J.Crew Lady Day Coat – 2011 vs 2010 sizing & quality

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Coat: J.Crew Lady Day sz 00P in “oasis green” (extra 30% off w/ MUSTHAVE) Clutch: H&M;  
Booties: Adrienne Vittadini  Tights: Target girls  Earmuffs: Burberry  Gloves: no brand from Mom

I know this is a belated “review” as it’s already 2012, but I just wanted to share some of my observations now that this coat is on final sale. Elle did a thorough review after the epic promo (or pricing error) during which these were available for an amazing price. She was so kind to sell me an extra in the color I’ve been eying all along – this beautiful, preppy, “oasis green.” 

I did a review and video on this coat in 2010, during which I picked up a 0P in olive (subsequently sold and replaced with cobblestone gray). 0P was the smallest size available that year. I was very excited to see a 00P available in 2011, but had my suspicions that sizing wouldn’t be that much smaller. Lo and behold…

I laid the coats one on top of the other, and they were exactly the same measurements-wise. I didn’t expect much difference, but I also didn’t expect the two sizes to be identical in every aspect. Actually, unless my eyes were playing tricks on me, the 2010 0P might have even looked a smidge smaller than the 2010 00P.
I am disappointed because this is yet another sign of J.Crew’s vanity sizing. This lady day coat is one of the few, few items that fit me from this brand with no alterations necessary. Their pants, skirts, and other petite-sized offerings are still much too roomy. If I were a 0P in this coat last year and a 00P this year, does that mean other longtime J.Crew customers also had to go one size down?
Measurements of 2011 00P / 2010 0P: 14.25″ across the shoulders, 36″ total length, 14.5″ across the waist, 22″ sleeve length, 19″ across the bottom, 17″ across the armpit.

The outer wool content is the same both years, but one notable difference is an obvious slip in interior quality. The 2010 cobblestone gray is beautifully lined with some double-cloth wool pieces on the inside, interior waistband, satin ribbon piping, and a small chest pocket. The 2011 has none of that, but I did note the welcome addition of a small chain for hanging. Perhaps such “shortcuts” in workmanship are a result of having to do more frequent and steeper discounts this year to keep up with competitor pricing.

Another look at the green:


Readers – What did you think of the sizing & quality of this year’s coats?
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Elissa wrote:

    Love the color! I've been gravitating more towards green recently, so perhaps I'm bias. The fit looks nice, maybe a wee bit too big, but it may be beneficial if you have chunky sweaters underneath. =)
    As for sizing, I think it will always be a pain on some level perhaps especially for us petite ladies. I don't shop much at J. Crew considering, as you've mentioned their petite/small sizing is often still too roomy. The vanity sizing is a bit baffling. I've been in various stores, held up a shirt (for example) and thought, "This is an XS?"

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  2. Victoria wrote:

    That color is so beautiful! Too bad it's way too hot here to wear any kind of jacket let alone wool coat

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  3. I agree with the vanity sizing issue! I bought a beautiful orange wool coat from J.Crew on final sale back in February 2009 – a size 2. Now whenever I shop there I need a 00 or an XXS. What's going on with that??

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    Taking into account J.Crew's notorious vanity sizing, I bought a size 2 strapless dress final sale online (I am usually a size 4 in other brands). Turns out I needed a 0. Wow, J.Crew… I am by no means petite, so I feel sorry for smaller women who are likely sized out completely.

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  5. socorosis wrote:

    The coat looks lovely on you Jean but I feel like you still need to go down a size. Maybe that's just me, I like my coats tight fitting.

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  6. Jackie wrote:

    I mean "it isn't" ** OMGEE

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  7. Jackie wrote:

    It's snowing is Boston either? What is with this winter!?

    I like the green on you =)

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  8. Anonymous wrote:

    It's a shame that vanity sizing has been becoming worse & worse. At 5'5" & 33-25-34, I could barely fit into my mother's size 5 bridesmaid dress from about 30 years ago!

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  9. Petite-ish wrote:

    Yours is much cuter (especially on you!), but this looked quite similar to the tunic dress you found at crewcuts!

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  10. karen wrote:

    All the fat ladies want to be called a size 0,4 or 6.That is the problem and Jcrew is cashing out on that.

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  11. rjs wrote:

    I actually think the interior of the 2011 version looks a lot better. The 2010 interior looks messy and unfinished. The interior pocket would be nice though. I really want this coat.

