ASOS Petite Reviews: Lace Dress and Belted Military Jacket

asos_armyjacket1ASOS Petite Exclusive Belted Wax Jacket – see review further below, ON legging jeans (both on sale)

ASOS is having a sale where code (Update 11/12 – this promo ended) MTVU2012 gets 25% off full-priced items, and some other items are temporarily marked down with no code needed. Shipping and return shipping is always free. I wanted to share two items that I tried on from their petite line, both of which are fairly decent:

Design: Flattering cut with fitted torso and full skirt. Lace mesh over a cream lining is pretty in-person. I wanted the red version of this dress for an upcoming holiday party, but small sizes were sold out at the time. If you don’t have any black lace party dresses in your closet, this one is elegant yet fun. However, you do have to go bra-less (and the design does a good job of concealing) or wear pasties due to the open back.

Fit: I’ve always had trouble with the waist running small on ASOS items. The upper torso of the US 1 fit nicely, but the waist was 1-2 inches too small for me – no chance I was zipping this baby up.
The description also did not mention the triple layers of tulle under the skirt…

The tulle is there to keep the skirt shape full (pardon the wrinkled side view as the dress was straight out of the mailer bag), but if I were to keep this, I would probably cut off one layer for a semi-full skirt. The dress is completely lined, and there is an extra layer of lining below all the tulle.

Measurements of a size US 1 (petite): 14″ across armpits with some flexibility due to an open back, 11.3″ across waist (waist runs small!), 12″ bodice length, 17″ skirt length.
Closeup of mesh lace:

Verdict: I am returning this one because it is too small, but ordered a red pop-back in one size bigger (US 2). For $59.37, the design and quality of this dress is not bad at all for a wedding or holiday party. It’s difficult to find unique special event dresses that fit, so I am shopping a few weeks early.

Next up, ASOS Petite Exclusive Belted Wax Jacket, 2 colors, trying on size US 1.
Design: I have been looking for a versatile, casual military-style jacket. This jacket has a lot of things right – pockets that fit into the style but aren’t overwhelming, zipper plus button closures, a waist-cinching belt, and snaps at the wrist for adjusting the opening width. The jacket is fully lined and the material is lightweight. However, I have two qualms – 1. The collar was short, and I love having a higher collar both for warmth and a more “structured” look. 2. The material (as denoted in the title) is a coated 100% cotton with an slight waxiness to it. It’s not shiny but any means, but has a smoother finish than the typical military jacket khaki.
Fit: I had tried on military-style jackets from other stores in non-petite sizing, and this one fit the best by far. The waist was at the proper place, allowing for legs to appear lengthier. The jacket is fairly fitted even without the belt, so there is less bunching at the waist than typical military jackets that have drawstrings there. The hip-length is also great for wearing with pants and skirts alike.

Trying this on with Old Navy Rock Star Jeggings in black (18 other colors available), in size 0 short. Use code ONGIFT to get these for $23.60. Now that I own both 0 short and 0 petite, I’ve noticed the petite is much tighter around the waist and hips than the short. The short is more comfortable for me, but these are last year’s so the sizing could’ve changed.
Measurements of a US size 1 (petite): 14″ across the shoulder, 16.5″ across the armpits, 15.3″ across the waist, 22″ sleeve length, 23″ jacket length.

Verdict: Returned – I loved the fit and was hoping to overlook the material, but decided to hold out for a true khaki jacket. If you don’t mind a smoother finish, this is a good petite-friendly cotton jacket for the sale price ($61). Also comes in navy.

Readers – Have you found any winners from ASOS lately that you’d recommend during this sale?
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Angela W. wrote:

    Hello, just letting you know that my ASOS reviews have been posted. Please let me know what you think Thank you!

    Posted 11.12.12 Reply
  2. This is a great blog. In my opinion one of the most genuine lifestyle blogs! Just stumbled across a hilarious Cupcakes & Cashmere satire blog that I think everyone would love. It still seems pretty new but seems to be going in the most hysterical direction. Enjoy 🙂

    Posted 11.12.12 Reply
  3. I love the dress! it's a shame it didn't fit. It's always a bummer when you have to return/exchange things purchased online.


    Posted 11.12.12 Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean, I love that dress. Too bad I would have nowhere to wear it.
    I was wondering if you have any tips on how to dress warm for winter without looking boring (i.e.just wearing a sweater) and how to not look bulky while staying warm (i.e. a ton of layers of clothes)?

