Lookbook: Pine & Patterns (and Old Navy jeans in petite vs reg)


J.Crew Lady Day Coat & cable sweater (similar) sz xxs, Gap shirt (similar)
Old Navy Jeggings sz 0P, Louboutin Decollete pumps, Goyard Marquises Tote

This winter outfit easily converts for a business casual work environment. I plan on replacing the black legging jeans with some trousers or ankle pants, and tucking in the button-up shirt. You can also try the sweater with a rich camel or black pencil skirt.

I only got one of these sweaters for myself and am regretting leaving the fuchsia behind. A reader recently asked why I am against buying duplicates. I used to get over-excited at finding things that “fit” and freely hoarded multiples of different colors. Looking back, many of these things were quite mediocre and didn’t even fit right. Now that I’m more experienced, I know that there will be other, new options in the future (unless it’s a true challenge item, like petite-friendly suiting) and that fashion tastes will change over time. Unless I am certain that a piece will be a wardrobe favorite, I’m hesitant to buy more than one…but will probably regret not doing so for this sweater!


Some of you asked if this Goyard tote can be worn over the shoulder. I do carry it on my shoulder, but the straps get snug over a thick coat. My regular-sized friend tried it on and could not comfortably toss it over her shoulder. The strap drop height is only 7″ compared to about 9″ on my favorite travel bag, the Longchamp large tote.
These are the same Old Navy jeggings from this post, except in the petite sizing. Petite sizing is supposed to be not just shorter in length, but should also have a lower rise, narrower hips and waist, higher knee position, etc (according to ON themselves). That to me is the difference between buying “petite” versus just a regular size with short inseam.
ON jeggings1

Old Navy Jeggings sz 0 Petite/X Short (black, 27″ inseam) vs. 0 Regular (Russet Brown, 29″ inseam)

When I got the 0P jeans, however, I immediately noticed that the waist, hips, and inseam fit exactly like my 0R, with the only difference being a 2″ shorter inseam and slightly, ever so slightly narrower thighs. I had hoped that the petite version would have smaller proportions and smaller back pockets (wishful thinking!). I looked at the tag and it doesn’t even say 0P – just “0 X Short.” I like the inseam a lot on me, but have to complain about the big stiff back pockets, stiffer denim material, and the lint-magnet material. **UPDATE** – According to several readers, it looks like Old Navy may have mistakenly sent me the 0 Short instead of the 0 Petite, which would explain no differences in the waist/hip area.

Readers – Did any of you pick up the honeycomb sweater or the ON jeggings? What are your thoughts?
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Yes the petite 0 in rockstars fit way smaller! In the stores they also carry 00 in the dark blue and black washes. In general I love Old navy rockstars they are the perfect jean. For the most part they have a good selection of colors.

    Posted 5.2.14 Reply
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    How did those leggings from ON fit after they sent you the correct size? I'm hoping to buy a pair myself!

    Posted 7.25.12 Reply
  3. sophié wrote:

    so glad I found your blog – THANK YOU for the inspirational posts. and yes please do let us know if and when these coats become available… would love to get one as coats are a challenge for us petites.

    Posted 5.13.12 Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    This is such a great look. I bought the sweater in blue and looking for a similar shirt to wear it with. I would also like the coat – please do let us know when the new collection comes out, as currently sold out. Thank you for all the inspiring photos and fun blog. Simply love it!

    Posted 4.22.12 Reply
  5. Posted 1.27.12 Reply
  6. I purchased the same sweater and color. It is the coziest sweater I have. I did a post about. I found it in the store for 39.99 with 40% off, plus 15% off from my student discount. I thought that was a super deal.

    Posted 1.24.12 Reply
  7. the green sweater with your black hair is perfection!

    Posted 1.12.12 Reply
  8. Yes it is…I posted some measurements and pics of the "unstyled" fit here: http://www.extrapetite.com/2012/01/style-in-suitcase-part-1-gingham-and.html

    It's boxy and pretty childish in fit, so be warned : ) I usually wear 00P in LOFT as well but it's usually too big. This shirt is also very short in a boys S, but a boys M would be too boxy all-around.