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  12. jules wrote:

    love that colour! i don't shop at jcrew because i live in canada, but it seems to me that one of the benefits of shopping at a chain like jcrew, banana republic or gap is that sizing is consistent. too bad jcrew doesn't feel the same way.


    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  13. Erica wrote:

    I'm not a fan of this. It looks a bit shapeless… like it gives you the body of a 10 year old. 🙂 I prefer more cinched waists.

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  14. CynthiaC wrote:

    But Carla, there are "bigger" petite girls out there, too. I think they do it for petites because we "look plus" at a smaller size. As for why they don't make even smaller sizes for petites (i.e. 000P), it's probably because it'll freak out body image activists – LOL!

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  15. newpetite wrote:

    that is a gorgeous shade of green and looks good on you!

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  16. CynthiaC wrote:

    There's a J.Crew in Toronto (Yorkdale) with more stores opening soon! No petite sizing though (but they don't have petite sizing in US stores, either).

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  17. Very adorable outfit.. the green color looks fabulous on you.
    Love the burberry ear muffs.


    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  18. T wrote:

    That coat fits you soooo well. I'll be stalking their site for the next few months hoping for another price error. I also love your detailed reviews. Thank you!

    J Crew is annoyingly inconsistent. For some historical perspective, in 2002/2003 I bought a J Crew coat similar to the current plaza coat in 0p, the smallest size available at the time. Its measurements are larger by at least an inch than the coats above as well the plaza coat 00p measurements I got from the live chat, and most of the time it does feel like the coat is wearing me. The lining is like the 2011 version but with inside pockets, but my biggest complaint is it has white lining under the collar so I can't flip it up the way I like to do. What was the point of that?! They're selling a $300 coat but were too cheap for a tiny strip of like-colored wool fabric?

    So on the one hand, I'm glad they've expanded their coat sizing for us smaller ladies. OTOH I have some J Crew cords and tops from around that time in 0p and regular XS that fit just fine, but now most of the 0p are too big and the only XS that work are the smaller sweaters. This and the fact that they don't carry petite sizes in stores and don't offer free shipping on petites (like BR used to before they stocked them in stores) means they lose a lot of business from me when I actually prefer their styling over AT and BR.

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  19. hugstiem wrote:

    J.Crew's sizing drives me nuuuts. Most recently, I ordered stretch vintage bootcut cords in size 24, and they were 4 sizes too big… I'm serious, they had a 28" waist and were completely falling off. This isn't even 0-14 sizing, since 24 is supposed to be a waist measurement size. Way to vanity-size real human measurements, J.Crew!!!! Good job!!! I sent them an email telling them to sell tape measures where the inches are vanity-sized. They didn't respond.

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  20. I've purchased the 0P Grey wool peacoat a while back and the sleeves were too short on my longish arms.

    I think this one is a perfect fit on you! You look fab.

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  21. Leticia wrote:

    That is a great coat!!

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  22. Violet wrote:

    I think junior brands such as Target's Mossimo Supply Co. and H&M; are the only places where vanity sizing doesn't apply.

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  23. Juneli wrote:

    Fabulous coat!! I'm all green with envy!!

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  24. Over the years, I have definitely noticed vanity sizing at JCrew. I barely fit anything anymore. I don't own any of their coats, but I've noticed it in their skirts and shirts for sure.

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  25. I love the look of J Crew but I just don't find their stuff to be great enough quality to charge such high prices. I've had pants shrink considerably, sweaters look shabby after handwashing, etc. If I do buy their stuff, it's only on clearance at the outlet.

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  26. This is a beautiful coat. I wish there were J. Crew's in Canada – the colors they come out with are beautiful.
    I would say that the 2010 coat looks better. Personally, I would be willing to pay the higher price for a better made jacket – quality vs. quantity. Great review though – helpful as always


    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  27. The green is a wonderful color on you! I now wish I had taken advantage of that deal when it was available!

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  28. Helen wrote:

    Love the green and brown color combo. You look great on bright colors. The earmuffs are really a pop. Thanks for the detail review as always

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  29. Lisa Ng wrote:

    Ugh, vanity sizing – makes you feel smaller but makes it so hard to buy stuff! how many items do i have to bring into the dressing room or order online?! and so sad about the interior detail. i like the 2010 version much better and i'd expect a brand like J Crew to pay attention to those little details. but like you said, competition gets fiercer every year. Beautiful coat and always helpful reviews!