    Posted 11.12.12 Reply
  5. Katie C wrote:

    Haha, this post definitely freaked me out (in regard to being prepared for holiday parties!) I immediately bought two red dresses (including the one you reviewed. Though, I doubt it will look as great on me.)

    You know, it's easy to get wrapped up in other things during this time of the year. So, thank you THANK YOU – because I always end up frantic and unprepared the night of events.

    Also, I have been meaning to comment: I freaking love your ORIGINAL Nintendo controller case.

    Posted 11.12.12 Reply
  6. I love that dress. Awesome review.

    Posted 11.12.12 Reply
  7. I absolutely love your detailed reviews. They are so informative, and have helped so much.


    Posted 11.12.12 Reply
  8. Joanna Le wrote:

    I had that dress bookmarked the moment I saw it! I actually really love how full and voluminous the skirt is.. the red really would be perfect for holiday parties, but the black is a classic and great for all occasions! I thought the open back would mean the petite size 1 would be a bit more forgiving.. can't believe how teeny the waist it! Thanks for the great review.

    Posted 11.12.12 Reply
  9. Loved the dress! 😀

    Posted 11.12.12 Reply
  10. Jean, I love the jacket on you! I think the fit is perfect and is very flattering. Can't wait to see you in the red ASOS dress!

    Posted 11.12.12 Reply
  11. Cassie wrote:

    i've had similar problems with ASOS – their stuff generally runs about about a size smaller so i end up having to go up a size and then tailor down (which is what i am doing with a dress i am wearing to a wedding this month). they just updated their sizing chart recently and i feel it's a lot more accurate so make sure you are checking the sizing chart before ordering! 🙂

    Posted 11.12.12 Reply
  12. Anonymous wrote:

    )= both coupons are expired as of Monday morning 6:30 a.m.

    Posted 11.12.12 Reply
  13. You look so gorgeous in that outfit and I suggest you to stick with those.

    Posted 11.12.12 Reply
  14. Anonymous wrote:


    thanks for the review on the dress. I ordered my in black a few days ago US 1 so now i am anxious to try if it will fit my waist, lol….
    It's a cute dress for a holiday party/soiree.
    To Jess, thx for the tips on the bra converter!

    Thanks again ladies.

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  15. Btw, you can also get a bra converter for under ten bucks for backless tops/dresses. : ) I have one and it's a lifesaver in these fashion situations!

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  16. The dress is really pretty! I love how voluminous the skirt is. The jacket looks great on you, but I'd be concerned about warmth. It doesn't look like you can wear too many layers underneath.

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  17. Angela W. wrote:

    I work with technology on a daily basis but you are definitely right that there are so much to learn in terms of blogging. Thank you so much for being so welcoming and sweet, Carol ! I appreciate it!

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  18. Suzie Q wrote:

    I'm in love with the lace dress. I love how the tulle keeps the bottom full and the lace pattern is so pretty. Too bad it didn't work out for you!

    Suzie Q
    DaisyGem Jewelry GIVEAWAY

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  19. Jessica wrote:

    It's a shame that you didn't keep the jacket! I actually really like it and the fit looks great on you! Personally I don't really like how poofy the bottom part of the dress is, but I guess it stands out.

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  20. I love your blog! This is a fantastic concept sharing the difficulties of sizing in clothes, particularly for ladies who are petite! I love your fashion style and I am definitely following you! Great job and super post! I have found this problem so much in my line of work!

    Zoe xxx

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  21. Angela W. wrote:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  22. I wonder if you have seen the Sashimi Faux Fur Collar Utility Anorak (Juniors)at nordstrom. The junior line may make it a better fit:)

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  23. Carol Li wrote:

    The ASOS website states that it's petite range is designed for someone who is 5'3 and under, however if you're 5'4 you may also find the fit ok. ASOS are generally a small fit compared with other stores and stock size 1 &2.

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  24. Carol Li wrote:

    I love both items on you. The coat looks like a great fit. It's a shame you didn't love it. The dress is gorgeous and very Wendy's Lookbook. I'm looking forward to seeing the red version.

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  25. Carol Li wrote:

    Hi Angela

    Welcome to the world of blogging. I've been blogging for a couple of months now and I'm finally getting my head around all the technology side of things.