    Posted 1.12.12 Reply
  9. Hi there – I am close to you in age and it definitely took several years to become secure and confident about my body and accept it for the way it is. Even now if I'm in a crowd of tall, model-like individuals both out or at work, something still tugs at my confidence a little especially if I'm not dressed right or looking my best. I wrote a post a while back on confidence in the workplace and I think it can apply to outside of work as well: http://www.extrapetite.com/2011/02/reader-request-building-confidence.html Hopefully some of my thoughts (and reader comments) in that post can be helpful to you. I hope you can come to terms with your size and embrace it, and learn how to present yourself to be the best you can be : )

    Posted 1.12.12 Reply
  10. Thank you Ruthie! It's nice to hear from you and thank you for having to patience to post a second time. I believe Gap that ships to the UK. Have you had any luck with their jeans in size 00 or 24?

    Posted 1.12.12 Reply
  11. That's a bummer! I have not been there lately. BR's offerings have just gotten worse and worse over the past few years. I've had much better luck at BR Factory (love this white cardigan with black trim that Alterations Needed picked up from there recently!).

    Posted 1.12.12 Reply
  12. Wowsers! Great deals. My local AT's no longer carry my size so I have given up on browsing there. I don't do anything after placing orders on the phone, but from my experience, it takes well over a week (sometimes 2 weeks) for me to receive my order. If you don't get it after a week, I would maybe call the store back just to see if they mailed it out.

    Posted 1.12.12 Reply
  13. Thank you for the tip! I have not tried bebe denim but did have some of their tops back in high school : ) I think my main issue with them would be the high price for the brand and also the more decorated back pockets ( I love super plain back pockets).

    Posted 1.12.12 Reply
  14. It is the cobblestone color from 2010. Warm gray this year is the closest I can find. I have the green from 2011 and it's a rich kelly green. Beautiful!

    Posted 1.12.12 Reply
  15. Hi Alessia! Yes I just got a haircut…nothing special to write home about : ) I have thick coarse hair so I just ask for long layers and for the thickness to be "thinned out." They usually use some jagged looking shears and chomp away until my overall head of hair feels lighter.

    Posted 1.12.12 Reply
  16. Hi Helen – my shoulder width is approximately 15 inches across.

    Posted 1.12.12 Reply
  17. Jen wrote:

    This is such a great everyday look. I'm trying hard not to want it in every color they have in my size! You make me want just about everything you post lol

    Posted 1.11.12 Reply
  18. Jeanette wrote:

    You're right about the J.Crew honeycomb sweater :)I've been looking for a red sweater this winter but had any luck. I was in Ann Taylor today and almost got a red sweater there…but I thought I would check out J. Crew first for the sale. And what do you know, the first thing I saw on the sales rack is the honeycomb sweater in true red! I also wear xxs (it was the last one) so I guess it was destiny! I tried it on and really love it! Thanks Jean, for the suggestion!! And your outfit is super chic and cute!

    Posted 1.10.12 Reply
  19. mturbin wrote:

    Is that shirt actually a boy's small? I read online that they run big, but I wasn't sure what size to order.
    I usually wear a 00P from Loft.

    Posted 1.10.12 Reply
  20. Karoliina wrote:

    I really like your style and blog! And outfit look great (:

    Posted 1.10.12 Reply
  21. Anonymous wrote:

    I know you love this sweater, but it just isn't flattering! It does what you would think a kid's sweater would do — makes you look like you have NO bust at all.

    Posted 1.10.12 Reply
  22. Anonymous wrote:

    Hey Jean, I really enjoy reading your blog. Although your outfits are too formal for a college student, I hope to dress like this one day! But the real reason I'm leaving a comment is–you seem really confident. I'm 22 and had hoped that I would ditch my insecurities about being petite by now, but it seems to get worse as I get older! I never dress to stand out. Did you have confidence issues growing up and if so how did you overcome them.

    Posted 1.10.12 Reply
  23. Anonymous wrote:

    I had really good luck with on's plain old skinny jeans (not jeggings) in black in short lengths. The material is pretty solid and has held up well. They fit well and are super comfy – very versatile particularly for dressy casual (a staple in my jeans-wearing office).