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  30. Tina wrote:

    I almost cried when I saw I'd woken up too late for that sale. I've been wanting that green coat ever since I first laid eyes on it and pretty much gave up that I'll never have it (out of my price range for a not black/beige coat). The sizing change is definitely disappointing. I can't shop at quite a few stores now because everything is just too big! I'm in medicine and America's obesity problem is not just affecting me at work but MY closet. Very disappointed.

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  31. Alexandra wrote:

    Really cute, I want the off white one that is still expensive, but I wish they were more fitted around the waist.

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  32. lin wrote:

    i have noticed about vanity sizing as the years go by, which is too bad. i'd prefer to know my real size rather than what i would like to be.

    on another note, the green color really flatters you and the coat fits you so nicely. thanks for the review.

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  33. Pip wrote:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  34. You look gorgeous Jean! I love your outfit, especially the cute earmuffs.

    Once again, I am sorry that to get such a coat is completely out of my ability. Too much risk (and cost) to get it shipped to NZ! It looks good though.

    Vanity sizing sucks. I think it's astonishing that they can change the size without actually making it any smaller!

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  35. Kim wrote:

    Great entry! I really like the green color of the coat. Shame that workmanship and quality is declining.

    I just started getting into J Crew late last year so I hope that recent quality isn't too bad! Shame that sizing is all over the place. Sometimes a 0 is super snug and in other styles 00 looks like a tent!


    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  36. Anonymous wrote:

    I have the 2010 0P, 2011 00P, and 2011 0P. I tried on all three coats, and did notice the 2011 00P fits a little more snug than the 2010 0P. I think the 2010 0P and 2011 0P is the same size, and the 2011 00P is a tiny bit smaller. I was disappointed that there's no inside pocket on the 2011 version.

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  37. Carla Krae wrote:

    They all do vanity sizing. Manufacturers have been doing vanity sizing for most of a century, since clothes actually had sizes and weren't hand or custom made. Looking at vintage from the '40s and '50s tells us that. BUT, it's stayed in practice because people, in the US at least, have been getting bigger, and keep getting bigger. At first, it was probably due to better nutrition all around, so that subsequent generations were reaching their full potential in greater numbers, but now….a study just said that the number of clinically obese in the US outnumber the clinically overweight. And no big gal actually wants to admit her weight or measurements.

    Now, why do they do it for petites, too? No idea. It's a niche market….you're either petite or your not, so you either make petite clothes or you don't. But, who's to say there's much sense in fashion…

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  38. Great article I agree completely with the 'vanity sizing' and being gentle to service agents in situations like these is key.Thanks!
    Suitcase Shipping

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  39. Such a cute coat! I love the green on you 🙂

    XX Kathryn


    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  40. Rebecca wrote:

    Personally I would prefer the all-satin lining. It just makes more sense, especially under the neck.

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  41. Nhu wrote:

    Green is definitely your color, Jean! The weather in Southern California doesn't exactly warrant a wool coat, but your coat reviews always make me drool!

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  42. Nicole C wrote:

    Thanks for doing this review comparing this years coat to the last. I bought a 00P in heather majestic purple so it's interesting to know what to expect. Companies never post what the lining/interior of their products look like. =

    This is also my 1st online J. Crew purchase. When I bought the coat it said it would't ship until Feb. I'm worried that they'll eventually cancel my order. Is J. Crew good about honoring their ship dates etc?

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  43. sylvia wrote:

    I agree completely with the 'vanity sizing'. I'm in Australia and have always been an 8, and now finding 6 too big!!!! we're different sizing btw.
    Coat looks lovely

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  44. It looks well structured and great on you 😀

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  45. DSK Steph wrote:

    I need a J.Crew coat in my life! My friend Danya bought one last year because of your review and I know she loves it!

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  46. wow your coat is amazing

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  47. About Me wrote:

    love this color of coat. when I was searching petite clothing informations, it lead to your blog. I didn't realize there is a big community of petite sizing blogs. I thought I am the few blogger that blogs about petite sizes. thanks for sharing those informations.
    welcome you to my blog, http://www.mixandmatchfashionstyle.blogspot.com

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  48. The color looks gorgeous….

    Honey from

    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  49. Shirley wrote:

    Totally agree with the vanity sizing from J. Crew. I'm really a 4 but since when was I a 0. So frustrating.


    Posted 1.18.12 Reply
  50. Genie wrote:

    I have yet to purchase a J Crew coat… but now I'm going to have to save up for one! You look so fresh and pretty in these pictures, and I love the green coat.



    Posted 1.18.12 Reply

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