  62. Claud wrote:

    wow! You look absolutely stunning Jean!
    I saw that dropped shoulder sweater at my gap and thought the color might be to bright for me (??)

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  63. Jacki wrote:

    The skirt looks amazing! Great find!

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  64. Rena wrote:

    love the outfit! I might just have to copy it! However, I got a similar vest for only $21 from F21! I also like how the skirt turned out, which reminds me that I have to hem some slack pants.

    <33 Rena

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  65. Jeannie wrote:

    Creativity + gorgeous color combo + perfect accessories = sophisticated yet simple perfection. Great job on the skirt. Love the look!

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  66. mai wrote:

    Gorgeous! Love every piece of the outfit, & lol @photoshopped picture.

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  67. CC wrote:

    love the thrifted and hemmed skirt! So cute!

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  68. Vicky wrote:

    You are so brave to get out there with your bare legs today! I'm all bundled up. Yes, tights! 🙂
    Jean, I adore this hair style that you have been donning a lot lately in your posts. And you look beautiful in neon green.

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  69. jkyw wrote:

    really love the neon yellow colour on you! and the wool skirt looks great now that it's been transformed into a mini!!


    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  70. I absolutely love your sweater!

    my blog-follow me♥mfashionfreak

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  71. LOL @ the skirt's transformation from lil bo peep to chic! Love the whole outfit – including the gorgeous Aldo shoes.

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  72. LAWoman wrote:

    Do you have any hair tutorials? I love your hair style here!

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  73. newpetite wrote:

    The skirt! it looks very grey in the previous pic (love your humor) and looks brownish in the next. Is it coz of the top? Looking at this.. makes me think I can actually consider stuff which might not fit but I like and make it work with a little DIY! Thanks!

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  74. OMG! I didn't even realize that was the same skirt. LOL You did a great job. It looks great! $10 is such a steal for the skirt. : )

    I actually prefer this outfit without the fur vest..dunno why because fur goes well with a lot of things. I think it doesn't work with the top because of the colour and/or bulkiness of the sweater & vest together.

    It's been extremely chilly (for summer) in Toronto for the past few days. I haven't had a chance to wear skirts/shorts without tights in a while!! I love fall, but I want summer to stretch a little longer so I can wear all of my things. 🙁

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  75. Angie wrote:

    LOL the amish picture is hilarious. i think you could do without the furry vest. the loose sweater is perfect without it! i understand though .. it's freezing here too. what happened to fall, america?

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  76. Yukie wrote:

    Fluorescent yellow is so hard to pull off, especially without looking too cartoonish or bumble-bee-like. Amazing job on the skirt! Wish I had your sartorial finesse.

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  77. Anna wrote:

    Hahaha, that last pic got me laughing 😀

    Lovely DIY! I wish I could sew; I have a hunch that would save a lot of dough at the tailor. I also love your photo quality – how do you get you background so blurry?

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply
  78. It's freezing here too, down to 39! Yuck. Great job on the skirt!!

    Posted 9.17.11 Reply

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