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  26. lucie wrote:

    does anyone know if the asos petite line fit someone who's 5' 4, and usually size 1,2? =)

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  27. Abby wrote:

    Wow, that dress is really eye catching. That will turn heads and draw compliments for sure. I hope the red works out for you.

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  28. Joy wrote:

    beautiful dress! I also find the skirt a bit 'too' full.
    I actually really like the jacket and I find the waxy coating intriguing, but it doesn't look that shiny in your photos.

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  29. can't wait to see what the dress looks like in red…SO fun! i thought the military jacket looked GREAT on you.

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  30. Dmitri wrote:

    that dress looks absolutely stunning on you! it looks like it fits perfectly already so i hope the one size up still works out.

    i was wondering what your thoughts were on ann taylor loft. i used to shop loft in college, but after awhile, i found myself no longer attracted to their styles. thanks to my sister, however, i've recently rediscovered their pants and denim jeans…and i think i'm in love! granted, i'm a researcher and i don't work in an office setting so my 'work' clothes are far more casual than yours. but i'd like to see what you think!

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  31. Tam wrote:

    Jean, I don't know if you saw that I reviewed and styled the red version of this lace dress a little while ago.

    I agree with you on the waist being small! I was able to zip it, but trying to sit for a long period of time or eat dinner was . . . challenging. I would've been more comfortable in a Petite US 2. I found that the lining wasn't really enough for me to go bra- or pasties-less. I ended up converting a strapless bra into a backless bra with safety pins and securing it with packing tape (not recommended).

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  32. I just recently started shopping on asos. I love that they carry small and petite sizes. I've had good luck with most of my purchases. Thanks for the review. I love the dress. Might give it a try.


    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  33. Chrissie wrote:

    Beautiful dress! Although I do agree that the triple layers of tulle seems a little much. From the front it doesn't look too bad, but from the side it looks a little awkward/overly poofy (or is that just the wrinkles?). Definitely looking forward to seeing the dress in red!

    xo – chiisakute ♥

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  34. Oh my that dress is just adorable!

    Confessions of a Purse-a-holic

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  35. Unknown wrote:

    This one worked for me. It is for $30 of a purchase of at least $150.USTREAT30

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  36. Joy wrote:

    Love the jacket with the leggings. The dress is lovely as well!

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  37. Elissa wrote:

    Such a gorgeous dress. I hope the size 2 isn't too big on you!

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  38. april wrote:

    beautiful dress

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  39. Rachelle wrote:

    I've been taking advantage of the ASOS sale as well, I purchased their peplum top in the petite section and I love it because the torso is shorter. I also purchase their mini skirts and I love it because the length is actually perfect for my 5'4 frame. I'm also looking for a khaki jacket. thanks for the review.

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  40. Catherine wrote:

    Have you tried the "NuBra"?

    I was very skeptical when a salesgirl convinced me to buy it along with a backless dress, but I ended up wearing that thing CONSTANTLY this summer.

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  41. Effie wrote:

    LOVE your blog.. it's always so hard finding fashion to fit us skinny minis! Thanks, xx

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  42. Sabrina wrote:

    I was thinking about getting that dress and now I see that it has those tulle layers, I feel like I absolutely need it! I'm concerned about the waist now, though. But then again I've always fit into ASOS size 1, so maybe I'll just go for it! 🙂


    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  43. Fanny wrote:

    love thiss dress ^^

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  44. Maggie wrote:

    The dress is fab! I just tried to order it, but the coupon code seems to have expired. Will have to scour the interwebs for another one.

    Thanks always for your lovely reviews 🙂

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  45. Naomi wrote:

    Thanks for the reviews Jean! Let us know how the red lace dress in US 2 work out – I have my eyes on it!

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  46. Carla Krae wrote:

    A dress like that needs a bra like one of these: There are multi-way bras that drop the back to wrap around the waist .

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  47. Thanks for the review! I think I'll buy the jacket. Cotton is my favourite material.

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  48. Julie wrote:

    Their peplum tops are fantastic! I grabbed a couple and the fit was typical ASOS fit, a bit tight around the waist, but they look fab!

    xoxo, Julie @ //OBSESSED//

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  49. Angela W. wrote:

    BTW I added you to my blogroll, I hope that's OK!

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  50. Angela W. wrote:

    Hi, I recently bought several ASOS items that I love! I am going to post them on my blog soon. BTW I am a new petite blogger. My blog is still under construction but please feel free to check out it out at, hope to hear your feedback!

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply

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