    Posted 1.10.12 Reply
  24. So pretty and stylish! I like how the Gap Boys Gingham Shirt compliments with the Honeycomb sweater, plus the J.Crew Lady Day Coat. Your bag is so adorable as well!

    Posted 1.10.12 Reply
  25. Anonymous wrote:

    Jean, I LOVE that you paired this sweater with your bag–the designs match and I think you did a phenomenal job pairing them!

    Posted 1.9.12 Reply
  26. Callandra wrote:

    I tried on the ON jeggings yesterday Jean…..finally remembered from the first time you posted about them! Lol The inseam on the regular was perfect for me but the rise was soooo low (not good for a curvy figure like mine)…..they look so great on you though!

    Posted 1.9.12 Reply
  27. I love love love this look Jean! Consider yourself "pinned"! The accessories are just the right touch and love the Goyard bag!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

    Posted 1.9.12 Reply
  28. Vanessa wrote:

    That outfit looks great on you! I tried on the Honeycomb sweater in blue and the pine green after you recommended it but it just didn't look that great on me. I'm envious…the JCrew I went to didn't have even half of those items!

    Posted 1.9.12 Reply
  29. jo wrote:

    Jean, the green sweater looks absolutely stunning on you! Also, your bag is breathless, wish you wrote more on it.

    Posted 1.9.12 Reply
  30. The J.Crew in Chicago never has anything good left on sale! I think you brought home a lot of great pieces, as I scrolled down to see your last post! I used to buy things in multiples as well, black and brown or black and white but too many of the same items = "I have nothing to wear." Mainly due to boredom….

    Posted 1.9.12 Reply
  31. I love that hunter green, esp in the winter time. I went to J Crew over the weekend but did not see any of these sweaters… maybe I wasn't looking hard enough or they didn't stand out as much. I need a pair of dark skinnies as well, so hopefully they'll have some petite sizes left at my local Old Navy.

    btw, I'll have to take a pic of the AT ruffled top I bought from you last year. You've def changed the way I look at work. Always in my AT pumps and tucking my cardigans into pencil skirts =D You would be proud.

    Posted 1.9.12 Reply
  32. I love this outfit Jean! The black and white gingham look great with the pine green color. I saw the sweaters in store but mine had a very limited color selection. I also noticed that the sweater was already pilling so I didn't buy one. I'm really lazy when it comes to maintenance of my clothes and I felt like it would be too much work! If the sweater was already pilling from just being in the store, I didn't want to think about what it'd look after wearing it!

    Posted 1.9.12 Reply
  33. lovelovelove your jumper, suits you perfectly xx

    Posted 1.9.12 Reply
  34. ruthie wrote:

    Greetings from London! I did originally post on your one of your blogs earlier this year but got caught up with some debate and was taken off!

    Anyways, I just want to tell you what a pleasure it was to have found your blog! I have been following religiously for the last 2 weeks!

    Here in London, I have great difficulties in finding skinny jeans that fits, coats… boots… shoes… you name it …!

    I was beginning to become stuck in a rut with my clothes … and along came your blog! You make me want to go shopping EVERYTIME I read your pages!

    I wish I have access to J Crew and Old Navy… but at least I have H&M; and Forever 21 to satisfy my cravings!

    I did shop in the children's section when I was university some years ago but abandoned when i started working! But now – I have now rediscovered them and I have now the cooliest fitting jeans in the colours that I have been looking for! Many thanks Jean! You have changed my wardrobe!

    Posted 1.9.12 Reply
  35. I don't think I've ever used this phrase before but this outfit really embodies casual elegance. I am crazy in love with how you added a pin to your collar and will be immediately trying this out!

    If you are interested, they had some fun boys' gingham shirts at J Crew / Crewcuts factory store with gray/white and pale blue/white combinations. The blue/white was $24.97 with an additional 60% off so I got one for my son at $10. In the women's section, they had the large check gingham shirts (will have a review on Wednesday) which were oh so pretty but the sleeves were very long and XS fit well on me so might be too large for you unless you are ok with a blouse-y torso. Hmm, sorry for the mega-long comment but hope it was helpful!

    Posted 1.9.12 Reply
  36. You look great!!

    The Life After

    Posted 1.9.12 Reply

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