Holiday: Faux fur, wine gloves + Banana Republic lace dress


Anna Karenina Collection Monogram lace dress (in petite) thanks to Banana Republic
H&M faux fur stole and leather gloves, Hermes belt, Chanel WOC, Louboutin Decolettes

Last week, Banana Republic launched a capsule collection inspired by the upcoming film Anna Karenina. Previews on TV showed ladies donning elegant dresses with demure necklines, adorned in lavish furs, lace, layered pearls, and jewels – what’s not to love? I’m a sucker for the old-time glamour that underlies this collection, especially around this time of the year when holiday parties are near. My favorite piece is this cap-sleeve lace dress, and was thrilled to see that it comes in petites (I’ve always admired the quality of the Monogram line, but rarely see it in extended sizing). It went very quickly online, but check your local stores or try the # above (stores do ship).


Inspired by BR’s styling for this collection, I kept the color palette simple and let the textures shine in this outfit. I love the look of all black with an accent color – be it a bold, bright red, or a more muted deep wine like the shade of these gloves. I had tried on the stole and gloves previously at H&M, and went back for them now that temps have dropped precipitously. I guess patience paid off, because the faux fur pieces are now marked down to $7, and the genuine leather gloves (available in black, wine, or tan; the wine and tan leather feel softer than the black) are just $15 a pair. I am wearing size XS, which fits very slim but the fingers are long on me, per usual.


This dress is made with all-over lace fabric, and is lined in black from the bust down. The camisole-style dress lining underneath has thin straps, and there are small loops to keep the straps in place at each shoulder.

Hair routine is from this post, and makeup is from this post plus my trusty Rimmel Bordeaux lipcolor.


This dress in a 00P fit decently off the rack, but I adjusted it with the same alterations made to my last BR sheath (outfit also featuring this same belt, reversed for a different look). I tapered the skirt shape in from the hips downward, so that the bottom would have a pencil silhouette. The length is intended to be long and lean – I wanted to keep that vibe, but hemmed it just 1 inch to balance out my proportions.


Old Burberry wool-cashmere coat that has undergone multiple rounds of alterations:


In honor of this collection, BR is also holding a Pinterest contest where participants can win a $500 shopping spree. Please see their Pinterest board for the rules and details on how to enter.


Readers – Did you try on any items from this collection? Will you be recreating any of the glam looks for upcoming holiday parties?

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  1. rodrigo wrote:

    What a lovely dress, love your gloves! You look stunning, love everything about your outfit and especially the fact you're not wearing animal fur. That is one example what you can look extremely classy and elegant while still using animal-friendly products. Thanks for making a difference! 🙂 Xoxo

    Posted 8.31.15 Reply
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    Thanks for posting such a classy photo. You do not mention much about the beautiful Christian Louboutin Decollette Red Sole Pumps in Black 😮 ?

    The barely black nylons also give the outfit a sense of elegance & occasion 🙂

    Posted 7.26.14 Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    You look so elegant. I love all your diy and inspired me to alter my dress. Unfortunately, I had to do more alterations with mine, as it was baggy in the waist.

    Posted 2.25.13 Reply
  4. Melanie wrote:

    I love your belt! I wish I can afford of the Hermès belts…

    Love xx
    Melanie ~

    Posted 12.23.12 Reply
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    Posted 12.11.12 Reply
  6. Michelle wrote:

    I went through quite a process to get my hands on this dress – and now that it has been shipped I am so excited to get it!! I also ordered the 00P and I am hoping it will fit me as nicely as it fits you!

    Posted 12.9.12 Reply
  7. Anonymous wrote:

    You look so demure! I love it! You also remind me a little bit of Anita Mui here.

    Posted 12.2.12 Reply
  8. Joie wrote:

    Love, love, love the look! Sophisticatedly elegant!

    Posted 12.2.12 Reply
  9. Soigne1908 wrote:

    Extremely tasteful. I like the belt in particular.

    Posted 11.23.12 Reply
  10. You look wonderful with this dress, but my opinion is it is better if you wear red colour shoes and gloves, because it enhances your attractiveness more.

    Posted 11.15.12 Reply
  11. This look is absolutely stunning Jean. It's so luxe and glamorous, very old hollywood, just like the movie itself. I could imagine wearing this on the trans-siberian express while sipping champagne during a long Russian winter (lol). I'm thinking that I need to get myself some burgundy pieces after seeing this– goes so well with black.

    Thanks for sharing,


    Posted 11.13.12 Reply
  12. Julia wrote:

    As an alternative, Anthropologie has a very similar dress –

    Love the holiday season seeing everyone with pretty dresses! After searching high and low, I am going for lace at my holiday party this year too!

    Posted 11.13.12 Reply
  13. Rosie wrote:

    this dress *just* got restocked in all petite sizes online!

    Posted 11.13.12 Reply
  14. Debra wrote:

    You look stunning in this dress and I love how you accessorized with the faux fur stole and wine gloves. I've actually been debating picking a fur stole….I think I need one now that I've seen how pretty it looked with a dress. I'd like to wear it with a coat as well. What do you think?!

    Posted 11.12.12 Reply
  15. Very classy and sexy as usual. 🙂

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  16. This look is absolutely stunning!

    Kate xo

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  17. ravenlocks wrote:

    This outfit is beyond chic! Seriously…head to toe perfection. I really like those gloves!

    Just found your blog and I'm now following. Feel free to stop by mine whenever 🙂

    xoxo Azu

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  18. Cristy wrote:

    Not a fan of fur, but I love your dress!

    Posted 11.10.12 Reply
  19. You look lovely, I LOVE this dress! Did you do the alterations yourself or take it to a tailor? If you DIY'd, how did you take in the lace? I've seen dresses like this before that needed the same alteration, but I'm always worried about taking the risk and ruining the lace.

    Posted 11.10.12 Reply
  20. Anonymous wrote:

    Can I just say how much I love your blog? I am also petite and I live in Boston. Checking your blog is one of my favorite new hobbies. Thanks so much for all of the great posts!

    Posted 11.10.12 Reply
  21. GEMMA wrote:

    This outfit is amazing

    Check on my fashion blog my first MAGAZINE :


    Posted 11.10.12 Reply
  22. Anonymous wrote:

    Gorgeous dress. My local BR sold out of all small sizes within a day. I saw a size 0R on eBay. Too bad I am bigger than that.

    Posted 11.10.12 Reply
  23. Anonymous wrote:

    you look so elegant and stunning! Of course all the stores are out of small sizes. But a while back I came across a semi-similar dress Maggy London Scoop Back Lace Dress in dark blue. The front looks similar to BR but the back it was a scoop back. It is beautiful and I like dress as well.
    I like lace dresses in general…they are so pretty.

    Thx for sharing

    Posted 11.9.12 Reply
  24. Anonymous wrote:

    Looking classy & pretty as always.

    Posted 11.9.12 Reply
  25. Rosie wrote:

    I'm glad they made this available in petites. If anyone wants to do a store search (yes, BR will do a charge-send, and it's free if you have a Luxe card), the item number for the petite version of the dress is 278823

    Posted 11.9.12 Reply
  26. Midori wrote:

    you look amazing and now I need to look for those gloves!

    Posted 11.9.12 Reply
  27. Joanna Le wrote:

    Wow, talk about Hollywood glamour! You look exquisite, Jean. The styling you did for this dress was absolutely perfect.

    Posted 11.9.12 Reply
  28. I love your blog! it brightens my days. now if i can only get that dress!

    Posted 11.9.12 Reply
  29. Mady T. wrote:

    love love the outfit! the dress looks so sexy with the gloves and shoes…just love it!


    Posted 11.9.12 Reply
  30. lin wrote:

    you look absolutely gorgeous in this post, so very old hollywood glam.

    i haven't tried anything from this collection yet but will be checking it out. thanks for letting us know about the sale on the gloves. i am definitely going to pick some up since i tend to lose my gloves. lol. 😉

    Posted 11.9.12 Reply
  31. Mary Ann wrote:

    This is gorgeous Jean – my kind of look! I love the gloves as an accent color! 😉

    Posted 11.9.12 Reply
  32. Lulu wrote:

    This is an incredible outfit…I'd wear this in a heartbeat!

    Posted 11.9.12 Reply
  33. I love your outfit. It is so classy and elegant. Gives me a whole new appreciation for how upscale lace can look.

    Posted 11.9.12 Reply
  34. Megan wrote:

    Jean, you are the classiest lady ever! I am so in love with this look… it makes me crave holiday parties! Can't wait till that time of year 🙂

    Posted 11.8.12 Reply
  35. Anonymous wrote:

    she says it's a 00p.

    Posted 11.8.12 Reply
  36. Julie wrote:

    Love this! You are always so stunning in lace!

    xoxo, Julie @ OBSESSED

    Posted 11.8.12 Reply
  37. perfumehk wrote:

    So pretty and stylish, beautiful outfit and lovely pics.
    Parfum pas cher

    Posted 11.8.12 Reply
  38. Anonymous wrote:

    you look so elegant!

    can you please do a post on outfits to wear to work in the winter please?

    Posted 11.8.12 Reply
  39. petit chou wrote:

    11/8/12 – FYI: There is ONE OOP left in the Seattle downtown BR.

    Posted 11.8.12 Reply
  40. Cee wrote:

    AH-MAZING from head to toe. You captured the old Hollywood glamour look perfectly, Jean.

    Did your gloves come in a cognac color? If so, I bought a pair a few weeks back at full price. Must remember to get a price adjustment before the return deadline! Thanks for the sales alert.

    Posted 11.8.12 Reply
  41. Absolutely love this look, so pretty and feminine! Love the gloves and the belt!

    The Style Storm

    xo, Christina

    Posted 11.8.12 Reply

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